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Membership Site
Membership site

What Are Membership Sites: With the Best 4 Membership Sites Review

Membership sites can earn Internet marketers even more money.

There are numerous ways to generate income with an online business. Most people who are just starting out either advertise affiliate products or create their own.

This product is frequently an e-book for many. It is possible to earn a substantial amount of money by selling e-books, but this is only one method. Another alternative is to create a membership website.

The two are not necessarily incompatible. In fact, a successful internet business sells a variety of things in order to generate cash from multiple sources. The important point is that a membership website can significantly increase your income.

When consumers purchase an e-book, you will likely receive no further compensation from that sale. Depending on the type of payment schedule you choose for a membership site, the customer will pay you more than once.

Are you already excited? After finishing this report, you will have all the resources necessary to launch your own membership site.


A membership site is a website to which only its members have access. There are free websites that require a username and password that do not demand payment. The only thing they share in common is their exclusivity. Not everyone has access to the information. You must be exceptional in some way, either by paying a fee or acquiring the proper access credentials.

In addition to having both free and paid member sites, they can also take the shape of a blog or a forum. Your format selection will rely on your requirements.


If you want to enhance your revenues, it is a good idea to create a membership website. Here are the advantages of owning one.

Dominantly dominate rivals in your niche: If you have a membership site, you will stand out from those who offer nothing but a number of e-books to their customers.

Generate more revenue from your list: You may have heard the expression “the money’s in the list.” And you’ll want to earn as much money as possible from your list members. A membership website is ideal for this purpose.

Enhance customer retention: If your website has excellent content and you swiftly answer to all inquiries, a membership site will improve consumer loyalty significantly more than selling individual things. This is because the client will perceive you as more approachable.

Promotes a feeling of community: Membership websites with a forum foster a sense of community. Therefore, not only do members connect with you, but they can also interact with one another. This is a good selling point and a benefit for the website’s owner, since it is an additional factor that will help to improve consumer loyalty.

Excellent technique to create a list: If you wish to create a free membership site or offer free elements of your membership site, this might be an excellent approach to expand your email list.

Establish passive income: Although internet marketing is a rewarding profession, the pay might be rather inconsistent. A membership website is an excellent way to not only earn more money, but also to make the money you do earn much more stable.

They do not have to be complex: Many individuals believe that membership websites are complex. Perhaps not necessarily. There are numerous simple possibilities, such as autoresponder-delivered exclusive content.

Let’s examine the math. Suppose you have a membership site with niche-specific unique content. If you charge $19.95 a month and have 100 subscribers, that equates to nearly $2,000 in profit, and all you had to do to generate it was update the site’s content and ensure it’s functioning properly.


When a member makes a payment, they are granted access to the site. Due to the variety of available formats, however, the technical challenges of establishing and maintaining a membership site will vary. You can take the easy route and configure it with an autoresponder. Alternatively, you can have a website with various bells and whistles, such as a forum, blog, videos, and additional information.

You must evaluate your customer base and determine what they will desire. For instance, if you are in the health and fitness sector and have a weight loss membership site, your consumers may demand different tools than if you had a blogging membership site.

If you decide to start up a free membership site, all your members will need is the correct membership information.


You may have questions regarding the technical aspects of creating a membership website. How exactly do you proceed? However, there are numerous alternatives. Here are some technologies to take into account:

• PHP membership website. If you are familiar with PHP, you are aware that you can configure the website to require a username and password. When customers pay you, they will receive the login details.

Website with autoresponder functionality.The customer’s information will be put to the autoresponder once payment has been received. Their content will be emailed to them.

Utilize a membership creator bundle. There are software programs available that can help you construct a membership website. You may want to inquire as to which are the best.

You can always outsource if you lack the technical abilities or time to tackle technical concerns. OR BETTER STILL, PURHASE AN EXISITING ONE HERE.

