The Top 10 Email List Building Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost

10 List building mistakes

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The Top 10 Email List Building Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost

  • Mistake Number One: Failure To Use A Professional Autoresponder
  • Mistake Number Two: Inadequately Constructed Landing Page
  • Mistake Number Three: Failure To Split Test The Experiment
  • Mistake Number Four: Failure To Create Awareness For The Brand
  • Mistake Number Five: Publishing Outdated Products
  • Mistake Number Six: Failure To Provide Value-Added Content
  • Mistake Number Seven: Allowing Their Lists To Become Cold
  • Mistake Number Eight: Failure To Sectionalize
  • Mistake Number Nine: Copying And Pasting Images
  • Mistake Number Ten: Failure To Monetize
  • Conclusion and Recommendations
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Email Marketing


When it comes to earning money online, building a focused subscriber base of active and repeat consumers is a necessary component of success. Having a list as part of your marketing arsenal quickly increases your outreach, while also making it easier to earn money with less effort.

For instance, using a mailing list, you can easily construct broadcasts that are sent to your entire subscriber base and contain a combination of high-quality information and material and promotional offers.

You can then add affiliate promotions for items and services that interest you, as well as solicit useful feedback from your subscribers about the various types of products they are interested in.

This knowledge will assist you in developing your own product line of high-quality, in-demand products that already have a waiting consumer base. It’s quite simple to establish a list, even if you’re completely new to online marketing and business. The issue arises when people approach list creation in such a way that they jeopardize their ability to completely monetize their mailing list. 

Consider the following list of the most frequent mistakes made by email marketers:


One of the most critical decisions you’ll ever make as an email marketer is establishing an account with a competent autoresponder provider to power your mailing lists. There are numerous reasons why it is critical to set up a remotely hosted autoresponder account, including the following:

1) Enhanced Delivery Capability: It’s pointless to spend time making an excellent broadcast or email if no one can receive it.

By establishing your mailing list with the assistance of an experienced autoresponder service team, you can rest assured that your emails will reach their intended recipients.

Their objective is to maximize deliverability rates and to assist you in swiftly and simply connecting with your subscriber base. Professional autoresponder providers often give a brief “email check” prior to sending your email. This analysis determines whether your message is likely to be filtered by anti-spam systems. This enables you to quickly change your email, increasing the likelihood that it will be processed and delivered to your recipient’s inbox.

2) Keeping Your Mailing Lists Secure

Professional autoresponder providers ensure that your database is frequently backed up in case it becomes corrupted or inaccessible.

This is critical, as the last thing you want is to invest time and efforts building a sizable list of subscribers only to lose it all.

Additionally, your autoresponder service provider will handle all unsubscribe requests, assist you in complying with CanSpam legislation, and enable you to produce as many newsletter items as you wish and schedule their publication dates and times.

This enables you to write all of your communications in advance and schedule their distribution to your subscribers on certain dates.

3) Notable Features:

If you want to maximize your open rate and general response rate, you should take use of the various tools available inside your autoresponder account, including your average open rate, opt-out rate, response rate, and the number of complaints received regarding your most recent letter. Maintaining a pulse on your subscriber base and their response to your broadcasts can assist you in optimizing your mailings and tailoring your campaigns to interact directly with individuals who have subscribed to your lists.

By logging into your autoresponder management page, you may check complete data for your whole newsletter (most autoresponder services should offer enhanced features, some with the option to upgrade for access to advanced tools)

IMPORTANT NOTE:Once you’ve established a mailing list, it’s extremely difficult to switch autoresponder providers, as your subscribers will need to re-subscribe to your new list.

Bear this in mind while you begin growing your lists and opt to immediately open an account with a reliable autoresponder firm.

My two recommendations are as follows: (Top recommended)


A well-designed landing page is a critical component of a successful email marketing campaign. Your landing page serves as the ‘entrance’ to your email marketing system, and if it does not convert visitors to subscribers, you will struggle to grow your lists. Your landing page should be really clean and uncomplicated.

You want visitors to your website to be presented with ONE option: to subscribe to your newsletter. This means that you should minimize external links and place a high premium on your opt-in form.

Additionally, you want to keep the graphics on your landing page to a minimum so that it loads quickly and does not divert your visitor’s attention away from your primary objective: getting them on your mailing list. Consider the various types of incentives that you may offer when creating an effective landing page that entices people to subscribe to your list. When listing the benefits, you must be succinct and precise.

Ascertain that they comprehend ‘what’s in it for them’ and what you’re offering to help them (remember, solve a problem, address an issue, offer a way to save time, money, relationships, etc).

