How to Write Your First Ebook Quickly and Easily

How To Write Your First Ebook
Becoming An Author: Learn to write your first ebook


How To Write And Market Your First Ebook Quickly And Easily







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•        What Is Private Label Rights?

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•        How To Employ Independent Writers

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Top Places Where You Can Sell Your Ebook

Summary and Recommendations


Writing an ebook is one of the most convenient ways to become a published author. Today, neither a publishing house nor a literary agency is required for publication. Internet and contemporary software programs have made it feasible for everyone to create their own ebook. Even if you determine that you do not have a knack for writing, there are alternative ways to put together an interesting piece of work that will sell and assist to establish you as an authority in your field. All you need to get started is a passion for or expertise of a popular subject that you wish to promote as an ebook.


People who desire to become authors typically have a certain area of expertise in mind. However, a shrewd business owner will first identify the hottest niches before writing about them. Thus, you will know that there is already a demand for the ebook before you write a single word. While you should pursue something that ignites your passion, there is likely one approach that will help it sell more. Keep in mind that consumers purchase ebooks because they have a problem that they want answered or because they need more information on a certain topic that would improve their life.

For instance, If jewelry is your passion, an ebook on how to choose an engagement ring could be a popular topic. You want your niche to be narrow enough to attract the demographic you already have as an audience, yet broad enough to provide useful content.

If you’re not sure where to begin, visit various online forums and market places, to view trending subjects/product. Determine what people are interested in and what questions they have regarding a particular issue or dilemma in their life. Likewise on the market places, determine what product is trending, or what people are buying the most. Examine the news, determine what’s on everyone’s mind, and attempt to create a topic niche that might help address these concerns. Current economic topics, from saving money to making money in a tight economy, are in high demand.

Looking for a profitable Niche? Then I recommend Niche Research Blueprints: How to uncover profitable niches in 7 easy steps


The author is equally as important as the subject, and you should highlight your credentials if you possess them. Explain to the reader why you are uniquely equipped to create this ebook. Your credentials don’t have to be a Ph.D., but they can be a compelling story that demonstrates why you are the best person to assist your consumers in resolving a particular problem in their lives. There are numerous types of credentials, not all of which are academic. They are acquired through life experience, professional accomplishments, and the school of hard knocks. Make sure your reader understands your qualifications and why you wrote the book.

Writing Is Simple, Right?

Many individuals who have never written a real piece believe that writing is a straightforward craft. You simply begin with one word and follow it with another. Additionally, it is typically in your original tongue. How difficult could that be, right? Well, once they begin writing, they may realize they have no idea where to begin. If they have never written an ebook before, they may not know how to structure their thoughts so that the reader receives sufficient information in an easily consumable way. In fact, they may freeze when confronted with a blank page of paper because they lack a predetermined plan. Therefore, it is essential to create an outline before beginning. Let’s first examine the average length of an ebook and how to organize the chapters to fill the pages.


Typically, ebooks contain between 50 and 100 pages. Ebooks are significantly shorter than printed books, which typically run from 200 to 300 pages, due to their electronic nature and intended readership, who does not read them like novels. They are generally informative, while humor and enjoyment are permitted. People who purchase ebooks are in search of solutions, not amusement, and they expect the content to be informative, not merely fluff. Additionally, they desire brevity, as they are accustomed to reading brief Web articles and even shorter reports. For this audience, 50 pages is sufficient, and 100 pages should never be exceeded.


Within this 50 pages, approximately 10 chapter heads are typical. That provides you around five pages each important subject in your ebook. There is no right or wrong way to divide chapters, and you can make some longer or shorter, but on average, each chapter will have five pages of content. You may include images, but they should not contribute towards the word count. Therefore, when you sit down to brainstorm for your ebook, you will need ten primary headings.

Within these ten chapter headings, there may be multiple subheadings. These divide your main topic into easily digestible information packets that can be scanned via the table of contents. We will describe how to automate the development of the table of contents so that each of these headers and subheadings, together with their respective page numbers, are automatically added at the beginning of your book. Realize for the time being that you will need to generate an outline with ten primary points and at least three subheadings each.

