How I Have Been Earning Bitcoin on Timebucks Doing Simple Tasks

The very fact that Timebucks pays in Bitcoin by doing simple tasks like surveys, ads clicking, playing games, watching videos, sharing links, and completing various offers makes it worthwhile. The Bitcoin you earn today is of course going to be worth more than you can imagine tomorrow. 

It also pays in dollars. But as a person I prefer receiving payments in Bitcoin. Check payment proofs below. 


About Timebucks:

Timebucks is a great website that pay you free Bitcoin for each survey you complete. If you’re looking to earn free Bitcoin fast, then Timebucks is your best bet. 

Timebucks is one of the many free “Get-Paid-to” websites you can join to make some extra cash, fast.

Unlike other companies, Timebucks actually pays in cash (and Bitcoin!) rather than gift cards or points.

Plus, you don’t really need any complicated skills or knowledge in order to start earning.

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Wondering if Timebucks is actually worth your time?

I tried Timebucks for you and I am going to cover everything you need to know about Timebucks, and simple ways to make money from home.

Timebucks is a reward site that pay you real cash and free Bitcoin for performing different tasks online: taking surveys, posting on social media, watching videos, clicking ads, installing free apps, surfing the webs, playing games, and more!

What’s particularly great about Timebucks is that it pays cash (and Bitcoin), not points, not gift cards. You get money straight into your account.

Time bucks


Plus, you don’t really need any complicated skills in order to start. Besides paid surveys, they also offer many other Bitcoin earning opportunities such as getting paid to…

  • Post or follow people on TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms
  • Play games
  • Install free apps
  • Watch online videos
  • Complete Captchas
  • Signup to different websites
  • Click small ads
  • and more!

 Visit the site to learn more below


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Timebucks Referral Program:

Timebucks has a multi-leveled referral program. So you’ll earn commission on everyone you invite, and the people who get referred by the people you invite too!

Sign for free as a member of Timebucks, hover over the Earnings tab and click on Referral Earnings. From here you can get your referral link and track all your earnings. 

Know someone who like earning real cash by doing simple tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, and playing games? Refer them to Timebucks and make money in the process!


Program Benefits:

  • Lifetime Commission
  • Average commission: Earn 15% commission on users earnings
  • Minimum Payout threshold: $10 
  • Payout frequency: Weekly
  • Payment: Commissions (USD) are sent to your Timebucks account


Sign Up as a Timebucks Affiliate Today!

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Premium Account 


By upgrading to Premium, you will increase your earnings on TimeBucks by 25%! For just $4.95 per week, any task you do will earn 25% more. That means, if you do a task that usually pays $1, you will get $1.25 for it! This only increases normal task earnings by 25% and excludes referral earnings and bonuses. It will not increase your current existing wallet amount by 25%, only new tasks you perform after you become premium. Excludes offers with rates of $0.001 and is rounded to the nearest decimal based on 3 decimals.

Conclusion, timebucks actually worth the time as people are making money on it and you can equally replicate it at your leisure time. With time bucks there’s no wasting of time, you earn on the go, and you cash out weekly. 

Visit the site to learn more below


Once you’ve registered above, hit me up here on whatsapp, and I will show the secret with which I doubled up my timebucks earnings by 50%, (like earning upto $25 weekly) 

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