Consider underlining, highlighting, or colorizing critical information when creating the body content for your landing page to draw attention to the areas of your landing page that you want your website visitors to pay special attention to. Shrewd marketers include a “bribe” on their landing pages in exchange for a visitor subscribing to their lists.

You could propose:

·        Complimentary Report

·        Ebooks Available for Free

·        Designs or Templates Available for Free

·        Gratuitous Video Guides

·        Tutorials for Free

·        Obtain a Free Chapter (from a paid product)

·        Free e-courses, newsletters, and publications

This is an extremely successful strategy of growing your list, but you must ensure that anything you offer is specifically targeted to your niche market. Assure that your landing page appears professional by using a straightforward design and layout. If you are unfamiliar with HTML and writing code, you may find it easier to acquire a pre-designed landing page template that you can easily alter and customize to your specifications.

Listed below are a few resources worth exploring:


Landing page split testing is a critical component of a successful email marketing strategy. Regardless of how effectively your site is designed or how completely each aspect of your landing page is analyzed, there is no way to correctly anticipate how well your visitors will respond to your offer without comparing various layouts.

One simple way to test your pages and determine conversion rates is to use Google’s Website Optimizer, a free tool that enables you to conduct simple split tests on any website you control.

You can create a free Google Analytics account at:

When conducting split testing, begin with a single element at a time.

For instance, if you alter the headline on your landing page, leave the rest of the page alone until you establish whether altering the headline improves conversion rates.

Because you’re split testing alternative layouts and overall structure, you don’t have to get it right the first time, as long as you continue to tweak your copy until conversion rates are dramatically increased.

Once you’ve discovered which headline works best, tweak another aspect of your landing page, such as the color scheme, opt-in box frame, or offer summary.

Before making any permanent modifications, always compare the original to the variation and provide sufficient time to precisely assess whether your adjustments enhanced your subscription rate.

Google’s Website Optimizer tool will offer you with sufficient data to analyze and evaluate your progress rapidly.


It’s critical to raise brand awareness and establish rapport with your subscriber base, because the more your list members trust you and the product recommendations you make, the easier it will be to convert them into repeat buyers.

Each message and broadcast provided to your subscriber base should be a direct representation of

Additionally, you need acquire your own domain names and create professional web hosting accounts for your landing pages and websites. It is critical that you build an online presence and provide clear directions for people to contact you or learn more about you.

Numerous providers, including, offer good hosting services with free domain name registration.


It’s critical to raise brand awareness and establish rapport with your subscriber base, because the more your list members trust you and the product recommendations you make, the easier it will be to convert them into repeat buyers.

Each email you send to your list should directly contribute to your brand’s increased recognition for value. This means that you must exercise extraordinary caution in terms of the types of things you promote as well as the quality of those products.

Whether or not you are the developer, if you give it your seal of approval, your subscriber base will hold you accountable if the product or service does not live up to expectations.

Therefore, you should always do a review of any product or offer you intend to advertise to ensure that you can not only stand behind it, but also directly address any issues your subscribers may have about the offer. Additionally, you must ensure that the products and services you advertise are relevant to the general theme or topic of your email. If a subscriber signed up for your newsletter to receive material about “dog training,” they are unlikely to be responsive (or impressed) if you begin sending articles about “online marketing.” Maintain a laser-like concentration on your emails’ content and relevance. If you decide to branch out into a new niche or market, you should work on developing segmented lists for each area.


This is likely one of the most common (and dangerous) Mistakes made by both new and experienced email marketers when operating list campaigns.

While the goal of email list creation is to efficiently monetize them, you must first acquire the right to send promotional emails.

This begins with cultivating a relationship with your list through the provision of high-quality content, free tools and resources, and useful and well-received material.

Once you’ve established a connection with your subscriber base, you must endeavor to maintain that relationship by balancing your promotional emails with reliable, high-quality content.

Indeed, one strategy for increasing open rates and engagement from your subscriber base is to consistently over-deliver on high-quality material, even when you do not have a scheduled launch or affiliate program to promote.

People are observant of patterns, and if they learn that you only contact them when you have something to sell or promote, you will rapidly lose whatever trust and credibility established via past conversation.

Consider this while creating a new email campaign or broadcast.

Consider whether or not your email provides true value and is worded in such a way that it benefits your subscriber base. If you have a strong relationship and brand with your subscribers, you’ll develop a very responsive and loyal consumer base as a result.


You really must prioritize maintaining frequent contact with your subscriber base. This does not mean that you must email them daily; rather, you should consider developing a posting schedule so that you can develop the habit of communicating with your subscribers on a consistent basis. Your subscribers will then begin to anticipate your emails on specific days, resulting in a substantial rise in your open rates.

The more constant your broadcasts are, the easier it will be to train your subscribers to accept promotional emails and adverts in between mailings with free information and resources.


