How To Increase Your Business Conversion Rate Using A Free Presell Report

free presell report

Determine Your Approach
Creating a Report
FIRST APPROACH: Provide a high-level overview of a procedure.
SECOND APPROACH: Provide Detailed Descriptions of Individual Steps in a Process.
THIRD APPROACH: Provide Valuable Advice
FOURTH APPROACH Utilize the Controversial Approach
FIFTH APPROACH: Present a Case Study
Creating a CTA (Call To Action) 



What happens if you randomly distribute a sales page to a specific audience?

If your offer and sales copy are both strong, you will generate some sales. However, up to 98 percent, if not 99 percent, of your prospects are likely to exit the sales page without clicking the “purchase now” button.
That is somewhat depressing, isn’t it? However, there is good news: you can increase your conversion rate. And one effective method is to create a free presell report.
A presell report, is a report that you distribute to prospects to pique their interest in purchasing your product. It is frequently effective for two reasons.

Your prospects’ defenses crumble. Because you’re providing a valuable report to your prospects rather than a sales letter, they’re more likely to relax their “advertising” barriers. This implies that they will approach your report with an open mind. And by the time they reach the conclusion, they will be receptive to your ideas.

Your report is valuable. This is a benefit regardless of the type of product you offer. However, it is especially critical when marketing knowledge items. That is because anyone who is impressed with the knowledge you are giving out for free will presume that the information you charge for is even better.

As you can see, presell reports are extremely effective.
Therefore, it is quite important for you to learn how to harness this power for yourself. And that is precisely what you will learn to do in this enlightening report. 
You are about to discover:
  • Which type of presell report is most effective. Hint: it varies according to the product you’re selling.
  • How to write an effective report. You’ll discover five unique approaches for impressing prospects and warming them up to the notion of purchasing your goods or service.
  • How to write a call to action that will entice prospects to visit your sales page.
Let us begin…

Increasing Your Business Conversion Rate Requires That You: Determine Your Approach
To begin, you must pick what you will promote in your report. This could be an offer made by you. It might be an affiliate promotion. It makes little difference, because a presell report can be used for virtually any sort of product or service. Additionally, you’ll want to examine whether you’re offering a physical product, a service, or an information product, as this will alter the way your report is written.

Allow me to explain…
Are you trying to sell an information product? You may submit a report that is “helpful but incomplete” in this section. This indicates that your presell report teaches your prospects something useful. And yet, it does not totally answer their problems, necessitating that your prospects purchase your information product in order to obtain the remainder of their solution.
Are you selling a tangible item? A presale report for a physical product is advantageous because the information contained within can almost completely resolve your prospect’s issue. However, in order for your prospect to fully resolve his problem, he must purchase the solution you’re pitching. 
Consider the following scenario: You’re selling dog kennels. You can supply your prospects with comprehensive information on how to housetrain their puppies. Only the kennel, which you will promote within your report, will be missing from your prospect’s possession.
Are you selling a service? Numerous individuals sell services by publishing papers that instruct others how to provide the service.
For instance, a copywriter may publish a report on how to write a sales letter. The author hopes that the reader will recognize that this is a challenging assignment and will instead hire a copywriter.
This occasionally works. However, the issue with this type of research is that it is geared toward a different market. Reverting to the copywriting example, Here, we have two markets in mind:
Individuals that wish to do it themselves. These are the individuals who are currently reading a “how to” report. Regrettably, they have no intention of hiring a freelance copywriter.
Individuals seeking to employ a copywriter. These are the individuals who constitute the copywriter’s primary target market… and yet these individuals are oblivious to “how to” guides, simply since they aim to engage a freelancer.

 Observe the difficulty? The report may likely not appeal to a specific audience.

