Moosend Reviews: Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons in 2022

moosend review

Moosend is a cloud-based email marketing platform that includes marketing automations for managing numerous email campaigns, mailing lists, newsletters, and more. Moosend’s capabilities include marketing automations with good campaign features for small businesses.





  • Moosend is an email marketing platform that facilitates the successful execution of marketing campaigns for small enterprises.
  • Moosend is a good internet marketing solution when it omes to email marketing
  • Moosendprovides a generous 30-day free trial and gives exceptional value for the price. Everything is intuitive and simple to master.
  • Integrate your website for comprehensive campaign tracking. Determine how much money your email marketing initiatives generate!
  • The marketing automation and segmentation tools are extremely user-friendly. Workflow templates enable rapid automation configuration.
  • You receive superior service via a live chat help desk and a comprehensive knowledge base.
  • If you want a low-cost email marketing platform with robust automation, Moosend is for you. Today, give it a try.        

Moosend Review: Prosand Cons

ü User-friendly interface and functionality such as mailing lists, automation, and landing sites.

ü The reporting tools and analytics provide a comprehensive report on your campaigns, including every user action.

ü Automation workflows are superior than similarly-priced rivals in terms of effectiveness.

ü The free plan gives you access to the majority of the premium features.

ü On this platform, an unlimited number of custom data fields and segments may be built.

ü Everything is user-friendly.

ü Simple UI

Moosend Cons

ü Only 70 pre-designed email templates.

ü Moosend’s third-party integration is restricted compared to rivals such as ConvertKit, Constant Contact, etc.

ü Customer support for free plans is limited. (Only offered five days a week)

Pricing: Moosend comes with three plan

·        The Free Plan: For Just 30 days

·        The Pro Plan: starting with $9

·        The Enterprise Plan: A customizable plan upon request      

See their pricing page here >>>>    

How Convenient is it to use Moosend

Once you have registered and are ready to proceed, you will most likely see a dashboard. You must first provide your name and email address. Then you must hit the Yes button. You may already have an email address. To add another sender, click on add new sender and enter the sender’s name and email address. Additionally, you must validate this email address.

Moosend does not accept free email addresses and will only accept email addresses with a domain name. Therefore, it must be an email with your company’s or website’s branding.

Signing up for Moosend is simple. There is no need for a credit card. You must first complete a form about yourself and your business. After creating a Moosend account, a confirmation link must be clicked through email.

After verifying your email address, you may activate your account and select a sender email. It cannot be a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo account; instead, it must be an email address connected with your own domain name before you can begin constructing your mailing list.

To create a new mailing list, you must first give the list a name. If you have an existing list, you can simply import it. It may be imported using CSV or Excel, etc. If you do not have a list, you may also manually enter emails. However, it will be time-intensive. After creating a new email list and adding contacts to it. If you have any changes to make, you may modify the list’s settings. To welcome new subscribers, you may make a welcome email, thank you email, etc., add a thank you landing page for new subscribers, etc.

 Here is our overall Rating:



Ease of Use


Value for Money


Editor and templates




Email Marketing


Customer service


Total score

4.3 / 5

 Wealthonnet’s Verdict:Moosend is great for small web businesses seeking an economical yet effective email marketing solution. It’s a good bargain, it’s simple to use, and it offers some outstanding advanced features. Particularly in terms of online monitoring and automation.  


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moosend features

Review of the most essential email features of Moosend’s marketing software

Moosend use the same user-friendly editor for constructing emails, landing pages, and forms.

Choose from 71 pre-made email templates to get started with your campaign. The templates are neat and contemporary-looking.

Marketing Automation:versatile automation possibilities supported by an outstanding workflow editor.

Automated Workflow Templates:Designed to facilitate the rapid creation of email automations.

A/B Testing:Create campaigns with distinct content and evaluate their performance.

Integrations: Integrate your Moosend account with 38 external services. Or, use Zapier to synchronize with all of your CRM, eCommerce, and lead generating tools.

