How to Start Your First Online Business: 5 Businesses Review

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5 Online Business Review



  •  Introduction
  •   Affiliate Marketing
  •  YouTube
  • Blogging
  •  Fiverr
  • Ecommerce: Selling Material Goo ds Online
  • The Fastest Way to Have Your Own Online Business
  • Conclusion 


Would you like to discover how to boost your income by working online from the comfort of your own home, possibly in your pajamas? If you responded “yes” to this question, you have arrived at the right place.

You undoubtedly already know that there are numerous strategies to achieve your financial goals, because others have discovered them and benefitted immensely from them. You simply require some guidance in your search. This post will inform you of your alternatives and how to implement them.

You will study five distinct online moneymaking strategies (some of which contain several options within them). A couple of them may take some time to understand and master, but others may be used immediately and could earn you extra money soonest.

In this comprehensive blog post, you will discover five legit online businesses you can do to make money with nothing more than an Internet connection and the desire to escape your current financial condition. This list is not exhaustive, but it will give you an idea of the most popular Internet-based moneymaking opportunities available to you today. I will also list some of the other online businesses you can start today with a link to posts and ebooks that will get you informed on how to get it right. 

It is ultimately up to you to determine the profitability of any of these proposals. You can either earn nothing or a million dollars. Your success depends on your innovation, imagination, ability to reach your target market, and dogged determination. As long as you continue to learn from your mistakes, refine your actions, and choose to do your best, you will ultimately prevail.

NOTE: These online businesses are no get rich quick schemes with which you can suddenly make thousands even millions immediately. They are ones that requires dedication and commitment to start. You may and may not make anything from the first month, even though I have seen friends that cash out in thousands the first week of starting affiliate marketing. If you will, it’s up to you. But then, know this that, in the long run, you’ve entered into a serious money making business. 

First Online Business: AFFILIATE MARKETING

online business  

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the earliest and possibly most well-known method of earning money online. It is the most significant method for making money online since it can be combined with nearly every other approach in this book. Affiliate marketing entails selling other people’s products or services on your website, social networking page, YouTube channel, and other Internet-based pages in order to earn a commission on each sale.

Obviously, this method of getting money demands that you have (or construct) an Internet site or page that caters to the same market as the merchant or advertiser you wish to promote, as well as sufficient traffic. But once you have it, you may make a lot of money.

How To Start

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, the following steps can help you get started:

Step 1: Select the category you desire to advertise.If you already have a current site or page that is relevant to your subject or issue, this is rather simple to accomplish. For instance, if you presently own and operate a website connected to money or finances, you might improve your revenue as an affiliate marketer (in which you would be referred to as the publisher) by advertising and selling relevant items and programs (like the programs sold by Dave Ramsey, creator of Financial Peace University, or Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money).

However, if you do not currently have a blog or website, what items or services are you interested in? What are some topics that you can discuss intelligently with your audience? Choose a category that you enjoy or might provide value to, and the remaining steps will be considerably simpler.

Step 2: Create a website or blog if you do not have one already. Now is the time to create a website or page if you haven’t previously. Consider creating a pricing comparison website, a review website, or a discount website for things that are regularly purchased online, as each has the potential to attract users seeking specific items. In addition, these sites have a purpose for the consumer, whether it be to help them save money, determine which products are of superior quality, or both, so putting more money in your pocket.

Determine the products or services you will market in the third step. How can you expect your reader to believe in the product or service for which you are an affiliate if you don’t?

Consider the goods that you would not hesitate to recommend to your closest family and friends, and your enthusiasm will shine through more clearly, causing your reader to share your enthusiasm.

Step 3: Choose the affiliate marketing website(s) you wish to use and create an account. Check out Click bank, Amazon Affiliate Programs, Partnerstack, Shareasale, Jvzoo, Warriorplus, Pay Dotcom, and CJ Affiliate by Conversant if you’re new to affiliate marketing (formerly known as Commission Junction). Each of these can steer you to the most profitable merchants for your affiliate marketing program, allowing you to maximize your earnings.

You should pay close attention to how each one operates and examine its potential impact on your profitability. For instance, Click bank allows you to earn up to 75% of the product price and Pay Dotcom offers commissions of up to 80%, but you may make more money with Amazon Affiliates, despite their lower commission rates (6% to 15%, depending on the program) because they are one of the largest online retailers.