As such, if you’re selling a service, you need to ensure that the content you’re generating is relevant to your target audience.
Example: For instance, a freelance copywriter might prepare a paper titled “How to Find and Hire a High-Response Copywriter.” Thus, his readers will constitute a segment of his target market.
Now, do you notice the distinction between these three strategies? Allow me to simply summarize:
If you’re offering an information product, your objective should be to leave your prospects satisfied with what you’ve offered them while also piqued their interest in learning more.
If you’re selling physical things, the purpose of your presell report is to provide incredibly valuable information that will equip your prospects with everything they need to solve their problem… except for the product you’re pushing.
If you’re selling a service, all you need to do is ensure that your report is relevant to your target audience. This might be as straightforward as teaching your prospects how to identify reputable service suppliers (such as you!).
You’ll discover how to employ these strategies precisely in the following section of this study. But first, there is something more you should know before you begin writing your report…
You must maintain your focus on the objective.
This means that you should limit your report to promoting ONE primary offer. If you promote many offers, you risk confusing your readers. If customers have too many options, they may choose to ignore your links entirely.
Second, if you want to advertise only one product in your report, you will write it with that product in mind. You’ll write the report primarily to generate interest in this product. As a result of this single-minded goal, your report will be far more effective.
The point is to focus on a single product and create your entire report with the intention of preselling it.

Which leads us to our next subject…

To Increase Your Business Conversion Rate: Create a Report
As you’ve just discovered, how you write your report will be influenced by what you’re selling. What you’ve learnt thus far is the “big picture,” your report’s general strategy. Now it’s time to go specific.
Continue reading to learn five distinct strategies for writing your report, impressing your prospects, and pre-selling them on your products and services. 

1st Approach: Provide a high-level overview of a procedure.
This is one of the “useful but incomplete” techniques, which makes it an excellent choice for information product sellers.
Essentially, the goal is to provide a thorough summary of a procedure to your prospects.
The critical point, however, is that while you instruct them on what to do, you do not instruct them on how to perform each step. You then direct them to an information product that will provide additional details and resolve their issues.
As an example, say you’re offering a book on how to start a blog. You can then develop a presell report that provides an outline of the process to your prospects. Thus, you will outline all of the steps:
Step 1: Get a domain name as the first step.
Step 2: Configure your web hosting account.
Step 3: Install WordPress on your computer.
Customize the WordPress blog in Step 4.
Step 5: Begin your blogging journey.
Step 6: Earn money from your blog.
Step 7: Increase the blog’s targeted visitors.

You’ll provide information for each step.
For instance, at Step 7, you might mention a half-dozen strategies for increasing traffic, such as “using forum promotion” or “exploiting joint venture chances.” However, similar to the remainder of the report, these sub-steps provide an overview of what to accomplish but do not include detailed instructions on how to execute the step.
The point is that your reader will have questions at every stage. Here are some samples of possible reader questions:
Get a domain name as the first step. Should I register a dot com domain name or is it irrelevant? Where can I purchase this domain name?
Step 2: Configure your web hosting account. What characteristics should I seek in a web host? How can I change the name servers for my domain?
Step : Install a WordPress blog. Is it possible for me to achieve this even if I am not very technically savvy? Is it possible to hire someone to do this for me?
Step 4: Customize the WordPress blog . How can you customize a blog theme? Where do I obtain a customized theme?
Step 5: Begin your blogging journey. What am I to write about? Where can I obtain blog topic ideas? What should the length of my blog postings be? How frequently should I write a blog?
Step 6: Earn money from your blog. What criteria do I use to choose a product to promote? Or how do I choose a monetization strategy? What are my alternatives?
Step 7: Increase the blog’s targeted visitors. What is the most effective method of generating traffic? How can I make my posts more search engine friendly?

Which are the most effective free methods?
Now, when it comes to lesser matters – such as domain name selection – your report may undoubtedly address all of your readers’ concerns.
For instance, you can direct them to to purchase a short, distinctive dot com domain name. while you an as well direct them to for hosting provider service.
However, when it comes to the “major” (essential) themes, such as how to produce effective blog posts, how to monetise the blog, and how to increase blog traffic, you’ll be providing more of an overview than anything else.
While you can provide important ideas – perhaps enough to get a new blogger started – any serious blogger will need to purchase your product in order to develop a successful, profitable site.