Complete the Blanks

Once you have a strong plan, you will know which issues require additional investigation and may devote some time to doing so. You should familiarize yourself with efficient methods for researching any topic in order to accelerate the writing process. If you are a walking encyclopedia of information on your issue, you won’t have to devote much time to research. Before putting pen to paper, there are a few possibilities for people who wish to spend additional time researching their topic.

Google It

Utilize keywords that describe your specialized issue for each chapter when searching the Internet for new material. Nearly everyone is acquainted with Google’s search engine. You can also use the advanced search to restrict your results to recent Web postings, making your information more current. Ensure that you do not plagiarize content and that you utilize it only for research reasons. Be wary of the material on Google, since its sources may not be reliable; it requires a high level of discernment to distinguish between good and poor information based on the references provided in each article. Even Wikipedia, which is a terrific research resource, is not 100 percent correct, as content is updated by regular people who make mistakes. Consider the source before conducting research. If you also examine the source, you will be able to more accurately cite any facts or figures that are cited inside an article.

ASK An Expert

Asking an expert to contribute to your ebook is a terrific approach to compile essential knowledge that you don’t know for your readers without having to conduct extensive research. Obviously, there must be something in it for him/her, but you can create a full ebook in which he/she discusses a topic of interest to your audience in chapter format. If you pledge to allow him/her to include links to his/her products and services within the ebook and you have a large enough audience to whom the ebook will be distributed for free, it might be a win-win situation for all parties involved. Create an interview structure that is extremely readable and well-segmented. In certain situations, the ebook may be a promotional item designed to encourage the reader to purchase something else that you and/or your expert sponsor, thus it will not be sold but will be given away. With so much exposure accessible to professionals attempting to market their products, they will be interested in assisting you because it will assist them in selling their items to a wider audience.

How To Quickly Format Everything

If you’re using Microsoft Word, you may format your headings and subheadings such that they can be readily used to construct an ebook’s table of contents (TOC). Depending on the word processing software you employ, you will have access to several settings for formatting headings. If you begin with the assumption that your chapter and section heads will comprise the table of contents, you will know in advance how to format them as you write. Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing application available, so let’s briefly review how to use it for now.


You will have the opportunity to format highlighted text in various formats. You can do so via the menu or, if the Style box is shown on the formatting toolbar, the Style box. Heading 1 is used for primary chapter headings, whilst Heading 2 is utilized for subheadings. After selecting text, you can perform one of the following to apply the Heading 1 Style: 

1. Click the Style box and pick Heading 1 as the style to apply.

2. From the menu, select Format, then under Styles, click the Apply button.

Regardless of how your word processing program accomplishes this, it is the same in the vast majority of word processing applications. You can also use Chapter Headings in OpenOffice, which are significantly larger and appear similar to the page headings in this report.


After applying a few heading styles, examine how they appear in a reduced TOC. Place the cursor on a new page towards the top of your ebook, before the headers and subheadings, to insert the table of contents. This is accomplished by selecting Insert from Word’s main menu. In previous versions of Microsoft Word, the appropriate submenu is “Index and Tables” or “Reference/Index and Tables.” It will take your headings, add page numbers, and create a table of contents for you when you click OK. If you wish to adjust the TOC’s appearance, you must do so using this command and not from within the book.

Adding Images

Adding images to a book breaks up the monotony, although they are not strictly necessary. When marketing your ebook, it’s a great touch to include a photo on the cover, but it’s not strictly necessary to include images within the ebook itself. Although they can be quite useful for certain things, such as teaching how to perform a specific computer activity. Just ensure that the images you use are either your own or have been licensed for your use. Otherwise, you may face legal consequences for violating the copyright of a third party.

SCREEN SHOTS:If you’re attempting to demonstrate how a particular computer activity is performed, you’re in luck! It is quite simple to capture the screen of any personal computer and insert the image into your ebook. All that is required is to simultaneously press the Alt> and Print Screen> keys on your keyboard. The Alt> button is located to the left of the space bar, while the Print Screen> button is located on the upper right side of the keyboard. By pressing the two buttons simultaneously, a screenshot of the current display is captured and stored in memory.