Let Us examine the 4 Best Membership Sites Platforms/builders in 2022

There are numerous membership site builders online as of today, however, the following are some of the best. Because they meet the following criteria:

Contact segmentation: Your selected platform should allow you to separate your contacts into members and non-members and provide further segmentation options as needed.

Content restrictionis vital for the success of any membership business. It will distinguish website visitors from members. A membership platform should allow you to selectively restrict access to content depending on membership status.

User and member pages:Your platform should provide the creation of membership-related pages and forms.

The following are desirable but optional features:

Whether it’s used to send welcome or renewal emails, an automated workflow function may save you time.

Payment provider integrations:If your membership is free, you may not require this integration. If so, this is a vital skill to possess.

Engagement analyticsmay not be necessary if you are already measuring engagement with a service like Google Analytics. However, other membership platforms provide even more specific data.

If you use an out-of-the-box solutionsuch as Subhub or CMS Hub, you will not require third-party connectors. But if you use a plugin or extension, it should connect effortlessly with your other marketing tools. MemberPress, a plugin for WordPress, connects with Zapier so that you may connect it to other applications.

If you provide several membership levels, you’ll need a plugin or platform that supports many levels and pricing points.

I have ranked and done an in-depth review of the 6 best membership side builders here>>>  but for the sake of this post I will do a concise summary of the best four membership site builders here.

What are these Membership Site Builders

Our Top Pick:.

·        Wild Apricot: Overall Best

·        Kajabi: Best for promoting your site.

·        Memberpress: Best for turning WordPress site into a membership site

·        CMS Hub: Best for organizations and small and mid-sized businesses 


Wild Apricot is a powerful membership management system that incorporates a website builder among its many software features. This means that your website is linked to your membership database and email system, allowing you to easily track and communicate with members.

If you already have a website, you may use widgets to add membership-specific functionality. You may continue to utilize your existing platform, but with the added benefit of membership management.

• Use a drag-and-drop editor to easily customize your website. The interface is similar to that of Microsoft Word, allowing people without much web design skills to make changes.

• Use blogs and forums to interact with your community. Update your website with news items and other multimedia updates to keep members up to speed on current happenings. Create member-only or board-only areas to encourage private conversations.

 The following are some of the important characteristics:

• Event management skills.

• Database modifications are performed automatically in real time.

• Set up recurring membership fees.

• Add an event calendar to your website. Among many other features


Price chart


Go To Wild Apricot.>>>          Start Your Free Trial >>>


Kajabi is a comprehensive online business platform that enables you to create online courses, coaching websites, and membership sites.

It offers pre-designed, editable templates as well as a drag-and-drop interface for constructing membership sites without prior coding knowledge.

In addition, templates for generating landing pages and email marketing campaigns to promote your membership site and courses are provided. It allows you to send out one-time email blasts, automated multi-touch sequences based on customer behavior, event notifications, and so forth.

Kajabi users have access to:

·        Members get access to a private online common place.

·        User predicting and tracking member advancement

·        CRM integration for tracking, segmenting, and filtering members.

·        Kajabi’s integrated checkout system allows members to access content that is behind a paywall.

·        Kajabi provides promotional coupons via which customers may earn points.

·        Create polls and quizzes.

·        Editor of sales pages

·        Video hosting and content delivery

·        At least ten pre-designed product themes. Among many others.


Visit Kajabi >>>                  Start Free Trial >>>


MemberPress is a popular plugin for establishing a membership site. This plugin gives you total control over the permissions granted to each member. A user who has subscribed for a full year, for example, has access to more gated material than someone who has only a one-month membership.

Depending on a user’s membership status, MemberPress allows you to provide (or refuse) access to your posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, and digital assets.

In addition to a wide range of user flow options

MemberPress gives you the ability to choose what stuff to sell, how to sell it, and at what price.

You are free to utilize any theme with MemberPress, even if it is not available from StudioPress. You may use this tool to adapt your content to the preferences of your intended audience.

