How to Choose A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche


Affiliate marketing Niche Research
Affiliate marketing Niche Research

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How to Choose A Profitable Affiliate Market Niche and Product

Three Critical Decisions to Make Today

#1: Which “market” will you pursue?

Three easy factors I use to determine which target audience to focus

#2: Which “product” are you going to promote?

Three effective affiliate marketing product kinds

Four additional factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program

#3: Where can you sign up for an affiliate program?

Affiliate Marketplaces

Recurring Commission Affiliate Marketplaces

Want A Massive Time Saver?

How to Choose A Profitable Affiliate Market Niche and Product

When I wrote about the two major secrets of affiliate marketing success, I shared a brief story of my affiliate friend who aims to make a robust affiliate Cheque but failed woefully to meet his target in that he knows practically nothing about affiliate marketing. He only watched a short YouTube video that promised him heaven on earth with affiliate marketing. He set a target, and he went on to start affiliate marketing. He cannot but just stopped at a point because he wasn’t getting it anymore. Among the several strategies of affiliate marketing, even the very one that seems to be the first before starting affiliate marketing that he failed to do is researching a profitable affiliate niche.

The thing is, you cannot just jump into affiliate marketing without doing niche research. Niche research constitutes one of the strategies that aid affiliate success.

Hence, in this report, I have explained in-depth how to choose a profitable affiliate marketing niche and affiliate products.  

This report contains the majority of what you’re going to do, and you must make several critical judgments, or selections, about your affiliate marketing business. 

If you have never made an affiliate sale before, o better put, you haven’t make any significant sales until now, then, I suggest that you read how to make your first affiliate sale, a step-by-step guide.

At the same time, if you still need to understand some basic principles of affiliate marketing, click here to download this free ebook: Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing. It will help you a lot. 

I’ll guide you through each one and provide some suggestions, but ultimately, it’s your choice.

Three Critical Decisions to Make Today

#1: Which “market” will you pursue?

The first thing I want you to do (and that you absolutely must do!) is to identify a General (I.E. Broad) “Niche” or “target audience” upon which to establish your business.

Weight loss is an example of an affiliate market “Niche.”

For instance, consider the following “target audience”: persons seeking to lose weight and/or improve their physical fitness.

Take note that I said you should chose a GENERAL “Niche” or “target audience” – NOT a more specific “niche.”

Rather than identifying a niche, developing an offer for it, and then moving on to another…

By giving various offers, you may narrow down your target demographic and build your business around a core group of subscribers and site visitors.

You do not need a million niches to succeed online. You require a single viable target audience. We’re going to simplify things — while still making a lot of money. Rather than focusing on small niches, you seek out bigger target audiences and give them a variety of highly relevant products.

The goal here is to identify clients who purchase from you on a regular basis.

In the long run, you want to market to them MULTIPLE, RELATED niche products.

Taking “Weight Loss” as an example.

The weight loss industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. There are literally millions of potential clients who are trying to lose weight and improve their fitness levels. You could begin as an affiliate by pushing a single product to this market. Then, over time, you’ll be able to advertise a diverse array of “similar” products…

• How to Tone Your Stomach

• Exercise Routines That Take Only a Minute

• Seven Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

• Meal Plan for a Low-Calorie Diet

• Improve Your Health by Walking

• Yoga for Absolute Beginners

That is to say, we could go on and on with ideas. These items are all rather distinct from one another, but they are all related to the interests of our target demographic.

As an affiliate, you can promote dozens of different offers throughout as you deemed fit. Ultimately, your clients will make multiple transactions from you.

There are three easy factors I use to determine which target audience to focus on…

1) A demographic that is accustomed to spending money.

If the target audience is not accustomed to spending money – and, in general, a “significant” amount of money – there is no purpose in putting any effort at them. “College students” is a poor target audience because the majority of them are still dependent on their parent or guardians! On the other hand, “golfers” spend a million dollars a year on their hobby… they very surely qualify.

2) A target audience to whom a range of offerings can be made.

If your target audience is restricted in terms of what you can sell to them, this is another warning indicator. You want to be able to present a variety of offers related to the general niche of the target audience you’ve chosen in order to generate additional affiliate revenue streams over time.

3) A demographic to which you are personally drawn. (Optional)

While this is not required, it is certainly a benefit. If you can identify a target audience / market that matches points 1 and 2 AND you have a strong personal interest in it, you’ve made your pick. An individual’s passion, experience, or

Knowledge of a certain target audience benefits you in numerous aspects of business development. It is not necessary, but it is beneficial.

There are numerous “markets” from which to choose. Several examples include Arts and Crafts, Beauty, Business, Careers, Computers and Technology, Cooking, Dating, Disease and Illness, Health and Fitness, Hobbies, Home Schooling, Leadership, Motivational, Parenting, Public Speaking, Recreation and Sports, Relationships, Religion, Romance, Success, Self-Help, Sports, and Time Management.

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Any of these markets are excellent. Obviously, there are many more.

The Profitability Clue: If a successful magazine devoted to a particular subject exists, if the market has a sizable audience, it is almost certainly profitable. Magazines are ad-supported and thus a good indicator of a market’s financial health. There is undoubtedly money to be made if there are numerous successful magazines. (For inspiration, visit, your neighborhood newsstand, or the magazine rack at your favorite bookshop.)

