How To Create A Viral Ebook That Makes Passive Income

How to create a viral marketing ebook
Create a viral marketing ebook

How to create a viral marketing E-book that generates monthly passive Income

I have written in the past how to start making money online by creating eBook, even if you don’t know how to write, while I equally shared the blueprints to my first $3k selling ebooks online (the ones i wrote and the free licensed ones (from a friend)

However, today, the bone of contention is not on creating ebooks, as it has been covered. But if you still feels you want to learn how to start your own money making eBook journey, (start with this proven guide: Becoming an Author : the fastest way to write your first ebook).

My focus majorly today is in making your ebook a viral marketing ebook that generates passive income, daily, monthly or yearly.

Keep on reading.

You see, having your own product, whether you like it or not, provides you more freedom when it comes to online promotion. And, believe it or not, putting together an e-book takes no more than a week of part-time work if done correctly, and IF you do it this way, the earnings will keep coming.

Let’s get to the meat of the matter now. Why should you write an e-book for viral marketing?

Viral marketing E-books are books whose main goal is to be swiftly and widely distributed online. It’s not intended to bring in immediate cash. You want others to sell it and distribute it to as many people as they can.


Because the inside of that book is filled with affiliate links to other people’s items, more people will see your affiliate links every time someone gives your book away or sells it (as you choose to do it), and this won’t cost you a dime!

I could offer you many instances of this approach, but my friend (Donald) work would be the greatest. He wrote two marketing books that took off like wildfire online.

He distributed the book for $19 or less to everyone who bought it with MRR (Master Resale Rights), the rights to sell it or give it free to their clients (depending on the book).

And as a matter of fact, it goes without saying that thousands of people started marketing and selling it online.

He is still making a nice passive income off that book today, and as a result, he also rose to prominence as a well known Internet marketer.

Understand the concept

The concept of getting your ebooks go viral and making passive income from it is this; register for an affiliate program, look for a nice products in vogue, I mean products that are trending and are at the same time evergreen, apply to promote them.

Once you are approved, grab you affiliate links and do these:

Create an ebook that’s in the same niche with your chosen product. Let the focus of your ebook be only to promote this particular affiliate products, add subtle call to actions in your books with your affiliate links.

Place a price on your ebooks and licensed it with MRR (masyer resale right and possibly free distributive right).

How then do you go about writing your own E-book for viral marketing?

These are the procedures.

1) Create a tailored Ebook

Create a product concept based on the affiliate program you have already selected and are promoting.

Finding ideas is not difficult. For instance, and I know I repeat this example frequently, BUT, why not write a book on how to be a good gambler if you are going to be promoting a sports betting affiliate network. You can then promote your preferred sports betting affiliate scheme throughout the book.

101 insider sports betting secrets How to wager using other people’s funds

Take a look at what others are already selling and try to imitate it as a technique to generate ideas.

Please avoid making things more difficult than necessary because there is no need to reinvent the wheel in this situation.

Here is a compiled list of over 300 surefire ebook titles your can work on…

2) Obtain the resources you require to succeed.

Here, you’ll need a few tools, including:

(A) You need a domain name, and you want one that adequately summarizes the substance of your book. You can register your domain name by going to or

People promoting sport betting affiliate programs, here is an illustration for you:


If you are promoting health related program:

Idea is this tailor your ebook title in such a way that it would teflect your domain name, or vice versa.

(B) Web hosting: First off, remember that you get what you pay for. With regard to web hosting, this has never been more true. YOU NEED a reputable web host with round-the-clock technical assistance.

You will lose a lot of sales if your website goes down and you are unable to get in touch with anyone to assist you in getting it back online.

Three important reasons made me to move my blog to Hostinger, and today, i can’t but just recommends them alongside Bluehost. For the simple cause that they provide all you require along with a lot more for a fair charge.

C) Autoresponder: You’ll need this so you can follow up with prospects who don’t immediately make a purchase. Here, you will provide your free course or find a way to persuade people to provide you with their email address so you may get in touch with them.

This is the idea: not everyone that visits the website you created for your ebooks will buy it with immediate effect, in fact recent reports shows that marketers experience at most just about 4% conversion rate of very traffic initial traffic they drive to their site.

What then happens to other site visitors seeing that there’s possibly a bit of interest in them, and that’s why they visited your site.

Hence, this is where you have to find a way of getting your visitors email address. By so doing, you may start reaching out to them again and again. I will leave you to learn how to build your own email list. It’s very important.

A good email marketing service provider gives you a nice autoresponder service too. Check out our review of the best email service providers.

(D) Credit Card Processor

You can utilize PayPal if you’re selling Ebooks online. I love 2checkout too, their service is amazing. While Payoneer is yet another payment processor that is easy to use.

E) Software for e-books

To ensure that everyone can read your book, you should create it in PDF format. Some e-books are available in EXE format, but Mac users can’t read that file type, so I prefer PDF.

For a reasonable cost, you may create your book with

F) Graphic design Softwares
If graphic design is not your thing just like me, then a good way to go about it is using softwares. Therefore, I use software rather than working hard to make my e-book covers and website visuals.

For most of my designs, I always use Canva, they have very nice preexisting and free templates for virtually every designs you want to do.
To get the most of Canva, you can upgrade to the pro plan, and you will have a better experience using the platform. Check out Canva

Secondly, if I don’t turn to Canva, be sure I am rather using Envato Templates and marketplaces.

Lastly, if I have no time to do any design, I will be on fiverr to outsource the project for a few dollars.
I love the service of this guy, he does excellently well when it comes to anything Graphics.

