9 Effectiveness of Email Marketing To Your Online Business

Email marketing and your Online business

A Profound analysis of the The benefits of Email Marketing To Your Online Business. 

Things covered:

*What exactly is email marketing.

*3 stand out methods of gathering/compiling email list.

*7 salient factors you should look out for in an autoresponder email software or websites


Email marketing has become so popular these days that businesses cannot do without it. It is one of the cheapest and effective means increasing the website traffic and the sales of any business. 

They that are well versed in the usage of email marketing and have experiencing using these popular strategies moderately are likely to gain a huge advantage over their competitors who do not have these skills. 

You see, we are in the era where big retailers and mega-corporations are pouring thousands if not millions of dollars into Internet marketing and advertising, they are bidding highly on every keyword and they partner with professionals in the field, who helps them to carry out this advertising task. What then would be the lot of owners of small- and medium-sized businesses, discouraged they would definitely be. Of course, only with limited marketing budgets, can smaller businesses compete in the high-cost world of Internet marketing and advertising.

What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is a one unique way of reaching large numbers of customers in a short period of time. It is a very inexpensive marketing method that is effective. It will result in getting more traffic to your website thus generating more sales. Email marketing can be used by any type of business regardless of the products or services they have to offer.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to leverage limited marketing budgets. It can also be used to streamline, organize, and enhance customer relationships and communications. Email marketing is the perfect method for distributing a company newsletter, contacting potential clients, sending offers to existing customers, or simply keeping in touch with an audience about updates and changes to the business.


  • Email marketing is a wonderful way to reach large amounts of customers in a short amount of time. This is a very inexpensive marketing method that is effective. It will result in getting more traffic to your website thus generating more sales. Email marketing can be used by any type of business regardless of the products or services they have to offer.
  • One huge advantage of email marketing is it can be effective for both large and small businesses. When it comes to regular commerce, the larger company can afford to print up colorful fliers and ads. This is much harder for smaller businesses due to the expense. Email marketing can be done using software so that even small businesses can create effective and professional looking email marketing campaigns on a small budget. This will hopefully help them increase their sales.
  • Almost everyone has email these days and it is common to log on and check for messages several times each day. It also allows you the opportunity to reach consumers around the globe. There are no boundaries when it comes to location with this method of marketing.
  • On average email marketing costs 78% less than other types of marketing. This savings is after the cost of research, testing, and sending the emails. It also takes the cost of consulting into consideration. Email marketing consulting is often less expensive than other marketing consultants. This means you can choose to save money or maybe invest more but reach more people.
  • In addition to saving money, you save valuable time. Your emails can be scheduled to go out at times when you are out of the office or working on other projects.
  • To appeal to your consumers, email marketing allows you to use graphics, games, music, videos, and other types of materials to gain their interest. This is something most other marketing concepts don’t allow. Sure, they offer one or two choices but it seems like everything is possible with email marketing concepts.
  • Since you have the name and purchasing history of the individual, you can personalize the email. This makes the customer feel more trusting towards you as well as more loyal to the company. It is much better than getting a piece of mail at home that says dear customer. You will be able to create marketing lists that allow you to send a marketing campaign only to a target market. This is a very effective way of sending different campaigns to different customers. 
  • The process of email marketing gives you tools for measuring the successful of the marketing campaign. You can measure the click through rate, conversion rate, find out how a person linked to your website, and many more ways of analyzing data. 
  • Customers can choose to opt out by clicking the link in your email marketing campaign. This saves you money by knowing who isn’t interested in receiving your information. There is no way to know that with other types of marketing campaigns. For those who are interested in your email marketing campaign, you will see the responses quickly. This is a great way of knowing what is effective for future marketing endeavors. 


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Compiling Email Lists 

The very first, and the most advisable thing for online small businesses to do at the prime of their startup is to start gathering email list. This is because there is money in the list. This list will at a point in time become potential customers. 