Prefabricated blocks pull product listings from your online shop into your emails.

Web Tracking:Syncing your website enables in-depth tracking of subscriber journeys. This includes tracking the number of sales generated by your promotions.

When you initially join up with Moosend, you are guided through the account creation process through a wizard.

The initial step is to link your website. What does this mean? Moosend can monitor website activity. You can trace a customer’s movement across your site, conversions, sales. You can calculate how much revenue your email marketing initiatives generate.

This raises the bar for Moosend’s automation, segmentation, and reporting capabilities. You may now segment based on client behavior. Tag, for instance, anybody who visits a product. Or utilize the number of times they’ve viewed your website as a lead score. Create groups of contacts who are likely to purchase, and then send them specialized follow-up efforts.

With Moosend’s marketing automation, send product suggestions and special offers. Or pursue abandoned shopping carts. 

Moosend Review: Email Marketing Editor

Step one for Moosend is to establish a fresh email campaign

Moosend provides extensive assistance for delivering your first email blast. A Campaign Creation Wizard walks you through the whole procedure.

There are five campaign features available for selection:

·        Regular Campaign

·        A/B Test Split Campaign

·        Recurring HTML Campaign

·        RSS Campaign

·        Automation Effort 

The Regular Campaign optionis the default for ordinary newsletters and promotional emails. I’ll discuss automations a bit later.

Recurring HTML and RSS Campaigns generate email blasts from pre-existing web material. RSS is a sort of feed commonly seen on blog and news websites. If you attach this feed to a campaign, you may transform updates into a newsletter automatically. The HTML option is nice since it allows you to accomplish the same thing for non-RSS pages.

Moosend enables you to do A/B tests on three distinct aspects of an email marketing campaign:

·        Sender name.

·        Subject heading

·        Email content

Email content is the focus of this section. To compare, you may build two distinct versions of the same campaign. Different designs, text, graphics, and call-to-action buttons. All of these factors can impact the performance of an email blast.

Additionally, Moosend offers a technology known as a real-time tailored topic line booster. It suggests subject lines for campaigns to improve deliverability and open rates. The wonderful part is that the ideas improve as you send more campaigns.


Moosend email spam test

The Spam Test tool is top notch. Before sending a campaign, you may conduct a test to determine its effectiveness against spam filters. The exam provides a percentage score. 100 percent signifies you’ve done everything correctly to get in the inbox, while 0% suggests you’re destined for the trash!

Moosend Email Templates

Moosend includes 71 pre-designed email templates. It seems as though there are nearly as many categories. This is not really helpful for locating the appropriate template design for the intended purpose. However, you may construct a library of your favorite templates and preserve modified templates.

I would say that Moosend’s template designs are clean and professional, but not particularly imaginative. I’ve seen better, but I’ve seen worse, too.

Additionally, you may import your own templates. There are three alternatives :

·        Import a template using a link from an internet source.

·        Paste in the HTML code to import a template from an internet source.

·        Upload a template from your local machine.

Using Moosend’s Email Editor, you may build your own templates from start.

Moosend, like the majority of email marketing software, includes a drag-and-drop email editor. I like the design of the Moosend edition. It is highly visual, with an abundance of color and navigational elements. Overall, I found it to be quite simple to use.

Options for editing are divided into three categories:

·        Structure (to edit the layout)

·        Elements (the content building blocks of your email)

·        Settings (customize how each element acts)

You may add unique layouts column by column. This entails the addition of up to four columns. Thus, the layout is highly adaptable. Additionally, there are predefined layouts for items and more if you operate an eCommerce business.

Helper Gridis an additional layout tool that makes moosend uniquue. This indicates where to drag design items into your layout. After selecting a structure, the items that may be added to that row are displayed. This helped me visualize my idea while I was constructing it and sped up the process somewhat. 