If you already have a popular blog or website that receives a substantial amount of traffic, you may get compensated by a company for merely promoting their brand or name on your site, such as with Google AdSense. This type of option is sometimes structured as pay-per-click, where you are compensated a certain amount for each click on the affiliate link shown on your website.

Step 4: Selecting an affiliate program to promote. Because Click Bank is the website I recommend you begin with, I will discuss the procedure on that page. First and foremost is the commission you’ll receive for each sale. Aim at 60 percent Plus commissions for digital products. Most digital products on Click Bank sell for between $35 and $85 on average. Using this rule, you will earn at least 21 dollars per sale. If you are promoting physical products, you should not adhere to a set percentage, but you should ensure that you will earn at least $50 each transaction, as physical things tend to sell more slowly than digital products. Ensure that the product has a high specific gravity. This indicates that many affiliate sales were made in the past week, indicating that the product is in high demand. However, there will be a great deal of competition to market the product. Therefore, I propose focusing on products with moderate gravity and an excellent sales page. Ensure they have an extensive sales page and compare them to other competitive products to determine if they will convert effectively.

Step 5: Create a link to the specific product(s) you wish to promote and earn a commission on, then embed it on your website.After choosing an affiliate program to advertise, you should obtain an affiliate link. It is essential that you simply copy and paste it onto your website, blog, or channel. If you place it on your website or blog, I recommend attaching the link to the name of the product or something else that reflects it, rather than simply pasting the link, which would be quite unprofessional and would also reveal that this is an affiliate connection. If you are promoting a product on YouTube, you can utilize a link shortener such as “https://bitly”. In this manner, your connections will appear more professional.

Step 6: Market your connection. Now that your website is ready to generate revenue, you must promote your affiliate products as if they were your own. Get your readers and followers excited about the products, programs, or services you’ve selected, so that they are willing to click on them and, more importantly, purchase them.

Not only should you advertise these items on your main site, but you should also post about them (with links) in groups and forums relevant to your target audience. The greater your visibility, the greater your likelihood of producing sales and money.

Profit Potential

How much money can an affiliate marketer make?According to a survey conducted by Finch Sells, slightly under 19 percent of affiliates earn less than $20,000 annually. Nonetheless, this should not discourage you. Nearly six percent of respondents indicated that they earn more than two million dollars annually through selling the goods, services, and brands of others. That’s worthwhile, correct?

Therefore, it is entirely up to you to determine how far you will go and how much you will earn with this specific online money-making opportunity. The more traffic you can attract to your site and the more time you spend marketing yourself and your affiliates, the more successful you will be.

Joining an affiliate marketing community, such as Digital Point, Warrior Forum, or BestWeb, may be beneficial if you wish to boost your earning potential. These forums allow you to communicate with other affiliate marketers who can provide you with the tips and techniques you need to succeed, helping you to earn more money and more quickly than if you attempted to figure out affiliate marketing on your own.



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Get This Free Report: Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals: everything you need to know about making money selling other peoples product.


Your First Online Business II: YouTube Business

youtube online business 

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website in the world, so I assume you are somewhat familiar with it. You can generate revenue on YouTube by creating your own channel and marketing your own or other businesses’ services and products, or by joining the YouTube Partner Program.

How to Start

YouTube is organized similarly to other social networking websites. But here are the steps you must follow to develop a video channel worthy of attracting hundreds, thousands, or millions of daily viewers:

Step 1: Create your YouTube channel. Google provides detailed, easy-to-follow guidelines that make launching a YouTube channel quite straightforward. But first, you must choose whether to incorporate under your personal name or under the name of your firm (if you have one). Consider what you desire for your brand and select the option that makes the most sense.

Also, when making your YouTube account, you should select terms that your target audience is likely to use when searching for the items and services that you’re selling, so that you’re more likely to appear in their search results. For example, if your videos are on personal development, you may use the following keywords: boosting self-esteem, feeling better about yourself, how to be self-confident, and cultivating a self-empowerment mindset.

Once the logistics are taken care of, you must construct an appealing YouTube channel. To accomplish this, choose the appropriate theme and color scheme for your topic area and submit an image that represents you or your business so that your audience can begin to connect with you.

You must also choose a video to serve as the featured video on your YouTube channel, so choose one of your best. Keep in mind that this may be what convinces your audience to subscribe to your articles (or abandon your channel), so it must persuade them to take the action you desire.

