5 Costly Affilite Marketing Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost


Affiliate Marketing Mistakes


One of the best ways to earn money online is affiliate marketing. It gives anyone with internet connection the opportunity to earn a living online. More and more people are using affiliate programs as a way to launch a home-based business because they are normally free or very little to join, simple to get going, and frequently pay commissions. However, there are a few errors that affiliate marketers frequently make that seriously harm their businesses.

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You know, despite how lucrative and exciting the affiliate marketing industry is, some people are still having difficulty making a few hundred dollars there. While some master affiliates make six and seven figures.

There are actually a few simple errors that new affiliate marketers make that lower their sales; avoiding a few of these common errors should quickly and simply raise your chances of closing purchases and raising your affiliate rewards. Here are the top five errors that affiliate marketers make:


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1) Not doing any research on the affiliate program before promoting it.

It really is astonishing how many affiliates sign up for the first affiliate program that comes their way, do so only because the commission rate is large, or promote the program merely because other marketers are doing so. It will be challenging to persuade your website’s visitors and subscribers to buy the software if it does not fit with the overall subject of your site. If it has nothing to do with the area you are aiming for, why would your audience want it?

Consider someone offering YouTube ranking software in the weight loss Niche. That is one of the common mistakes in affiliate marketing. The fact that a product guarantees a high return does not necessarily imply that you should promote it without first taking into account the specific niche you are targeting.

Want to learn niche research? I have written here a well detailed article on how to find a profitable affiliate marketing niche.

2) Incorrect use of your signature file

Many affiliates, but not all, incorrectly add a signature file to each of their outgoing emails and forum posts. A good signature file is not twenty lines of text with affiliate links to a dozen different products in it! In fact, spam may be easily inferred from it. Try to limit the length of your signature to five lines, with the first line attracting the reader’s attention or being particularly engaging.

3. Not producing original ad copy

There is nothing more annoying than receiving 10 separate marketers’ emails that all contain the exact same advertisement. When your message is delivered and the reader is hearing it for the tenth time, how much perceived value will it have? Before distributing the advertisement, take the time to modify it to suit your subscribers and target market. Make the advertisement your own by personalizing it so that it ceases to be an advertisement.


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4). Not having your own hosting and domain name account.

Internet users of all experience levels may recognize a free-hosted site when they encounter one. It conveys to your visitors that you are very unprofessional and possibly have no idea what you’re doing if you haven’t made any money online. How can your customers trust you if you haven’t even made the first modest step toward setting up your business properly? It won’t break the bank to pay less than $10 a year for a domain name at NameCheap and perhaps less than $3 per month for a basic hosting account. Get a domain name and a hosting platform, Over time, it will probably help you add to your account. The major thing you need to do with a domain name and hosting service is to set up a business blog.

Here is a step by step guide to create a blog on wordpress using bluehost

5) Failing to collect leads before directing them to the affiliate product site

What do you gain if you invest time and money in marketing to entice someone to click on one of your affiliate links, but they leave the product site without making a purchase? Nothing! You’ve just wasted the time and money it takes to generate even one click-through. Create a squeeze page to collect leads’ email addresses before sending them to the product website. So you can follow up with them later and try again if they don’t buy (again, and again, and again). This has priceless value!

Oftentimes, autoresponder emails are sent through a third-party provider. Some of the top providers are getresponse.com and aweber.com, For a tutorial covering autoresponder basics, these two websites have video tutorials on their websites for you to understand perfectly the workings of autoresponder series. Autoresponders like (getresponse.com) are a valuable and powerful tool with which you can send timed series of email messages to those that sign up for them. With Autoresponder, you can easily promote your affiliate links to your audience. 

Care to know more about getting business leads or email subscribers? I have written here how to build a list of 1000 email subscribers in just 14 days. that’s how ieasy it can be at times.

In addition, here is a post that teaches how to set up a long term affiliate marketing business using list strategy.

Now that you know these five affiliate mistakes to avoid you should be able to make more sales and increase your affiliate commissions by a significant amount. So get out there and become the super affiliate marketer you always knew you could be!



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