You will then need to launch a photo-editing application, such as Paintbrush, and paste the image into the foreground for further editing. After opening Paintbrush, you may simply select Edit/Paste to add the information. Then, if necessary, you can crop and resize the image for use in your ebook. After saving it to your hard drive, you can either copy and paste it or enter it via your word processor to include it in your ebook. 


There are a lot of wonderful stock photo banks that allow anyone with a few dollars to get some great photos that can be used for free on personal websites and for a small fee in commercial endeavors. The terms of usage will vary according to the photograph and the website itself. (by place it), and Canva (which is a free online graphic design website you can also explore for free.)are a good resource to explore. You are able to browse photos by categories and a variety of keywords after registering as a member. The next time you need a photograph of a red sports car, it’s as easy as checking in and viewing the options. The prices are low, and the selection is vast. If you offer credit to the website and photographer, you may be able to use a photo for free, but if you wish to use it without attribution, you will likely have to pay. However, when you consider how long it will take you to capture the perfect photograph, it is well worth the cost of obtaining a license and paying for the rights of utilizing the photos in your ebook.

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For Those Who Speak More Clearly Than They Write

Some people can chat for hours about a topic they are passionate about, but when asked to write about it, they become speechless. If you are one of these individuals, do not worry. There are tools available that make it easier for you to capitalize on your vast oral knowledge, hence reducing the amount of time required to publish an ebook. They may be more expensive than simply utilizing a computer and keyboard, but they can be a blessing for folks who are physically challenged.

Otter Ai Speeh to Text SoftwareOtter ai is the most popular software for creating e-books verbally rather than mechanically. The distinctive features of OTTER AI, coupled with it’s 99% Speech to text accuracy makes it worth my recommendation. You can try out OTTER AI for free. 

 Antiquated Audio Tapes

You can go out and get an audio tape recorder from the past. This may be useful for conducting interviews that will be typed up later. However, it is not the best tool for simply jotting down your own thoughts to format afterwards. Transcribing this information to a keyboard will still require time. This will take longer than if you were to use software that records your voice and enters it into the computer.


One explanation is velocity. The average person can type only 40 words per minute, although they can speak up to 120 words per minute. If you are a two-fingered typist, you will be able to write considerably more quickly utilizing speech recognition software than if you tried to type it from your mind. Typing is also prone to error, but the software will transcribe your speech with progressively less errors the more you use it. As it utilizes its own dictionary, the majority of them will be recognition errors and not misspellings. After using the software for a while, it will begin to recognize your words more accurately, allowing you to effortlessly dictate an ebook.

When You Are Unable to Fill in the Blanks

Still devoid of imagination?It is not uncommon for folks who have never produced an ebook to experience writer’s block. However, if you discover that you cannot find the words, there are various ways to get the knowledge down on paper. The topic and plan are the most essential components of authoring an ebook. Once this is accomplished, you have the structure to fill in, whether or not you write the content. Private Label Rights are one approach to get the task done when you don’t write the writing yourself (PLR).

WHAT IS Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights are a type of copy written that grants the license to adapt and use the material as your own, even though it was written by someone else. PLR is available as Web articles, reports, and e-books. PLR is sold to individuals looking for content they may use for various purposes. You can use PLR as-is, but it is typically preferable to edit PLR content so that it is not an identical duplicate of another copy purchased by someone else. People can purchase PLR ebooks, but they may not strictly adhere to the structure you provide. They will be someone else’s thoughts regarding the significance of a topic. Therefore, if you wish to utilize PLR content and have it adhere to your blueprint, you will need to employ an alternative technique.


You can purchase many PLR articles on your chosen topic, rip them up, utilize various paragraphs, rearrange the content, and compile them into an ebook. As long as it has a PLR license, it is perfectly okay to edit the material and put your name on it. It is also a relatively easy approach to fill in the blanks when you cannot find the right words.


