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How to Start a Highly Successful Youtube Business

In this in depth and proven youtube business guide, you will learn a lot of things from starting your youtube business channel, to driving traffic from youtube to any business page or product, to monetizing your youtbe channel and optimising your videos for lot of people to see.

Starting Your Youtube Business: Introduction

YouTube – What’s That?

Have you ever heard of YouTube? Possibly, you’re scratching your head and asking, “What is it?”

Is it a memorable name for a memorable service?

Is it a promotional tool?

Is this a website for beginning video makers?

The response is yes, yes, yes, and more. YouTube is, however, many things to many people, depending on how they use it and for what objectives. You can usually define the website’s purpose as: is one of the fastest growing number of Web 2.0 sites. It is a website for “video sharing.” According to global media insight: youtube has grown to become the 2nd largest social search engine, YouTube has over 122 million active users daily. 1 billion hours of content is watched across the world every day. 62% of YouTube users in the USA access the platform on a daily basis. Every minute, more than 500 hours of new content is uploaded into YouTube.

However,, like many Web 2.0 services, is much more than a video-sharing platform. It is a forum for public discourse, a venue for reviewing the latest and greatest information items, and a venue for networking and sharing mutual interests, ambitions, and opportunities.

The highlight? is not so difficult to use that it repels masses of inexperienced people. In reality, the contrary is true. is simple to use.

This website allows virtually anybody to create an account, upload, share, and browse video clips uploaded by others. Sounds cool, right?

Similar to many famous websites, registered members can rate videos and observe the number of times others have linked to a video for their watching pleasure.

YouTube offers and publishes this information for your convenience, as a service to its loyal fans. Are you familiar with Netflix? The concept is identical. Netflix is, more like an online video “shop” comparable to Blockbuster. Members can log in to rent videos that are mailed directly to their homes. Additionally, individuals can rate and review the videos they view. Thus, the public will have a better understanding of which videos are worth watching and which ones they should avoid.

The site can also customize its recommendations based on the number of videos you’ve rated. The MAJOR DIFFERENCE between a site like this though, a static site, and, is using YouTube, and you can watch video clips right from your home computer. There are no membership costs, no rental fees, and no late fines.

Will you view an entire video? No. You will be viewing a video clip. In the ten minutes a user has to create a video clip, however, you can be certain that they will input as much useful and informative information as possible. Thus, a visit to is highly recommended.

Is well-known? Yes, and not only among young people. In reality, young and old alike are enjoying their newly-acquired “star” status on the Internet by publishing their own video recordings. And, speaking of famous people… YouTube is popular among web enthusiasts, the average Joe or Jane, and celebrities who have joined in on the fun. YouTube appeals to the same audience as for the same reasons: public figures seeking.

Many people are on youtube for various other purposes, however, the things is; YouTube is a fun website, but it can also be used to promote your business and website, as well as to network and connect with people across the world. So why write a YouTube guide? I’ll explain why…

Herein is the crux.

YouTube is not simply for entertainment, but we have focused on some of the site’s more amusing and engaging aspects thus far. However, can also be used to market your website, advertise your business, or simply spread the word about what you have to offer. For this reason, people are attempting to obtain it by any means necessary. Former competititors of the website, including CBS, NBC, Sony BMG, and others, are now vying for a piece of the action. What’s the reason?

Every day, millions of people log on to YouTube to see what it has to offer…

YouTube may become the Internet’s most popular Web 2.0 site. The sooner you join YouTube, the quicker you will begin to see its benefits.

Consider to be a platform, one that you can utilize to connect with users in a meaningful, targeted, and personal manner. has something for virtually everyone.

What is YouTube’s purpose?

There are numerous TV clips and music videos on YouTube, as well as amateur content, content from bloggers, and content from Internet marketers that want to join in on the activity. Celebrities, news organizations, and even musicians now permit users to contribute short video samples of their works to this website, which is expanding at an astounding rate.

When Did Everything Start?

Here are the facts regarding’s business and speedy expansion. The site attracted huge media attention and popularity after its launch in February 2005, in part because it was something novel. It was also accompanied by controversy, as are many of the most popular and successful websites. According to Time magazine, it was the most popular invention in 2006. Obviously, this does not imply that YouTube is devoid of controversy. The complete opposite is true. We will learn more about YouTube’s ups and downs in the following section.

