6 Best Membership Site Builders in 2022: Reviewed and Rated

6 best membership site builders
6 best membership site builders

What Is a Membership site?

Before discussing how to establish one, let’s return to the fundamentals and define what a membership website truly is. A membership website is a section of your website that provides registered visitors with exclusive access to content.  

Our Top Pick:.

·        Wild Apricot: Overall Best

·        Kajabi: Best for promoting your site.

·        Memberpress: Best for turning WordPress site into a membership site

·        CMS Hub: Best for organizations and small and mid-sized businesses >>>> 


   Your Choice Of A Membership Site Builder

So, If you decide to launch a free membership site, all your members will require is accurate membership information.

Regardless of the choice you select, a solid membership plugin or platform will have the following characteristics:

Contact segmentation:Your selected platform should allow you to separate your contacts into members and non-members and provide further segmentation options as needed.

Content restrictionis vital for the success of any membership business. It will distinguish website visitors from members. A membership platform should allow you to selectively restrict access to content depending on membership status.

User and member pages: Your platform should provide the creation of membership-related pages and forms.

The following are desirable but optional features:

Automated Workflow Function: Whether it’s used to send welcome or renewal emails, an automated workflow function may save you time.

Payment provider integrations:If your membership is free, you may not require this integration. If so, this is a vital skill to possess.

Engagement analytics may not be necessary if you are already measuring engagement with a service like Google Analytics. However, other membership platforms provide even more specific data. If you use other solutions such as Wild Apircot or CMS Hub, you will not require third-party connectors. But if you use a plugin or extension, it should connect effortlessly with your other marketing tools. MemberPress, a plugin for WordPress, connects with Zapier so that you may connect it to other applications.

If you provide several membership levels, you’ll need a plugin or platform that supports many levels and pricing points.

So, this review of the top 6 membership site builder will guide you understand and making a choice when it comes to building your membership site.

1.   Wild Apricot

Wild apricot image
Wild apricot

Wild Apricot is another strong membership management system that includes a website builder as part of its range of software capabilities. This indicates that your website is integrated with your membership database and an email system, allowing you to effortlessly track and connect with members.

With Wild Apricot, businesses can:

·        Create a new website using one of twelve mobile-responsive membership website templates. Personalize your website by adjusting the colors and fonts to your liking and by using your own domain name.

·        If you already have a website, you may incorporate membership-specific functionality via widgets. You may continue to use your familiar platform, with the added benefits of membership management capability.

·        Easily modify your website with a drag-and-drop editor. The interface is comparable to that of Microsoft Word, allowing users without substantial web design experience to make modifications.

·        Utilize blogs and forums to engage your community. Add news stories and other multimedia updates to your website to keep members abreast of recent events. Create member-only or board-only spaces to promote private talks.

·        Associations, organizations, chambers of commerce, foundations and charities, clubs and sports clubs, and educational/training institutions all utilize Wild Apricot to construct membership websites.

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Important characteristics include:

·        Event management capabilities.

·        Real-time database changes performed automatically.

·        Establish regular membership fees.

·        Include an event calendar on your website.

·        Check members and event attendance using QR codes.

·        Guest and waitlist options are available.

·        Website templates that are mobile-friendly.

·        Credit card payment integration with Square.

·        Export your financial information to Excel or QuickBooks

·        Two distinct mobile applications for administrators and members.

Wild Apricot has an email system that links with your company’s database, providing auto-confirmations and reminders. It also assists with advanced contact search, targeted campaigns, measuring email open rate and status, and more.

You may also construct an online store with Wild Apricot’s builder and themes. There are features such as online product catalogs, product variation addition, and member-only pricing.

Rating:Based on the review from 59 users on Capterra, wild apricot has a rating of 4.5 , signifying the authenticity of Wild Apricot

wild apricot rating
Wild apricot


wild apricot pricing
Wild apricot pricing

The Wild Apricot restricted plan is free, while the premium edition begins at $48 per month and scales up based on the amount of contacts kept on the platform. However, the free option does not offer online payments, an online store, or applications. Additionally, they provide savings for multi-chapter accounts.

 Wild Apricot has eight monthly billing options:

The freemium plan does not include online shop, payment, or mobile app options, but other premium plans include.

My recommendation is to begin with the free plan. Upgrade to one of their most popular programs, Group or Community, if you do not have many contacts.

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2. Kajabi


Kajabi is an all-inclusive online business platform that allows you to develop online courses, coaching websites, and membership sites.

It provides pre-designed, customisable templates and a drag-and-drop interface for creating membership sites without prior coding experience.

You also receive templates for creating landing pages and email marketing campaigns to promote your membership site and courses. It enables you to deliver one-time email blasts, automated multi-touch sequences depending on consumer behavior, event notifications, etc.

