The Two Major Secrets of Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate Marketing


The Two Major Secret Of Affiliate Marketing Success

I will be revealing in detail to you the two major secrets of affiliate marketing success. And after reading this report, you will never do affiliate marketing the same way again. 

  • Outline:
  • Brief Intro: What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • The secret of affiliate Marketing Success Explained
  • How do you build an affiliate blog?
  • Setting up a free affiliate marketing blog
  • Setting up a paid affiliate marketing blog
  • How do you build your mailing list?

 Brief Intro: Affiliate Marketing Explained

The affiliate marketing online business is one of the most popular online businesses that lot of people are involved in. In fact, like I use to say, it has become a household business.

Almost every online businesses adopts the concept of affiliate marketing simply because it helps business to get more exposure and sales.

Take for instance, businesses like Bluehost, hubspot, Instapage, Shopify, paypal etc., thousands of affiliate marketers are promoting these online businesses for a commission. Now imagine the number sales that these online businesses will be getting on daily, weekly and monthly basis; imagine how exposed the businesses I mentioned above and a host of others are today. That’s the power of adopting affiliate program.

Affiliate marketers on the other hand are those that are recruited by this online businesses to promote their product for a commission. Which means as an affiliate marketer, your business is to promote the business or product of another person for a commission which ranges from %5 to %80 as the case may be. Of course, I have seen affiliate product with %100 commission before. (It’s a rare case, and there’s a reason on the part of the product owner to do that). 

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing simply means making money by promoting another person’s product, program, or business for a commission.      

Today, I’m not going again through the prerequisite of affiliate marketing as I have written about it immensely in this free report fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing.

This post today will rather exposes two affiliate marketing secrets that few affiliate marketers knows about. These are the very secret that pro-affiliate marketers employ to earn their thousands in commission. The very same secret that distinguish the dynamic 20% affiliate from the 80% rest. 

I have seen many affiliate marketer complain about how hard or tough it is to make a sale doing affiliate marketing.  Many newbie affiliate marketers thought, all there is to it is to sign up for a product, grab your link and start sharing and driving traffic to the merchant’s website. This is a wrong way of doing affiliate marketing. 

Take for instance, my friend, Sunday happened to be an affiliate marketer, he had a goal in his mind, and that’s to hit $4000 monthly in the next 6 months. A feet that is very achievable, however, at the end of the fifth month, all what he could boast of is a $600 monthly income which is not even certain. (At least he tried). His problem; he only promote his affiliate links on social media, he even spend a lot on ads, and he has no other affiliate marketing strategiesat all.

And that’s the same about many affiliate marketers.     

Without much perambulating let’s talk about the secret of affiliate marketing.

The Secret of Affiliate Marketing Explained

The number one secret of Affiliate Marketing is to create a personal business blog, and the second is to set up a mailing list.

Direct as many people as you can to your blog and mailing list after creating them with the express intention of generating purchases through your affiliate link.

I understand. At first glance, you could be saying to yourself, “I thought I was going to promote my affiliate link!” I’m confident you will. Your affiliate commission checks will dramatically decrease as a result, of doing the above.

This is how a lot of individuals spread the word about their favored offer…

They merely advertise their affiliate link and point visitors to the website, which has the sales letter for the product.

Regarding this procedure, I’d like to ask you two quick questions:

1.     Who gains the most in the long run?

2.     What occurs to people who decided not to buy?

Think about this critically for some time. When you direct a visitor to a sales page, who ultimately gains from your efforts? 

I’ll give you a hint:

The owners of the product does. How:

1.     They can build a list of buyers that will buy again and again from them through your efforts.

2.     They can easily retarget the same set of people that you drove to their website, but did not buy immediately. 

3.     They can build a list of subscribers from the visitors that you send to them.

 After that, they have unlimited access to market to that subscriber. They can advertise other people’s products in addition to selling their own.

Take Note:Everyone recognizes that the main value is in the long-term offers, I mean there’s more value in being able to retain a customer, who tends to buy again and again in the future. So, the thing product owners does most times is to give you a commission as much as possible, just that through your effort they can be able to build a list of loyal and continuous buyers who they can market again and again. You won’t be informed of any upcoming offers they send out marketing other goods.

And even if you worked hard to get them that subscriber, you won’t get paid for any subsequent sales. 

Yet another query to put into consideration. Study shows that the typical sales letter converts at a rate of around 2%. Research shows that, 98 out of every 100 visitors you send to a website won’t convert to customers. What happens to people like that? They either leave with nothing and disappear forever, or they sign up for the list and receive a variety of offers. So, if all that you do is to promote just your link, it won’t help you in the long run.

That is a LOT of wasted effort, don’t you think? You might expect a very small return on the time and money you invested in directing traffic to your affiliate link. 

Thankfully, there is another option. A much better approach. The more effective strategy is to “capture the subscriber first.”

Here’s a better way to advertise your affiliate link:

1) Build an email list from your blog. This could be done by providing a free report, publishing a regular email, providing a mini-course, or sharing articles. Anything may be it. Just make sure everything is in order.

A. Ideas for interesting content that would draw in subscribers.

B. Has a strong connection to the affiliate offer you’re promoting.

Once your list has been made and installed, proceed as follows…

2) Promote to your list rather than your affiliate link.Building YOUR list, not someone else’s, should be your top priority. You can repeatedly and over time advertise discounts to them in this way.

3) Offer a link to your affiliate website to them. Set up your mailing list so that new signups are forwarded to a “thank you” page that confirms their subscription and instructs them to check their email for the first issue/lesson/download link, etc. Include a “Click Here To Proceed” link in bold. You ought to use that italics link as an affiliate link!

