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SE Ranking Review: Is It The Best SEO Tool?

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What exactly is SE Ranking, and why is it so important?

SE Ranking is a professional SEO tool that aims to assist online marketers in the important task of optimizing a website or blog so that the content they publish has a good ranking position on the pages of search engine results. SE Ranking was developed with the intention of helping online marketers.

There are already more than 300,000 people registered with SE Ranking, and the number of small and medium-sized firms that have been assisted reaches 12,000. In addition, more than 4,000 different companies have utilized the platform in order to establish strategic plans for their respective clientele.

It offers a total of 35 features, some of which are as follows: backlink analysis, keyword research, SEO on-page verification, and many more besides. In a moment, we’re going to go through the most important ones in greater depth.

Why is it vital for SEO to watch these metrics?

Since 2021, the search engine started priotizing the search results for websites that provide a satisfying experience for users while they are on the page. In this manner, characteristics such as loading time, responsiveness, security, and the lack of invasive components that hamper navigation, such as pop-ups, advertising, and other objects, would have a bigger weight.

What exactly does that entail? It indicates that you need to make improvements to your approach in order for your content to continue to have a strong positioning on Google. In order to do this, you will need to pay close attention to the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website.

In addition to shifts in the algorithm used by the search engine, it’s possible that other factors will necessitate some modest adjustments. You may, for instance, have a link on your blog that directs readers to an old post that has since been removed. As a result, it is essential to either provide a redirect or link to another section of material.

If you check your backlinks carefully, you will be able to respond appropriately if you discover that some of them are of poor quality. In that scenario, it is possible that it will be essential to reject such connections, as the search engine ranking of your website may be affected by them.

You may also learn about terms whose usage is growing if you track their frequency carefully. You will be able to compete successfully with your rivals if you make effective use of these resources and may even be able to pull ahead of them.

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How does SE Ranking work?

You could already be familiar with other well-known SEO tools, such as SEMrush, if you’ve used them before. In point of fact, it is thought to be among the greatest, but nevertheless, it is beneficial to be familiar with others.

After all, each one is unique and may possess a variety of characteristics, depending on the context. In addition, prices can range widely; thus, it is essential to conduct thorough research before hiring a tool for your business that has a favorable cost-to-benefit ratio.

Therefore, let’s begin by having a look at the page that appears when you first use SE Ranking.

You have access to all of the capabilities of SE Ranking from this screen, allowing you to monitor the real-time performance of your website in terms of SEO. You may do this by clicking the “SE Ranking” button.

SE Ranking Ratings 

se ranking ating
Se Ranking Rating


SE Ranking’s satisfactory performance is evident from the ratings and reviews from 998 people on It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. This shows the excellent performance of SE Ranking.   

The Pros and Cons of SE Ranking

This review of SE Ranking won’t be complete unless we talk about both its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of SE Ranking:

You will get access to a free trial period of fourteen days.

Packages with reasonable prices beginning at only $31 per month can be purchased.

Access to keyword rank tracking enables you to perform an analysis of the target URL for the target keyword, allowing you to determine the factors that cause swings in ranks.

You may utilize a free on-page SEO assessment as a lead generator for potential customers by making it available to visitors to your website.

Check the number of times any term was searched for.

Schedule automated social media posting

Make branded reports using either automatic or manually created methods.

Carry out website audits in order to investigate each of your pages.

Cons of SE Ranking

When you have to update large lists of data, the website audit might take a significant amount of time. This is especially the case when you have thousands of articles. 

Pricing  based on SE Ranking

How much does it cost you to use SE Ranking ?


Se ranking pricing
S Ranking Pricing


The following are the THREE different price options that are available to you through SE Ranking.

1.     Essential

2.     Pro

3.     Business

Let’s go through all of their price plans, along with the features and restrictions, so as to see the one that’s most fitting for your finances and the requirements of your website.

1. SE Ranking Essential Plan

If you’re searching for the least expensive plan that SE Ranking has to offer, this is the one for you; it costs you only $31 per month, and it allows you to track as many as 250 keywords.

The benefits of choosing this option are outlined below.

·        You can include up to ten websites.

·        Website assessment for 25,000 pages

·        Monitor 5000 backlinks

·        Perform daily backlink checks on 20 different domains.

