2Captcha Review :Best Captcha Entry site in 2022 Pros & Cons

What Is 2Captcha.com All About?

2Captcha.com, founded in 2014, claims to compensate users for solving or answering captchas.

Captchas are generally distorted text included within an image that a user must accurately write in order to get access to a website. This is typically done to verify that they are not robots. This does not sound remotely fascinating or enjoyable to someone who is pressed for time or has a hectic schedule. 2Captcha, on the other hand, provides a simple way out of this issue.

If you lack the patience or are constantly receiving new captcha boxes, 2captcha will solve the riddle for you in an average of 12 seconds if you upload them there. By joining 2Captcha.com, you can earn money by entering captchas.

2Captcha.com – How Does It Work?

If you are required to conduct a large number of automated tasks on a daily basis, you may find it impossible to avoid inputting captchas. Thus, 2Captcha enables you to create an account on their site, post your captcha challenge on a consistent basis, and receive an answer in an average of 12 seconds. On the back end, the website pays a member to answer or solve the Captcha riddle.

Each hour of the day, 2captcha.com averages 10,000 captchas every minute. These Captchas are not solved automatically by robots. Humans — flesh and blood – are resolving them. You’re probably curious about where these individuals that solve Captchas.

Who Is Appropriate for Using 2Captcha?

If you perform a large number of automatic chores throughout the day that require you to visit multiple websites, you may want to consider using 2Captcha. Alternatively, if you require more funds to supplement your present earnings, 2Captcha compensates you for doing tasks such as solving captchas.

Additionally, if you have a high typing speed and enjoy solving captchas, you should be earning money on Captcha right now. You can earn money by typing captchas on 2Cpatcha.com.

How Do 2Captcha’s Employees Earn Money?

It is perfectly acceptable to be concerned with how you can earn money working at 2Captcha.com. Nobody likes to spend their free time on things for which they will never be compensated. 2Captcha.com compensates you for completing tasks. Completing tasks entails solving a challenge and notifying the website of the completion by re-uploading the completed task to the site. If you solve basic captchas, you will earn between $0.25 and $0.60 each 1,000 captchas solved. Simple captchas are captcha puzzles that require you to check the box stating “I am not a robot.”

At times, you may be requested to validate your identity further by solving an image problem. You will win $1 or $2 for solving 1,000 Recaptcha v2 image puzzles.


2captcha stat

2Captcha Referrals  Program

Additionally, you can earn a commission by introducing others to the site. You can make two types of referrals. You can invite employees to work for you or you can invite consumers who wish to automatically skip captchas. You can earn commissions by inviting potential customers and employees.

For employees, you will receive 10% of their earnings, which will be borne by the site. For customers, you will earn a 10% commission on whatever service they purchase. Your referral rewards will be credited to your 2Captcha account. You can invite others by sending them your affiliate link. They will become your recommendation after they click on the link and finish the sign-up process. Visit the website to learn more

How are you Paid?

It’s critical to know that you will not be compensated for each captcha you solve. Technically, you will get compensated for each thousand captchas that you solve.


2captcha stats

2Captcha.com accepts a variety of payment methods but does not accept PayPal.

Each captcha type has a unique payment rate. As seen in the image above, you will get $0.3 for solving 1000 image captchas and $1.01 for solving 1000 recaptchas. These are not particularly favorable rates. As a result, do not anticipate to earn a lot of money from this site. You can now request payment by WebMoney, Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, AirTM, or Bitcoin once you’ve earned $1. PayPal, Western Union, and bank account payments are NOT AVAILABLE. This is because they believe the withdrawal costs are simply too exorbitant, which makes perfect sense given the small amount of money you would earn. Thus, if the withdrawal fees are already considerable, you will receive a significantly reduced reward.

However, I like their low payout option, which, in my opinion, is only acceptable given their inability to get a lot of money.

How much money are you capable of earning?

When you think about it, $0.3 or $1 for a thousand solved captchas isn’t very enticing, in my perspective. That is why I would advise that you should not anticipate to earn a lot of money from this site. This also applies to all captcha-based websites.  According to 2Captcha.com, it takes an average of 37 seconds to finish a standard captcha, which includes some waiting time.

