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Is Survey Junkie Legit?

My quest to make money online is not complete without online survey. I have made some free cash doing nothing more than just answering questions sometimes. I have made do with many online surveys, however, I must say survey junkie is one of the best that earned me the most amount of little spare time cash. Read below my honest review of Survey Junkie.

NOTE: surveys cannot make you rich, it’s not a glamorous online business like blogging, Transcription Jobs and affiliate marketing etc., rather, you should consider it as a side gig, not even a side gig, better put, a subtle way to make money doing little next to none. You may search this blog to see better ways of making god money online. 3 most lucrative online jobs >>>

This post will explain all there is to know about the Survey Junkie app and address the issue on everyone’s mind: Is Survey Junkie safe and legit? I’ll also provide my own assessment on the burgeoning online survey community!

The Survey Junkie software is utilized by a number of people to earn extra money quickly.

Taking online surveys has long been the most popular way to earn quick cash. It’s ideal for those who are ready to express their opinion and are willing to spend additional time answering questions in exchange for bonus money.

Making money using the Survey Junkie app is the most talked issue online among individuals who are interested in doing surveys.

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Let’s take a look into its features;

How To Make Money From Online Surveys Using The Survey Junkie App

If you believe this online survey application is right for you, let’s discuss where and how to create an account.

 What Is a Survey Junkie?

As stated previously, Survey Junkie is a survey community. They reward customers for contributing to the development of brands’ and businesses’ products and services. Most people like the concept of Survey Monkey (a website where you can build your own surveys), but they want to know if it’s legitimate or secure.

In addition, people want to know if it is “worth it” in terms of the price.

 How Survey Junkie is utilized

Survey Junkie seems more like an aggregator than a survey site, so if you’ve used other aggregators before, you’re likely to recognize some of the survey companies listed. Among others, I found surveys from Ipsos i-Say and VIP Voice throughout my five-day evaluation of the website.

The lengthy profile survey on Survey Junkie is intended to assist the site identify surveys that fit your demographics. The website awards 25 points for registering and 50 points for completing a demographic survey. When I did qualify for surveys, they were engaging and offered substantial points. Due to the fact that I was sent to third-party websites, I was had to supply the same basic information for each survey.

You are not eligible for every survey.

The surveys for which I qualified were fascinating and typically required less time than anticipated. Even after I was rejected, it was easy to locate the next survey because the user experience of the main site is clear and inviting.

As with comparable services, Survey Junkie occasionally directed me to a third-party website where I became trapped in an endless circle of disqualifications. However, it did not occur frequently enough to constitute a significant annoyance.

Probability of success

Twelve out of 63 surveys were qualified. This is a 19% success rate. My qualifying rate might have been impacted by a variety of circumstances, including the fact that I am a twenty-something urbanite living as a single woman. Compared to other sites, I was excluded less frequently for basic demographics and more frequently for purchase patterns or TV tastes.

Even if you are eliminated, Survey Junkie awards you three points for your effort. There is no limit to the number of times that consolation reward can be obtained. However, Survey Junkie does not consider it a disqualification if you are excluded from a survey because it reached capacity or a third-party website malfunctioned.

I had an easier time collecting points on Survey Junkie than any other site, but it was more difficult to receive incentives. The site has a $10 barrier for redemption, or 1,000 points. Each point is worth one cent, and Survey Junkie shows this information on its dashboard. During my five hours on the website, I did not approach that limit. I earned $8.62, although 75 cents of it came from a profile survey and registration incentive. After deducting this incentive, my hourly wage was $1.57.

I decided to exceed the five-hour restriction and continue doing surveys until I hit $10 in order to see the redemption procedure. The marketplace was clear, and every item had a monetary worth rather than a point value. When I attempted to redeem my purchase, the website requested my address to verify my identification, which I was reluctant to provide.

 What about client service?

I received a response within a few hours after contacting customer service. The response maintained that the information was necessary to “avoid dishonest behaviour.” Once I provided my address, I was able to easily exchange my points for an Amazon gift card.

 Registering with Survey Junkie is a breeze! All you require is:

Go To Site >>>and sign up with any of the following:

·        Facebook profile

·        Google profile

·        Electronic mail address

Simply sign in using one of these three identities when you are ready to register.

After logging in, you may create your profile and begin doing surveys at any time. You may do surveys on any device you possess, regardless of your location. Complete as many surveys as you like and continue to earn cash or gift cards for your opinions!

Pulse is the name of another community on Survey Junkie. You may passively earn money through the SJ Pulse program by allowing Survey Junkie to track your internet behavior.

 Here is a short look at the two ways to earn money…

Paid Online Surveys

Survey Junkie enables users to earn money by offering feedback to businesses via DISQO, a market research firm. You create a profile that influences your survey earnings depending on your own evaluation of your activity.