·        On-Page Checker for up to one hundred fifty pages

2. SE Ranking Pro Plan

This is an excellent option for you if you own a small business or operate a website, and it will cost you $71 per month. In addition, you will have access to white label SEO reports if you choose to go with this plan.

The benefits of choosing this option are outlined below.

·        Include an infinite number of websites in your listing.

·        Website audit for 150,000 pages

·        Monitor 25,000 backlinks

·        Check backlinks for one hundred different domains per day On-Page Checker for four hundred and fifty pages

·        You are able to keep an eye out for updates on up to 100 pages.

·        SEO/PPC database expansion: 10,000

·        The ability to access white label reports

3. SE Ranking Business Plan

This plan, which costs you $151 per month, is the appropriate one for you if you are the owner of an agency and are interested in having access to white label reports in addition to API access.

The benefits of choosing this option are outlined below.

·        Include an infinite number of websites in your listing.

·        Website audit for 250,000 pages

·        Monitor 75,000 backlinks

·        Check the backlinks for three hundred domains every day.

·        On-Page Checker Capable of Scrutinizing 750 Pages

·        You are able to check the status of up to 250 pages at once.

·        SEO/PPC database expansion: 25,000

·        White-label report generation in addition to API access

·        What exactly are you looking forward to?

·        Start utilizing SE Ranking Today

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Get Free Access to the 14 Days SE Ranking’s Competitor Research Tool

Distinguishing Features of SE Ranking

se ranking features
SE ranking Features

Keyword Rank Tracker That Is %100 Accurate

The keyword rank tracker is the primary attraction that draws in excess of 500,000 individuals each month to utilize SE Ranking. You will get precise keyword ranking positions with the assistance of SE Ranking.

The following is an explanation of how to utilize the keyword rank tracker tool that is available on SE Ranking to monitor your keywords.

Click on the “Create Project” button once you have navigated to the Rankings area of the SE Ranking tool. This will allow you to add your website or domain.

After you have entered your website, it will immediately review the data and present you with a list of all of the most recent keyword rankings for your website.

Once you’ve added your project, you’ll be able to view the average keyword position. You can also view the ranks of all of your keywords by selecting the comprehensive analytics option.

·        You will be able to view the positions of all of your keywords across all search engines.

·        You’ll get higher keyword ranks through a variety of means, including the following:

·        Top 1 ranking keywords (along with their position changes, be it inclined or declined)

·        Top 3 ranking keywords (along with their position changes, be it inclined or declined)

·        Top 5 ranking keywords (along with their position changes, be it inclined or declined)

·        Top 10 ranking keywords (along with their position changes, be it inclined or declined)

The Keyword Rank Tracker tool offered by SE Ranking examines the search results from Google’s desktop as well as mobile platforms. You are able to track not just ranks but also search engine results page features, sponsored rankings in Google Ads, search traffic, and far more.

Overall, the SE Ranking Keyword Rank Tracker is a fantastic tool that not only gives you accurate data but also allows you to follow the rankings of up to five different search engines or places.

Get Free Access to the 14 Days SE Ranking’s Research Tool 

Keyword Research Tool of SE Ranking

seranking keyword research tools

To help you locate better keywords, here is a rundown on how to use the keyword research tool that is available with SE Ranking.

When you have logged into the tool, navigate to the “Keyword Research” area, now, input any keyword that you’d want to search for. When you enter a term and then click the Analyze button, it immediately provides you with the numerous keywords for that keyword that you search for.,

The Problems with the keyword tool is that: (it shows you how difficult it is rank for a keyword, try to pick keywords with less keyword difficulty)

Ideas for keywords, including other phrases that are comparable and other keywords that are relevant

You may find other search phrases by selecting the “View Detailed Report” option that is located in the related keywords or similar keywords sections.

You may also locate keyword words by using a variety of other methods, such as;

·        Similar keywords

·        Similar terms and phrases

·        Keywords with a low number of searches.

The organic search engine results page (SERP) rankings for the keywords you wish to rank for are also displayed by the SE Ranking keyword tool. Some of this information includes the following: the top search results for the keywords (along with their URLs, traffic, traffic cost, and total number of keywords they are ranking for); Change in their current positions in the rankings for certain keywords.

So to wraps things up. You may use their keyword tool in this way to rapidly discover keywords with low levels of competition and assess the current organic SERP ranks of your rivals.