You can Google “PLR” online. It is accessible for purchase on numerous websites, and you will need to locate some that are pertinent to your topic. Alternately, you can join PLR membership sites that offer PLR on a number of subjects and use that content to generate many ebooks on various topics. You can build individual articles from a PLR ebook in the same manner that you can create an ebook from numerous articles. There are numerous applications for PLR, and they are typically accessible at extremely low prices.


Recommended PLR Sites: (special offer on that page)

Mega Plr Ebook Bundles,

Premium Plr Ebook Bundles;

Mega Plr Article Bundles 

NOTE:I do not really advocate using private label or resale rights items until significant changes are made. If you want to sell on Amazon for instance, Amazon is cracking down on this, and if you do not make major changes, your book will almost probably be pulled. If you ever need to use PLR items, I highly recommend this lovely paraphrase service. It’s known as Jasper.AI. You can totally paraphrase, rephrase, enlarge, and summarize an ebook in a flash with 98 percent accuracy with Jasper.AI. But be sure to alter and add to it to make it plausible. Visit Jasper.AI for more information. is yet another option that is similar.  See our in-depth review of the best article writer and paraphrasing tools >>> 

What Exactly Are Ghostwriters?

In addition to self-publishing, hiring a ghostwriter for your first ebook is a common practice. Even persons who have built a name for themselves through their own original research and ideas in published works occasionally employ ghostwriters. Freelance writers may sometimes pull up a 50-page ebook in less than a week and often do a better job than you would if you spent months doing it yourself.


Ghostwriting is more expensive than using PLR because you are paying someone to create unique content and then transfer you the rights. After then, you can even claim the work as your own, but no one else has the right to publish the content. This is the primary distinction, and the reason why ghostwritten material is priced far higher than PLR. You may rest assured that you will not post anything that has already been uploaded on the Internet from the same PLR source from which you obtained your copy, as it is not PLR, but rather original material. While you might just pay a few dollars for a complete PLR ebook, you can be confident that ghostwritten work will cost you per page, not per product.


Even though the price is more, the quality is significantly better. Freelance writers will proofread and utilize proper grammar in their writing. They will adhere precisely to your outline, saving you time spent searching for PLR articles that meet your structure. Some freelancers are so well-versed in their fields that they will even supply you with an outline; all you have to do is give your approval. Frequently, the research is in their thoughts or available from other jobs. If you request a table of contents, they will also offer one. Generally speaking, hiring a freelance writer is the most flexible option to obtain original content that you can later claim as your own.


Even though they cost more than PLR or voice-recognition software, good freelance writers will genuinely generate income for you. This is because you are not only paying for the words they write, but also for the knowledge they possess. They have their own histories, which may contain information you need but do not know. They understand what is trending in their respective areas and how to display information so that it is simple to read and offers solutions to your clients. Get a quality one and keep it for future use.

How to Employ Independent Writers

Not all individuals who identify themselves freelance writers will work for you. Each author has his or her own expertise and knowledge base. Some will be able to do some types of work, such as brief articles, but will be incapable of delivering ebooks on broader themes requiring in-depth research. Others will not be available when required. If you intend to hire freelance writers on a recurring basis, your best bet is to begin your search immediately.

You should begin by searching for them on other job boards, such as Fiverr (Top Recommended), and

INDEPENDENT BOARDS and are online bulletin boards where buyers and sellers of all types of freelance talent can meet. There, you can hire freelance writers, programmers, and graphic designers. They will make it possible for freelancers to post their profiles online and bid on projects offered by buyers. You can view a variety of projects that are up for bid, as well as the profiles of people competing for them. After a job is completed, the buyer rates the individual, so you also have this feedback to assist you to assess whether or not the person is a suitable fit for you.