Fill out the title and description with content that portrays what you have to offer in an entertaining and engaging manner. Leave the comment option intact, since this will encourage your followers to interact with you, so increasing your interaction and sales!

Step 2: Post videos. Once your YouTube channel has been setup, you can upload videos to it. What types of videos perform the best? Well, it depends on what you hope to achieve with them. In most cases, shorter, high-quality videos receive the most views. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to invest in quality equipment and enlist the aid of friends, rather than attempting to accomplish everything on your own.

In contrast, if you are showing something or creating a how-to video, it may be necessary for the video to be longer in order to deliver the entire idea. You want to convey all relevant information without speaking quickly or skipping over details in an effort to save time.

To determine which will work best for your purposes, consider what your target audience wants to watch and create your films accordingly. If you’re unsure, ask them and let them tell you how to proceed!

Step3: Build your audience. As indicated in the first stage, picking effective keywords for your content helps drive traffic to your channel, so keep this in mind while attempting to reach a certain audience. Utilize Google Keyword Planner to research keywords (Alternatively you can use SE Ranking Keyword Tool) depending on the topic of your channel. Create a list of the most sought-after keywords. You should provide approximately twenty. Include the keyword term and the monthly search volume. These are the search terms.

Next, visit YouTube and log out of your account. We will be utilizing the search tool. Input the first three-to-four letters of the keyword phrase from the list you just compiled. YouTube will begin suggesting results as you type. This is not by chance. These are terms other users have used to find videos on YouTube. You wish to match these suggestions to your list of keywords. These are the keywords of your target audience.

And just as you should regularly post on other social media platforms, the same holds true for YouTube. This will encourage more and more people to subscribe to your channel, as they will know that you will continuously upload content, making it simpler to build a following.

Step 4: Cross-promote your videos. Share your videos on Facebook and Twitter to direct your followers and connections to your YouTube channel.

Encourage people to subscribe to your channel so that they may simply observe your future videos. If you do not instruct them to do so, they may never consider it on their own. Make people enthusiastic about what you have to offer and desire to participate!

Additionally, you can create a website and/or a blog to advertise your films. I recommend WordPress for this purpose because it is free and really simple to set up. Nonetheless, I suggest that you invest $10 in a domain name and get hosting for your website (you can use and Bluehost since they have really good prices. Check out their in-depth review: Bluehost, Hostgator). Free hosting is your biggest enemy; you should never use it since it will bombard your site with random advertisements and make it appear incredibly amateurish to your audience. You might as well start with a free blogger blog. But you must have a domain name, which you can register here at Namecheap. They are currently running a special discount.  See here how to set up a free and paid business blog (Step by step Guide)  

Step 6: Set up your YouTube account to accept advertisements. You can take this step either when you are uploading your video or after it has already been made public, however the former is suggested so that you don’t lose out on revenue. You can accomplish this by selecting the “Monetize with Ads” option on the upload screen or by heading to your Video Manager and selecting the option there.

Once your account is ready to be monetized, you will also need to establish an account on the Google AdSense website. In order to do this, you must be 18 years old and have a PayPal account or a bank account in order to be paid, so keep these requirements in mind before wasting your time if you don’t meet the requirements.

Cost-per-click (CPC) advertisements require the advertiser to pay when their ad is clicked. Other advertisements include Cost per View (CPV), which requires the viewer to watch at least half of the advertisement or 30 seconds, whichever comes first. Advertisements can also appear at the bottom of your video screen (known as in-search ads) or to the side of it (in-display ads).

Each has its own advantages, therefore it is up to you to decide which ones to utilize. You can even decide to test a few of them to determine which ones work best for your audience. See if there is a difference in your income if you switch them around.

Utilize affiliate marketing to monetize your YouTube channel as the sixth step. Remember how the affiliate marketing section stated that you may generate money on any website? Well, YouTube is one of them, since it enables you to guide your target audience to the items and services that you believe will benefit them the most by placing links on your YouTube channel, so allowing you to make money by selling other people’s things.

Again, you should select affiliates that appeal to your target audience. Choose the items and services that are most appropriate for your consumer to maximize your profits.

Additionally, you may sell your own items and services on YouTube and keep 100 percent of the profits, which is always a plus.

Step 7: Check your statistics and utilize the knowledge appropriately. YouTube gives stats for your video views, so examine them to determine which videos are performing the best. Also, pay attention to which videos or topics are not generating much buzz, as this information is as essential.