YouTube is a force to be reckoned with, a tool that can be used by anyone to obtain free publicity. It also drew the interest of Google Inc., an industry behemoth.

Google Inc. acquired the company in late 2006 for slightly more than $1.5 billion.

By injecting the firm and website with even more funds and resources, there is virtually no limit to what YouTube will be able to do in the future and where it will take its users.

The terms YouTube and will be used interchangeably throughout this post. This is not because we cannot decide which is superior; rather, it is to make the reading a little more engaging. Okay, now that you know “what” it is, I’m sure you want to know how to join the bandwagon and become a part of YouTube’s next generation legacy, right? Here is how…

How To Participate In The Youtube Legacy

Everyone desires to leave a legacy. If you purchased this tutorial, you are interested in what YouTube has to offer. It can be used for amusement purposes. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or marketer, you likely want to connect with your target audience via YouTube. The good news is that you can do this easily. In truth, joining YouTube is as simple as joining any other famous website.

Now, in order to participate, you will need to register. If you just want to see what all the excitement is about, you may take a free tour of the site and view popular video clips. Indeed, you may watch videos on YouTube without registering for free.

But; Register if you wish to upload videos, promote your website, brand your name, or attract the attention of others. Not to worry, registration is simple. We’ll also return to this that later.

Now that you have a better conceptual understanding of YouTube, let’s study more about the history of this remarkable website. In the next section we’ll present you a little history of YouTube, so you have a better understanding of where it came from and where it may go. Put on your hats…

The History of YouTube

Every day, technology provides us with new and exciting capabilities. is only one instance of how technology is assisting us in our attempts.

You undoubtedly have a strong desire to learn more about YouTube at this point. Before discussing how to get involved with YouTube and make it work for you, let’s explore YouTube’s brief history.

  1. YouTube was “conceived” by former PayPal employees with creative imaginations. YouTube went up for the first time on February 15, 2005. Despite its tremendous success, the website is still in its infancy.
  2. Sequioa Capital provided investment in the form of venture capital to the startup, raising $3.5 million for the website. The venture capital firm subsequently invested an additional $8 million in the company, helping it increase its popularity over the past year and a half. This demonstrates how appealing YouTube’s economic strategy was and how many people immediately realized the potential of this website.
  3. Today, many refer to as the “website with the quickest growth” YouTube is one of the most rapidly expanding Web 2.0 sites now making history. Daily, more than 100 million viewers watch videos. According to some estimates, approximately 60.000 users upload videos per day. YouTube was subject to several copyright infringement cases, which is one reason why it agreed to the massive settlement with Google.

Who Can Make Use of YouTube?

Everyone: Business men/women, entertainers, artists, academicians, internet marketers, gamers, musicians, broadcasters, politicians, etc. Even local elected official. Yes, it is true that political candidates and supporters utilize YouTube for informal advertising. Barack Obama is one of the few candidates with a huge YouTube fan network.

Realizing that millions may hear their voice and message, many political analysts are joining in, and foreign politicians are utilizing YouTube to promote their campaigns and platforms.

YouTube prohibits users from uploading content with known copyrights.

YouTube took many additional precautionary restrictions, including a 10-minute time limit on video clips. This significantly reduced NBC’s concerns, but increased YouTube’s popularity.

Consider that word-of-mouth is one of the most effective advertising methods. Interestingly, NBC subsequently opted to partner with the startup after first criticizing it.

It is expected that many others will follow suit. YouTube, as you can see, is an excellent promotional tool for virtually anyone. A 10-minute video clip is more likely to increase curiosity than to hinder a company’s ability to sell its products and services.

Numerous prominent media moguls now willingly provide content to YouTube for advertising purposes.

Now that you understand more about where YouTube began and how people are using it, it’s time to learn how you may use YouTube for your personal or business requirements.

Youtube Buisness: How to use Youtube for personal and business promotions

In this part, we will explain how to create a YouTube account/channel and upload videos. This section is organized similarly to a question-and-answer session so that you may get the information you need as easily as possible.

Utilizing YouTube

This section will give you with information for getting started quickly with YouTube. From registration through video posting and beyond, you will find all the answers to your most pressing issues in this straightforward and user-friendly section.