Moosend links to the image resource Unsplash for images. This provides access to thousands of free photos. Additionally, photographs from Giphy, Facebook, and Instagram may be uploaded. Or you may access Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox directly.

Text Box:Use it for both headers and paragraphs as necessary.

Buttons:Format URLs into aesthetically pleasing icons.

Articles containing pre-formatted blocks for pairing text with a picture.

Social Share:Buttons that allow contacts to share your email on social networks.

Social Follow:Buttons that allow contacts to adhere to your social profiles.

Spacer:For adjusting layouts by adding padding between items.

If you can code, you can create your own HTML components here.

Countdown Timer is ideal for distributing time-sensitive special offers.

This element imports product listings straight into an email message if you own an eCommerce business.  


Integration of Moosend’s image library 

 There are several aesthetic customization choices available for each aspect. These are listed under Settings in the main left-hand menu of the editor.

Utilize Personalization Tags to customize the content of your emails.

Personalization Tags are used to incorporate any form of merging field in Moosend. They function similarly to other email apps. Insert the merge tag from the drop-down menu, and Moosend will update it while sending with the correct data for each subscriber.

Provide each subscriber with the ideal newsletter by utilizing dynamic content.

This is termed Conditional visibility by Moosend. Click the cog located on the right side of each block and scroll down. You may pick a custom field, a match type, and a value there. The dynamic material will be shown based on your configurations.

Integrate the appropriate Products into your emails using Product blocks.

There are dynamic block presets for abandoned shopping carts, product suggestions, and abandoned browsing sessions. Choose one, and it will include dynamic information. This is represented by the surrounding red frame when hovering. Note that these blocks require website tracking to function.

You may also deliver unique dynamic graphics to each subscriber.

Create a custom field with subscriber-specific data. To display a unique picture for each contact, copy and paste the image URL into the custom field’s value. Then, add an HTML block to your email and include the field as the picture source at the correct location. It is not the most convenient, but it does its purpose.

If you construct a block that you find particularly useful, you may clone it and store it. This is excellent for creating banners, headers, and footers. Once they have been saved, you may reuse them for future email marketing campaigns. 

Moosend Automation Functionality

moosend review

Moosend’s marketing automation capabilities are exceptional. It strikes a balance between being straightforward and elegant. This makes it equally appealing to marketing novices and experts.

The workflow editorcontributes significantly to Moosend’s marketing automation excellence. Like the email editor, it is well-designed, visually appealing, and straightforward. I loved working with this editor for automated processes due in part to its aesthetic appeal. But also because it works so nicely.

Every process you create includes a summary that describes its purpose. This is followed by a list of task suggestions. These guide you through the process of preparing your automation for live use. If you’re new to marketing automation, this is a terrific resource for you.

Moosend examines the visual automation builder’s hues.

I appreciate how the various automated processes and actions are color-coded for easy identification.

The trigger is the initial action that initiates an automation’s execution. For instance, the trigger may be the starting of a campaign or the clicking of a certain link.

Mossend workflow automation triggers

Moosend offers 32 distinct automation triggers. That is far more than the majority of competing email marketing providers I’ve used. However, you may also activate an automation using custom fields, events, and tags. Additionally, you can add multiple triggers to the same workflow. Thus, the options are limitless.

Numerous triggers rely on online tracking. This is an extremely effective marketing tool that relates automations to subscriber behavior. For example, send tailored emails depending on the web sites that individuals view.

Filtersare a kind of condition, or what Moosend refers to as a Control Step. If the condition is fulfilled, the workflow proceeds in one direction (the Yes path). Otherwise, it continues along another (the No path). There are three sorts of filters in Moosend:

Moosend email workflow automation control steps

Standard if/then statements. Conditions in Moosend are quite adaptable. You may filter using thirty distinct criteria. These include subscriber information, behavior, and the type of device and browser being used. Additionally, you may customize the values for many of the requirements. And several criteria can be added to a single filter. Consequently, the choices are limitless.

