How To Make Money On YouTube In 7 Easy Ways

YouTube Monetization Strategies

How to Make Money on YouTube in 7 Easy Ways

YouTube has evolved to being one of the best ways many video content creators who has something unique to offer makes a living by making money on YouTube every now and then.

These recent statistics of YouTube as published on hootsuite is enough of a prove to show you that YouTube has grown to become a source of living for many YouTubers and the prospecting ones “who has something to offer a tasty audience”. Note my word: who has something to offer..

That’s to tell you that if you’re not unique and sincere in your video content creation, you won’t get anywhere and your possibility of making money on YouTube will be shortcoming.

Perhaps i should relate with you some of these outstanding YouTube Statistics.

Outstanding YouTube Statistics

1. YouTube has over 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors, and In total, the site gets 14.3 billion visits per month: that’s more than Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon and Instagram. Pop-u-lar!
2. Visitors spend an average of 19 minutes a day on YouTube. To think that about 1.7 billion visitors spent about 19 minutes daily on YouTube is really huge. And just about anyone can take advantage of this interesting fact. See an in depth guide on how to start a highly successful YouTube Business.
3. YouTube is the world’s second-most visited website with well over 14 billion monthly visits, making it the next most visited website after Google and the third most popular search term on Google.

4. In 2020, YouTube introduced video shorts into its system. Video shorts is mainly a method of posting a short video clip of about 60 second or less, to pass an information. And it has become a good source of making money on YouTube additionally. Today, with more than 15 billion daily views, Shorts have proven to be a massive hit.

Statistics source: Hootsuite report 

5.Lastly, before i jumped into the different ways of making money on YouTube, let me shock you with the enormous amount of money that some YouTubers makes on yearly basis: this i believe will ameliorate the thought of whether its possible to make money on YouTube or not.
The top YouTube stars brings in millions of dollars a year by monetizing their YouTube channels. Here is a list of the highest-paid YouTubers based on yearly revenue in 2021 report by Forbes.
1. MrBeast – $54 Million USD
2. Jake Paul – $45 Million USD
3. Markiplier – $38 Million USD
4. Rhett and Link – $30 Million USD
5. Unspeakable – $38.5 Million USD
6. Nastya – $28 Million USD
7. Ryan Kaji – $27 Million USD
8. Dude Perfect – $20 Million USD
9. Logan Paul – $18 Million USD
10. Preston Arsement – $16 Million USD
Forbes list of the top 10 paid YouTubers…

Stat Source: Forbes List of the highest paid youtubers

So, what do you think, is it possible to make money on YouTube by posting videos? That’s a big fat yes I believe.  Then, read on to know how to make money on YouTube videos in 7 easy ways.

1. Make money on YouTube by Promoting Affiliate Products

Trust me, almost everything about the Internet revolves around marketing. i.e, on net, at one point in time you will end up promoting something, either good or bad, it may be an information or the other. Whatever it may be, one of such marketing approach is affiliate marketing. It’s a form of middle man business, it’s a money making internet marketing business that involves promoting other people’s products in exchange for a commission.

Meanwhile, to promote affiliate products in other to make money on YouTube, you need one or more promotional strategy or let me put it this way, content marketing strategy. Video marketing among others like article marketing, blog marketing, banner display etc. Is a good way of making money on YouTube. All you have to do is to sign up to promote an affiliate program that specifically relate to the video you make or your channel. This you do, by including an affiliate link to a product within your video content or at the description box provided for your videos.

Example: Assuming your video is about how to command a dog. At the end of your video, you can give a call to action in form of an affiliate link that leads to a more robust dog related solution platform or products.

By so doing, you end up making money on YouTube through your videos.

Let me leave you with this affiliate marketing Practical ebook: 100 Profound profit making strategies of affiliate marketing… Vol 1

Some of the best affiliate market place out there are: Partnerstack, Shareasale, Commission Junction, Clickbank Impact etc.  

Note: While promoting affiliate programs, do ensure you promote recurring affiliate marketing program. 

2. Make Money On YouTube by Making and promote your own products/services

Note that, with affiliate marketing, you only earn a commission (about %8 – %50) on any product you promote.

Think about it, how much more advantageous would it be if you are the owner of the very product you’re promoting to make money on YouTube. Very advantageous i guess.