Registration allows users to view video snippets for free. But, if you want to become an active member of the community, you will first have to join. This can be accomplished easily. If you utilize the Internet even minimally, registration will be a breeze.

You must will have to visit the official registration page. Go to:

Here you will see the following screen:

Simply enter your user name, create a password, offer your email address, and provide some personal information required by the website to register. These include your phone number, country of residence, gender, date of birth, and a YouTube-issued confirmation number.

Concerned with your privacy? Don’t. You can access’s comprehensive privacy policy via the bottom navigation bar, or by visiting:

YouTube values the privacy of its users. While they may not disclose your personal information, you should be aware that any content you contribute to the website will be accessible to the general public. YouTube may utilize information such as your name and email address if you elect to participate in site-related activities (like uploading your video clips).

YouTube frequently transmits cookies to user computers so that recurring visitors can more easily check in. You can always erase cookies from your computer; this has never been a problem for the vast majority of users.

The company will not send you marketing materials or other promotions without your approval; nevertheless, they may provide your email address for administrative purposes. Your personal information will not be shared with “third-party” companies. This means that the majority of your information is often secure.

Remember the following advantages of registering:

You can watch millions of videos created by people from around the globe.

You can configure your section so that you can share home videos with distant family and friends.

You may connect with people from all over the world who share your interests, preferences, and dislikes.

You can enjoy yourself.

You may publish and advertise your videos to a global audience, a big benefit for any entrepreneur, marketer or small business owner.


Note: YouTube will send you a confirmation e-mail to verify that your e-mail address is valid and that you own it. If you fail to confirm your email address, you will not have access to the site’s full functionality.

Monetizing Your youtube Videos

There are several ways of monetizing your youtube videos or channel, these are top 5 ways of doing so:

  1. Do Affiliate Marketing: This you do by promoting affiliate products that relates to your niche and to the very video you uploaded to your channel. Just insert your affiliate link at the description box of your video and direct your viewers to take an action.
  2. Sign up for Youtube Ads: when your channel reach a good video views and get some reasonable amount of subscribers, you can sign up for youtube ads, take note that you need about 4000 video views to be able to subscribe to youtube ads read here how to get 10000 youtube views in just about a week.
  3. Accept Paid Sponsorship Programmes: This is a pathway to becoming an influencer. You can accept paid sponsorship from brands to monetize your channel.
  4. Promote and sell your own Products: ebook, video course etc.
  5. Do youtube Shorts: YouTube has launched a 100 million dollar fund exclusively for Shorts creators. This money is to be distributed each month to YouTube Shorts creators over 2021-2022.


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Starting A Youtube Business: Increasing Your Video’s Visibility

After registering, it is time to begin creating videos. One of the first inquiries individuals have is about getting their videos featured. Everyone desires a moment in the spotlight. The true secret to having your videos featured is nothing more than originality and good fortune.

YouTube users rank the videos they enjoy. As with any review system, if people enjoy what you have to offer, they will rate your videos higher, and your videos will have a greater chance of being featured. There is a featured section on for popular videos.

Utilizing TestTube

Some individuals are kind enough to wish to provide feedback and enhance any website they utilize, including YouTube. If this describes you, please visit:

Here, site administrators test their newest features and solicit user input in order to make their products and services more appealing. You will have the ability to “test-drive” new features or programs prior to their official release on YouTube.

Make Your Video “Worth Watching.”

In addition to crafting a wonderful video, there are several ways to express yourself and gain attention on YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube does not permit registered users to add their own avatars, which are little images of their choosing.

However, you may develop a brand using only your video camera. You may submit an introduction video and a brief bio if you choose. Use your whole imagination to brand your company, its products, or its services. You may even brand your message if you spend sufficient time and effort crafting videos!

Creating Your First Video

Since YouTube is a relatively new concept, there are still a huge number of people who do not know “how” to make a wonderful video. First, you will require the necessary equipment. You can create a video with a digital camera, a cell phone that takes video photos, or a classic camcorder.

Simply capture a 10-minute excerpt from your video. Then, download the video to your computer in the same manner that you would digital photographs. YouTube then permits uploading of videos. If you want your videos to stand out, you can alter them before posting them. There are numerous easily available software packages that makes video editing reasonably simple, even for beginners. Vidjo Movie Maker is an example.

