Secrets of Article Marketing: Earning A living Writing Articles Online in 2022


The Secrets of Article Marketing

Article Marketing

A Brief Overview of Article Marketing

To be sure, article marketing may sound hard, but on a fundamental level, it isn’t. The sole purpose of article marketing is to direct people to your website via a hyperlink contained in a submitted article.

Of course, to accomplish this properly, it is not sufficient to submit hundreds of articles and then hope that people click on the backlink. True, if you took a quantity over quality approach, you would likely receive a few visitors here and there, but it would be more time consuming and ineffective than following the wise route.

Really, the only reason people fail at article marketing is that they do not plan ahead.

To avoid repeating this tiresome process, we’re going to examine article marketing from the bottom up; from theory to practice. By doing so, you should leave this blog post with a clear understanding of what you need to do and how to do it.

 The Fundamentals of Article Marketing

“How much do you believe article marketing entails?” If you ask a group of beginners who are just getting started, 9 out of 10 will likely respond that it simply includes sending articles to article directories.

While this is not incorrect, it is only partially true.

Submitting an article to an article directory would result in the article being published on the internet. That portion is correct. However, this does not guarantee that the article will be viewed, or that the backlink will be clicked.

Essentially, you could wind up with 1,000 articles that receive only one view per day due to their inaccessibility, and receive a total of perhaps ten click-throughs. As a result, the fundamental ‘dummies’ hypothesis of article marketing is as follows: 

1. Organize your items such that they are easily accessible.

2. Create attention-grabbing headlines

3. Arouse readers’ attention in the article’s body

4. In the resource box, provide a call to action.

5. Increase the number of visits to your article

 Unless you’ve done article marketing previously, chances are you didn’t grasp any of that. Let us examine them one by one.

 Positioning Your Articles Using Keywords

In a nutshell, keywords are simply words or phrases that individuals use to conduct online searches for virtually anything. To get the nomenclature out of the way, ‘keyword density’ refers to the number of instances of a particular keyword per 100 words.

Keywords are critical – this cannot be emphasized enough. Given that search engines remain the major way for individuals to get information on the internet, this implies that people looking for information in whatever niche you’re in will do so via search engines. Thus, when we talk about placing your articles, we’re referring to their placement in relevant searches, where they’re more likely to be discovered by the proper individuals.

What will happen if this is not accomplished? As an example, suppose you had an article about blogging for money but it lacked any keywords that are searched for on a consistent basis throughout the month. In this instance, no one would locate your article, and it would go largely unread and unattended. While it’s inevitable that a keyword will be utilized accidentally throughout lengthy publications, for accurate results, you’ll require at least a 1% keyword density (but not more than 3 percent).

 To begin, you’ll need to identify the keywords you wish to employ.

Conducting Keyword Research for Article Marketing

Basic keyword research is actually quite simple, and there isn’t much about it that even a novice cannot grasp. To begin, the preferred keyword research tool is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Given that Google is the most widely used search engine, obtaining data from it appears to be a sensible place to start. Nevertheless, the use of advanced keyword research tools due to the limitation of googlekeyword cannot be underestimated. Amongst which we have: Serpstat keyword, Webceo keyword, SeRanking keyword

When conducting keyword research, three factors in particular are critical:

1. The Total Number of Searches

Quite literally, this is the number of monthly searches. If a term receives a high number of searches, it indicates that a large number of people are looking for it, which makes it a much better choice.

2. Competition

Once you’ve identified a keyword with a reasonable number of searches, enter it into Google and conduct a search. When you receive the results, take note of their quantity. For example, if there are 11,800,000 results, this indicates that a large number of individuals are bidding on that keyword.

On the other side, if you get around 1,800 results, there are relatively few rival websites.

Needless to say, with less competition, you’ll have a far better chance of appearing on the top page of search results, which is ultimately what you want. Once there, you will undoubtedly notice a significant rise in your views.

3. Economic viability

Not every traffic is profitable, and occasionally the traffic obtained for certain keywords simply refuses to convert. While there are other things that can influence this, it is largely irrelevant in terms of keyword research.

Rather than that, it is preferable to have a single basic test for a keyword’s ‘profitability.’

When you conduct a search for the keyword to ascertain the competition, keep an eye out for advertisements. If they do, it indicates that someone out there believes it is worthwhile to invest money in that keyword.

While this is not a 100% accurate test, it should give you a good notion.

By examining these three areas of keyword research, you should be able to generate a list of keywords for use in properly positioning your content. Bear in mind that the goal is to acquire profitable keywords with a reasonable monthly search volume and minimal competition.