The second component of this procedure entails making prudent use of this information. This entails making adjustments to your plan if something isn’t working, as well as creating new films similar to those that are performing well and attracting the most attention.

Step 8: (Optional) Apply for a partnership with YouTube.This step is only available if your YouTube channel meets the specified requirements. Why seek out partnership? Because you have access to more content creation tools and have the opportunity to win prizes based on the success of your channel. In either case, it is healthy for you.

Profit Potential

It is essential to understand that your YouTube earnings are not dependent on the quantity of subscribers you have, but rather on how many of them interact with your advertising and affiliates. Although they are connected, they are still distinct, which means you must engage your audience. It is not sufficient to simply have them watch your videos.

In your video, you can discuss your affiliates, advertisements, and products. Include a call to action instructing your audience to click on the links. If you don’t, you may miss out on a chance to raise your income.

So, how much money is it possible to earn using YouTube videos? According to a Business Insider story, you can earn six figures with the appropriate material, just like Olga Kay does, but it will certainly cost you.

On the other side, there are other instances of twenty YouTube millionaires, such as Vitalyzd TV, who has about eight million members and makes a fortune from his videos.

Is it thus worthwhile? You alone know the answer to that question. You may decide that this option is best suited as a side gig, or you can dive in and try your hardest to become a YouTube sensation; choose whichever option feels appropriate at the time.



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 First Online Business III:  Blogging

blogging online business 

Blogging is the third online business with which you can make money online. Continuously writing about a situation, event, or other topic of interest and posting it online for others to read is the definition of blogging. If you can attract a sizable audience to your blog, you can generate a respectable income.

How to Start

To develop a blog that attracts significant attention and generates income, you must do the following:

Step 1: Determine what your blog will be about.What topic or topics most intrigue you? Are you a car nerd who knows everything there is to know about the automobiles and trucks on the road today, or do you have an insatiable taste for cooking and want to share your enthusiasm with people who share your interest?

Tech review blogs, beauty and fashion, health and nutrition, how to make money, and even teaching people how to blog are among the most lucrative themes and blog ideas. However, it is crucial to exclusively blog about topics in which you have a real interest. If you do not have an interest in the topic, you will not be able to interest others in it.

Once you have a list of potential topics, choose one and narrow it as much as possible to better resonate with your target audience. If you adore cooking, for instance, which style speaks to you the most? Are you a farm-to-table cook, or do you prefer to prepare traditional dishes with a contemporary twist? The more detailed you are able to make your issue, the easier it will be to target the intended audience.

To find ideas for this, peruse blogs written by others on a similar topic. This may help you come up with ideas for your own blog, as well as assist you choose which aspects of their site you like and dislike, making it easier for you to establish your own, which is the next step. Getting a profitable blogging niche can be daunting a task at times, hence, in details this guide explains how to find a profitable blogging niche in 2022.

Step 2: Establish your blog. If you already have a blog, you are one step ahead of your competition. Otherwise, you must create one. You can do this by embedding a blog page on your own website or by joining a pre-existing blog platform, such as WordPress, whose themes make blog setup simple.

Your top objective should be to select a domain name that reflects you and is simple for your followers to recall. Typically, anything brief and snappy will suffice, such as 3 Fat Chicks for weight loss help or Dumb Little Man for life advice. Also, avoid getting too near to a well-known trademarked name in an effort to gain more followers, or you may have issues.

If you are starting up your blog on a self-hosting website such as Bluehost, all of which offer packages for less than $5 per month, keep in mind that .com domains tend to perform best because they are what the majority of people are accustomed to. Currently,.net is also becoming more ubiquitous, so you may want to investigate this choice.

You must also design a page that appeals to your target audience and is consistent with your brand. Choose colors and images that are symbolic of your style and subject matter, making it simple for your potential clientele to identify you at a look.

Care to know more about how to set up a blog by yourself, here is a practical step by step guide on how to set up a free and paid business blog

Step 3: Commence posting. The secret to good blogging is to generate posts that your target audience would want to read and that use keywords to make you more discoverable. This requires designing a title that attracts their attention and writing a blog that engages their interests, entertains them, and benefits them in some way, while ensuring that each section of your blog has the appropriate keywords. Also, always format your articles such that they are visually appealing and easy to read.