Filter by weather conditions at the location of the contact

Divided FlowThis divides your subscribers at random by the ratio you provide. One group follows one road, while the other follows another.

Moose examine split flow graphic workflow builder

Split flow functions similarly to an A/B test. Therefore, if a contact meets a given requirement, you may divide the answer to see which yields the best results. Delay the subsequent action by a varied length of time for two groups and determine which method is more effective.

Greenindicates that a condition has been satisfied, whereas red indicates that the requirement has not been met.

Yellowmeans “wait” Waiting is an additional sort of control step. It establishes a delay before your selected action is executed. You can wait for a certain amount of time or choose a specific day and time.

Bluefor action: Actions are the responses to the triggers and conditions. There are 11 possible actions. 

Moosend automation workflow activities email service provider review

The activities encompass sending out a communication, list management or altering contact data. You can also initiate another automation.

For example, you may create a requirement for starting a particular amount of campaigns. Anyone who travels down the ‘No’ road then receives a re-engagement campaign. 

Save time with workflow automation templates

All automation workflows you design may be stored as templates to use again. Moosend calls workflow templates ‘recipes’. You need not even make your own. There are 18 premade recipes to choose from.

Each recipe is a comprehensive, purpose-built marketing automation sequence. Examples include:

·        Send emails on birthdays and anniversaries.

·        Email greetings for new subscribers

·        Customer reengagement, such as when a customer abandons a shopping cart or has not opened a campaign in a while.

·        Survey emails

·        E-commerce funnels, such as up-sell/cross-sell or reminders of special offers.

·        Behaviorally-driven automations. These are triggered by online tracking and contact data.

·        Longer automated processes for items such as customer loyalty and onboarding.

·        Similar to the workflow editor, Moosend’s marketing automation recipes are beginner-friendly. However, they are also strong enough for seasoned marketing professionals. Each recipe is completely adaptable.  

Some of the recipes are ingenious and smart, particularly with regard to maximizing internet sales. My favorite examples are dishes dependent on the weather. There is one for retention, another for upselling, and a third for cross-selling. Both utilize real-time location data to determine the weather at a contact’s location. Then provide product recommendations.

This allows you to prevent beginner errors such as advertising swimsuits while it is pouring. However, if your data indicates that weather influences sales in any way, you may utilize this information to tailor your marketing. 


Moosend Landing Pages & Forms Builders

moosend review

In Moosend, making a landing page is very comparable to writing an email. The template designs correspond to the email designs, and the landing page editor appears and functions identically. I like that. In many email marketing providers, the email editors and landing page editors are entirely separate applications.

The method of Moosend is ideal for consistency. Once you have mastered email design, you can also create landing pages.

There are 38 landing page templates available, or you may build your own from start. As with the email editor, I appreciated the clarity and visual nature of the landing page builder. And I appreciate the adaptable layouts.

I also appreciate that photographs may be resized after being posted. In the majority of email marketing software, the picture size must be specified before it can be uploaded. This might make it tough to coordinate your page’s elements.

I discovered a few minor issues with the landing page editor. I observed part of the text is improperly wrapped. If you reach the end of a line in the middle of a word, it will clip the word and go to the next line. And I was unable to find a means to modify the layout after establishing a framework and adding information. Therefore, if I wanted to shift from one column to two, I would have to begin a new row.

However, they are minor issues with an otherwise superb landing page builder.

Once your landing page has been constructed, you may perform the following:

·        Share it on Twitter and Facebook. This is great if you have a form on your page and want to encourage more social signups.

·        Adjust tracking. You may track link clicks to determine how many individuals submit forms. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel may be connected for more advanced tracking.

·        Select a publication method. You have the option of publishing your page on the Moosend domain or hosting it directly on your own domain or WordPress site.

If you choose to include a registration form on your landing page, it will display as an in-line form as a page element. Alternately, you may design independent subscription forms to be added to other pages. This significantly expands your selection of form types:

·        Quick-appearing shapes

·        On-screen shapes

·        A float bar is formed. These hover discretely at the website’s top or bottom while visitors navigate down the page.