Ever heard of Article Writing, Rewriting and Paraphrasing Tool? An article writing tool makes your job of article writing simple and easy. These are tools with which you can easily write close to 500 different unique articles from another article. The following article writing tools (Reviewed Here) are the best you can find in the market.  


 Article Marketing with Keywords

With the keywords you’ve obtained, you’ll want to include them into your posts. To be clear, there is a distinction between enrichment and stuffing, and search engines are intelligent enough to detect when someone is attempting to deceive them.

Insert keywords in such a way that they flow naturally throughout the content, and strictly adhere to the 1% to 3% keyword density rule. It is generally recommended to have one’short’ keyword of around two to three words and two ‘long’ keywords of four or more words for each article.

If you follow these steps, your articles should appear in search results for the keywords you’ve chosen, and all that remains is to evaluate the other facets of article marketing.

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Using PowerfulHeadlinesto Capture Your Audience’s Attention

When someone searches for your article and finds it in the results, the first thing they will see is the article’s title, or in other words, the headline.

As a result, your headlines are critical. Essentially, they’re going to’make or break’ your content in terms of views. Unfortunately, after an item is filed, you cannot modify or tweak the headline, so you’ll need to get it as accurate as possible on the first go.

Attempting to summarize the entire eBooks dedicated to the subject of headlines and how to write them successfully in this tiny area would almost certainly be impossible. However, you can be directed in the appropriate way.

Given that the headline’s sole function is to garner attention, consider what has previously captured your interest. Certain terms may do better than others, but there is no way to tell without testing, and this is probably not the best place to try.

Here are some examples of different styles of headlines:

Lists, for example, “The Top Five Ways to Groom a Dog for Competitions.”

“Do You Want To Learn How To Groom a Dog?”

Commands such as “Begin Learning to Groom a Dog Immediately!”

“Coming Soon: Fluffed Tails and Trimmed Coats” is an example of an abstract (careful, it tough to pull these off)

Bear in mind that all you need to do is grab the reader’s attention with your title. It is up to the remainder of your post to generate interest and increase the likelihood of hitting the backlink.

Learn more about headlines: read the top 10 powerful headline tips you can be using for your contents

 The Article’s Content

An article’s material is divided into two sections. This includes both the body of the article and the resource box, each of which has its own set of restrictions. Knowing how to properly construct an article may enable you to pique readers’ interest in the article body and then motivate them to take action in the resource box.

Body of the Article

Given that the major objective of article marketing is to guide the reader through the post to the backlink, the article body must complete a number of tasks.

Naturally, it must generate and sustain reader attention throughout, ensuring that the reader does not stop reading. Apart from that, a well-written article can serve as a ‘pre-sell’ for the backlink. In other words, it may encourage the reader to be more receptive to any ideas you provide.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few factors to consider:

1. Pertinence

Given that the majority of your target visitors comes from search engines, it’s likely that when they put in a keyword, they have something particular in mind.

For lengthy terms, it’s easy to deduce what they’re looking for; for example, someone searching for ‘greatest place in Europe to fish’ is almost certainly looking for just that.

On the other side, someone searching for ‘Europe fishing’ could be looking for fishing locations, information about the European fishing business, or… well, anything. If your specialization involves fishing as a sport,

If you’re writing about a hobby rather than the fishing industry, you’ll naturally want your piece to focus on the former.

While it’s difficult to ensure that your content is relevant for each of the unique keywords you’re targeting, you should absolutely make an effort to provide your potential audience with exactly what they want.

2. Interest Generating

Of course, if your post is precisely what someone was looking for, you’ve solved your problem. However, if it is not, it will need to generate the type of intrigue that will keep a reader reading from beginning to end.

The truth is that there are no hard and fast rules for generating interest; but, if you provide an interesting piece of material to a reader, they are likely to stick around.

In summary, the article’s body should provide valuable information, whether it’s guidance, general knowledge, or even’secrets.’ Otherwise, it should allude to any additional benefits that will result from reading the material.

Considering both of these points in terms of the article’s body will get you off to a terrific start. Nonetheless, there is one critical guideline about the article’s body…

Nota Bene: Never end an article in its body. The article itself is completed only after the resource box, so do not attempt to include a conclusion prior to that. 


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Box of Resources

As indicated previously, the resource box serves as the article’s conclusion. More importantly, it is also the location of the backlink, which is why some people refer to it as the most crucial element of the article.

Because the resource box’s primary objective is to entice users to click the backlink, it is essentially a call to action. After the reader has been steered through the bulk of the post and has been sold on the benefits of your backlink to the greatest extent feasible, he should find a clear call to action in the resource box.

