How to make money on Rumble: The Best YouTube alternative



Are you a frustrated YouTuber looking for an alternative and want to know how to make money on Rumble by uploading videos? If so, then this Article is just the right one for you. .

You can make money on Rumble by uploading videos, just like YouTube, minus the subscriber and watch hour requirements.

YouTube has set requirements in order to get monetized. First and foremost, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours before you can apply for monetization.

But those 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours are not a guarantee that your channel will get monetized. There are still many factors that will be checked whether your channel and videos is compliant with YouTubes guidelines.

So is there a YouTube alternative to monetize your videos?

Yes, there is! It’s called RUMBLE.

Free video showing complete step-by-step guide on how to make money on Rumble 


1 What Is RUMBLE?

1.1 How to make money on Rumble: The YouTube alternative

1.2 How many views do you need to make money on Rumble videos? Rumble Licensing options:

1.3 How to get started on Rumble? Step-by-step

1.4 Other ways to make money on Rumble

1.4.1 Referrals to Rumble


Rumble is a good alternative for YouTube if you want to make money online by uploading videos. It is a Canadian online video platform that is censorship-free. Rumble allows small and big content creators to make money online with their monetized videos.

If you are a small video content creator, then what are you waiting for? Sign up for Rumble now and start uploading your videos, and get monetized soon.

Rumble is an easier platform for video content creators to make money online by uploading videos on the Rumble platform. I say it is easier because Rumble doesn’t require minimum subscribers and watch hours before your video or channel will start earning ad revenue.

Rumble, together with its partners like Yahoo, MSN, Xbox, MTV, and many more can license your videos and you can earn around 60%-90%.

How to make money on Rumble: The YouTube alternative

Rumble pays content creators to upload videos to be licensed and used by their partners. Just like YouTube videos, you need to wait for monetization approval before your video can start earning, but it doesn’t require you to have specific numbers of subscribers and watch hours before you can apply for monetization.

Just after uploading and checking what type of license you want for your video, then your video goes to pending monetization approval. The Rumble team needs to check your video if it does not violate their guidelines. Monetization approval varies, some may take just a few hours after uploading and some may take weeks.

If your video gets to the front page of their partners, then it is said that you will get $100.

So, all you have to do to get monetized on Rumble and start earning extra income are as follows:

Create a Rumble account. It is free to create an account.

  • Fill up all the correct details being asked. 
  • Choose your Rumble account name 
  • Upload your unique videos. 
  • Choose the license you want for your videos. (Either you want to give up all your rights or partial, etc) 
  • Wait for monetization approval. 

Rumble is a very good YouTube alternative for video creators who wants to make extra income online but do not need to go through YouTubes monetization requirements which include 4000 minimum watch hours and 1000 minimum subscribers.

If you have unique videos to share and if you like creating videos, the Rumble is a good option for you to create a channel and host your videos.

How many views do you need to make money on Rumble videos?

Video revenue varies depending on various factors. One factor is the type of license you want for your videos (You will get to select the video licenses after uploading your videos). Also, it depends on the type and quality of ads that will be showing on your videos.

Some niches pay more per thousand views as compared to other niches. What is certain is that you do not need minimum watch hours before you can earn ad revenues.

So definitely your videos will be earning once it is approved for monetization.

So if you are asking how much money can you make on Rumble, then it varies with the type of license you have on your videos and the type of niche your videos belong to, it also depends on how many videos you are uploading and how many videos are monetized.

One of the founders, Chirs Pavlovki said that video creators can make 10x times more money than YouTube. This is because you can earn 60-90% of the ad revenue and you can do exclusive or non-exclusive license on your videos.

Check Rumble now and see the platform for yourself.

Rumble Licensing options:

  • Video Management. (Exclusive)
  • Video Management. (Excluding YouTube)
  • Rumble only. (Nonexclusive, similar to YouTube)
  • Personal Use. (Not monetized and not searchable but these videos will be available to your subscribers.)

How to get started on Rumble? Step-by-step

1. Go to

2. Create account.

3. Choose FREE Account

4. Fill up the details.

5. You can write Gill85 as the referrer (I get a small commission through referrals.)

6. Check the agreement and click Register.

7. Verify your account. You can use your phone number to verify your account.

8. You can start uploading your videos now and start earning money upon approval.


Other ways to make money on Rumble

So aside from the monetized videos that you uploaded, you can make money on Rumble through these other ways:

Rumble Video Battles 

This is a Free Rumble app (Not available to everyone, only certain geographic locations). If you are lucky that you are in the geographic location that this app is allowed, then you can make money by uploading and voting for the best videos. If your video rises to the top, then you can earn real cash prizes.

Rumble Camera

This Rumble app allows you to directly film your videos from your phone, upload, license, and monetize your videos straight from your phone.

Referrals to Rumble

You can earn small referral commissions too by simply referring people to Rumble. Once you created and verified your account, you can go on your dashboard, click on your and you can see your referral link. Use this link to refer people to Rumble.

Lottery on Rumble

You can win the lottery on Rumble by swiping videos to get lottery entries. (Not available worldwide)

Are you ready to Rumble now? Create your free account today and start uploading videos and get monetized.


How to make money on Rumble? There are many ways to make money on Rumble, one is by uploading and monetizing your videos, also you can make money on Rumble by using their apps like Rumble camera, Rumble Lottery, Rumble video battles, and by referring people to Rumble.

If you are just starting and want to monetize your videos right away, then Rumble is the platform that is best for you. We all know it is difficult to tap on YouTube, although it is doable, it will take time as you need to have the required minimum subscribers and minimum watch hours.

So Rumble is the best YouTube alternative, plus it is censorship-free. Rumble is a free video platform unless you want to upgrade for the pro.





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