That is precisely why this sort of presell report is so effective. You get to exhibit your expertise by providing an overview of the procedure along with helpful hints. Your prospect receives sufficient information to begin. And yet, the serious prospect will click the “purchase” button to obtain additional information.

Allow me to provide two other examples from distinct niches:
Example 1: suppose you’re offering a book on organic pest treatment. You provide an overview of the possibilities available to your readers, including companion planting, bug traps, and employing homemade organic sprays. Your viewers must purchase your book to obtain the whole solutions, steps, and spray recipes.
Example 2: You’re attempting to market a diet book. You might provide an overview of how to reduce calorie intake, eat more naturally, and begin exercising. The book you’re marketing will provide all important information, such as the precise number of calories a dieter should consume, what to eat (recipes included), and how frequently to exercise.
That is one strategy. 

Increasing Your Business Conversion Rate Second Approach: Provide Detailed Descriptions of Individual Steps in a Process.
Here’s another method to provide your prospects with something “helpful but incomplete.” The goal here is to provide complete and accurate information, leaving nothing out… but just for a portion of the whole procedure.
Consider the blogging example, which comprises the following seven steps:
First Step: Get a domain name. 
Step 2: Configure your web hosting account.
Step 3: Install a WordPress blog.
Step 4: Customize the WordPress blog.
Step 5: Begin your blogging journey.
Step 6: Earn money from your blog.
Step 7: Increase the blog’s targeted visitors.
You can provide detailed instructions and explanations for Steps 1-4. For individuals who are less technically savvy, your report can even include screenshots. If your readers adhere to your directions, they will act and have their blog up and operating before the end of the day. Once their blog is up and running, they must begin producing material, monetizing it, and driving visitors. To bypass the learning curve and begin earning money immediately, they’ll need to purchase your blogging product in order to obtain the details for steps 5-7. How does that work?

Further examples from a variety of different niches:
You’re marketing a book on dog obedience. Your presell report includes step-by-step directions for teaching your dog to sit, remain, and lie down. The reader must purchase your premium product in order to learn how to housetrain a puppy, teach a dog to heel, or break the dog of undesirable habits such as leaping on the counter.
You’re selling a gardening book, for instance. Your presell report includes detailed instructions on how to plan a garden and plant the seeds. To understand about pest management, illness prevention, and maintenance difficulties, readers must purchase your paid product.
Now here’s something I’d like you to remember…
Presell reports may include steps that are previously included in paid reports.
For instance, perhaps your blogging book instructs readers on how to set up their own website. In this situation, it is acceptable for your presell report to contain the same information.
Indeed, you can promote your presell report as a complimentary excerpt of a paid report. This means that you won’t have to spend much time creating your presell report. Simply copy and paste the excerpt, and then include a call to action at the report’s conclusion (which you’ll learn how to do shortly). Uncomplicated, yet extremely effective. That is one approach to writing a presell report in this particular style. The second strategy is to provide information that is NOT included in the purchased product. Typically, this is background material that beginners must understand before utilizing your premium product to its full potential.
Consider the blogging case once more. Except for this time, pretend that your premium product is entirely focused on the final three blog topics: how to compose blog articles, how to monetise the blog, and how to drive traffic.
In this instance, users must understand how to create their own blog in order to fully utilize your product. Thus, you can give this pre-requisite information via your presell report. It enables you to demonstrate your expertise while also delivering extremely useful information to your viewer.
Naturally, this type of report is also effective for selling tangible products. That’s because you can provide comprehensive information about a portion (or perhaps the entirety) of the process, along with an integrated recommendation to purchase a product. Let me to illustrate:
For instance, suppose you create a presell report instructing people on how to cook great steaks. A large part of what makes these steaks so good is the “secret seasoning” – which you, of course, offer on your website.
Secondly: You develop a pre-sale report instructing bodybuilders on how to eat in order to gain mass. You sell whey protein, which your report emphasizes as a necessary component of muscle growth.
Now, let us consider the following strategy…

If you will like to have this report read or studied again I have converted it into a downloadable ebook which you can get here: Increase your business conversion Rate 