Typically, a resource box will include the following: “For additional information, please visit”

While that is a call to action, it is not an effective one. Consider how much more effective it would be if it read something like this: “If you want to learn more, there is an excellent eBook that will turn you into a virtual expert, and it is available for FREE at”

By including an incentive, the call to action will become much more appealing to the reader. Naturally, the reward does not have to be a free eBook; any incentive will suffice. It could equally well be discounts, special offers, or even just interesting material.

At the end of the day, what matters is that you provide the reader a cause, any reason, to click your backlink. That should be the end of your post; the logical conclusion to the backlink.

Following these few guidelines should result in a far more effective article body and resource box than the standard kind.

Additional Promotion

The journey does not end once an article is written, submitted, and published. Assuming you targeted some keywords during your study, it should appear someplace in the search engine listings; however, if you want to increase your traffic, you’ll want to appear higher in those rankings. To accomplish this, the best approach is to proceed in the same manner as you would with any other webpage: Create backlinks.

Naturally, you don’t want to spend too much time developing backlinks to a website that is not your own, so it’s probably best to start with the simplest approach available: social bookmarking. Simply saving your post on a couple of dozen social bookmarking sites will significantly improve its search engine ranking.

As you climb the ranks, the traffic to your content will undoubtedly increase, and along with it, the number of visitors you’ll receive from your hyperlink. It’s straightforward and straightforward, yet it could be one of the most defining aspects of your article marketing campaign.

Another, less frequently utilized strategy for backlink building is to resubmit your published content to other article directories with the backlink modified to go to your original article. Even on its own, this could be beneficial, particularly if you’re looking to climb even higher after you’ve exhausted all available websites for social bookmarking your content.

With a growing number of backlinks pointing to your post, you should have no difficulty ranking in the top handful of results on Google for a low-competition topic.

What is the Best Place to Begin Submitting Articles?

Choosing the best publication venue for your work is highly subjective, and there is no alternative for actual trial and error.

To begin, the most popular article directory to date is unquestionably However, currently, ezine is working on its database, you can do a quick google search, search for alternatives to ezine articles, and you will see lots of article directory popped up on your screen. Scroll to the bottom page, I have listed 5 of the other article directories that I use.   

Tests have repeatedly demonstrated that articles published there outperform those published elsewhere.

This is partly due to’s high PageRank, but it is also due to the internal links, which can greatly aid your article when it hits the’most visited’ link bar for a specific specialty.

Therefore, if you’re considering starting, it’s usually better to start with If that does not work for you, there are always more straightforward solutions.

 Simplicity at its finest: Article Promotion

Indeed, few tactics are as effective as a properly executed article marketing campaign. Additionally, few approaches are as simple to apply as this one, given you understand the theory behind it – which you now do. Utilize it effectively, and you will undoubtedly notice an increase in traffic with each passing day.

 Final Success Plan

This is what you should do on a weekly basis. If you want to succeed, if you want to be the top article marketer you deserve to be, if you want to be the type of person we’ve been discussing the entire time…

Following this action plan weekly will put you well on your way to earning $100-$200 a day within a month.

Step 1 – Identify five products to market

You’ll need to identify five decent products to promote that meet the criteria discussed in the preceding sections. is a wonderful place to begin your search for products to advertise. Daily, new products are added. Ascertain that they compensate you adequately for your time. Do not endorse a product for which you are compensated in peanuts.

Another excellent idea for article marketing, but one that few marketers (apart from Travis) are utilizing, is promoting residual income affiliate networks. How do you me backend, Residual Income? Click here

In a nutshell, affiliate programs that pay you monthly, such as web hosting. We adore affiliate schemes that generate residual money. This is how they operate. You only promote a product once. The product is purchased by a customer. Each time they return to purchase another, you earn more money. Promote a product once and receive compensation as long as the customer remains a customer.

For instance, if you promote a hosting servicelike bluehost  and autoresponder service (like the top seven reviewed and ranked here) and generate a sale, you will earn the same amount of money each month for as long as the consumer remains a customer of that autoresponder service.

Affiliate programs with residual income are the way of the future.

If you’re looking for a list of some decent affiliate programs that pay in this manner, see…. This is a website directory dedicated to affiliate programs that generate residual income.

Step 2 – Develop a minimum of 30 keywords for each product.

Without a doubt, this is the most essential part of your article marketing journey. Therefore, pay special attention to this stage. Your success is highly dependent on how successfully you execute this stage.

Your keyword list is the true treasure. Therefore, take the time to choose the appropriate keywords. Once you’ve mastered this step, you’ll be light years ahead of other ineffective marketers. If you don’t already have a keyword research tool, you may check out this particular one here.