If you are unsure of a market, consider one of the following 10 best affiliate marketing niche divisions from Clickbank’s Marketplace: Diets and weight loss, health and fitness, make money online, online education spirituality, marriage and relationship niches etc.

After deciding on your niche, it’s time to make your second choice… 

#2: Which “product” are you going to promote?

I’m a firm believer in promoting “information” products simply because they typically offer a higher profit margin for you. Thus, for the purposes of this program, you’ll pick a product or service that you may advertise as an affiliate that sells “information” products such as…

• Ebooks.

• Websites that require membership.

• Special reports.

• Program of coaching.

• A computer program.

• Service.

• Club.

• Licenses for information. Etc.

The most frequently used will be a “ebook” or a “subscription site.” Naturally, you can promote anything you wish.

Now, before we discuss WHAT product or service to sell as your initial offer, allow me to make three suggestions regarding the “kind” of programs to promote. While you can market ANY product or service as an affiliate, these three are particularly effective affiliate marketing product kinds you must put into consideration in that they are more profitable in the long run…

1. High-Ticket.(Good) Finding affiliate programs that sell high-priced products is a fantastic strategy simply because you earn a higher fee each transaction. For example, if you advertise a $27 deal and earn 50% commission on each sale, you make $13.50 each transaction. If you advertise a $997 offer and get 50% commission on each sale, you earn $498.50. Earnings per transaction are much different. There is, however, a disadvantage. It’s far easier to convince someone to part with $27 than it is to convince someone to part with $997.

2. Numerous Offers. (Better) Another option is to locate affiliate programs that offer a variety of products for which you earn a commission when you suggest a buyer. In other words, if a consumer purchases Product A as a result of your first advertisement and then purchases Products B, C, D, and so on from the seller, you get a commission on those sales as well.

3. Recurring Revenue. (Best) What I believe to be the “best” affiliate programs to promote are those that REBILL their clients on a consistent basis. These “subscription” plans allow you to earn a commission ONCE THE CUSTOMER IS RESCHEDULED. So, if you market a membership site and a customer joins you get a commission and are paid immediately upon the initial sale. However, the story does not end there. Additionally, you get a commission each time the customer is rebilled for the duration of their active status.

As you evaluate whatever product or service to advertise as an affiliate, I’d recommend you to explore these three “types” of affiliate programs.

Now, there are four additional factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program to join…

1. Payment. Consider programs that have a track record of accurate tracking and prompt payment. They should offer a straightforward pay structure that details the income you’ll receive; commission amount, payment schedule, tracking information, method of payment, and terms.

2. Potential. Seek out programs with a constantly expanding product line. As markets mature and goods become obsolete, it is critical that new releases are accessible to diversify your revenue streams.

3. Promotion. You’ll want to ensure that the affiliate network you join offers an abundance of pre-designed promotional materials… particularly rebrand-able substance (Ex. Articles, reports, etc.) Accept no less than programs that include a few solo mailings and banner advertisements. You’re going to need as much pre-made CONTENT as possible to distribute to your market.

4. Profit. Clearly, it’s all about profit. Consider sites that rank highly in terms of sales volume, have effective sales procedures, generate back-end offers, and (ideally) fall into one of the three “types” of offers outlined above.

With that said…

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Affiliate MArketing Fundamentals
Affiliate MArketing Fundamentals

Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals: What You Need to Know About Making Money As an Affiliate Marketer.

#3: Where can you sign up for an affiliate program?

There are other locations where affiliate programs can be found, but for the sake of time and convenience, allow me to highlight what I believe to be the two best…

Affiliate Marketplaces

The Marketplace called Clickbank. One of the reasons I like Clickbank’s marketplace is that they have current rankings for affiliate programs that are calculated using a proprietary formula that indicates the program’s overall health. If you’ve chosen a market based on their index.

Simply click on the market link on the website to access a variety of programs. In general (but not always), the sites near the top are your best bets. Each program offered in their marketplace has an affiliate program.

Clickbank, one of the web’s oldest and most popular services, performs the tracking. Clickbank ensures that you are compensated for your advertising activities immediately. More like clickbank, digistore24, jvzoo, warriorplus, amazon, ebay are a host of others that serves as top alternative to clickbank.

Recurring Commission Affiliate Marketplaces

The following platforms are good places to find recurring affiliate programs as explained above: Partnerstack, shareasale, commission junction. Viglink, Impact and a host of others.

Want A Massive Time Saver?

If you’re interested in “internet marketing,” “home business,”, “making money”or health and wellness and a host of others as your market or affiliate niche, I can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to selecting an affiliate program to join. I can also give you with a lot more plug-n-play resources to aid you in promoting the best kind of product. Check my services here, or contact me here.

It is entirely up to you the product or service you wish to promote. However, if you want to avoid research and have someone tell you “this is a winning product,” this is the quickest and easiest way to decide.


By now you must have to some extent understand affiliate marketing is not just a niche you run into unprepared, as there are choices you must make before you do. Among these choices is choosing a profitable affiliate marketing niche and product. Following that is understanding the 2 major secrets of affiliate marketing. These are plugs that brings massive affiliate sales and success. 

If you’re still finding affiliate marketing niche research difficult, then I bid you that you take my niche research blueprints and become educated.

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