You can either write them yourself or outsource it to a ghostwriter to do it on your behalf. If you decide to hire a ghostwriter, Fiverr, Toptal, Truelancerand Elance are excellentplaces to do it (Check out their in-depth reviews here). Each freelance writer is graded based on their prior performance with previous clients, allowing you to choose the best candidate after evaluating their biography and project proposal. Also, do not be hesitant to post movies and images on your blog. Diversify your blog’s content to appeal to as many various types of readers and viewers as possible, and you will have a greater effect and a larger following.

A crucial point to remember is to post frequently. Make your readers accustomed to seeing your name so they view you as a trusted friend and anticipate your articles as if you are a part of their daily lives.

Some individuals opt to post at specified times, such as every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. Others, though, only comment when they have something to say. Determine what works best and stick to it. I propose that you post as frequently as possible in the beginning, without sacrificing quality, of course. Aim for two to three times every week in order to increase your blog’s readership.

Step 4: Increase your blog’s readership by marketing it.Once you have a few blog entries, it is a good time to market your blog in order to grow your audience. You should add the appropriate keywords to your blog and its posts so that your target audience may simply find you when they conduct a search.

Second, you want to encourage them to follow your blog by providing a free download upon registration, so gaining followers more quickly and efficiently. Include a “Subscribe” button so they can easily sign up to get your new blog postings (I recommend using or for this purpose). Request that they share them with their family and friends, who will then be able to subscribe.

Step 5: Make money from your blog. Using what you’ve learned before about making money online, your blog is an excellent location for affiliate marketing and CPC (Cost Per Click) ad networks such as Google AdSense. If you have a large following on your blog, each of these alternatives can provide substantial revenue.

CPM advertising networks will compensate you for reaching your audience. The rate is per 1,000, thus the more followers you have, the greater your potential earnings. If you chose this path, AdClickMedia, Twelvefold Media, and SiteScout are among alternatives.

Additionally, you can monetise your blog by selling your own items and services on it. For instance, if you’re a freelance writer, you may give your followers content packages for their businesses (such as for their website, emails, or blog), and if you’re a motivational speaker, you can offer them 15-minute consultations.

Also, you could produce your own e-book (which we discussed here) and sell it on your blog to generate residual income that might really pile up over time. Consider the innumerable ways in which you might monetize your blog and generate income from it.

Step 6: Promote your blog. To attract readers, promote your blog on other platforms (such as your website, social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, YouTube, etc.). Follow and comment on other bloggers’ blogs to pique their interest and encourage them to visit yours. Since you already have information on your blog, releasing the same content as a video on YouTube is a simple approach to reach more people and invite them to visit your blog. Furthermore, many people today prefer to watch videos over reading articles.

Another alternative is to enable guest posts on your site, which will encourage others to participate. This also encourages them to share your blog, as it helps them get their name out there while promoting yours.

Join LinkedIn groups for and about bloggers, as well as any other blogging-related groups you can find. When people in these communities inquire about your issue, make a blog post and direct them to it. It’s a great way to establish yourself as an authority in the field, increasing the likelihood that people will purchase the products and services you recommend.

Profit Potential

Here’s the crucial FAQ: How much money can you make blogging? Depending on how large you expand your site and how you choose to monetize it, you can earn over $2 million per month, similar to the Huffington Post, whose primary source of revenue is pay-per-click advertisements. Or you might earn significantly less, such as Expert Photography, which earns approximately $5,000 per month through affiliate purchases.

Some blogs do not generate revenue because they do not inspire their readers to take action. Remember that you won’t make any money from your blog if you don’t ask your readers to purchase your items, your affiliate’s products, or click on the advertising.

Discover what works best for you and what resonates most with your target audience, and you’ll be on your way to establishing a blog that earns more in a month than some individuals do in an entire year. Who can say? Your blog may be the next to go viral, providing you with a substantial annual income that will allow you to retire comfortably.

_______________________________________________________________________           Resources: If you follow this link, (Blogging), you will see lot of blogging materials that will help you a lot in your blogging business. Importantly, check out our in-depth guide on how to start your own money making blog in 2022.   _______________________________________________________________________ 

Online Business IV: Freelance Job Using Fiverr

fiverr online business

Fiverr is a website that enables you to offer your skills for a profit. For example, do you have talent as a voice-over artist, SEO master, web designer, or creative writer? Then you may make money as a seller on Fiverr by delivering your unique and talent-based services to anyone needs them, be it individuals or businesses.