Software applications are quite popular, in part, because you can add subtitles to your videos, apply special effects, zoom in and out, and utilize several other functions. Optimizing your video is vital if you want to gain traction on YouTube, so let’s examine how to do so.

The following section will teach you how to develop and optimize the potential of your videos so that they capture your audience.

Starting A Youtube Buisness: Optimizing Your Videos

It is crucial to optimize your videos if you wish to stand out from the crowd. You do not need advanced technology to create a fantastic video. Use the following advice to learn how to create fascinating and engaging videos for your YouTube audience.

Remember that YouTube enables even novices to create and submit videos as easily as possible.

The Qualities of a Good Video

You just have ten minutes to make a good impression on You want to make the most favorable impression possible, correct?

How do you accomplish this? There are numerous differences between “good” and “poor” videos. Consider the most recent time you viewed a video trailer. Was it captivating? Did it prompt you to ask questions? Wanted you to see more?

When you create online videos for YouTube, you should consider the following. Imagine that you are developing a video trailer.

Here is what you wish to achieve:

  • Spread your message.
  • Make your case.
  • Encourage visitors to return for more.
  • Offer crisp images and well-recorded audio.
  • Keep it brief and concise.
  • Enhance your video’s visuals to maintain the viewer’s interest.

Keep in mind that ten minutes is not much time. You wish to record a video that is crisp, vibrant, and anything but ordinary. Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are popular because the author did something unique, fascinating, and/or different.

Think you can’t come up with a great video concept? Consider again.

Here is a small task to assist you in beginning your journey. Produce a sheet of paper.

Brainstorming youtube video Ideas

You will engage in brainstorming. Create a list of your top ten ideas for creating a spectacular video.

Write next to each suggestion what makes it appealing. If you cannot provide at least five strong reasons for the idea, cross it off the list.

Reduce your list to the top five options.

Now, determine how you will present the information in your video to make it stand out in a unique and unexpected way. Will you dress bizarrely? Will you record on the peak of the tallest mountain? Will a popular sound track be included?

Regardless of your choice, be sure to try something novel. There are numerous opportunities for individuals to view anything dull on television.

Creating Videos Using a Camcorder

If you own a digital or analog camcorder, you likely already understand how to operate it. Utilizing a digital camcorder makes uploading videos to YouTube easier. Simply record your video, save it to your computer, and post it to YouTube.

If you have an analog video recorder, such as one that uses outdated VHS tapes, you will likely need to use a converter box to produce a digital duplicate of your video before uploading it to YouTube.

After uploading your video, it is time to enhance it. Certainly, you can leave it as-is, but keep in mind that if you spend even a tiny bit of time enhancing the visual appeal of your video, you will certainly draw a larger audience. Here is what you should do.

Initially, ensure that you have access to video editing software.

This can be acquired cheaply on the Internet. Vidjo (2 in one video maker) is one of the more popular applications.

After installing the necessary software, upload your video to the program. Once this is complete, you can modify your video as you see fit. Try storing many versions and testing them with users to determine which they prefer.

Now is the time to distinguish your video. Add special effects, such as color blending or a fade-in. Consider including titles and/or chapters in your video. Put some background music on. All of these alterations will encourage more individuals to see and evaluate your video.

Check out’s “featured videos” area if you are uncertain as to what constitutes a quality video. Determine what sets these videos apart. Is the content offensive? Does the author utilize a variety of special effects? Include subtitles and category titles? Make some notes regarding what you like and dislike. This will assist you in generating ideas to improve your personal video.

Time To Transfer

Now that you have experimented with your video, you must publish it to YouTube. Ensure that you preserve any modifications you made to your video before uploading it. You must also save your video in a format that YouTube can recognize. recommends saving your video with the.MOV,.AVI, or.MPG file extensions for quicker uploading. These are standard video formats that are generally simple to utilize. YouTube also suggests using videos with a 320×40 resolution and an MP3 audio track.

You should have complete control over how your video is uploaded. Using a digital camcorder, you can submit your video to the website directly from the device. YouTube now provides users with the option to email their videos to the site.

Once you have uploaded your video, you will need to include a description and tags so that it is easily discoverable. The optimal method for creating tags for a video is to

Create keywords that people are likely to use while searching for videos similar to yours.

