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Are you facing YouTube dilemma? 

Many people find themselves in the YouTube dilemma, where despite their best efforts to monetize their videos, rank them in search results and use every SEO technique they are aware of, their uploaded videos still fail to gain any traction.

Lots and lots of people do find it hard to monetize their videos on YouTube, which seems to be the largest depository of Videos/short clips online

Making money on YouTube videos is mostly through AdMob earnings, and your earnings depend on the number of video views that you have. 

You getting enough views also depends also on your knowledge of ranking your videos to come at the top of YouTube search engine. The higher your ranking the more your views hence your earning. The very reason why most people outsource video rankings to professionals on fiverr and SEOCLERKS with a little amount of money. 

You see, YouTube now is prioritizing people who do video creation full time. You need at least 4,000 hours of view time and at least 1,000 subscribers in the past 12 months before being able to monetize your videos. You can only do that if you are a hard-core video creator.

The purpose of this article is to show you another way of making money online with your videos or short clips. It can be anything from current events, festivals, weird customs, funny animals, fail videos, celebrities, sports, bizarre weather and road incidents (check your dashcam quick!).

In as much as these videos are yours and original, you can sell them. When you upload a video, you are granting Newsflare the license to sell them to interested buyers. You still retain the ownership of these videos but it is important to note that you maintain an exclusive arrangement with Newsflare. This means you can sell your videos within other platforms.

You can earn from Newsflare by direct purchase or by royalty payments. With direct purchase, you will get your money in 24 hours via Paypal. This is the simple buy and sell transaction. Royalty payments, on the other hand, are based on the total number of views from partner websites which include; Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Liveleaks, etc. You will get paid within 90 days. You can also earn by shared ads revenue with YouTube. Newsflare will use your video and post it on their YouTube channel. You get to share the ads revenue with Newsflare. This method is especially helpful for “ordinary people” to monetize their videos without being a YouTube personality. 

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How to do it right 

Check out Video Brief section, look for the kind of videos that people are interested in the most, do your research very well and post videos there. These are videos that buyers want and will boost the visibility of your video. They can be anything from festivals, events, specific locations, tourist spots, outdoor activities, sports, weather phenomena, cute pets, and others.

Consent of people featured in your videos should be obtained.

Upload your videos with proper tags, description, location, catchy title, and date/time. This will help with the visibility of your video.

The mode of payment on newsflare is through PayPal and payoneer. 


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Other things worthy of Note. 

  • Make sure the videos you’re uploading are your very own, or you must have the permission of the owners to publish the video. In the case of tipped videos, Newsflare will conduct their own research about the video.
  • If your video has background music, make sure they are not copyright protected.
  • If there is a recognizable face in your video, make sure you get their consent for being in the video.
  • If you have a minor in the video, make sure you have permission from a parent or guardian.

How Much You Can Earn?

For Direct Sale of your videos, you can earn anywhere between £25 – £100. Yes, with popular videos, you can make up to about £1,000. You can also earn in five (5) other ways through royalties.

When Will You Be Paid?

Once buyers pay, your funds will be available for you within 24 hours. The minimum payout, however, needs to be above £10 before, withdrawal can be made.

Do I Retain Ownership of Videos I Sold?

Yes, the video is still your very own. You are just giving out license to people who are willing to purchase through Newsflare to use your videos.

Can I Still Sell My Videos To Other Sites After Selling In Newsflare?

In this case, I’m sorry to say you cannot. You are entering an exclusive arrangement with Newsflare with the videos. Whereas, i have seen people who re-edit their videos completely and consequently sell in other websites. 

What Will Happen If I Don’t Earn £10 or more

Newsflare will keep adding your earnings to your balance until  reached up to £10, then they’ll make payment to you via PayPal. 

You must be aware that any balance earned over 12 months that hasn’t been paid out will expire.

Does Newsflare Have A Referral Program?

Yes! You will earn £10 on the very first sale of anyone you refer to Newsflare, provided they are able to sell a video and make more than £40. You earn nothing on subsequent sales. To find your referral link, sign in to Newsflare > Dashboard > Refer-a-friend. 


Final Thoughts : do not give total dependence to making money on newsflare alone, i would rather that you consider it a side job, as i can’t guarantee like the 7 lucrative online jobs written here, the possibility of making full time income. However, if you’re a hard-core and serious minded personal, you will always make some really bucks. 


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