How to Get Going

To earn money on Fiverr, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Determine what you will sell. What products or services can you provide to others fast and for a cheap initial cost (consider $5 per gig)? You should ideally create something unique so that you have less competition, but you can easily sell any skill on Fiverr because there are so many consumers.

Step 2: Register an account. You may set up for a Fiverr account using your email address, Google Account, or Facebook. You only need to verify it, and you’re ready to go.

Step 3: Create a profile. Once your account has been created, you should build up your profile by uploading a photo and providing some information about yourself.

The overarching idea of this platform appears to be that less is more. Therefore, you will need to be as clear and succinct as possible to include all of your content. Be concise and to the point, or you may be cut off.

Also make sure that you select a professional looking photo for your profile image (or your logo), you don’t want to scare away potential consumers.

Step 4: Verify your idea. But before you start building your first gig, be sure that your idea is worthwhile. Go on fiverr and search for similar gigs. Make sure that there is a demand for similar services like yours. Type your keywords and see if you can find at least 3 gigs that have more than 500 reviews and more than 10 orders in queue. If you find them, then good, this means that your idea is in high demand and you can make real money with it. Now let’s proceed with creating your gig.

Step 5: Create a gig. Click on “Start Selling” beneath your profile and create a gig, which is another term for the service or product you wish to offer. We will divide this step into smaller actions that need to be taken in order to develop a bestselling gig.

So let’s start with your gig title. You only have 80 characters for your concert title, so use them wisely. Even Fiverr tells you that short titles sell better, so heed their advice. It’s also crucial that your title accurately conveys what you’re offering; ambiguous names will bring you a lot of dissatisfied customers.

Next, you should have gig samples that are both appealing and competitive. Again, be sure to explore Fiverr in order to observe how other users display their gigs. Use this as inspiration and as a guide for how your gig should appear. If you can make it look more desirable than the other available gigs, that would be fantastic. If you are not a graphic designer, you may want to consider hiring one from Fiverr to generate cool graphics for your gig.

After completing your samples, you should go to the gig description. Use the formatting options that Fiverr provides so that the content is easy to read and the essential elements stand out. Describe your service in full, including what you provide for $5 and what you provide as an add-on. Consider your description as a contract defining your service with the client.

Next, you should consider uploading a video. When published, gigs that include a video receive a higher ranking in search results, which increases their likelihood of gaining popularity. You can just shoot a video of yourself describing your service. Don’t forget to include the words “this gig is available exclusively on,” and make sure that your movie is professional and does not include your bed or anything humiliating.

Step 6: Market your services. Fiverr makes this step quite simple, and once you’ve provided the requested information, you may publish your gig via social network links before exiting the page. They have one for email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Simply click the one you like, and they will inform the world (or at least your followers) about your brand-new service offering! Also ensure that your gig’s keywords are optimized. It is preferable that they correspond with the name of your performance, as this will increase their effectiveness. Use the Google Keyword Planner to find the most effective keywords for your gig, as I suggested in the YouTube part.

Step 7: Deliver EXCEPTIONAL client service. Because Fiverr allows purchasers to rate you, you will need to be a true professional in order to receive a higher rating. Obviously, you cannot always please every client, but the more satisfied your clients are, the more work you will receive and the more money you will earn. “Just over deliver” is the golden rule for Fiverr’s long-term success. Ensure that you exceed the purchaser’s expectations. You can accomplish this using a simple method. For instance, if you are a writer and wish to offer to create articles, the standard word count for $5 is between 300 and 500. If you are comfortable writing 500 words for $5, you can offer 400 words for $5, but you should always deliver approximately 500. Thus, your clients will be extremely satisfied with your service and return.

See the top five secret of highly paid fiverr workers

Occasionally, you will encounter some undesirable customers. Then, you must prioritize your long-term objectives over your short-term losses. They will be more demanding and receive less compensation. Let a poor client depart with professionalism and courtesy, and concentrate instead on your good clients. Also, never attempt to please a negative client, as you do not want a negative client to return.

Step 8: Learn from other Fiverr vendors. One of the best methods to learn is to imitate what others on Fiverr are doing that appears to be successful. Dion appears to be one of the best-selling artists, therefore you may want to investigate what he can teach you about how to become a best-selling artist like him!