Using the Kajabi membership platform, you may post material without worrying about storage or bandwidth constraints.

Your website will be optimized for search engines, making it easily available to people that need it.

You are only one article away from understanding how to submit your content and reduce your dependence on coders.

Cloudflare’s domain provides robust protection for the Kajabi website, making members feel protected.

The website of Kajabi employs auto-scaling to maintain a high level of traffic.

It also includes a visual editor for previewing and customizing your site, as well as adding components such as countdown clocks and movies. The dashboard also links your website to your marketing campaigns, emails, landing pages, and items.

The membership program also facilitates the creation of automated pipelines utilizing pre-existing templates and sales funnels. There are several playbooks and pre-built frameworks for launching any form of membership activity.

These sales pipelines allow you to lay out and track the travels of your members. In addition to courses, you can use this application to start your affiliate network, manage podcasts, and automate your whole sales process.

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Users of Kajabi have access to:

• Private online communal space for members.

• User forecasting and member progression tracking

• Integrated CRM to track, segment, and filter members.

• Kajabi’s integrated checkout system grants members access to material behind a paywall.

• Kajabi offers promotional vouchers that allow users to gain points.

Create surveys and quizzes.

• Sales page editor

• Video hosting and drip content

• Ten or more pre-designed product themes

• Kajabi websites may hold an endless number of videos.

• With Kajabi, you may deliver information to several individuals concurrently via email broadcast. An email series feature provides the automatic dissemination of pertinent information.

• Kajabi includes a high-converting landing page that can be tailored to your aesthetic preferences.

• Additionally, connection with payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe expedites payments at no extra cost. Kajabi also enables you to configure several membership levels, such as recurring payment, one-time plan, trial payment plans, one-click upsells, etc.

• Additionally, you receive a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. The mobile app also includes account recovery via stored progress and single-link sign-in.

Rating: Based on trustpilots report,


kajabi pricing

 Kajabi provides three price plans:

• Standard: $119 per month

• Growth: $159 per month

• Premium: $319 per month 

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3.   MemberPress (Through WordPress)

This platform enables you to create a membership site using third-party plugins, such as Simple Membership and Ultimate Member.

These plugins are absolutely free to install and allow you to create members-only content that you can charge for or provide for free to users.

MemberPress is a popular plugin choice for creating a membership site with WordPress.com. This plugin grants you complete control over the rights each member receives. A member who has subscribed for a whole year, for instance, gets access to more gated material than a person whose subscription only lasts one month. 


·        MemberPress is a premium WordPress plugin that makes it simple to build and manage membership memberships and sell digital download items. MemberPress allows you to provide (or deny) access to your posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, and digital assets depending on a user’s membership status.

·        In addition to extensive user flow choices, content dripping, and other out-of-the-box capabilities, this plugin enables interfaces with Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and marketing solutions like as MailChimp.

·        MemberPress is advantageous because you may freely set content price, content order, copy revisions, appearance modifications, and product customizations.

·        MemberPress empowers you to decide what material to sell, how to sell it, and at what price.

·        You may use any theme with MemberPress, even if it’s not available on StudioPress. This tool allows you to tailor your material to the preferences of your intended audience.

·        MemberPress may be readily linked with Easy Affiliate, which is advantageous for the profitability of small company owners.

·        MemberPress has a more sophisticated reporting system that is streamlined so that members can simply access and digest accessible material, hence raising relevance ratings.

It gives complete control over content access rules and allows you to restrict access depending on membership or paid digital items. You may restrict access to child pages, posts, custom post kinds, categories, tags, and more.

The membership plugin also allows you to produce and manage an infinite number of coupons for promotions and giveaways. There are additional possibilities for customizing promo codes and controlling their number of uses and expiration dates.


Rating: Trustpilot recorded a rating of 4.7 out of 5 for memberpress from a review conducted by 198 users.   


MemberPress includes three annual subscription plans:

memberpress pricing

·        Basic: $179 per year

·        Plus: $299 per year

·        Pro: $399 per year

All options offer payment connectors, configurable checkout, content security, content dripping, course development, and a self-service member dashboard, among other features. It also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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Other notable characteristics include:

·        Additional MemberPress attributes

·        Manage and monitor membership subscriptions.

·        Include forums and social communities.

·        Integrates with your existing WordPress site.

·        Implement API for your payment gateway configuration.

MemberPress includes a user handbook with each admin manual that explains how to use certain features. The MemberPress technical staff is also available for queries.

MemberPress is perfect for integrations since it can be quickly connected to current social media sites. A excellent example is the app Zapier, which can be used to improve content marketing through advertisements and connection through data exchange.

Reports to monitor financial state, sales, and marketing operations.

It permits the timed delivery of material and the expiry of content access.

Members can establish, modify, upgrade, or cancel memberships directly on the website.