SE Ranking Competitors Research Tool

seranking review

Do you want to snoop on the websites of your competitors? If this is the case, the SE Ranking competitor research tool was designed just with you in mind.

Simply input any site or URL, and you will immediately receive detailed information on the organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid marketing (PPC) tactics that it employs.

This is a guide on how to utilize it effectively.

When using the SE Ranking competitor research tool, once you are there, enter the domain or URL of your competition. It will quickly exposes the data of your rivals, which may include the following:

·        Total amount of visitors from all organic sources across all nations

·        Domain trust is a measure of the reliability of a website; its value is determined by a variety of criteria, including the quantity and quality of referring domains and backlink profiles.

·        Page confidence (it is calculated based on multiple factors including the number and the quality of referring domains and backlinks pointing to a page)

·        Natural or organic traffic (shows you the estimated number of clicks the analyzed website will get on Google)

·        The total number of keywords for which the website ranks.

·        Estimated traffic cost

·        You may also get a list of every organic keyword, which assists you in finding a list of websites that have the same organic keywords as the website that was evaluated.

You will be able to readily find organic keywords together with their search volume, current rank on Google, competition level, and cost per click for those keywords,

The SE Ranking Competitive Research tool allows you to compare the semantics of your keywords to those of your competitors’ keywords, which is the instrument’s strongest feature. It will present you with a map of the competitors of your competitors, along with keywords indicating where you may find them;

·        All keywords

·        Keywords often used

·        Missing keywords

·        Specific key phrases, among other things,

You may also input your own domain to examine its semantics in relation to the terms used by your competitors. You may quickly assess the term overlaps that exist between your website and the websites of your rivals by using this method.

Try Out SE Ranking’s Research Tool 

SE Ranking’s Website Audit Tool

seranking tools

SE Ranking provides a remarkable tool known as “Website Audit” that makes it simple for you to locate and resolve all of the SEO and technical issues that are present on your website.

When you run the audit function of your website, it immediately does a scan through the entirety of your website and provides you with a report. You will come across a number of items such as;

·        The total amount of pages that were crawled.

·        The total amount of URLs that can be found on your website.

·        Evaluation of the general state of your website (it is calculated based on the number of issues that were found on the website during the audit and the impact these issues have on website performance)

·        In addition to that, it will provide you with a list of the most common problems that can be found on your website.

The SE Ranking website audit tool does link-by-link crawling, beginning at the homepage and on to the website’s most in-depth pages. In addition to this, it crawls every website that is listed in the XML Sitemap file.

What more functions does the website audit tool offered by SE Ranking provide? The following is a list of the information that may be found using the website audit tool provided by SE Ranking.

·        Problems with your website’s functionality, such as the 3xx, 4xx, and 5xx status codes, as well as the pages that are prohibited by the robots.txt file.

·        Find pages that have meta tags that are either missing or duplicated.

·        Find out how long it takes mobile devices to load your website.

·        Conduct a thorough search of your entire website in order to find any photos that are missing ALT tags or have 404 errors.

·        The score of your website according to the main web vitals

·        Find out how many internal links your website has, including both the pages they link to and the pages they lead to, as well as many other details.

To answer your question, how long does it take to prepare a report on the audit of a website?

It is dependent on a number of factors, including the size of the website’s internal queue, the amount of pages and images on the website. In light of the foregoing, a notification will be sent to your email address once the audit report has been generated.

Tool for the management of social media and marketing strategy for search engine optimization

You want to post, monitor, and evaluate your actions on social media, but you don’t know what social media management tool to use. You now have access to a social media management tool that is exclusive to SE Ranking!

The use of social media is extremely important for search engine optimization (SEO). The social media tool provided by SE Ranking is an excellent complement for your business, particularly if your goals are to raise your ranks on social media and to boost user interaction.

The following is an explanation of the capabilities of this tool.

·        You are able to keep an eye on your profiles, pages, and groups across several social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • You are able to examine the behavior of Facebook users.
  • You are able to examine the demographic data on Facebook.
  • You will have access to analytics pertaining to Twitter users as well as subscriptions.
  • You will have access to statistics regarding your retweets and bookmarked on Twitter.
  • Most importantly, this application facilitates automatic posting for you. After you have successfully connected your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you will have the ability to quickly and easily create posts that can be scheduled in advance for automatic publication. 