Increasing Your Business Conversion Rate Third Approach: Provide Valuable Advice
This strategy is effective regardless of whether you sell information items, physical products, or services. Additionally, your presell report, as the name implies, provides vital advice to your readers on how to resolve their issues.
There are two possible approaches:
Provide numerous brief tips. Here, you may compose a report brimming with dozens of tips. Each tip, though, is only a sentence or two long.
For instance, if you were writing a report on dieting guidelines, you might include advice such as “Skip the salad dressing in favor of olive oil,” or “Ditch the soda in favor of water.”
Provide fewer advice but with greater detail. In this instance, your tips report may have only five to ten recommendations. However, you provide additional context and examples.
Consider the following example: “Replace unhealthy fats with better fats.” You can then discuss the distinction between saturated and unsaturated fats, as well as how “bad” fats can have a detrimental effect on cholesterol levels and heart health. Finally, you’d include instances of both good and bad fats (salmon oil) for your viewers (chicken skin).

Now, let me offer you three instances of presell tips reports that you may produce to help you sell services, information products, or physical products:

  • You’re selling freelance writing services, for example. You may write a study titled “Seven Strategies for Saving Money on Freelance Writing Services.”
  • You’re marketing a book about productivity. You may develop a pre-sold report titled “17 Time-Saving Secrets for Getting More Done in Less Time.”
  • You’re selling dog grooming clippers, for instance. You may write a pre-sold report titled “10 Tips for Enhancing the Appearance of Your Poodle.” 
Now, as this is a tips report, it is by definition a “helpful but incomplete” report. Yes, the tips are beneficial. Yes, they assist your prospects in resolving at least a portion of their issue. If, on the other hand, you sell an information product, your readers will need to purchase your premium product in order to fully resolve their issues.
Now consider a totally different way…

Utilize the Controversial Approach
Thus far, we’ve discussed reports that focus on providing your readers with high-quality, relevant recommendations and “how to” information. As previously said, the objective is to impress your readers. Because if they are satisfied with the quality of your free content, they are more likely to pull out their credit card and purchase your paid stuff.
This is a time-tested method for creating a pre-sell report. However, there is another method to accomplish this: by igniting some controversy. That is to say, your report may still contain useful information. However, your report places a premium on the debate.
Why? Because igniting controversy and acrimonious debate in your niche will increase the number of individuals who download and read your report. In other words, you can utilize controversy to boost the virality of your story.
Let me illustrate. Which of the following reports do you believe is more likely to spark interest and spread virally in the weight loss niche?
Example 1: Ten Tips for Losing Ten Pounds
Example #2: The Weight Loss Industry Is Dedicated to Keeping You FAT FOREVER!
That is correct; the second report has a considerably greater chance of going viral. Not only is the headline contentious, arousing attention, and raising eyebrows, but this contentious style continues throughout the report.
For example; the author of this contentious report may construct a “we vs them” argument. The author may imply that the dieting industry – from those who sell weight loss books to personal trainers – wishes for individuals to remain obese. Because as long as you remain obese, these opportunistic marketers will continue to offer you diets, recipe books, and supplements that do not work.
It’s contentious, isn’t it?

Despite this, many people who want to lose weight engage in “yo-yo dieting.” That is, they regain the weight. This makes it even more difficult for them to lose weight again. Thus, these individuals may comprehend why the dieting industry would like to retain them fat. And this small idea becomes even more reasonable when readers consider the nonsense peddled by certain marketers, such as certain slimming medicines and bizarre, even dangerous, diets.
In this instance, the marketer might devote around half of the report to constructing a “case” against the dieting business. By doing so, the marketer arouses emotion and motivates individuals to seek a better answer. The marketer can then utilize the report’s second half to provide an outline of a solution – in this case, a diet that actually works.
Allow me to illustrate another way to leverage controversy to build a presell report. Indeed, you may have observed this method employed numerous times. The objective is to declare that a strategy, a product, or any widely recognized concept is “dead” (i.e., it no longer works).
Tip: This method is somewhat overused in certain areas of web marketing. It does, however, operate effectively outside of these circles, for example, in the gardening, dog training, or even golf niches.