Ever heard of Article Writing, Rewriting and Paraphrasing Tool? An article writing tool makes your job of article writing simple and easy. These are tools with which you can easily write close to 500 different unique articles from another article. The following article writing tools (Reviewed Here) are the best you can find in the market.  


If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality keyword research tool, we recommendSeRanking Keyword Tool. It may appear to be a little pricy, but it can significantly aid you in your keyword research efforts. This tool will expedite the process and allow you to accomplish much more, but if you’re just getting started, you may simply utilize Keywordtooldominator.

If you wish to search additional keywords, that is OK, but start with 30 to see whether the product would be profitable. Nothing is more frustrating than producing 50 to 100 articles to promote a product only to discover that the product does not convert to sales. This will occur on occasion. It is insignificant if you have not committed a significant amount of time or attention into your article authoring. This is extremely infuriating, and it will occur on occasion; such is life. Certain goods will convert more effectively than others.

However, the bare minimum number of articles we write for a particular product is thirty. If we create 30 articles and get only a few sales, we know not to continue. The wonderful thing about article marketing is that it provides an excellent opportunity to determine whether products are winners for free while earning money. If a product is a success, there is no reason why you cannot advertise it using Google Adwords and Ezine advertising.

Step 3 – Compose articles about your chosen keywords

It is now time to begin writing your articles. You know you have a wonderful product and that it will convert, therefore the only thing standing in your way of earning a lot of money is your willingness to produce a LOT of amazing articles. We’ve provided numerous recommendations above to assist you in making this process easier and more successful.

You might also outsource the article to ghostwriters.

There are places where you can get articles written for as little as $5 or even less. If you go to Fiverr.comor Truelaner.comand register, you will find a plethora of people selling article writing services for as little as two or three dollars each piece.

If you do decide to employ someone to create articles for you, here’s a piece of advice. Never pay in advance. After the articles are completed, you will be paid.

Step 4 – Create landing pages for your articles and submit them will undoubtedly update the regulations around what constitutes an appropriate landing page for readers who click on your article’s byline in the future.

In the future, is unlikely to allow you to send their viewers directly to an opt-in email list signup form. They are unlikely to allow you to redirect readers directly to a sales letter or affiliate page via redirect.

As a result, you’ll need to lead the reader to a page on your website.

However, rather than a single Landing-page website, visitors can click on and either sign up for your free opt-in list or proceed directly to the affiliate website. Additionally, you would provide links to other articles you’ve written on the side of the page in the navigation area.

While this is likely where you will earn the most money, getting individuals to opt-in to a list is just as critical, as you can always promote to them later via your own email marketing.

Build your mailing list or the business dies Learn more:

Can you really use articles to build your list? Learn more

To begin building a mailing list, you’ll need to sign up for an autoresponder account. Aweber and GetResponse are the ones we endorse you can learn more about landing page and autoresponder reviews we have here. They are dependable autoresponder service, ensuring that your emails reach your subscribers. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial for Aweber hereand GetResponse here. When a reader sees that there is further content available on the subject, they will read those pieces as well, increasing their enthusiasm for the product you are promoting. See Here our top seven Email marketing software in 2022 (Reviewed and Rated) 

If you write quality articles, customers will assume you have valuable stuff to provide and will be more receptive to whatever items you propose.

This is the pinnacle of pre-selling. Many individuals despise giving their email address away immediately in order to obtain additional information; thus, provide it to them for free regularly and they will gradually WANT to give you their email address.

There is already an abundance of junk mail, and as a result, an increasing number of consumers desire something tangible instantly. They do not want to be inundated with garbage, therefore refrain from doing so. Follow my advice and earn money the proper way. Once your landing page>>> is complete, send your articles to Article directories MANUALLY. That is the extent to which we utilize article directories.

Step 5 – Double-check your keyword density

You should now have 150 articles written and submitted to the appropriate article directories. Now it’s time to monitor your progress. It’s critical to track your results so you can determine which keywords or articles are performing well for you and focus your efforts on those.

You can enter into your affiliate account to view tracking statistics for the various links you created in Step 3. If, after a few weeks, you discover that a particular product is performing really well, double your investment.

As previously said, create a second Ezine account and republish the identical articles under a new person’s name.

Additionally, look for additional keywords on which you might write articles.

Utilize it to the fullest.

We will be astonished if you do not see $100 or more per day in your affiliate account after four weeks. If you give it a try, this system WILL WORK. This is not another “technique,” this is THE key you’ve been looking for, a means to be lazy while earning money. Who wouldn’t want to live their lives in such a way?

Best wishes!

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Leave a comment: has article marketing worked for you, what will you like us to know.



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