One more advantage of creating your own product from your YouTube channel is that, you tends to retain your customers, whom you can easily promote other products to later on.

Your own unique product can be inform of an eBook, softwares, and services etc. Whatsoever it may be, just make sure the product is unique and it’s the kind that will make your audience to buy from you again and possibly recommends it.

In creating your own product, one unique way of fast tracking it, most especially for a lazy product maker like me is to outsource it on freelance platforms. All you need is to have the idea of what you want, do your critical freelance outsourcing assessment, and give the details to the freelancer of your choice.

NOTE: For high end UI programmers and software developers i recommended TOPTAL

Meanwhile, for any product whatsoever, fiverr, and Truelancer is not lagging behind.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: do you know that, one other way of making  more money from your YouTube videos is by creating a business blog/website for your brand.

Instead of directing your subscribers or viewers to an affiliate website, you can drive traffic from YouTube to your blog and vice versa. By so doing, you retain the traffic, retain your subscribers, monetize your blog through adsense, get your product sell easily etc.

To start a YouTube affiliate blog:

1. Start by registering on a reliable host like, and get a free domain name as a bonus. Bluehost happens to be the number one recommended website host by

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to and click Get Started
  2. Choose your hosting plan (the cheapest is $2.95)
  3. Enter your website domain name or choose the one you have before.
  4. Enter your account information, account plan, and billing information
  5. Check and uncheck the add-ons Sitelock Security and Codeguard Basic.
  6. Submit and you’re ready to go!

Go to Bluehost

3. Create and Sell Online course

Selling online courses is definitely one of the best way of making money on YouTube. if you have been good at what you do, and you understand you followers and what they want, if you have built a very solid relationship with them, they will be more than willing to learn from you and possibly to recommend you. You can teach on various topics like fitness and health, personal development, graphics designing digital marketing, and professional or curriculum courses. 

Once you’ve created your course, all you have to do is to create videos that relates to it, then add link to the description of your videos, make a call to action for people to click on the link and take you course.   

This is a fantastic technique to successfully sell courses on the YouTube platform and earn money. You must provide excellent, useful, and distinctive content that is really valuable to your audience.

4. Become a paid YouTube influencer:

If you have gotten up to some decent thousands of responsive followership, then you can sign up to some paid influencer marketing platforms. These are platforms where brands or businesses entities reaches out to you to help promote their brands or product. This is in fact a form of brand collaboration where you can get decent amount of money on YouTube.
Most brands pay exceptionally well for excellent videos that help them achieve their business objectives.

Meanwhile, YouTube influencer marketing seems to be growing in popularity.

Interestingly, do you know that some of the highest paid YouTube influencer earn as much as $54k -$72k on monthly basis.

Two of the best influencer marketing platforms where you can register to get brands that may want to promote their product though your channel are,

See our in-depth hypauditor review 

5. Make Money on YouTube by Creating YouTube shorts:

As i stated earlier, YouTube rolled out YouTube shorts in 2020. According to Mediakix, Ever since, YouTube Shorts receive 15 billion daily views.
YouTube launched the new “Shorts” format to Indian audiences in 2020 — videos that max out at 60 seconds — and rolled out the feature to 100 countries worldwide by the following summer. (YouTube also rolled out a $100 million Shorts Fund to encourage Creators to try out making short-form content.)

Today, with more than 15 billion daily views, Shorts have proven to be a massive hit, demonstrating that viewers are craving short-and-sweet content, wherever they’re consuming video.

To think that YouTube shorts can also be monetized, and you can make a lot of money by creating short video clips of few seconds makes it worth giving a try.

But the question is, what kind of YouTube short will you make to generate make money? This i suggest you take a look at the most viewed YouTube shorts to get some clues.

6. Sign up for YouTube Monetization partnership programme.

This alone is the sole and major source of income for through which many make money on YouTube.

You definitely must have seen ads displayed in the beginning, during and after watching a video on YouTube. Creators makes money as google displays this video ads on their videos.

Mind there are certain criteria to follow:

Aside from adhering to YouTube’s ad rules, you must amass a minimum of 4,000 video watch hours on your channel in the last 12 months and have 1,000 subscribers.