Income Potential

You must begin at $5 per gig, be on Fiverr for at least 30 days, and fulfill a minimum of ten orders before you can begin earning real money on the platform. However, if you are adept at what you do and are comfortable working on a variety of different tasks, you can earn a respectable amount of spending money using this website.

Some Fiverr members have reported earning hundreds of dollars every day, which is conceivable if you have a large number of gigs or can offer add-ons. You may spend about 50 hours per month on Fiverr and earn approximately $2,000 each month. This demands a significant time investment, but is achievable if you are skilled at what you are offering and can attract a large number of customers.



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Your First Online Business V: Ecommerce Business: Selling of Physical Products

Selling physical products on websites like Amazon, Clickbank and eBay, etc. is another way to earn money online. While you may not earn enough to make a life selling your own personal belongings (unless you are able to obtain a large quantity of goods at reasonable prices and turn them around rapidly), you can earn a substantial commission by helping others sell their items.

How To Start

How can you get started selling? Here are few easy steps:

Step 1: find a product to sell. Finding a product to sell is the first step in implementing this Internet strategy. Fortunately, there are numerous approaches to take. Examine your home for stuff you no longer want or need, as selling them is a terrific alternative to throwing them away. The key to making a lot of money is ensuring that the items are still in good or even great condition.

However, some individuals do sell used items online, while others may purchase them with the intention of repairing and reselling them. So, in essence, nothing is off-limits (“one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”) so long as you are honest and advertise the item appropriately.

Yard and garage sales (as well as swap meets, flea markets, and antique sales) are a second alternative for finding items to resell on the Internet. You can make a lot of money off of other people’s no-longer-wanted products, whether the item you acquire is in excellent shape already or you have the skills to refinish it.

If you can locate a great deal at retail or wholesale businesses, you can also buy the things directly from them and resale them for a profit. Liquidation events, closing deals, and discontinued products are ideal for this purpose. Before pursuing this course of action, you may wish to contact with a tax professional, as purchasing products for the sole intention of reselling may compel you to pay tax.

Consider marketing things that appeal to a specific market niche. Online, hobbyists enjoy discovering unique items, making this a market in which you may excel.

Still uncertain on what to sell? EBay provides a Selling Inspiration House that allows you to “discover the best-selling goods for your home.” Simply select a room and an item, and the system will display their current online prices.

Choose a platform and create an account for it. Now that you have an item to sell, you must determine where you will sell it. Amazon and eBay are two of the most popular sites. Alternatively, you can list your stuff on Craigslist (best for bigger items like cars and furniture).

Step 2: Be sure to read each one carefully so that you understand what is expected of you as the vendor and how much commission they will charge. In addition, some require a subscription fee; therefore, you should investigate all of this before signing up.

Regardless of the platform you choose, you will need to register an account in order to list items and receive payment. Therefore, choose the one (or ones) that is best suitable for you and the objects you wish to dispose of, and supply the needed information to create a full account.

In order to get payment from them, you will also be required to give payment details. You can always create a PayPal account and accept payments through it in order to keep your banking details confidential. (PayPal does charge fees, so you may need to consider whether or not the service is worthwhile given what you are offering.)

Before listing your items for sale on a website, it is a good idea to make a purchase from that website. Thus, you have first-hand knowledge of how it functions from the buyer’s perspective, allowing you to consider them when selling your products online.

Prepare your listing for maximum visibility. To improve your listing’s performance, you should include both the benefits and characteristics of your product. For instance, the features of a television include screen size, resolution, and other such things, while the benefits include being able to see the television more clearly, having a flat-screen that doesn’t take up too much space, and being able to watch your favorite sports as if you were there in person.

Your product description must also be exhaustive.The more information you provide on the product you are selling, the easier it will be for people to assess whether or not it meets their needs. Consider yourself a buyer and add all the information you would want if you were making the transaction yourself.

It is advantageous to be familiar with common language used on prominent e-commerce platforms. For instance, BN denotes brand new and VTG means vintage. HTF indicates a difficult-to-find item, whereas VGC indicates the item is in excellent condition. If your product has a distinctive or distinguishing characteristic, emphasize it. The more unique you can create your product, the higher your chances of selling it.

Step 3: Utilize keywords in your listing so that your goods is easily discovered by anyone conducting a search. Uncertain of which ones to use? Consider the search terms you would use to locate the item and use them. If the brand is likely to make a difference, include it. SE Ranking Keyword Research Tool merits our recommendation. You may check them out or see our in depth review of SE Ranking here.  