SE Ranking SEO Marketing Plan

 One more outstanding characteristic of SE Ranking is that it gives you a “SEO Marketing Plan” that is already prepared for implementation.

The SEO Marketing Plan from SE Ranking is perfect for you if you are either just starting out with search engine optimization (SEO) or are looking for a robust SEO marketing plan to increase your search ranks.

It grants you access to an SEO checklist that covers all of the essential components required to maintain your position at the top. It essentially provides you with a to-do list that you can employ as a step-by-step SEO guide in order to boost your search ranks and avoid typical mistakes associated with SEO.

The following are included in it:

·        The strategy of SEO

·        Pre-launch SEO to-do list

·        Research on keywords and application of such techniques

·        Optimization of the current page

·        Social media management

·        Off-page optimization in addition to other aspects

In addition to the items discussed above, you can personalize your SEO to-do list by include other tasks that are connected to the project or website you are working on. 

The Other Core Distinguishing Characteristics of SE Ranking Tool

se ranikng features

Let’s talk a little bit about each of the tool’s primary characteristics now that you have seen an overview of the tool and are familiar with how to begin using it.

Keyword monitoring

SE Ranking performs real-time monitoring of all of the keywords that you have registered. This is even something that can be done in a number of search engines, including but not limited to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In addition, you have the option to confine the search to a certain geographical area by specifying the country, region, and city.

Keyword suggestions

Researching relevant keywords is the first step in developing content for a Content Marketing plan, which is why this strategy is called “Content Marketing.” Because of this, it is absolutely necessary to make use of tools that may assist you in finding terms that are being looked for in search engines.

The Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, and SEMrush are three of the most popular search engine optimization tools. On the other hand, SE Ranking is able to do this for you as well. It is feasible to derive a large number of additional keywords, both short and long tail, based on a single seed term.

Keyword grouper

The planning of material that will be developed in the future is helped by organizing the keywords that will be used. This is a task that, if done manually, would be quite challenging, but SE Ranking makes it simple for you to complete.

It is possible to create new words by combining synonyms and words that have meanings that are comparable to one another. Because of this, we are able to make more effective use of the semantic field associated with a keyword by spreading all of these phrases according to content and arranging them in important spots.

When it comes to establishing links, this entails much more than simply inserting three hyperlinks into a post for every 500 words written.

Backlinks, also known as inbound and outbound links, are one of the components that make up an off-page SEO strategy. These are the links, both internal and external, that lead to a certain page on your website.

They are crucial because they help Google form inferences about the quality of your content. The more links that point to your pages, the better, as long as the originating domain has excellent authority. This is why they are so important.

It has come to our attention that certain backlinks just do not possess quality, and having them point to your material is a poor decision as a result. In situations like this, you will need to inform Google that you do not accept the links in question; but, how do you determine which links fall into this category?

Not only does SE Ranking look for backlinks, but it also notifies Google of any links that you want to ignore from the search results. Additionally, the tool provides an indication of the popularity of its material based on the links that are created on social networking sites.

On-page checker

This tool, which operates very similarly to Yoast SEO, analyzes the degree to which certain pages have been optimized. When determining SE Ranking, various variables are considered, including but not limited to title, meta tags, image characteristics, links, page structure, loading speed, and keyword density.

You can use this analysis to enhance the content in order to achieve a higher on-page SEO rating, which is a factor that carries a significant amount of weight among search engine ranking elements.

Analytics for websites.

With the help of this function, you will be able to conduct a comprehensive review of your website in order to identify any issues that could be detrimental to both the SEO and the user’s experience.

There is a sample of a report that the audit generates available on the website that belongs to SE Ranking. Not only does it highlight the faults that were discovered and organize them according to the level of significance, but it also provides recommendations for how these issues might be fixed.

Monitoring page changes

Anyone who is working on a team will find this tool to be quite helpful. In situations like this, it is possible for some specialists to make significant modifications to the websites or blog posts without your knowledge at all.

The issue is that retaining control over the content may be required in some circumstances. This presents a challenge.

That’s why there’s something called page change monitoring, though. It enables you to maintain contact with the other members of the marketing team, hence reducing the likelihood of communication breakdowns within the team.