Illustration using golf market. 

Example: The Vardon Grip is one of the most frequently utilized methods of gripping a golf club (named after the golfer who invented the grip, a fellow by the name of Harry Vardon). This grip is utilized in a variety of situations, from games at your local golf country club to by professionals on the PGA Tour. Indeed, almost every golfer has given the Vardon Grip a try, and many continue to do so.
Therefore, consider writing a paper titled The Vardon Grip Is Dead” or “Why You Must Stop Using the Vardon Grip IMMEDIATELY (or anything else controversial and along those lines).
Would it pique the interest of your target market? Without a doubt. Would they take the time to read the report? Naturally. And if your report is a little contentious, you can expect that these prospects will discuss it on niche forums, blogs, social media sites, and even on the golf course.
In this case, you might devote 14 to 12 pages of the report to explaining why the Vardon Grip does not function. The remaining of the report might be spent informing your audience about an option. You may then direct your prospects to a purchased book that contains further tips for improving their game.
This is an excellent strategy if carried out properly.
Therefore, what is the secret to proper execution? You simply need to ensure that you’re presenting persuasive proof for whatever contentious position, opinion, or idea you’re advancing. Additionally, you must ensure that your substitute actually works. Indeed, you should offer actionable advice that your readers can immediately implement to begin seeing results. Return to the “Vardon Grip” illustration. If you are unable to demonstrate why the Vardon Grip is a superior grip, your report is likely to be uncontroversial. It will end up looking like a pitiful, desperate attempt to sabotage a good grip in order to profit from selling your product.
That is why you must present convincing evidence. You must substantiate your claim, maybe with case studies and other evidence. You must present your argument as meticulously as a flashy lawyer vying for a partner position in a large law firm.
Have you gotten the picture?
Yes, you must be courageous and confident. However, you cannot make statements without substantiating them. If you’re going to persuade prospects to adopt your point of view, you need to be very certain that your alternative philosophy or product is actually superior to the one you’re declaring to be “dying.”
Here are a few such examples from various categories…
Example #1: Why Email Marketing Is Dead – and What Your Business Must Do in Its Place to Survive!
Example #2 WARNING: Conventional Dog Training Techniques May Be Ruining Your Dog’s Relationship With You!
Example #3: Dirty Little Secrets Your Car Dealer Is Trying to Keep From You
Now, only a moment ago, I advised you to establish your argument, perhaps through the use of a case study. Indeed, you can incorporate a case study into a contentious report. However, if you’re not interested in creating a contentious pre-sale report, you can still present a case study.
Which takes us to our final strategy for pre-selling reports…

FIFTH APPROAH: Present a Case Study
As I said at the outset of this study, persons who read sales letters develop “advertising defenses.” This drives individuals to approach all sales messages with caution. Occasionally, they will be dubious about your letter. At other times, they’ll be completely dismissive of your assertions. This is why the majority of sales letters include evidence in the form of testimonials, screen photos, and videos. This enables the designer of the product to make a big claim and then back it up with hard evidence. This is a good concept, as the majority of prospects are dubious.
You do not, however, have to wait until your prospects reach your sales page before presenting proof. Rather, you can share a case study via your presell report.
Tip: If you are an affiliate for a product that is not yours, you can be featured in a case study. Otherwise, if you’re going to promote your own product in your presell report, you’ll need to choose another subject for your case study. Case studies can be used to promote information items, physical objects, or services.
For instance, if you’re advertising a weight-loss program, you can include one or more case studies to demonstrate the program’s effectiveness.
If you sell copywriting services, for example, you can submit one or more case studies demonstrating how your services have aided a business owner in growing his business.
For instance, if you’re selling an interior car upholstery kit for a historic automobile, you may provide a case study demonstrating how simple it was for a novice to install (and how great it looks once the interior is finished).
As you may anticipate, sharing a case study has two advantages:
Allows you to substantiate your prospects. Bear in mind that people are skeptical. A case study is an effective method of demonstration since you are not simply asserting that “this thing works.” Rather than that, you’re demonstrating how well it works over time by releasing a detailed description of how it works, along with accompanying photographs, videos, and other evidence. In other words, it’s an extremely persuasive method of overriding a doubtful prospect’s arguments.
Provides an opportunity for you to submit useful but incomplete information. As you expose the case study, you can share with your readers advice and strategies for achieving the same results for your prospects. If you’re advertising a weight-loss program, for example, you might provide dietary and exercise suggestions with your case study proof.
You’ll notice that I frequently refer to a case study as “proof” or “evidence.” This is critical. As you can see, you cannot simply report the outcome; otherwise, your case study will read more like a testimonial. Rather than that, you must present the outcomes in a step-by-step fashion, as they unfolded through time.

