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How To Make Money Writing Guest Posts Online

Both small businesses and large blogs and websites uses guest post to drive traffic, and at the same time create massive awareness for their business. However, guest post job is not always easy for most of them, as many business owners can’t go through the stress. This gives you new options to support yourself as a writer. As you can guest post on their behalf for the cash.

Additionally, getting top quality articles(most importantly, SEO rich articles) helps websites to grow. And at the same time drive organic traffic. As a result of this, website owners typically want specialized guest post experts to produce fresh content (guest post) for their websites, and they are ready to pay as much as $300 for a good article.

They simply seek someone else’s perspective most especially when they are faced with building a niche they don’t really know much about.

You may earn a ton of money by guest posting and sharing your knowledge and views if you are an expert in any particular subject.

Even if you lack expertise, your work will stand a high chance of being accepted if you can devote enough time to conducting thorough research.

Utilizing other people’s established audiences is one of the simplest and quickest ways to gain recognition online.

Three ways to monetize your guest post work.

  1. Get Paid For Writing Immediately: For each guest post you write, you will be paid immediately: There are numerous websites that pays you immediate after your content is published on their website or magazines. I have written below 20 websites that pays $50 and above for our write ups.
  2. Promote your product, website or landing pages: As long as a website has a resource box, you can submit promotional articles to it for free. The resource box can be used to advertise any website you own or even an affiliate product. Such websites known as article directories (e.g. Article Factory being a top recommended directory ) are websites that allow writers to write and published on their blogs and websites with the opportunity to promote whatsoever they want to. It may be their own product, or affiliate product etc. I have written here the secret of article marketing (making a living online writing articles) with a list of the top article directories that accepts guest blogging.
  3. Sign up as a freelance guest writer: your job as a freelance guest post writer to help people write articles and at the same time help share it to article directories or blogs that accept guest post with a link or more to the website of your client, all you do is to sign up in freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Truelancer, Upwork, Freelancer and a host of others.

Other advantages of guest post writing

In addition to getting paid for writing, guest post writing can also aid in the development of a brand, improve SEO, and be utilized as a platform for the creation of high-quality content that promotes your company.

Here are some actions you can do in order to write as a guest author:

By guest posting on forums related to your area of interest, you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche. People will occasionally merely inquire as to your interest in producing content for them.

Additionally, you can write guest posts to website and forum administrators to inform them of your areas of expertise and to express your interest in writing content for them should they have a need.

A “write for us” link that outlines what they are looking for and how to submit your writing to them for review may be found on many websites.

The Blog Search Engine is a useful tool for finding blogs where you can guest post.

Similar to Google, it is a search engine that only displays blog results.

Make careful to write and submit your material as soon as you can after accepting a writing job. If you build a solid reputation, you can acquire recommendations for other websites and ultimately write for more.

Unbelievably, guest posting is one of the finest strategies to earn more guest writing gigs! What better approach to discover a guest blogger for your blog than through a guest post on another well-known blog?

List of 20 websites that pays $50 dollars and above to write guest post.

Copyhackers: For articles about copywriting, branding, company management, and other topics, Copyhackers pays $325. In addition to getting paid for writing for copyhackers, guest contributors get amazing FB shares, tweets, backlinks, brand-development, and signups to their lists, which helps them establish their authority.