You will be alerted whenever new content is added to your website or blog, allowing you to remain up-to-date with its operations and developments at all times. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on SE Ranking Analysis and Guide 2022

The following are some of the queries that are asked most frequently regarding the SE Ranking SEO tool.

What is a Search Engine Ranking?

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO program that was developed specifically for website owners, SEO companies, and SEO professionals. It offers assistance with position tracking, keyword ideas, analysis of your competitors, and a great deal more.

Is there a free trial available for SE Ranking?

The answer is yes; SE Ranking does in fact provide a free 14-day trial during which you will have access to their Optimum plan as well as the “White Label” function for the duration of the trial.

Simply click on this link to start your risk-free trial (no credit card needed!)

What exactly is a white label account for SE Ranking?

You are not need to send a single link to SE Ranking in order to use your own domain for White Label SEO thanks to the SE Ranking white label functionality. With the White Label function, you may make use of a personalized domain, logo, and other branding elements, among other customization options. The white label SEO feature, to put it more succinctly, enables you to perform SEO services while maintaining your brand identity.

Which one, amongst SE Ranking and Semrush, is the better option?

Both SE Ranking and Semrush are excellent SEO tools, and a large number of individuals all around the world make use of them.

When compared to SE Ranking, the price of Semrush is quite high (Semrush costs approximately $120 per month, whereas SE Ranking pricing begins at $31 per month). However, Semrush provides access to over 45 different SEO tools. Therefore, it is dependent on the SEO of your website as well as your budget.

Who are some of SE Ranking’s most formidable rivals?

The following is a list of some of the most prominent rivals and alternatives to the SE Ranking. Tools such as Semrush, SpyFu, Ahrefs, Moz Pro, and Mangools Tools

Where can I find the best rates on SE Ranking

You may take use of this link to obtain the BEST discounts on SE Ranking, in addition to a free trial of their Optimum plan for a period of 14 days.

Is SE Ranking a useful tool for monitoring where keywords fall in the rankings?

Yes, keyword rank tracking accounts for the majority of SE Ranking’s usage. When you use their software, you will receive daily keyword ranking updates, and the data that it provides for tracking your rank is accurate.

 SE Ranking Top Alternative

Serpstat: Alternative Ranking System of SE Ranking. Serpstat is yet another distinguished alternative to SE Ranking  that most people don’t know about, in terms of many things, including a worthy price of their product. The search engine optimization (SEO) platform (Serpstat) is an all-in-one solution that assists users with all aspects of SEO work, including keyword research, site audits, and backlink analyses. One of the most effective substitutes for SE Ranking is the tool known as Serpstat.

Pros of Serpstat:· Affordable search engine optimization tool with prices beginning at $55 per month, · Keep an eye on the shifting positions of domains. · The practice of keyword clustering and locating content opportunities is quite beneficial. · Investigate the SEO strategies used by your rivals. · Identify the most valuable backlink sources in a snap. · Make sure your site is free of SEO mistakes by using the website audit feature. · Make search engine optimization reports for your customers.

Cons of Serpstat: It does not offer nearly as much information regarding backlinks or competitor analysis as Semrush does. 

Price: Serpstat gives you the option to choose from one of four different pricing plans.

1. Lite: This plan will cost you $55 a month and will provide you with access to 15,000 tracked keywords, 10,000 results every report, and 4,000 queries per day. Using this package, you are able to conduct an audit of up to 150,000 pages.

2. Standard: This plan will cost you $119 per month and comes with 60,000 tracked keywords, access to API, and 5,000 queries per day. It also includes all of the premium features such as cluster research and missing keywords. Using this package, you are able to do an audit on up to 400,000 pages. You are allowed to add a maximum of three members.

3. Advanced: This plan will cost you $239 a month and includes everything that is included in the ‘Standard’ plan, in addition to providing you with 8,000 queries every day and 50,000 results per report. Using this package, you are able to conduct an audit of up to 1,250,000 pages. You have the ability to add up to five members of your team to your account.

4. Enterprise: This plan costs you $399 a month and provides you with access to everything that is included in the ‘Advanced’ plan. Additionally, you will receive 12,000 queries every day and 75,000 results per report. Using this package, you are able to do an audit on up to 2,500,000 pages. You have the ability to add up to seven members of your team to your account.

What exactly are you looking forward to? Visit Serpstat 


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