Its highly recommended that you learn how to outsource your project, at a cheaper rate and to best freelancer. Here’s a free course on Alison that teaches you everything you need to know about business outsourcing.

3) Convert the chapters of your book into articles.

It’s challenging to finish a book in one sitting, and it’s practically difficult to write a book without planning the chapters.
My first book took me months to write, but now, even with a sales letter and website in place, it only take me at least a week or less a times to complete depending on the nature of the book.

All you have to do is sequentially come up with 10 to 15 article titles and write about them. Each page should have 700 to 1000 words, all of which should be useful content that cannot be obtained for free.

4) Compose your article.

You need original content, as I just mentioned. The value of your ebook will be lowered as a result of the abundance of books that simply recycle knowledge that can be obtained for free. As a result, fewer people will pass it forward and even fewer will read it.

Interviewing subject-matter experts is the most effective approach to obtain a significant amount of unique information without having to write it yourself.

For instance, it wouldn’t be difficult to locate some regional authorities to interview in person, on the phone, or even online if you were writing a book about burning fats, caring for your dog, winning your odds etc.

After using the Internet, you can add all of that material to the book. It works well as a selling point, too.
Also keep in mind the purpose of the book when writing. Don’t feel like you can’t include some affiliate links because it would defeat the purpose of the book, which is to earn you an ongoing commission through affiliate networks. Instead, make sure the connections are appropriate and in place.

Adding a would be list of buyers is an excellent idea as well.
Your book should have a “Subscribe to my newsletter” section as well. As a result, in addition to earning commissions from sales, you will also generate leads without exerting additional effort.

Make sure it is stated in the book’s front that the buyer may sell it as his own. Mention that he has the right to resell the ebooks and that he is free to do either if he so chooses.

5: Create your sales letter

It is absolutely essential to your success that you sell your book using a well written sales letter.
It takes a lot of work to write a sales letter, especially if you’re new to the process.
The best way and the way I use, is to mimic successful sales letters. This you do, by looking out for sales pages that relates to your ebook topic and try to see how they wrote it.

Here’s is a good ebook to achieve the said purpose: 30 Highly Converting Sales Letter Ideas.

Another advantageous and quick way to getting your sales letter ready is using the service of a freelancer. And that’s where my service is a good fit for you. If you want a highly converting sales letter, you can get in touch with me.

I charge just a little for this service, and if you already have one but need proofreading and editing, I’m well available too. Reach out to me here:

Contact: WhatsApp Email:

Use Softwares or pre-built templates to Write Your Sales Letter There are two excellent software solutions.
The best one is available at and is written by Yanik Silver and Armand Morin.

Keep in mind that you are selling this book with resale rights, which entitles the buyer to resell the book. For you, this is a major selling factor. Additionally, you will provide them with your ebook cover, website images, and sales letter for them to utilize in promoting your goods.

6) Connect your no-cost 5-day autoresponder series.

The most effective technique to create a free 5-day course that is to take chapters from your book and include them as a complimentary teaser for your prospect via your pop-up widget on your site. Don’t forget to stress the urgency.

Given the low price of the book, it is likely that those prospects who don’t buy right away weren’t genuinely interested or were freebie hunters from the beginning.

You want to make them feel as though they are losing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

7) Spread the word!You should aim at various demographics depending on your issue.

Any market will want your book for the sole purpose of selling it, regardless of the subject you’re selling on, and that market is the Internet Marketing community.

Your book may be on Hippo, but all that matters to them is the possibility of passing it off as their own. This is why books of this genre consistently sell well.

Targeting people in your market first, followed by the Internet marketing population, is the key.

In conclusion, i believe you now have the knowledge of how to create a viral ebook that generates passive income online in 7 ways

To touch the basics again, write an ebook, create a sales letter, create your sales page or website, add payment processor, add affiliate links to your ebook, add resale right and start distributing your books online.

Viral Marketing Ebook Frequently Asked Questions

What is viral marketing ebook?

Viral marketing ebook is an ebook that goes viral, and generate massive sales.

How do i make my ebook go viral?

The best way to make your ebook go viral is to allow resale right. i.e. You allow other marketers the opportunity to resell your ebook. Another way is to allow affiliate marketers to sell for you to get a commission.

What is resale right?

Resale rights are a license you add to your ebooks or other products that allows your buyer to resell your books. Examples are PLR (private label rights), MRR (master resale rights), PUR (personal use rights), etc).

In using PLR articles, to avoid plagiarism, try to manually rewrite it, or use these recommend article rewriting and Paraphrasing tool.

you can visit plr store to get top quality PLR or MRR ebooks that you can resell as uour own. You can equally see PLR softwares that you can purchase to resell etc.

Bigproductstore is a excellent place to get top quality PLR, MRR Ebooks that you can buy and resell as your own. Go To Store. is another PLR and MRR ebook site that is performing excellently well.

How do i create a website for my ebook?

Creatinga website for yiur ebook is as simple as setting it up by yourself using Hostinger or Bluehost, or you outsource it to an expert. Here’s an in depth guide on how to create your own business website using Bluehost.

What is the fastest way of writing an ebook?

There are two ways i would suggest: break your chapters into simple titles and start writing. 2. Outsource the whole eBook to a professional or some sections. 3. Use PLR ebooks: PLR means private label right, i.e. Ebooks you have the ability to break down, rewrite, and own as yours. The Two best places to look for PLR ebooks are….

How do i promote my ebook and generate traffic?

Start promoting by sharing on social media, runnings Facebook and google ads, share on online forums, create a blog, etc. Here are 25 good ways to drive traffic to your website or blogs.

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