MemberPress is easily integrated with Easy Affiliate, which benefits small business owners’ profits.



Visit Memberpress >>>             Get Started >>>>


4.    CMS Hub

CMS Hub is a one-of-a-kind content management system that works in tandem with HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and support tools, as well as CRM. You may use CMS Hub and HubSpot lists to restrict access to a section of your website to specific groups.

Making use of HubSpot

HubSpot has a chat feature that allows the teacher to freely engage and converse with the student in order to enhance information exchange.

You may customize HubSpot’s email to send to all of your students at the same time, reducing time and improving communication dependability.

Additional HubSpot functions

·        HubSpot’s paid Ad tracking tool allows you to promote your content through social media, Facebook, and Google Ads, making your performance more digestible.

·        Hubspot offers an integration tool that allows users to join several accounts across various social media networks in order to more easily compose and alter messages.

·        HubSpot simplifies reporting for reports on your purchase cycle and interactions, which are enabled on the same platform.


hubspot Pricing

Pricing: CMS Hub is offered in three tiers:

·        Starter ($45 per month),

·        Professional ($800 per month) and

·        Enterprise ($,200 per month)

·       Visit Hubspot For More Info >>>    

Click here to read the in-depth review: features, rating, ranking, pros and cons and pricing here>>>


You must first determine whether you will create a free membership site or a paid membership site. There are merits to both positions.

Benefits of a Free Membership Site

• It can help you build a mailing list

• It can entice users to upgrade to a paid membership

• It can safeguard your sensitive content

• It can foster a sense of community among members

Benefits of a premium membership site

• Make more money with internet marketing

• Develop a loyal client base

• Have a consistent passive revenue stream

• Foster a sense of community among members

These lists are in no way exhaustive. However, the list is useful for determining whether or not to accept their money. Remember that a single membership website may have both a free and a paid edition. The free version can be used to build your email list and to entice users to upgrade to a paid membership.


At some point, you will need to determine the type of content you will provide to members of the membership website. You can essentially do whatever you want, but your decisions must strike a balance between keeping your clients happy and making your life too difficult.


If you have ever been a member of a membership site, you likely know what to expect. You may wish to become a member of one or two sites to gain an understanding of how they operate. Therefore, below is a summary of some of the content kinds you can include on it.

| Articles

• Blog Entries

• Downloads (software, eBooks, Special Reports, etc.)

• Forum Entries

• Videos

Remember that the most complex membership site is not necessarily the best. As long as your material gives value to your clients, simplicity and consistency will still result in their satisfaction.


Before you begin developing your membership website, you must consider the type of content you wish to provide. You can make things as basic or as complicated as you choose. In reality, there are so many options for website content that it might be daunting. Consider these recommendations while making a decision.

Understand Your Customers

Consider the niche market that your membership site will serve. Learn about your customers and their desires. If you’ve been selling things in your niche already, consider what has succeeded and what hasn’t. The more your understanding of your future clients, the simpler it will be to present them with relevant content.

What type of content is typical in your market?

Consider the type of material that is prevalent in your niche as a second approach to the content problem. For example, if a lot of individuals seem to be selling videos and eBooks, you may want to supply your consumers the same thing. Or else. It will rely on whether or not your product will bring value to the market and win over customers.


As stated before in this article, there are a variety of membership website types that can be created. Some are tough to make, while others are straightforward. But how can you choose which type is best for your site?

There are multiple approaches to reach a conclusion. • How much effort you are willing to invest in constructing the website.

• Whether you desire a simple format or one with several bells and whistles.

• How much time you intend to spend updating and producing material for the website.

• Whether or not you wish to establish a community environment.

• Whether you wish to outsource the website’s setup or have the abilities to handle it yourself.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it can serve as a starting point as you consider which website elements to include. Here is a brief outline of the various sorts of membership sites available online.

• Website with autoresponder functionality Just collect the fees and send the content via email. This is the simplest to execute.