·        Floating boxes exist. These remain visible while the user scrolls.

·        Full-display forms. These fill an entire page. 

As with emails and landing pages, Moosend’s editor for creating forms is identical to those used for emails and landing pages. In addition, the templates have a similar aesthetic with the email and landing page designs. I appreciate the constancy. By the time I began experimenting with the registration form builder, I already felt like a competent user. There are a total of eleven form templates, each titled after a great song if you’re like that sort of thing.

Every signup form template includes an email address box by default. To add additional data fields, click Edit Custom Fields. This allows you to collect any information you choose, including the creation of custom data fields.

Moosend Email List Management

There are several possibilities for maintaining subscriber lists inside Moosend. To begin, you can build as many lists as you like. One for every signup form, if you like.

Data privacy is something I usually consider while evaluating list management alternatives. You cannot be too careful with the collection and use of personal information these days. Moosend takes the matter seriously.

Moosend suggests utilizing a double opt-in. A double opt-in entails sending a confirmation email to individuals who sign up for a form on your website. It’s a means of confirming that they wish to receive your emails. This ensures that your campaigns comply with the GDPR. 

Moosend examines opt-in list choices

I also appreciated the presence of a suppression list. A suppression list consists of all contacts who should no longer receive your emails. This might be the result of a hard bounce (your emails not being delivered) or a complaint about your emails.

A suppression list makes it simple to ensure that unintended recipients do not get your emails. Sending emails to those who have requested not to receive them is an example of a privacy violation. With a suppression list, all that is required is to add a contact to it. All further marketing efforts will be banned.

Email segmentation

The finest element of Moosend’s list management capabilities, however, is its segmentation. The possibilities for filtering your contacts are virtually limitless.

There are nine premade segment templates for you to use as a starting point. However, it is simple to construct your own from scratch. There are 33 filtering criteria available. This includes the use of custom fields and tags that you define for your contacts. Since custom fields and tags may be anything, there are no restrictions on what can be segmented.

For even greater versatility, you may filter by several criteria simultaneously.

Moose examine segmentation criteria filter options

The preset filters include basic contact information such as name, location, and date added, among others. At the most sophisticated level, you may filter by contact activities using web tracking.

This elevates Moosend’s segmentation, in my opinion. This is one of the most prominent reasons why Moosend is ideal for small enterprises and online merchants.

You may filter contacts based on particular links they’ve clicked or the total number of links they’ve clicked. If you operate an online store, you may additionally categorize customers based on the goods they’ve viewed or their typical expenditure. 

Analytics and Reporting

Knowing the performance of your email marketing allows you to continually make adjustments. Moosend provides a comprehensive analysis of one-off and recurring campaigns. The choices are:

·        Performance review: The fundamentals of email marketing performance reporting. Includes open, click, and unsubscribe rates.

·        Track Recipient activities: This allows you to determine how your subscribers reacted to your promotion. Who opened the email, who clicked on a link, who unsubscribed, etc.

·        Track link clicks: This provides you with a “click map” indicating which links in your email were utilized and how often.

·        A breakdown of the devices, email clients, browsers, and operating systems used by your subscribers. This is handy for identifying email clients that mark your campaigns as spam.

·        Activity monitoring by location: I adore the dynamic map! Simply hovering over a nation displays essential campaign performance statistics for that place.

Additionally, Moosend provides open, click, and unsubscribe rates for your automated campaigns. In addition, the platform displays how many subscribers initiated an automation and how they responded to your communications.

For subscription forms, you receive statistics on the number of visitors and the conversion rate. In addition to revealing the number of visitors and page views, landing page reports also include the amount of conversions. The conversion rate is the proportion of visitors who have clicked on a link or submitted a form.