A billing system that automatically approves or denies payment based on the payment status.

MemberPress has a well-developed and powerful security system that protects it from hackers and ensures stability when several users access the same data.

MemberPress allows members to establish, cancel, upgrade, and amend memberships straight from the website, which immediately updates new information.

You may restrict pages, custom post kinds, categories, and tags with MemberPress.

MemberPress also allows you to install and use WordPress forum plugins such as bbPress to establish your own password-protected community. The Pro version of the software includes the Affiliate Royale plugin, which facilitates the management of any affiliate scheme.

Additionally, it connects with several third-party payment gateways and business applications, such as PayPal, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, etc. You may also install additional WordPress themes from businesses such as StudioPress and WooThemes.

Integration using custom codes and Zapier allows you to handle data and connect to multiple goods and services. It also includes a user manual and a support staff to address questions regarding admin pages or features.

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4.    CMS Hub

CMS Hub is a unique content management system that is completely integrated with HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and service tools as well as CRM. With CMS Hub, you can utilize HubSpot lists to restrict access to an area of your website to select groups.

Utilizing HubSpot

HubSpot includes a chat option where the instructor may freely engage and interact with the learner to facilitate material sharing.

You may tailor HubSpot’s email to all of your students concurrently, saving time and enhancing communication reliability.

With a segmentation list, you may classify your contact list based on the material they access. Additionally, you may personalize email engagements, page visits, and lead scores.

Hubspot features landing pages that increase your marketing approach because they are often regenerated without the need of engineers.

HubSpot’s free CRMdraws novice users since you can get monitoring data to assess their website behavior. This access in conjunction with the marketing hub facilitates improved decision-making.

Arrangement at a certain criterion that triggers the required action makes process automation tasks more obvious and easy.

 With HubSpot, you can produce all forms of membership-based content, including product updates for existing customers, price offers for prospects, and web pages in many languages for a worldwide audience. Without installing a plugin or other software, you can give each visitor with a unique experience on your website. 

Rating: From the rating and reviews of 1936 hubspot has a rating of 8.7 out of 10 rating scale (at Tustradius).



Pricing: CMS Hub is offered in three tiers:

·        Starter ($45 per month),

·        Professional ($800 per month) and

·        Enterprise ($,200 per month)

Additional HubSpot features

The paid Ad monitoring tool of HubSpot enables you to promote your content via social media, Facebook, and Google Ads, so making your performance more digestible.

Hubspot provides an integration option that allows users to link numerous accounts across various social media networks in order to draft and modify messages more effectively.

With HubSpot, reporting is simplified for reports about your purchase cycle and interactions, which are enabled on the same platform.

Utilize Tandem in Hubspot using the free CRM. You have access to the sales and marketing center, and information is extensively shared amongst teams, therefore expanding your market. This feature facilitates membership site platform answers, which is consistent with customer happiness.

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5.    MemberSpace


MemberSpace is a third-party solution for building membership-protected content on Squarespace, Webnode, WordPress, and other websites. With MemberSpace, you can fence any of your pages and choose what members must do to unlock it. It might be as easy as signing up for your newsletter or paying a subscription fee etc.

MemberSpace is one of the most secure membership site solutions.

This security feature instills confidence and enables individuals to produce and sell online courses by increasing membership.

Promoting membership helps establish your brand and reputation.

MemberSpace provides all the features you would expect from a leading membership site platform. When you adopt them, you promote company success.

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These characteristics include:

·        Construction of your path

·        Creating your course website

·        Marketing and selling your content

·        Helping your pupils

·        MemberSpace’s attributes and advantages

·        You will have total control over your material since you have the freedom and flexibility to operate and price your course company.

·        Automatic onboarding facilitates communication with students and question management. After course completion, certificates can also be generated automatically.

·        MemberSpace gives you the ability to make your website visually appealing without paying for developers or designers.

·        MemberSpace, a robust, all-inclusive platform with an intuitive layout and usability, will give you the confidence to launch your business.

·        Connecting with students on MemberSpace so that instructors and students connect beyond the traditional course material.

·        The price structure of MemberSpace allows students to pay for their courses in installments over a period of many months.

·        Tutors may build up domains and websites on third-party hosting systems and then integrate MemberSpace for its online learning capabilities.

·        MemberSpace is enhanced with tracking and analytics to monitor the material sold, the learning process, and the amount of money spent, especially if your audience is enlisted. 




A MemberSpacesubscription costs $29 per month in addition to a 4 percent transaction charge per member.

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6.   Podia

Podia is a digital marketplace that enables you to develop and sell membership content, online courses, digital downloads, and webinars, among other things.

·        It aids you along the whole sales funnel, including sales page building, email gathering, EU VAT charging, and payment processing.