The more particular you are, the more relevant and potentially profitable your survey chances will be. You will earn less on surveys if you provide less information since your responses will be less accurate.

Although you provide a great deal of information about your buying habits and interests, none of it can be used to identify you. This separates your identity from the shared information!

 SJ Pulse System

Pulse is a downloadable application that automatically communicates search-related data with DISQO. Such as which websites you browse, which advertisements you view, which applications you utilize, and which things you purchase. This option allows you to automatically provide more trustworthy information about your consumption patterns.

If you are okay with this, you can make money without doing anything, but your earnings are contingent on your online activity level.

To preserve your privacy, the information you provide passively through Pulse is also de-identified.

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Receiving Pay

Finally, when it came to receiving payment, I discovered that redeeming my points was incredibly simple. I found it beneficial to know beforehand how long each survey will need. Thus, I could optimize my profits relative to the time required to complete the surveys!

 My analysis/Verdict of survey junkie

Survey Junkie features a well-designed interface, an easy-to-understand compensation structure, and superior survey screening than other sites I’ve used. It is tough to earn a significant amount of money using any of these services, but if you want to give it a try, Survey Junkie is the most enjoyable. Check out our list of sites where you can complete surveys for money if you’re searching for reward redemption sites with lower minimums.

Consider creating a second email account solely for these sites, regardless of the site you’re utilizing. Survey Junkie sent me 22 emails over the course of five days, and these offers may jam your inbox. Install anti-malware software in case an aggregator directs you to a malicious website. And remember to take pauses if your eyes or brain become fatigued.

Top Alternatives to survey Junkie

To get the most of online survey, it is advisable to join as many surveys as possible. The following are other online survey boards you an join,

·        Ysense Survey >>>  check out our ind-epth ysense review here >>>

·        TGM Panel >>> check out our ind-epth Review here >>>

·        Paidviewpoint >>>

·        Mobrog Survey >>>


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Frequent Requested Information

Does It Deserve My Time?

Survey Junkie is designed for those who enjoy sharing, particularly avid shoppers. In this regard, I classify it more as a refund than as an opportunity to make money. You receive a refund depending on your past purchases.

Indirectly, this indicates that the more you spend, the more you may earn through surveys.

This distinction is essential to me since Survey Junkie is not a substitute for establishing responsible spending habits or working on a budget.

Since incomes are directly proportional to consumer spending, the less you spend, the less valuable your time is.

Survey Junkie pays you especially for being a consumer. They learn from your behaviors to improve a company’s ability to market its products or services. Despite this, it is still a genuine option to earn a little more cash on the side.

I adore giving my opinion, thus I thoroughly loved participating in surveys. It seemed like easy money, but you don’t want to quit your day job to do surveys full-time.


Is Survey Junkie Authentic?

Let’s clear the air on one point. Survey Junkie is legitimate. Yes, you get paid in actual currency.

Survey Junkie is a market research firm in need of consumer feedback. And they are prepared to pay for them so they can make crucial judgments about their client brands.

They are affiliated with Blue Media Ventures. This online survey software offers points redeemable for PayPal cash or gift cards to a variety of businesses.

Is Using Survey Junkie Safe?

Naturally, the Survey Junkie app requests a great deal of information; some personal data is necessary to join a panel. In certain instances, you may be required to provide more sensitive information in order to conduct more relevant, targeted surveys. This information is entirely voluntary, and Survey Junkie is generally reliable.

Survey Junkie does employ cookies, both those that expire when you close your browser and those that endure until destroyed. These cookies are packets of information that are not dangerous to your computer but do gather data. If you do not wish for this to occur, you may erase these cookies.

Survey Junkie has an SSL certificate, indicating that the website is secure. Blue Media Ventures gets a B rating from the Better Business Bureau to assist you in judging its reliability.

How Much Money Can You Make using the Survey Junkie app?

Now that we’ve determined whether or not Survey Junkie is legitimate, let’s discuss how you can legitimize yourself. Daily, Survey Junkie pays out more than $10,000, but what does this imply for you? It depends entirely on the surveys you do.

There are a few considerations about how Survey Junkie pays.

In the beginning, you may earn between $0.50 and $3 every survey. You will earn more money the more surveys you complete. Obviously, some polls pay out more than others.


Herein is the deal. You cannot simply take every survey and rush through them to get money. In order for surveys to be helpful and beneficial to the organization, they must be focused. A more comprehensive profile increases your chances of success. Additionally, you must pay attention to your own trustworthiness. Ensure that you take the suggested amount of time per questionnaire, otherwise you risk being highlighted. In principle, there are infinite possibilities to conduct surveys. However, you must consider these factors, which might reduce your rate profits.

When you earn money using Survey Junkie, you accumulate points payable by PayPal or bank transfer. Additionally, there are other gift card alternatives, including Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, and Visa.

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