• Standard webpage You can configure your membership site as you would a standard website. The only distinction is that a login is necessary. These websites may contain articles, forums, blogs, etc. Everything will rely on what is appropriate for the niche.

You will be more effective if you consider these considerations in light of the topic of your membership website.

Examine Your Competitors

Before you begin constructing your membership website, you must investigate the competitors. If you fail to do so, it may be tough to attract users to your website. Examine your direct competitors initially. These are the individuals who have a membership site on a similar topic to yours.

To begin, you will need to seek out membership sites in your niche. If none exist, this could indicate one of two things: either there is a need for your membership site, or people in your niche are unwilling to pay for a membership. Consider that a competent marketer can convince people to pay for a membership, thus the second situation may not even be a concern.

Assuming there is at least one membership site relevant to your niche, signing up for a membership is a solid starting step. Observe subsequently the following:

• The website’s layout. Is it simple to use?

• How much the membership costs and the many pricing choices available.

• If a community exists, do individuals readily participate?

• Determine if the website is missing something that you believe the members require. This may include data, movies, a forum, a blog, etc. Provide it for them yourself.

• Give careful consideration to what will set you apart from the competitors.

There are a variety of options available for distinguishing yourself. Here’s a list of concepts. Remember that you can always expand upon these concepts. You may also select a single strategy from the list or employ a combination of these methods.

Undervaluing Lower your prices than your competitors. This will attract individuals who desire the content but are unwilling to pay for it.

Superior quality Create a reputation for your website as being of higher quality. You can accomplish this by obtaining stellar testimonials from customers.

Modify your specialty For instance, if your niche is weight loss, you may wish to change it significantly in order to target an even more specific segment of the market. A modified niche for weight loss might be “weight loss for women.”

Spend as much time as necessary analyzing your competition, since it will be time well spent. Your research can assist you in developing a concept with a bigger profit potential.

If you disregard this section as unnecessary, your website may not be as successful as you desire. Yes, it is possible to attain success if this phase is skipped. However, it may not be worthwhile to take that risk.

Establish a pricing schedule

In addition to determining the site’s pricing structure, you will need to make a number of crucial decisions. You may choose to make it free, but you should only do so for a specific reason, such as establishing your email list or generating interest in the paid membership.

In general, you should set a price that your future clients are willing to spend. Sometimes it’s difficult to estimate until you set a price and observe the results. People may suspect that the content is lacking if it is too low. Depending on the niche, it may be difficult to attract people to sign up if the price is too high.

Choose a price that you believe is reasonable and then wait at least one month. If membership falls short of your expectations, adjust it accordingly.

There are also several options for determining when customers are billed for the website. Here are your options:

• One-time charge On such a website, users simply pay once. The membership could expire after a certain period of time, as is common with courses and limited content.

• Permanent membership This is a variant of the flat rate. The difference is that your membership will never expire, and you will have access to the site for as long as it exists.

• Charge monthly fees This is likely the most prevalent. A monthly membership fee also provides a reliable source of money each month, assuming a consistent pace of enrollment.

• Annual rate Some membership sites assess an annual fee. This is a good idea if you don’t know when you’ll update the site’s content or if the site is well-established and simple to manages.

Remember that you can provide your consumers with a variety of membership alternatives. Some websites, for instance, charge both a monthly and an annual fee. If you have the cash on hand, the annual rate is typically a better deal if you do the arithmetic.

How much can you earn in reality?

After deciding on a pricing structure, the following step is to run the figures. Determine the precise number of signups required to reach your financial objectives. For instance, if you intend to charge $19.95 per month and want to earn approximately $2,000, you will need to attract approximately 100 subscribers. If you wish to charge approximately $10 per month, you will need 200 customers, etc.

In the beginning, it will be easier to keep track if you choose and stick to a single pricing structure. Choose a monthly or an annual payment structure. Once your website is more established, you will have greater price flexibility.