What have you implemented right now?

·        Your Own List Is Created By You!

·        Your Own Brand Is Created By You! (Examples include your first name, domain, or list name)

·        Your Credibility Is Created By You! (Due to the information you share) Additionally…

As planned, you STILL direct them to the affiliate product sales page. You’ve just made a list of them.

4) Ongoing monitoring to guarantee long-term conversion. It is your responsibility to maintain the relationship with new subscribers once you have added them to your list. Offer them top-notch articles and other content promoting your main offering. Moreover, don’t stop there. To keep making money for months or perhaps years to come, promote related offers.

Just remember that you must first gather the opt-in. Never direct visitors to the affiliate sales page for the good or service you’re promoting. Make a list of them first, always. As a result, YOU profit to the fullest from your time and financial investments.

Which one is better?

Option A: Promote your affiliate link and give up ownership of the person who clicks on it. or 

Option B:Market to your list so you can send them offers repeatedly over a long period of time?

There are MANY great reasons to select Option B, but I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves to the point that you feel overloaded or confused.

·        You get to build a relationship with the subscriber and gain their trust so they will immediately buy your suggestions. You will have a ton of opportunities to sell your affiliate link through a variety of articles, reports, mini-courses, blog posts, tips, newsletter issues, and reviews.

·        You will have the choice to promote multiple products throughout time, all of which will pay commissions, rather than just one.

·        As more subscribers convert to paying customers, you can fine-tune your promotions and raise conversion rates by learning about buying trends and hot buttons.

I could go on and on, but I won’t since doing so would make you overly excited and cause you to overlook the Immediate Step in front of you.

In conclusion, this affiliate marketing strategy is fantastic. The discussion is over at this point. Period. The match has ended.

The only thing you’ll need to do is this.

1) Decide what to do (later today)

2) Establish a blog. (Click here for a detailed guide to setting up any company blog.)

3. Create a list. (How to build a mailing list (The fastest Approach)

4) Start promoting your blog, which has the list, on social media. 

And there you have it. Those are the major secrets of affiliate marketing upon which if your strive to do so, you will definitely get ahead in the game.

In conclusion, you have learnt the two secret underlining the success of any affiliate marketer, which are:

1.     Setting up a personal business blog or a website: on your blog, you can do so many things like, writing product reviews so as to get more sales, getting email subscribers, and at the same time monetize your blog through other means.

2.     Build your mailing list:these are people that upon subscribing to your list, you create relationship with them, share useful information with them and along the line they tends to trust you and buy anything you recommends to them. 

To learn more about affiliate marketing, you are welcome to take my free report: 100 profound profit making strategies that brings massive affiliate income in no distant time (Vol 1). 

How do you set up an Affiliate Blog?

There are two way to it: You either set up a free blog, or a paid blog using wordpress.

I have explained here in details and step by step how to create a business blog. 

Practical guide to monetizing and setting up your own business blog

Let me elaborate here a bit:

Setting up a Free Affiliate Blog

There are 3 websites that I recommended:

 Listen: If you create a blog using any of the above three, your website address will look like; www.wealthonnet.wordpress.comand www.wealhonnet.site123.comwhich is unprofessional. To therefore eliminate the blogspot, wordpress, site123 root domain, you therefore need to purchase a domain name from (top recommended domain name registrar) for about $10 yearly.  After buying and integrating it. Your website then becomes, You can watch youtube videos on how to integrate your domain name to your choice website builder. You can reach out to me ( to set this up for you; as it can be a little bit tricky at times.    

Setting up a paid affiliate Blog

There are several paid blog and website builders out there today. However, is still simply the best there is.

WordPress comes like a software you will install after buying a hosting plan. Buying a hosting services means you are the prime owner of your blog, you do things the way you want it, you can twist and design your blog as you dimmed fit. Unlike blogger and other free blog builder which can be taken down at any point in time. 

So, the two reputable hosting platform I recommend are Bluehost and Hostgator, once you buy from them, you can easily install your wordpress right from their dashboard without any technical approach. Follow the detail guide (with images) on how to set up you own business blog.

NB: Bluehost has a special offer: they give you a free domain name service for one year, when you purchase from them. And as a matter of urgency, they are currently running a discount offer of up to 60% on their yearly plan. Visit Bluehost to learn more, or check our in-depth Bluehost review.

Visit Hostgator to learn of their pricing and special discount offers. See also our in-depth Hostgator review. 

So after buying a hosting service and installing your wordpress, all there is to go to your wordpress dashboard and install any theme that you desire, after which you can share your first post.. 

How do you build Your Mailing List?

I have equally explained in-depth how to build a list of eager and loyal subscribers. But then, you can build your mailing list using these approaches:

1.     Put Subscriber plugging on your blog and encourage visitors to sign up for your updates and special offers.

2.     Create a landing page on your blog and offers site visitors a free gif, like ebook, software, video or any services in exchange for their email. Do ensure to tell them they won’t be spammed. 

3.     Lastly, Buy Solo ads: this is the fastest way I know of in getting a fast and robust email list of buyers that buys from you over again. Mind you, buying solo ads can be risky, hence, a need for you to do your research before doing so. I have covered a lot here how to build 1,000 email subscribers in 14 days.    

Conclusively, you have just learnt what it means to be an Affiliate Blogger, because affiliate bloggers makes the most money in affiliate marketing. So, again, the two major secret of affiliate marketing is to set up a blog/website, and get a robust mailing list.

I hope you’ve learnt something new about the secret of affiliate marketing, if you do, kindly leave us a comment below. Thanks. 

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