Additionally, you must select one or more categories under which will list your video. Keep in mind that the objective is to help other viewers find your video fast and simply. You must name, categorize, and tag your video appropriately in order for it to stand out among the millions of videos published every day.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website by Posting YouTube Videos

Web 2.0 offers various cost-effective methods for promoting your website, including YouTube. And this is only one aspect of YouTube. It is also one of the most entertaining methods of website promotion. There exists music, video, imagination, and marketing. Isn’t it a wonderful blend?

Your product will not sell on YouTube. However, it can pique people’s interest in your offerings. How? Let’s examine this.

Scout Around

This should be your initial step if you are new to YouTube. It’s an intriguing universe out there. Explore the area a bit before diving in. Examine the types of videos that others have created. You will find some of your favorite music videos, video sequences, vintage videos, personal videos, documentaries, and, of course, a plethora of promotional items. If you discover something in your niche, you should make a note of it. When creating your own video, you will need to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Produce a Youtube Video

That is why you are present. Grab your camcorder, digital camera, webcam, or mobile phone and begin recording. As with anything else, you won’t succeed the first time. Remember that you’re not alone if seeing your first video makes you feel like tearing out your hair. Creating a video is simpler in your thoughts than it is in reality. Over time, you will become better at it. Which brings me to my next point: you cannot win with only one video. After uploading your first video, you should immediately begin working on your second and third videos.

Third. It is not simple, but it is far simpler than other marketing strategies. This will also afford you the chance to experiment with other ways. Some may fail terribly, while others may achieve widespread popularity and generate lucrative viral distribution.

Give consideration to the audience

YouTube is free, but the audience must be gained. Therefore, here is some guidance. Do not create videos that require an eternity to load. People have other concerns in mind. And a website like YouTube provides them with numerous options. According to a research of video-sharing websites, the optimal length of a video is less than five minutes. Even though YouTube permits up to 10 minutes, keep your video around 5 minutes.

Ensure that the file format of your video is approved before uploading it. YouTube supports the.WMV,.AVI,.MOV, and.MPG file formats.


I cannot emphasize this enough: YouTube is not your marketing collateral. Your goods SHOULD NOT be sold on YouTube. Use it effectively to pique people’s curiosity. Once people begin to flock to your website, you can sell as much as you want. The minute you start boring them with your ‘Buy Me’ messaging, they’ll turn the other way. The ideal method is to create something interesting that the audience would want to see. When you have six engaging videos about a topic, the viewer will want to learn more about you. This is when you begin marketing.

Insert your website’s URL

You have created an excellent video, which is receiving numerous comments. All of it will be ineffective if it does not result in increased website traffic. Therefore, add key essential URL with your youtube video. You can include one before and one after the video. Include your URL in your YouTube profile.

Market via means of others

Who says that you need your own videos to attract visitors? If you don’t want to spend time developing a video, you might approach a popular YouTube user for assistance. Offer them compensation for embedding your link on their videos. This encourages them to create engaging videos and a marketing platform for you without exerting any effort.

Upload video to your social media profile.

This may initially appear irrelevant, yet it will help you gain popularity. Place a number of popular YouTube videos on your other social networking pages. Digg, Delicious, Orkut, and Reddit are examples. This will make your profile more appealing and help you create new connections.

Participate and network with others

If you want others to view your YouTube profile, you must first view theirs. Peruse videos and add comments to their videos. Do not send unsolicited messages to their profiles. Offer sincere feedback and attempt to create a conversation.

Share the news

If you have posted your own video, have your friends and family see it and give you feedback. Nothing is as effective as a five-star rating. Request that they contribute a few insightful remarks as well. The worst error is assuming that posting a video is the end of the process. Your video requires extensive advertising in order to be visible.

Tag your video file

Currently, this is the most obvious concept. Use relevant and appropriate tags for your video. You wouldn’t want someone to miss your video if they are searching for anything comparable.

These are just a few strategies for driving traffic to your YouTube profile and, by extension, your website. You will discover more as you progress. As you observe other users, you will learn some fascinating strategies. The bottom line is to be inventive, perceptive, and intelligent.

Frequent Ask Information

Now that you understand the fundamentals, it is your responsibility to create outstanding videos. Here are some of the most often asked questions asked by YouTube beginners.

In’s help area, you will find a thorough collection of hundreds of questions asked by users concerning the site if you cannot find the answer you need.