After launching the website and determining a pricing structure, the following step is to encourage individuals to sign up. This may be accomplished in a number of ways, and it is advisable to employ all of them to maximize your registration rate.

Promote to your list: If you have a mailing list, hopefully your customers are accustomed to purchasing from you. This is because the list is a highly effective tool for selling your own products.

Develop a list: If you do not already have a list, you should create one. By signing up for the mailing list, you can provide a free trial subscription to the website. Or, you can give away something different, such as a niche-specific ebook.

Product page: You must develop a sales page (also known as a landing page) to which you can route traffic. If the sales page is highly effective, all that is required to increase signups is to drive more traffic to it. To assess its effectiveness, it must be tested.

Publicize the sales page: This may sound apparent, but once the sales page is live, you will need to promote it by every way possible. You can include a link on your blog or website, utilize social networking, write articles, make HubPages, etc. Utilize the same methods you would use to promote a conventional website.

Establish an associate program: This one is a lot of fun. Once the affiliate program is operational, just launch an affiliate program. This means that other individuals will promote your landing page to their lists, so expanding your audience. Although it will reduce your income, this is a simple technique to attract visitors to your website.

This list of strategies to encourage site registration is by no means exhaustive. If you can think of alternative approaches, you should employ them. Especially considering that each specialty may demand a unique strategy.


In the previous part, we discussed how to encourage individuals to sign up for the member site. Despite the fact that this is an essential step, it should not come at the expense of maintaining a wonderful website. In other words, you desire satisfied customers. If you do so, they will continue to return.

A successful website necessitates the provision of high-quality content and the identification of methods to boost revenue. Here are some thoughts.

·        Market associate programs: Which products or services do you use frequently and suggest on your website? There is nothing wrong with marketing the affiliate link if this is the case. This will enhance your sales if your clients believe you won’t simply advocate anything and value your perspective.

·        Do not become overawed: This is both a suggestion for making more money and an argument for simplicity. Customers do not necessarily desire a website with several features. They just desire content that teaches them about the topic that interests them. A membership website is an excellent strategy to increase your income. However, it will not be worthwhile if you make it too difficult. The simpler running is, the better off you will be.

·        Create a desire for more: When your site launches, you’ll want to have sufficient material to satisfy your new consumers. However, you should not initially post all of the stuff. Creating a desire for more is a wonderful method to give them a cause to return, which will encourage them to renew their membership.

·        Request feedback: Obtaining feedback from your consumers is a terrific method to keep them coming back. This is a simple technique to ensure that their needs are satisfied as well. If you solicit their feedback and execute their suggestions, they will feel like valued customers.

·        Outstanding client service: As with any business, providing your consumers with superior customer care is crucial to the success of your website. If you have fantastic material and rates that are more than affordable, but your customer service is lacking, you may not turn one-time clients into regular, paying members. Respond to people’s emails. Attempt to aid them in solving their concerns. If you lack the time to handle this yourself, you should hire someone who does. Creating a membership website is simple. To keep it going, though, you must prioritize customer service in order to ensure its success.

·        Never give up: This may seem simple, but don’t give up if you’re not seeing the results you desire right away. There may be an area of your plan that requires improvement, but quitting may not be the greatest decision. Membership sites might occasionally take a bit to get traction. If you quit up too fast you may never see the success you want. 


Perhaps you’ve been considering launching a membership site but are waiting for the appropriate moment. At some point, it is necessary to cease contemplation and take action. With a membership site, it is possible to earn a substantial amount of money. However, it is essential to act rather than wait. The sooner you begin, the less competition you will face, particularly if your field is really popular.

 Our Top membership site option:.

·        Wild Apricot:Overall Best >>>

·        Kajabi: Best for promoting your site >>>.

·        Memberpress: Best for turning WordPress site into a membership site >>>

·        CMS Hub: Best for organizations and small and mid-sized businesses>>>>

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