How to make Back-End & Residual Income From Your Business

Making Back-End Residual Income

Your Money Making Opportunity doesn’t just stop  from the sale of your first product. You should make it Residual… 

One other tactics that brings more income to the pocket of pro affiliate marketers without doing any work or putting in much effort on their part is what we call Residual Income. Residual income comes from the sales of Back-End products; which allows you to make money from work that you do once or more than once. The bet here is to work better and smarter, not harder. 

Back-end products are products/services you offer to existing customers. These are people who have already bought the first product (front-end product. lead product) from you. And it may be the set of customers whom you have compiled through some of your product Giveaway. 
Back-End products are products that are in parts or stages, so to say.i.e. The very product, which may be inform of ebook, or software, is having volumes or upgrades respectively. 
So, most online /pro marketers make much more money selling to customers the second, third, fourth  edition) etc. product than selling their first product. The reason is that people who’ve already bought from you once are much more likely to buy again. 
Strategies like back-end offers shifts the focus from the short sighted “take the money and run” strategy that is so much in use on the internet today. You’ve seen these sites all over. The focus is on getting a massive amount of traffic and then selling visitors an over-priced product that doesn’t deliver what was promised. They might make money in the short run but they will only sell to each customer once and will have to continue spending a lot of money on advertising to get new suckers to visit their site.  
More successful sites and online marketers focus is to build a strong relationship with their clients. Your main goal shouldn’t be to just make sure your customers are somewhat satisfied…you should really works toward seeing them being extremely satisfied. If you deliver the goods, your customers will trust you more. If you have their trust, you can sell them anything. When you send your very satisfied customers an email offering another product that they would be interested in, they will flock to your site to buy it because they trust you. Trust is everything.
I opted in for the free download of an ebook like that, just to read it and to see that the ebook is completely a sales page to other volumes of the ebook. Trust me, few idea was shared in the first volume, and it was written in such a way that I as well as others that opted in for the freebie can’t but just wait for the arrival of the second edition. That’s just the idea. 
Some give out freebie (see here How make money online giving out free product) which is just like a sales page to other parts. While some do sell their first edition for a very low ridiculous price. 
Meanwhile, your success in making backend and Residual Commissions lies in many factors, like, getting ready your sales page or squeeze page, getting targeted traffic to your pages, getting the right autoresponder software or website, but largely on choosing the right product. etc.


Choosing the Right Product

Choosing your product rightly will determine whether what you’re offering will get patronized or not. That’s why it is always advisable and important that internet marketers do a serious niche Research, so as to get the idea of the kind of product that interests them and at the same time will be a product that people wants. 

You see, when you first start your online business, the first and most obvious question you will ask yourself is; what am I going to sell? Points to consider when deciding the answer to that question are:

  • Is it light and easy to ship?
  • Is it a digital good that is downloaded (e-book or software)?
  • Is it perishable or fragile?
  • Does it have to be seen and held (designer fabrics, perhaps) 
  • Is there enough demand to make your venture profitable?
  • Does it have little competition from large online companies (niche products)?

The last two characteristics are the ones that can be hard to pin down. Here is a generally accepted method of arriving at an idea of how heavy the demand and competition is for a product.

If you have a special interest in some products that meet the above criteria, great, but don’t limit your investigation just to items you like. You are looking for a niche product with relatively good demand (enough to make it profitable), but without heavy competition. 

One way to see what the demand is for products you are interested in is to look at search engines to see how frequently people search for the product you are considering. 

The result of all this research should be that one or more products will fit into a niche market – products with some demand, and relatively little supply. For the best results, focus on one niche product category, and offer a wide selection. That way, you can become the best online source for that particular category. For example, instead of offering general craft supplies, offer the widest possible selection of needlepoint kits. This strategy will also allow you to rank higher in search engines because you can optimize your pages for fewer, more specific, keywords.




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