Segmenting your lists does more than increase the likelihood of your emails being delivered properly. Additionally, list segmentation enables you to communicate effectively with and target certain subscribers, hence raising response rates and facilitating the creation of successful broadcasts.

For instance, if you created a mailing list for the “Internet Marketing” community, it’s probable that your members come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, are at varying stages of their marketing education, or are interested in various aspects of the Internet Marketing sector.

By segmenting your lists, you may generate material tailored to each group’s interests and ability levels, as well as build products and services centered on each category of subscribers. By establishing a custom field for your opt-in form in aweber, you can simply split your lists. This custom field should assist you in identifying your subscribers more accurately depending on their geography, talents, and interests.

As an example, using our Internet Marketing list, a custom field may add “How long have you been involved in Internet Marketing?” which subscribers would answer at the time of subscription.

You may then enter into your aweber account and perform a search for individuals who provided specific information in the custom field.

You may then save each category as a separate list and label it appropriately (New Marketers, Three Years Experience, Seasoned Marketers, etc.) so that you can readily recall it for future broadcasts that you send.

Simply pick the group when creating a new email, and it will be sent exclusively to members of that group. 


When it comes to promoting affiliate products to your list, you must avoid the frequently used “lazy email marketer” strategy of employing existing affiliate resources to advertise products and services to your list.

Rather than that, design personalised emails that speak specifically to your subscriber base and actually connect with your target audience.

Because the bulk of affiliate marketers will be utilizing the merchant’s pre-made content, you will be able to differentiate yourself by producing your own unique promotional content.

Additionally, you are familiar with your subscriber base and what they are likely to respond to, and by producing emails that truly address the issues that are most important to them, you may maximize the outcomes of each broadcast.


While it is critical to give your list with fresh, helpful, and complimentary material, tools, and information, you are in the email marketing business to establish a lucrative business, and you must develop the habit of monetizing your list from the outset.

Here are a few basic strategies to monetize your mailing lists:

1) Commissioned Products

You can offer third-party products to your list and earn a commission each time one of your subscribers makes a purchase using your referral link.

To begin, visit: or and browse their marketplace for products relevant to your market.

With these two resources alone, you may promote an infinite number of products in dozens of niche marketplaces.

2) Advertisement Space

There are numerous advantages to selling advertising space in your newsletter, including the ability to set your own price structure based on the number of subscribers you currently have and the exposure you can offer prospective advertisers and sponsors, gradually increasing your prices as your list grows.

Additionally, you can consider charging a premium charge for solo mailings once your list has become large enough to justify the expense. (See the best solo ad websites you can make use of here >>>).

By selling advertising space in your newsletter, you retain complete control over the types of adverts you accept, which means you may avoid promoting competitor products if you already have your own product line.

To run a successful advertising campaign, you must be able to supply accurate statistics and demographic information on your subscriber base.

I recommend growing your list to at least 1,000 subscribers prior to giving advertising space, as this enables you to provide a higher level of value to potential advertisers seeking maximum exposure for their products and services.

Advertising Tip:To attract advertisers, you can register a free account at or and develop advertising packages that include your pricing, statistics, and general website or list theme.

3) Make Private Label Content Available

Private label content is a pre-created content that is offered for resale, either with “transferable” rights (allowing you to transmit the right to sell the product to your customers) or with “personal” rights (allowing you to sell or distribute the product only to yourself).

What you want to do is invest in high-quality reports, articles, and ebooks, as well as other content that is both high-quality and relevant to your list.

Then, spend some time repackaging the information to make it a better version of the original and to adapt it to reflect your own style and brand.

Additionally, you should prioritize obtaining private label content generated by writers who offer a limited number of licenses, which significantly increases the material’s worth and reduces the quantity of rivals supplying the same content.

Regardless of where you obtain private label material, you should constantly spend time reviewing it, adjusting and refining it, and whenever possible, raising the quality of the information. This does not have to be a lengthy process; if you have purchased high-quality information, you can easily repackage it by modifying the title, adding a foreword, adjusting chapter names, and including an introduction and conclusion page.

Here are my favourite PLR websites:

Plr bundle

4) Produce Your Own Product

With direct access to potential clients, you already know what products or services they are interested in; the next natural step is to develop your own product or service for your existing subscriber base. Consider conducting a survey of your subscribers to ascertain the types of products or services they would be interested in, and creating a secondary landing page where subscribers may opt-in to your new newsletter in order to receive information about when your product is ready to launch.

This will assist you in determining the general demand for particular products prior to their creation.

Top Resource/Recommendations

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Email Marketing Success: How To Build An Email List And Create Successful Email Marketing Campaigns  (Ebook).

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