If website tracking is enabled, Moosend analytics truly shine. This may be accomplished in two ways. Moosend may be linked to a Google Analytics account. This will allow you to determine how much website traffic your campaigns generate. Alternatively, you may add Moosend’s tracking code on your website. This provides thorough subscriber behavior reporting. It can tell you, for instance, what customers ordered, how much they spent, whether they abandoned their shopping cart, etc. 

Moosend Review: Moosend Integrations

moosend review

Moosend offers 38 direct interfaces with external services. The native connectors of Moosend include CRM, list validation, and lead generating systems. It also integrates with eCommerce platforms such as Woocommerce and Magento. When you configure these connectors, you may include product listings in your emails and automate upsells.

Use Shopify or an other eCommerce platform not listed? Remember that you must connect your website to your Moosend account during account creation. Regardless of the type of website, including eCommerce, you may measure visitors and sales.

Moosend allows you connect to Zapier. Zapier is a platform for integration that synchronizes with thousands of online services. If you have a Shopify store, you can thus connect via Zapier. The same holds true for every software service you employ.

Support for Customers 

Moosend offers two customer assistance options: live chat and a self-serve knowledge base.

There is a chat widget on each page. Therefore, if you ever encounter an issue, you may click and get assistance immediately. I utilized the live chat option many times. I was quite delighted by the promptness of the response. An representative provided me with straightforward answers to my questions. In addition, they directed me to publications in the knowledge base if I desired to learn more.

There are also video lessons available to assist you become proficient with the platform. The majority of these demonstrate how to implement tracking on an eCommerce website using the Moosend tracking code. 

Plans and Pricing 

Regarding the quality of its marketing tools, Moosend is an excellent value. Pricing begins at a ridiculously low $7 a month for 500 contacts if you pay for an entire year in advance. This is the lowest pricing I am aware of for a tool in this category for email marketing.

I really love Moosend’s straightforward price structure. Pro is the only premium package available. For a single fee, you have access to all features. The cost increases as the number of contacts increases.

A custom-priced Enterprise package is the only alternative choice. This is for larger organizations seeking a dedicated account manager and other advantages. There is no Free plan available. However, you may test the site for free for thirty days prior to having to pay.

Moosend has graciously granted our readers an additional 10 percent off. This is in addition to the 20% discount for annual payment. Senders with 100,000 or more contacts receive additional goodies. (Cup of coffee or T-shirt) Register here today.  


Moosend Alternatives:

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Moosend Help Center / Frequently Asked Questions 

The information base of Moosend is vast. There is a type of contents page titled New Platform – FAQs. This page has thirteen distinct types of articles. The categories correspond to important aspects of the service, such as Audience, Campaigns, Growth Tools, and Automation. Approximately half of the categories have more than 100 items. That is a great deal of information

What exactly is Moosend?

In 2011, Moosend, an email marketing platform, was introduced. It is a provider of email marketing services and a landing page builder. It has just undergone a major redesign and launch. Moosend is attempting to provide a cost-effective email marketing solution so that you may get started on a limited budget and yet get the desired outcomes. There is a free version of this program that has several functions. This is a program that allows non-technical users to create email designs and campaigns. In this evaluation of Moosend, I examined all of its features, pros and cons, pricing, etc.

How excellent is Moosend?

Moosend is one of the most effective email marketing solutions for small companies. Moosend’s automated workflow is superior than those of its competitors. The price is less than that of competitors. It also has capabilities such as Segmentation, Analytics & Reporting, and Integration, among others. It is an extremely user-friendly email marketing tool.

Is Moosend user-friendly?

Yes. Compared to its competitors, Moosend offers a user-friendly UI. Various functions, such as a website builder, email marketing automation, integration, etc., are simple to use. Also available is software for managing email campaigns, mailing lists, etc.

What is the purpose of Moosend?

Moosend is an email marketing tool for affiliates that automates monotonous chores. Therefore, marketers will focus in consumer connection building. It is also used for marketing automation, the construction of campaigns and websites, etc.


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