·        The website builder allows you to construct mobile-, tablet-, and desktop-friendly websites with auto-update capabilities. It operates in the background without compromising corporate secrecy and allows you to collect all membership payments free of transaction costs.

·        You may also filter, sort, and export all purchases, earnings, and customer information. You may take one-time payments or specify several membership tiers, such as monthly/annual tiers or trial periods.

·        It also enables you to monetise online courses, digital programs, and periodic material via a subscription plan, as well as a free email service.

·        Allow members to remark on and respond to shared material.

·        Send email alerts when new material is added.

·        Integrate videos, photos, and social networking information into membership posts.

·        Connect membership to a Facebook group, Slack, to unite like-minded individuals via community service.

·        Affiliate scheme for membership promotion.

·        Add discounts with time and usage restrictions.

·        Drip feed your material.

·        Option for integrated live chat.

·        Important posts are pinned to the top of the page.

·        Plan updates in advance.

·        High-conversion checkouts for expedited payments.

·        Customer help is available 24/7.

·        Combine multiple goods into a single membership plan.

·        Create personalized pages or posts for your members.

·        Based on membership level, certain postings are restricted to “Premium Access.”

·        Permit members to view “Public Posts” via links or search engine indexing.

·        Podia has an email marketing platform that allows you to send newsletters, develop drip campaigns, and segment subscribers. You may also monitor your subscribers, email open rate, clicks, and conversion rate.

·        Podia lacks functionality for learning routes and the ability to charge a setup fee. However, it may be integrated with complex technologies such as Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, PayPal, and more.

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Podia provides Three payment options:

podia pricing
Podia pricing

Mover: $33 per month

Shaker: $75 per month

Earthquaker: $166 per month.

Both subscriptions include seven-day-a-week reports, live Q&A sessions, messaging, email marketing, webinars, your own website, etc. In addition, they provide a 14-day free trial period.

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What exactly is a membership site?

A membership website is one that only its members have access to. There are websites that need only a username and password and do not require money. Their exclusivity is the one thing they have in common. Not everyone has access to the data. You must be special in some manner, such as paying a price or obtaining the necessary access credentials.

They can be in the form of a blog or a forum, in addition to having both free and paid member sites. Your format choice will be determined by your needs.

Reasons For Having A Membership Site

It is a fantastic idea to develop a membership website if you want to increase your earnings. Here are some of the benefits of owning one.

Dominantly conquer your niche competitors: If you have a membership site, you will stand out from those that only give a few e-books to their consumers.

Increase your revenue from your list: You’ve probably heard the phrase “the money’s in the list.” You’ll also want to make as much money as you can from your list members. A membership website is perfect for this.

Boost client retention:If your website has outstanding content and you respond to all requests quickly, a membership site will improve consumer loyalty far more than selling individual items. This is due to the client seeing you as more approachable.

Membership websites that include a forum help to develop a sense of community. As a result, members may not only connect with you, but they can also communicate with one another. This is a fantastic selling point and an advantage for the website’s owner because it is another feature that will aid to increase consumer loyalty.

Fantastic list-building technique:If you want to develop a free membership site or offer free aspects of your membership site, this might be an excellent way to grow your email list.

Create a passive income:While internet marketing is a lucrative business, the money can be erratic. A membership website is a wonderful method to not only generate more money, but also to increase the stability of the money you do earn.

They don’t have to be complicated:Many people assume that membership websites are complicated. Perhaps not in every case. There are some straightforward options, such as autoresponder-delivered unique material.

Let’s look at the numbers.Assume you have a membership site with niche-specific, one-of-a-kind content. If you charge $19.95 a month and have 100 subscribers, that’s roughly $2,000 in profit, and all you had to do to get it was update the site’s content and make sure it was working correctly.

How Do Member Sites Work?

When a member pays, they are given access to the site. The technological obstacles of developing and maintaining a membership site may vary depending on the structure. You may save time by configuring it with an autoresponder. You can also have a website with extra features such as a forum, blog, videos, and more information.

You must assess your consumer base and identify what they want. For example, if you are in the health and fitness industry and run a weight loss membership site, your customers may require different tools than if you ran a blogging membership site.

Best Membership Website Builders: Closing Remarks

Each of our top six membership website builders has been subjected to rigorous testing, with a focus on design, features, cost, and usability.

Each of these website builders offers a wealth of tools for creating a membership site. If you want to maximize your members-only section and connect with people through forms and online courses, we recommend CMS Hub. Wild Apricot is an attractive option for enhancing the visual appeal of a website without sacrificing an effective members’ experience. 

Our Top Pick:.

·        Wild Apricot: Overall Best >>>

·        Kajabi: Best for promoting your site >>>.

·        CMS Hub: Best for organizations and small and mid-sized businesses >>>>  

·        Memberpress: Best for turning WordPress site into a membership site >>>

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