Example: Revert to the weight-loss example. You can present a six- to twelve-week case study in this section. Assume you’re covering six weeks. Each week, your presell report would summarize the subject’s results as follows:
You’d begin by sharing your subject’s “before” photos, as well as their dimensions and weight. Give an outline of the subject’s six-week activities.
Week 1: This week, describe the subject’s diet and exercise habits. Present photographs and measurements from the week’s conclusion.
Week 2: Discuss the changes the topic made this week, such as eliminating sugar. Present photographs and measurements collected at the conclusion of the week.
Week 3: Discuss the subject’s exercise modifications, such as adding five or ten minutes to his cardio routine. Present photographs and measurements collected at the conclusion of the week.
Week 4: Describe a typical day’s menu for the subject. At the conclusion of the week, present photos and measurements.
Week 5: Describe the subject’s usual day at the gym (lifting weights). Include photographs and measurements.
Week 6: Present final photographs and measurements. Show the “before” photos and measurements beside the updated “after” photos and measurements for further impact. Then, mention how much better the person feels and the good impact his weight loss and new lifestyle are having on his life.
The objective of this section towards the conclusion of the report is to inspire and motivate the reader. You want to pique his interest in the case study. You want him to begin visualizing what it would be like to obtain the same results. Yes, you’re triggering some emotional responses here by demonstrating how he might overcome his anguish and begin living a better life. However, by activating these buttons, you’re also inducing a buying mood in your prospect.
How does that work?
You demonstrate your subject’s improvement through time through the use of persuasive evidence such as photographs. However, you include ideas and examples (such as sample diets and workout regimens) so that your reader can begin reaping the same benefits. Then, at the conclusion of the report, you include a call to action instructing your reader to purchase this proven product.

A Brief Recap
You’ve now learned about five distinct methods for creating your presell report. However, you may be wondering how to sell something within this report.
That is, how can you instill a sense of trust? How do you construct a compelling call to action? That is what you will find next, so continue reading…

Create a CTA
As stated at the outset of this book, your presell report serves a specific purpose. And that sole objective is to “warm up” your prospects in order for them to click on the link to your sales page and purchase the product. This involves treading a tight line between giving valuable material (which establishes trust) and marketing your service.
You see, if you immediately begin promoting your offer, those “advertising protection shields” will increase. Your prospects are about to vanish. They may even click away from your report, particularly if they have little reason to trust you at the moment.
As a result, you provide quality content. Establish rapport. Establish trust. Demonstrate your worth. Demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the subject. Then you conclude with a forceful call to action.
How it works is as follows:
You can mention the product you’re advertising in the report’s introduction and conclusion. At these points, however, you’re more likely to engage in a soft sell. You are sowing a seed, but not aggressively.
At the conclusion of the report, you provide a call to action. This is where you state plainly and openly what you want folks to do next. That is, you want them to click a link and make a purchase.
Consider these two distinct forms of promotions…
Soft-Selling at the Report’s Outset and Middle
As discussed previously, you can plant a seed in the beginning and middle of your report. This means that you should begin hinting at the benefits of the product or service you’re pitching to your prospect. You can pique people’s interest. You can inform your readers that you will address their concerns later.
Yes, you will make a direct reference to the product. You’ll include a link to it. You can even inform your readers that this is an excellent option and that they should get it. However, as you will see, this entire scenario falls under the category of soft-selling. That is because you are not yet aggressive. For the simple reason that you do not want those defense shields to appear.
Perhaps you’re now wondering how to begin promoting the product and planting seeds. Allow me to illustrate ten instances of soft-selling and/or seed-planting. Consider whether you can apply these examples to your own presell report.
Assume for the purposes of these instances that you’re promoting a website called (yes, this is a genuine store), where individuals an get free and very heap courses on affiliate marketing,  Article marketing, blogging, mail marketing, et. Here are some ideas of how you may soft-sell the site in the report’s beginning and middle:
The following is an excerpt from a lecture on
I’ll tell you about a resource a little later in this report where you an get free and low price ebooks and courses , so good that you cannot find them anywhere else on the internet. .
I’ve spoken with a number of people who have squandered hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on worthless eBooks . They’re frequently taken aback when I inform them that they can obtain many free eBooks cheaply or for free. They frequently doubt me until they visit
That is only a brief summary of how viral marketing can be used to generate leads. 
You simply incorporate your promotions into the material in an almost imperceptible manner. There is no need to exert pressure on your reader. And yet you’ve piqued their interest in your goods or service.
That is commendable. Because by the time they reach the conclusion of your report, they’ve formed an opinion about you. They are aware that you are capable of resolving their issues. As a result, they’ll be receptive to your suggestions for resolving their issues.