Your product images, the more of them the better, must be of great quality. If they are blurry or too far away, you will not provide purchasers with an excellent sensation. Additionally, ensure that the surrounding area is clean, as people prefer to purchase from those who appear to take care of their possessions.

If you’re having trouble with any of these, search up other people’s lists and use them as templates for your own. Just be sure to choose a best-seller so that you can make an advertisement that sells and not one that goes unnoticed.

Step 4: Establish your price. This one may require a bit more investigation in terms of pricing. Google the item you are selling to determine the going rate for it. Before establishing a price for yours, you should assess its condition.

Depending on the website you wish to utilize, you can sell your item via auction or fixed pricing. Auction means that you sell to the highest bidder (and you may want to establish a minimum price so that you’re not practically giving it away), whereas set price indicates that you sell it to anyone who wants it for the price you’ve set.

If you have a number of smaller products and do not wish to sell them individually, you may like to bundle them and sell them as a set. This may also attract buyers, as they will receive multiple items at one basic price.

Some successful vendors provide free shipping because it attracts customers’ attention. Simply add this amount to your basic pricing to complete the process. The only exception is that delivery costs may vary depending on location. Consequently, you will need to bear this in mind if you pick this path.

Step 5: List your product on Amazon or eBay.When deciding to offer your goods, you’ll want to time your listing to maximize its effectiveness. If you only have a 10-day window, for instance, you may want to upload your product on a Thursday so that it displays online for two full weekends, maximizing your return on investment.

Consider whether your product is seasonal or only in high demand during particular seasons of the year. If this is the case, you may wish to delay selling the item in order to maximize your profit.

Step 6: Promote your product. Share your product on social networking sites, your website, on online forums, and any other website you can think of to increase its visibility. You can never tell. Even if the folks you’re reaching out to are not interested, they may know someone who is and pass along your information. Both parties win!

Step 7: Reach an agreement. Once you have identified a buyer, you are ready to finalize the transaction. This is a wonderful opportunity to confirm price and delivery, as well as answer any queries they may have.

This is also where payment is collected. It is crucial that you do this before to sending out your item, so that you don’t end up sending it out but never receiving payment.

Step 8: Deliver the product. To ensure that your item arrives in the exact condition it left you in, you will need to box it carefully. Include additional padding to prevent accidental breakage or damage by the transportation firm. You can go even farther by photographing the item as it is being wrapped as well as the finished box to demonstrate the item’s condition when it left your possession.

Then, ship it according to the site’s instructions, obtaining a tracking number and insurance if you want to be extra cautious or the item is expensive. Having your customer sign for the package confirms that they received it and protects you from fraudsters who claim the package was never delivered.

Step 9: Expand your product-based enterprise.For long-term success and growth on sites like eBay, you must receive positive feedback from your customers. Keep this in mind, as every interaction with your clients has the power to either promote or detract from your business.

Maintaining constant communication with them will aid in establishing a positive buyer-seller relationship. It could reflect poorly on you as a seller if you don’t frequently check your email and don’t offer items when you’ll be absent for an extended amount of time. 

The Fastest Way To Get Your First Online Business

I will be very brief about this. The fastest way to have an online business is to look for an already established one in market that is readily available for sale. You can buy just about any business in just about any niche online. Some people’s major online business is to develop any business and to sell it at a later date. Some people sell their business mainly because they are running out of ideas to keep the business going.

That’s where you come into place, if you have brilliant ideas about a business, instead of having to start thinking of how to start from scratch, you can buy an already established one and put your business ideas into place to keep on growing such business to your advantage.

Among many other things, the following are some of the online businesses you can buy: Softwares, Youtube channel, Ecommerce stores, and a host of others.

Here is a list of some of the best places where you can buy a good online business safely and quickly.  The Top 7 Platforms to buy and sell online Business. 


It is possible to make money online, and you now have numerous possibilities from which to select. Try one or all of them to determine which one best suits your home life and intended outcome.

These can be activities that provide sufficient revenue to effortlessly sustain you and your family (such as mobile apps and SEO). But none of them will function without the necessary investment of time and effort.

There is no such thing as easy money; all that is possible is to become more efficient and effective so that money comes to you more quickly and with less work. Now, hopefully, it will.

Now get out there and generate income with only your Internet connection!


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Which of these five online businesses has worked perfectly for you, share something with us in the comment section below. Thanks

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