This indicates that it will take approximately ten hours to solve 1000 captchas. While recaptchas are speedier, you will still need to commit a significant amount of time to earn a small amount of money. Thus, in response to the query “how much money can you make with 2Captcha?” Regrettably, the answer is not much. The only positive aspect of this site is the ease with which you can earn money. While it is a viable choice for dumping your free time, if you want to earn a reasonable living, your time is better spent elsewhere. I recommend that you check out the best survey sites in your country for a list of sites with more earning possibilities.

Is it compatible with mobile devices?

You can download a mobile app from 2Captcha.com to solve captchas on your mobile device. Regrettably, their app is only compatible with Android devices.

2captcha App : Their app is accessible for download in the Google Play Store, however iOS users are limited to utilizing their mobile web browser.

If you are an iOS user, you can still visit the site via a mobile web browser. Fortunately, their website is also optimized for mobile use. As a result, you’ll be able to read their material clearly without zooming in. Additionally, you can quickly traverse their site because the buttons and links are clickable.

This, at the very least, makes you a more effective earner, as you are not required to sit in front of a computer. And, in my opinion, the best approach to operate on this site is to answer captchas from your mobile device.

What of their customer Service

If you require assistance or have any problems, you can always check their FAQ page to see if they have the answers you seek. Their FAQ page describes the site’s fundamental features. Therefore, if you have a more complicated inquiry or issue, you must contact their support team for assistance. The odd thing is, their dashboard includes a place for support tickets, but there is no mechanism to generate one. As a result, I’m unsure whether they disabled it or whether it was never there in the first place. Therefore, if you wish to contact their support team, please send an email to info@2captcha.com.

While you may still contact them by email, I believe it would have been better if they worked out their ticketing system so as not to confuse members. Because it is now a pointless feature of their member dashboard.

Pros and cons of 2captcha


·        Minimum payout amount is low

·        Provides a very straightforward method of earning additional money


·        Earning opportunities are limited.

·        Extremely meager rewards

·        Their support system might use some improvement.


How to Join2Captcha.com in 4 Easy Steps

It is completely free to join 2Captcha as a worker. Sign up, solve captchas, and make money by following the steps below.

How to Create an Account

First Step: To register, simply visit the website.To create an account, you will need to provide an email address and a password.

Step 2: Navigate to the training site: Once your registration is complete, you will be directed to the training page. This article will teach you how to solve and respond to captchas. This page has a brief training lesson that should take no more than ten minutes to complete.

Step 3: Take the brief examination: This entails responding to and solving captchas. The brief test should take no more than ten minutes to complete.

Step 4: Get to Work Immediately: If you pass the test, you can begin working immediately. While joining 2Captcha.com is simple, it requires a computer or smartphone to function properly.

Their system recognizes just Windows and Android operating systems. It’s critical to keep in mind that your account may be suspended if you commit too many errors.

Take Note: Once an account is blacklisted, it becomes ineligible for rewards. Additionally, utilizing third-party software may result in suspension or possibly prohibition. 

Is 2Captcha A Legitimate Site Or A Scam?

2Captcha is very legit, just that its payment is quite low. Numerous testimonies and data, however, indicate that 2Captcha.com is a reliable organization. The only disadvantage is that the payment is relatively low, which is advantageous for individuals who live in other areas of the world.

Depending on your objective or purpose, 2Captcha may be a complete waste of time or an excellent chance. If you have a reliable internet connection and a modest hourly wage and are looking for ways to supplement it in your spare time, 2Captcha.com reviews appear to be an excellent alternative.

 Concluding Thoughts

In general, I would argue that 2Captcha is only a realistic option if you have no other sources of revenue.

In my opinion, the minimal payouts are what really destroyed this service. If it paid more for solving captchas, this could be a worthwhile site to join due to the simplicity of the income options.

However, this is to be expected. Captcha websites are not particularly well-known for their revenue possibilities. If you’re serious about earning a respectable living, I’d recommend checking out the top GPT sites instead. All of the sites on this list pay fairly well.

If you have any comments, questions, or personal experiences using 2Captcha.com, please leave a remark below.

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