There is no concrete timeline or format to get these foundational 4,000 hours. You can get 100 hours each on 40 YouTube videos or any combination to get your total to 4,000.

Mind you, i have written here in brief how to get 10k real YouTube views as quick as possible.

Once you meet the criteria you’re bound to be making money on YouTube.

7. Enjoin your fans to tip you, better put, donate to keep the ball rolling.

I will own up again to my content creation tip stated earlier that, you will make money on YouTube if you have something to offer.

This will be the genesis of this particular point. If you build an audience of followers through good and engaging videos on your channel, you can easily ask your audience to tip your channel, better put, to donate so as to keep the ball rolling. Of course, a good subscriber whom you have helped through your videos in one way or the other will definitely deemed it fit to donate some tips or cash to your channel.

There are several online services that can help you to achieve this, among them are Liberapay: Liberapay’s recurrent donations system is designed to provide a stable crowdfunded basic income to creators, enabling them to keep doing great work that benefits everyone.

Patreon: Patreon helps thousands of creators and artists to make a living out of their work, thanks to the support of their community. it’s the number 1 online crowdfunding platform devoted to video creation.

And there you have it, those are the best 7 ways to make money on YouTube. However to know more about making money on YouTube, the following FAQ are proven guides and tips you should be aware of.

FAQ about making money on YouTube.

How much money do YouTubers make?

You must have seen a start i wrote about the top paid YouTubers above. Many of whom make millions of dollars on yearly and monthly basis.

Making money on youtube depends on many factors:

1. Making use of the seven steps i wrote up there.

2. Your number of subscribers: if you have a large followers base, then you make a lot of money

3. If you understand the basic youtube seo and optimise your videos as well, then your video views will definitely increase and your earning as well.

4. Where your ad revenue comes from: you may have several thousand of views and still not get enough money, that’s if your viewers comes from countries with low CPC or CPM. Take note that your ad revenue can range from $0.35 – $5 as the case may be. Take note also that YouTubers may earn $7.5 per 1000 CPM (cost per impression). Hence to get enough pay requires enough views and impressions. etc.

What are some of the most profitable niche on youtube?

To me, there’s not a single niche that is not profitable in as much as you know what you are doing. nevertheless, i must gaming niche, sport viewership, music, tutorials (how to niche), tech, and nature. all gain recognition in recent statistics.

What’s the minimum payout on YouTube?

To u get paid whenever you reach $100 balance, through PayPal direct bank transfer and other methods you specified.

What’s the value of 1000 views on youtube?

The value of 1,000 views is not known with certainty. You should take into account your niche, the number of people who click on your adverts, and the nation in which you are based. All of these affects your average CPM.

Advertisers open a Google AdWords account and decide whether to pay on a cost per view or cost per click basis for their advertising campaigns.

For instance, if a visitor clicks on a high-value ad, you can receive $0 for one view and $5 for another. As a general rule of thumb, you may earn $0.75 to $1.00 for every 1,000 views if you utilize banner advertisements, or $6-7 for every 1,000 views if you use pre-play ads.

How many subscribers do you need to make money on YouTube?

You need not less than 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 watch hours withing the last 12 months, in addition to having an active google adsense account. based on YouTube partner programme requirement.    

Can i use copyrighted videos or materials?

No, you can’t, you will be violating YouTube policies and they have the right to remove your videos, close your channel and stop monetization.

However, there are materials under the category called creative commons that you can use, be it music, or videos.

How much does it cost to start a YouTube business?

You can start with practically nothing. Opening an account on youtube is free. Although there are tools that makes the work easier, even then, i must say that there are lot of people who makes money on youtube from recordings done with their mobile phones.

What type of equipment is needed for YouTube?

Basically, you’ll need a PC and an excellent webcam. Having enough light, and a high-quality camera to record your movie is strongly advised. Get also in addition, a good video editing software, there are lot of them out there.

Summary and Conclusion

Making money on YouTube is quite easy if you put into practice some of the above explained ways.

Do ensure you provide value, optimize your videos, get subscribers a monetize accordingly.

Don’t forget, it is ideal to have a personal business blog alongside our YouTube channel where you can conveniently promote any product by channeling traffic from your YouTube channel to your blog. 

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