  1. ClearVoice is a platform that links bloggers with marketers in a range of areas and also hires writers to create content for its own blog. Pay varies, but (based on what we’ve seen thus far) it can be as much as $-*free vvç250-$400. You specify the prices you’re willing to accept when you apply, and the platform will inform you when suitable opportunities become available. Fees are fixed; it is not a bid site. However, clients choose the writers to collaborate with after presenting numerous writers with gigs. Fortunately, once your profile is established, there isn’t a long application procedure. You simply reply that you’re interested, and they let you know if you get the job.
  2. Watch Culture: $25 – $500: Watch Culture: Each month, Watch Culture makes its news, commentary, and entertainment coverage available to millions of users worldwide. As a UK-based online publication, it covers the current zeitgeist. Numerous writers make money every day by submitting articles on a variety of topics to their steadily growing five million monthly readership, including film, music, gaming, sports, television, and more.
  3. Strong Whispers: $50 – $150 A variety of articles regarding culture, the environment, and other social issues are available to users of Strong Whispers. The spectrum is broad. Your involvement is unlimited. Various topics can be covered in articles, such as corporate greed, education reform, a shift in global leadership, and letting the people govern and decide how we treat the environment and exploit resources.
  4. Metro Parent: $45 to $75 Experienced freelance writers are welcome to contribute to Metro Parent Publishing Group’s magazine and online content. Their overarching objective is to provide parents in the area with a healthy balance of interesting and serious local topics. Every single week, contributors upload several hundred stories, some of which you may occasionally hear on Sky News, Metro Radio, BBC Radio, Dublin FM, and in the major newspapers.
  5. Make a Living Writing: That’s true, depending on the complexity and amount of research required, this blog pays $75 to $100 for guest pieces. Make sure to thoroughly read our requirements, paying particular attention to the list of subjects for which we are now seeking guest contributions. Your chances will significantly increase if you pitch one of those!
  6. In essence, is a humor website. is an excellent opportunity to make some additional money writing articles if you’re humorous, smart, or creative. No prior knowledge required. This is a fantastic way to monetize your blog, provided the content is quality. You can speak with the editors directly. They publish articles, photoshopped images, infographics, and videos.
  7. Babblepays $100-$150 for posts on parenting, entertainment, pregnancy, beauty, style, food, and travel. In other to get babble’s post submission guide lines, you will have to do some finding, so as to get the contact info for an editor.)
  8. The Cosmopolitan publication: According to their instructions, you should “Send them an essay of no more than 800 words about a special, bizarre, amusing, or moving college experience. Anything that happened to you or to those around you in college is fair game, including stories about friends, classes, dating, partying, studying, working, and internships. (Or: Explain why you skipped college, why it’s a waste of time, and what you’re doing in its place.) You will receive $100 if your content is published on They will also reach out to you for more publications.
  9. Michelle Pippin pays $50-$150 for business-related articles. Michelle Pippin seeks content that aid small businesses in boosting their revenue, stature, or impact. This can be a site to take into consideration if you have any original writing, a brilliant concept, or a hack for the business or marketing area. While the site primarily focuses on women in business, it also offers a balanced selection of articles on marketing, case studies, entrepreneurial resources, and articles on profit. It also often updates with news stories about the business world. The website has a sizable audience and offers a diverse selection of content on marketing and business.
  10. BookBrowsepays for book reviews! Writers accepted into their stable of reviewers will earn $50 for a 600-word review.
  11. WritersWeekly: A resource for everything related to writing, Writers Weekly is an ezine for independent writers. They pay $40 for sharing your writing success story (around 300 words) and $60 for feature pieces that are about 600 words long.
  12. DailyWorthpays $150 for articles about women and money. They list a blackhole editorial@ email address, but I recently tweeted them about how to submit a pitch, and they suggested hitting up the managing editor, Koa Beck.
  13. Damereportedly pays $200 for essays. They do accept reported features and other article types, and pay rates may vary for those.
  14. Fund Your Life Overseaspays $75 for articles about business ideas that provide enough income for U.S. ex-pats.
  15. getAbstractreportedly pays $300 for longer (2,000-4,000 word) book summaries.
  16. Guidepostspays $250 for Christian faith-based essays.
  17. Just Parentsis a UK-based site that focuses on pregnancy and parenting. They pay $60 per post.
  18. Linodepays $250 for articles about Linux,, NoSQL databases, game servers, Open Change, and Web RTC.
  19. SitePointpays $100-$150 for articles on HTML, CSS, Ruby, PHP, and more.

How to Write guest post articles very fast.

Writing can be time consuming, however, as it takes a lot of Brainstorming and research to cone up with a top quality one. Hence a need for the use of Article writing, rewriting and Paraphrasing tools. Good writers don’t depend on these, however, should in case there’s need for it, they proofread and edit it to suit their want.

Guidelines for effective guest post pitching

Read the submission requirements and previous posts carefully before submitting to any of these websites. Make sure you either have a new topic to discuss or a novel approach to a previously discussed issue. Posting on free websites is less competitive than markets that pay. And the more poor pitches a site receives, the more likely it is that they won’t even consider accepting guest posts, much less paying for them.

Developing Your Writing Capabilities

Other ethical alternatives for independent writers to generate money online abound. But in order to be chosen from the enormous pool of applicants, you must possess the necessary skills. Therefore, it’s essential to improve your writing abilities and form the proper attitude toward this profession by being open to all options. Developing your writing abilities can help you make money, which could even be a steady source of your primary income. Check out the following advice on improving your writing abilities to help you locate high-paying writing jobs online:

Acquaint yourself with newest development

A venture that will never end is writing, hence, a need for you to enhance you knowledge and technical know how in any field of your choice. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) entails developing content with the goal of ranking high in search engines. This is especially true for an SEO firm or an Adwords consultant. You may become competitive and get employed as an SEO writer if you understand how to optimize content utilizing SEO concepts such as selecting the proper keywords and links.

Writing well Grammar and spelling should be used correctly, and we should take the time to ensure that everything makes sense.

Create personal writing: Never condemn. Describe yourself in your writing. The important thing to remember is to not be shy about expressing your personality in your work. etc.

How much does a Freelance Writer make?

The average hourly wage for a freelance writer in the United States as of August 9th, 2022 is $32.18. If freelance writers earn this much, then you should by now see that it’s a huge advantage. But then, take a look at the Zip reporter’s report below.

While ZipRecruiter reports hourly pay ranges from $5.29 to $129.57, the bulk of freelance writers in the US presently make between $17.31 and $36.06 per hour, or between the 25th and 75th percentiles. According to skill level, geography, and years of experience, the average salary range for a freelance writer might vary significantly (by as much as $18.75), indicating there may be numerous prospects for advancement and greater earnings.. Source: Ziprecruiter.


You’ve learnt the possibility of making money online writing and submitting guest posts:

1. To get paid for posting directly on websites. As listed above.

2. To promote affiliate and personal products or websites.

3. As a freelancer by registering on freelance websites.

And many other things.

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