5BillionSales launches passive income program that pays $400



5BillionSales is a multi-national British holding company based in six countries, which operates twenty-five platforms across the web. the company claim they are starting the new wave of digital businesses that take the power from the tech giants and give it to the people.

According to the 5BillionSales, the company is bringing change to an industry that deserves to be changed, it is taking the huge wealth from the tech giants and redistributing it fairly to the Web’s users as passive income and earnings.

However, the 5BillionSales make it known that their services are not new but they are revolutionary and unique due to the monetization of the old world.




How does it 5billionsales work?

Join the pre-launch for free and get a back office to manage your network.

Use your referral ID to directly refer others to the level below you (level 1) to build a 16 level network.

Your level 1 refers other people into the level below them (our level 2) to level 16.

Build your 16 level network in pre-launch mode to explode your income

You get paid overrides from every person in your 16 levels network.

your network will be given a 5-day countdown to the launch date.

On the first day of the countdown, educational materials will be loaded to your network’s back office.

One day before launch your network will be migrated to the launch website and access granted.

From the launch day, your network can introduce users to the 5BillionSales service, earn commission and generate overrides.

The company doesn’t want to disclose services for now until launch claiming to prevent copycats. 

5BillionSales would pay you for using the web. Earn while using Google, Facebook and Twitter etc.


This opportunity is revolutionizing and monetizes existing web services that 5 billion people already use. They pay people to use the web. Imagine repeating what you did on the Web yesterday and getting paid $400. it is amazing!

“5 Billion Internet Users

We Pay Uses$400 to use the Internet

5 Billion Sales Up for Grabs

$100 Commission recurring Yearly

$500 Billion Commission

+ Overrides from 16 Levels

Pre Launch – Miss It & You’ll Miss Out!”




5 billion potential users, and you can get paid $100 for each. That is $500 Billion in commission just waiting to be claimed.

For more information about this business click here

When is 5BillionSales launching?

5BillionSales program is slated to launch by the middle of October 2021. Affiliates that joined in pre-launch will be updated when they get their launch pack a few days before launch.

Get paid $400 as passive income for an internet usage. NOW




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