  • There are many ways of gathering emails, the first method is by putting an optin subscription link on your website for your website visitors to sign up, for your newsletters and special offers. 
  • Secondly, you can gather email list by giving out freebies or giveaways. This you do by creating a landing page, where you give out either an ebook, or software, or you render a service in exchange for people’s email. Meanwhile, you getting the right set of people to download your Freebie requires that you share your link of social media. Depending on your want, you can run a targeted ad on Facebook or Google adword, or you locate influencers (paidtweetads.comsponsoredtweets,  adly.com) to help promote it. You can equally share it on social medias, pages, online forums, groups etc. 
  • Another profound method of getting email list is by purchasing it. There are many websites that you can approach to do this, among them are HercuListState of the heart mailer , Hungry for Hits etc. You can also outsource from  media mister SEOCLERKS, etc. Mind you, the downside to buying email list is that you can have in your list customers that doesn’t know you, people who are not interested in your niche, hence they may not be interested in your promotional products. So in buying email lists, you have to be very careful, and make sure you buy niche specific lists from sellers. 


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When you first heard of Email marketing, you will of course accept it as a good idea in theory, but the truth is, it can be very difficult to carry it out in practice. Gathering and maintaining mailing lists, composing and keeping track of email messages and offers, and sending out the emails manually or using email blast software is difficult and time-consuming. It can also be a gamble, in that, many blast emails are caught in spam filters and are never delivered to the recipients. The only way to truly get the message to the customer is through sophisticated email marketing software.

Before, email list management software had limited features, and they are  unreliable in terms of assuring delivery of emails, and has been cost prohibitive to all but the largest companies. The good news is that new products have entered the marketplace that not only overcome these limitations, but that also offer enhanced affordability. 

As a small or medium-sized business, shopping for email list management software can be tricky. However, in your choice of email list softwares and Autoresponders, consider the following:

* Affordability – Email list management software should allow you to send up to 50,000 emails a month for under $100. There are even some email list management software systems that periodically offer introductory rates of $1 for the first month. 

* An intuitive, Web-based interface – Web-based software is the wave of the future; a Web-based email list management system means you never have to worry about software maintenance or upgrades.

* Limitless email lists – You should be able to maintain as many addresses as you wish and as many lists as you want without incurring extra expense. Beware of companies that charge based on the number of database entries you have!

* Rollover credits – If you don’t use your allotted number of emails during a given month, a good email marketing package will allow you to roll unused credits over into the next month, or to purchase additional credits on the fly, in real time.

* Importing lists – You should be able to import entire mailing lists into the online system with a few clicks of your mouse. You should also be able to rent or buy opt-in email lists and migrate them into the system.

* Sequential mailings – The best email marketing software systems allow you to import a series of messages and set up sequential mailings to be sent at the day and time you desire. In other words, you should be able to implement a six-month email marketing campaign in one sitting. 

* Flexibility – Look for software that allows you to edit your lists and messages right up to the minute your mailing is scheduled to be sent. 

* Automated list management – Email marketing software should automatically handle bounced emails, bad addresses, and requests for removal. It should also allow you to remove any blacklisted addresses and build opt-in email lists. 

Great email marketing software can be the great equalizer, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to compete with the corporate giants in the world of Internet marketing and advertising.

There are actually many Email marketing websites with good autoresponder systems. Among which I recommend GetResponse. Note that it’s going to cost you some little amount of money. But you give their trial a try to get to know of their features. 

And if at all, you can’t afford the cash system involved in email marketing, i will recommend a free system that I often use to capture email list and at the same time send autoresponder messages to them. It is GUMROAD. It is a free and paid online store. Which is perfect for the said purpose. CHECK OUT GUMROAD HERE


In summary, once you have a list of potential customers, you can begin to send emails or create e-newsletter for distribution to the members to them. Thee letters you’re sending should contain a lot of valuable information as well as a soft sell pitch for your products and services. This information will be valued by the readers and may help to compel them to buy your products and services. You can also include useful links to your website as well as other websites which may be of interest to your readers. Your email series should also have a call to action, which urges the reader to take a specific action such as purchasing your product or at least reviewing a product further.





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