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Scribie review
Scribie Transcription Job

Scribie is yet the easiest and the most beginner friendly online Transcription Work websites. Often times as a newbie transcriber, it is always advisable that you start your transcription work journey at That’s to show you how efficient it is.

With scribie, transcribing has been made easy and long hours of Audios are broken into few minutes audio for efficiency.

Transcription is the conversion of live/recorded audios and videos into written or electronic/printed texts. It basically involves listening to a recorded spoken words and typing the contents up into a document, which is then returned to the client, giving them a written record of what is on the recorded audio or video.

What can you do at

On scribie, there are 5 step process of work there. These steps are from 2-5 and transcribers can participate in each of the levels. .

File Splitting

The very first step is file splitting, and it involves splitting of the job/audio file into a 4-6-minute intervals. At first, you won’t be able to participate in this step, yet, it’s very important to you. A 4 to 6-minute audio file is simple to work with, allowing for a better time management. What I’m saying here is that instead of you been stuffed with long hours of audios at a time, the audio is been splitted into few minutes for efficiency.

Raw Transcription Stage.

You will be provided with their inbuilt transcribing software which equally makes the job easier for you, and with which the audio file is automatically transcripted. This is where you come in, their software is not perfect, achieving between 80-95% accuracy. Your job will be to correct mistakes to ensure a 99% accuracy. I mean After the software has transcripts the audio into words for you, in other to achieve accuracy, you will have to correct the mistakes by listening to the audio again and again.

Review stage

This is yet another stage of working at Scribie. Upon which if you perform very well you will be promoted to this stage, increasing your earning capacity. After 1 audio hour of raw transcript, you can start working as a reviewer. Here the Raw Transcript is checked word by word against the original audio. You could become a Self-reviewer if you gave an average grade of 3 after 10 review submissions. As a Self-reviewer, you can work twice on the same file, this effectively doubles your income.

Proofreading Stage

If you are diligent enough as a reviewer, you can apply to upgrade to this new level. And yet, your potential earn increases. As a Proofreader, you earn more and the possibility of getting a contract position with a fixed monthly salary is available for you. Your job as a Proofreader is to check the combined transcript, against the full original audio. So, instead of you being the transcriber, you get to be the one to proofread and approve transcribers work.

Quality Check Stage

This is the highest level, and in fact the highest earners on scribie. Their work is to do quality Check of the entire transcript. Of which, they after finalizing send it to the clients of Returned it to proofreader for corrections.

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Fast typing speed. The faster you type the better your earnings will be. At least you should be able to type 50 words per minutes.

Difficulty of the Audio: some audio tape can be very unclear which means you don’t have to rush while transcribing and you must pay attention to every details so as to be accurate.

Awareness of Transcribing Terminologies: Scribie has some guidelines to follow. It is better to follow and study very well this guidelines before forging ahead.



You will be paid upon every successful and accurate transcriptions that you do. Which means, it doesn’t definitely matter whether you are a professional scribie or newbie.

You will have to pass a short test/exam before you can be allowed to join the workforce.

So let’s say you are a beginner? you can earn as much as $250 to $10,000 per month. Even though it depends upon the clarity of the audio and the number of hours you choose to work on daily basis.

How much will you earn?

This is the part most people love to hear. The starting rate of $5 per audio hour is very ungenerous. As a transcriptionist or a reviewer, you only stand to earn $5 to $25 per audio hour. Since it takes about four hours of work to transcribe one hour of sound, it means your average hourly rate would start from as little as $1.25.

The math is equal if we put it in their terms. All of their recordings are split into segments six minutes long. It means you need to transcribe ten such segments to be able to earn as little as $5. Therefore, a six-minute file should take about 24 minutes to transcribe, and it would bring you $0.50.

Scribie in fact is quite thorough and honest about your monthly earning potential. As a transcriber, you may earn between $200 to $300 per month. If you transcribe and review other people’s work, your earnings can climb up to $500, whereas proofreaders who also transcribe and review can make up to $700. Those who manage to add quality checks to their activities can earn up to $1,000 every month. But that depends on if you can work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. Which is next to impossible unless your focus and patience are virtually limitless.

How will you be paid?

Scribie pays only via PayPal so having a verified account is a must. While Scribie has an international community, only people living in PayPal enabled countries can work for them. Their pay rate is between $5 to $25 per audio hour, therefore, to earn $1 requires six minutes of work.

On Scribie there is no minimum payment threshold. They will pay you $1 if you have it in your account!


On a general note, the following are the skills and abilities you must have before you can really work as a transcriptionist:

  • Good listening skills and ability to pay attention to details.
  • Good English spelling command and communication
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions
  • Good and decent (fast) typing speed etc.
  • Knowledge of legal and medical transcription terms.
  • Good computer with reliable internet connection.

How to sign up for Scribie

If you meet these requirements your next step is to pass their Certification Process.

Firstly go to their website and submit your application form. Once completed they’ll give you an application number which you can track via Then go ahead and confirm your email.

After, your application will be reviewed within 1 business day. This is the part where they fully review your application and can either approve or reject it. If rejected, just re-apply. If accepted, you will be invited to perform a test via a link sent to your email. Follow the link and create an account.

Once you are logged in you will be presented a list of files. Choose one and start transcribing. Once submitted, your file will be accepted for review. If you pass the review, you’ll be certified, and they’ll pay you for your test. Now you can start working.

If you’re rejected, don’t worry you have 10 attempts and they provide you with great feedback.

Sign up at Scribie
Sign up on Srcibie

There is room for promotion.

Scribie has a performance framework that it uses to grade Transcriptionists, and the higher your grade the more you can earn. The gradings are between 5 (high) to 1 (low) and will be used to assess your work against huge mistakes found. They will take your average score which will reflect your overall performance.

Promotion to Reviewer can be achieved if after 1 audio hour and you are scored at least a 3. This additional rank allows you to review colleagues work and grade them. Self-Reviewer is attained by successfully submitting 10 review transcripts, and your overall performance score is above 3.

This is a nice little earner as it allows you to work on the same file twice, and yes, get paid twice! Maintain a high-performance score and you can get promotion to Proofreader. These audio files are longer and payment is based on its duration, difficulty, etc.

At this level, Scribie can offer you a fixed position as Proofreader, for a set monthly fee.


Is Scribie legit?

The very fact that scribie is more than a decade makes it to deserve our trust. They have transcribed more than 4,000,000 minutes of audio and have paid around $2,100,000 to more than 30,000 transcribers around the world. Reviews around the internet also claim the legitimacy of this company.


If indeed you really want to start a transcription job, Scribie is a beginner friendly websites you can apply to. The short 4 to 6 minute files makes transcribing a less daunting task. Once you gain more experience, your earning opportunity tends to increase. As you progress through the ranks there’s even a possibility of a fixed monthly salary. With more than a decade of experience behind them and more than 400 files added daily. This might be a serious option for someone looking for work online.

However, several reviews have stated how difficult the audio files are to hear and therefore transcribe. Scribie seems like a great place to get the hang of transcribing, before moving to a company that pays you more.


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