Examine the profiles

Perform a thorough examination of each seller’s profile. They will provide samples of their work so that you can determine their areas of expertise and whether their writing style matches your preferences. It will also offer you an idea of how long they’ve been performing this type of work and how much they can anticipate to get paid. Since some freelancers have more years of experience and/or specialized understanding of in-demand niches, their income differs significantly. Check out our guide on business outsourcing 


Begin by posting a bid for a minor job and determining who is available and willing to bid on it. Alternately, you can email individuals whose profiles you like and ask if they would be interested in working on a private project for you. You are not required to begin by placing things up for auction if you find a few suitable profiles. If you decide to put it up for auction, you can invite whoever you wish to participate. If they are available, they will likely submit a bid. If the project demonstrates that they are capable of handling a larger project, you may then ask them to create the ebook. By completing a minor job first, you will be able to see whether they will work for you on a larger project.

Protecting Your Content

You will obtain text that is editable from ghostwriters, speech recognition software, and even PLR. It will be in a common word processing format that you will not wish to sell in its current state. You must restrict access to the content so that others cannot take it, use it without paying for the rights to do so, or steal portions of it for use on their websites, in their own ebooks, etc. You must take precautions to protect your content; after all, it was your money, time, and effort that went into creating it. It should only be you who stands to benefit from it. 


This software is the industry standard for e-books and enables anyone with a PDF reader to view.pdf files on a computer. The reader is free, but the Adobe software required to make your own is not. pdf files are costly. If you want to publish numerous books and desire many of the capabilities of the Adobe Acrobat product line, it may be a wise purchase. However, if you just want a straight .pdf file format, there are a multitude of ways you may produce the same thing for nothing. 


There are free online.pdf converters available that allow you to submit your content and receive the.pdf version via email. You should check to see how the final product appears when opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader, since their compatibility with the software. You must also ensure that it opens in the most recent version of Adobe Reader, as this can vary. Converting an ebook from a word processing format to a.pdf file can be a trial-and-error procedure, as many formatting elements can change while converting from a word processing format to.pdf. Be sure to load it and then proofread it for issues such as orphaned titles and improperly formatted pages. Adding additional spacing to the original document and then converting it again can fix many of these issues.


If you don’t want to go through the bother of doing things back and forth online and you don’t want to pay for Adobe Acrobat for.pdf file generation, you can still use OpenOffice to export to a.pdf file without having to go through the hassle of doing it online or purchasing Adobe Acrobat. It is loaded straight into your personal computer and contains a suite of software comparable to Microsoft Office, but without licensing or sales costs. Open office is available for free download at Using the word processing program, you can open a file that was supplied to you or made by another program, and then, from the File menu, you can select “Export as PDF…” to obtain the appropriate file type. Once this is accomplished, your file will be safeguarded against anyone who wish to copy and paste the material onto their own websites or goods. This action will no longer be available, thus they will need to pay you or contact you if they want the copy in text format. 

Marketing Your Book

Most authors make the mistake of leaving their books on Amazon or bookshelves of whatever websites they use, after writing and publishing their books, expecting Amazon/others to do the rest. Yes, I’ve seen several authors succeed with little or no marketing. However, it is recommended to make a small marketing effort.

The following are some marketing strategies you may employ.

Article Marketing:This is accomplished by producing articles relating to your product and submitting them to article directories (ezines) with a link back to your product. I have a free detailed report for you here.

Forum Promotion: Join several online forums relating to your specialty and develop relationships there. This will provide you with the opportunity to market your goods to them.

Share your product with your social media friends or audience, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Facebook Ads: This is another effective method for increasing sales and promoting your ebook. It all starts with building a Facebook page and executing efficient Facebook advertising.

Email marketingis one of my favorite methods. You can establish a list of eager buyers who will buy from you again and again using email marketing. You accomplish this by doing product giveaway.

Blog Marketing: You may discover how to set up a business blog for your ebook. You will be able to update your blog with content related to the ebook you are writing. This allows organic visitors to visit your site, which leads to a sale.

Click here to learn more how you can profit from your ebook beyond Amazon. Check out the blueprints to my first$3000 selling ebooks online, the ones i wrote and the free licensed ones. It’s a comprehensive guide. 

Places Where You Can Sell Your Ebook

Barnes and Nobles

Nookpress etc.


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