Which gets us to the point of the call to action…
Including a Strong Call to Action at the Report’s Conclusion
You’ve written your pre-sale report in such a way that your prospects are “warmed up” to the concept of your product or service. This is frequently because you’ve provided them with useful but incomplete content, and they’ve realized they require your solution to fully solve their concerns.
Now, you might believe that all you have to do is provide a link in your closing paragraph and your readers will know what to do. However, if you inform your readers EXACTLY what you want them to do, you’ll increase your conversion rate. And, even better, you must provide them with a compelling reason to comply with your request (which is to click on your sales link and check out a product or service).
Therefore, allow me to provide a call to action: Let say your free report is about getting traffic.
you an start by saying: You’ve just discovered three tried-and-true methods for attracting targeted traffic. And, while these three traffic methods are a terrific place to start, they are merely that – a place to start. Because astute business owners understand, the key to success is attracting as much targeted traffic as possible to your website.
Numerous business owners declare bankruptcy in an attempt to attract this traffic. However, you are not needed to. Additionally, you are not required to spend months or years figuring out how to generate traffic through trial and error.
Because when you click here immediately to traffic transformer, you’ll quickly learn how to obtain all of the high-quality, FREE traffic you require.
Yes, it is possible to have a successful business. You can join the ranks of those that do high-volume product launches. You can begin by establishing yourself as a rainmaker in your niche. Everything is conceivable.
However, none of this will occur if you do not understand how to generate traffic. Therefore, check out traffic transformer now – and prepare to see a rise in your traffic, sales, and cash flow!
How does that work? In fact, this example contains two calls to action, since I instructed prospects twice to click on a link to traffic transformer site. Additionally, you’ll see that I provided compelling reasons for people to join. More precisely, they’ll learn how to obtain free, focused visitors.
This might be the start of a very profitable business for them.
Their revenues and cash flow will improve as a result of this traffic.
Now consider your product’s primary benefits. Then, using the preceding example, craft your own compelling call to action.

You deserve congratulations. That is because you now understand how to utilize one of the most effective presell tools available: the presell report.
Let me to quickly summarize what you discovered while developing these conversion-boosting technologies…
  • You discovered that your approach must vary based on whether you are selling services, physical items, or information products.
  • You heard about five distinct strategies for impressing prospects and acclimating them to the concept of purchasing your goods or service.
  • You discovered how to develop a call to action that entices prospects to visit your sales page.
  • You possess the blueprint. 
  • You are aware of how to proceed.
At this point, there is only one thing left for you to do: act!
If you already have a product to sell – whether it’s your own or an affiliate offer – now is the time to outline your presell report.
Begin immediately by determining which approach is most effective for the product you’re selling. Then go to work writing !  
If you will like to have this report read or studied again I have converted it into a downloadable ebook which you can get here: 

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