Can I leave comments on the videos of others?

A. Indeed, you may. Similar to a blog, you can leave comments about a video. The greater the number of ratings and comments a video receives, the more likely it is to attain a better ranking on the site. Note, though, that once you remark on another video, it is permanent. Only the video’s creator can delete it. You may remove unwanted comments from your own video files, however. In fact, you should monitor the types of comments people make on your video to ensure that no Spam comments are placed.

My comments are not displaying, and I am sometimes unable to comment at all. Do you realize why?

A. Either (1) you did not confirm your e-mail address, thus you do not appear as a registered member, or (2) you have not given it sufficient time. There is a short delay between when you leave a remark and when it appears on the website. If you are experiencing additional technical issues, it may be helpful to clear the cache on your Internet browser. Typically, you will need to erase any temporary files, your search history, and any cookies from your computer to accomplish this. Next, log out of your account and then log back in.

Typically, you may accomplish this by selecting the Options tab from the Tools menu. In other instances, you can click the Start button, navigate to your computer’s control panel, and locate the Internet Options bar, which will enable you to delete the selected files.

I wish to save a video to my computer. How should I proceed?

Except for your own videos, you cannot actually download and store any videos to your computer. YouTube designed a framework that enables all videos to play on the site, but only on the site. On YouTube, you can occasionally store a video to your “Saved Videos” list and see it when you log in again at a later time. Videos can also be bookmarked, much like your favorite websites, so that you can return to them later.

What are playlists and how should I utilize them?

Playlists are compilations of your preferred videos. When videos are bookmarked, they are added to your playlist. Creating a playlist is typically as easy as clicking the “Save to Favorites” button. This link is located directly beneath the video you are currently watching. Using the drop-down menu, you may organize your favorites into distinct playlists. You only need to create a title and properties for each playlist you make.

Additionally, you can share your playlists with others. When you visit the website for your playlists, accessible at: playlists

Select the playlist you wish to share with others, then click the button that says share this list. It’s that simple. You must include the email addresses of those with whom you wish to share your list. When you click the send button, the individuals you choose will receive an email notifying them that they can log in and view your playlist.

Why are Playlists useful?

Playlists can fulfill multiple functions. If you want to reach a large audience with a marketing message, you can develop a series of videos about your products, services, or the one you are advertising. Then, you can send a link to your Playlist to your opt-in mailing list. You can also utilize Playlists to distribute family videos to out-of-state relatives. Compile a few snippets of your best family videos, add them to a collection, and then distribute them to distant family members.

If you sell a series of products or want to advertise a book series, you can include audio samples about the series on a particular playlist. You can then create more playlists to promote and showcase additional products. When using as a promotional tool, keep in mind that the number of possibilities is unlimited.

What should I do if I do not want anyone to view my video?

YouTube enables registered users to make their videos private, meaning that only those you invite may view them. Simply visit the link below: vidoes

You must navigate to the “Edit” section and then click the “private” button. You must next select the contacts to whom you wish to provide viewing permissions.

Is it difficult to see videos on YouTube?

Viewing a video is a basic task that anybody can perform. You need only visit the website. Remember that viewing video clips does not require registration. Click on video and you will be successful. You must register in order to add videos to your favorites list, but registration is free.

I want to upload a video using my cell phone. How should I proceed?

Many modern smartphones permit the recording of brief video snippets. Before you may upload to YouTube, you must configure your account to accept videos from mobile devices. Simply log in to your account to proceed. Then, navigate to the account settings menu and click the “Mobile Upload Profiles” link. Enter information about the mobile device from which you intend to upload. Then, you generate a file for your mobile device. YouTube will provide you with an email address to which you may send your videos. Ensure that you transmit your video directly to the YouTube-provided email address.


As can be seen, YouTube makes life immensely interesting. It is easier than ever to use YouTube for amusement, promotion, or to learn more about a subject you’re passionate about.

You do not need to be a technological genius to find out how to use YouTube effectively. In fact, YouTube gives comprehensive explanations for all of its functions, including its complex ones.

Before seriously considering using YouTube as part of a self-promotional effort, you should register a profile and post a few test videos to the site. This will give you time to familiarize yourself with the site’s capabilities and determine precisely what you must do to get your videos up. Check the featured videos section frequently to gain a better understanding of what others are doing.

Have some fun!


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