Twitter Monetization: 5 proven ways of making money on Twitter

Twitter Monetization


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Out of the over 4.55 billion global social media users, twitter has a total user of over 396.5. Million users. Then, you agree with me that twitter is a go to social media for marketing purposes. You will definitely find your target audience there if used rightly.

RECENTLY, If you are conversant on Twitter you would have come across these taglines: #followhelp #followback #followfollow etc., these trends on Twitter very well and its so aim is for people to get more Twitter followers while they get to follow other people. That’s why you will see someone having 50,000 followers while he’s also following 49,000  or 54,000 people. Compared to a good Twitter influencer whose follower base is 70x more than his following. 

I noticed a #followhelp guy whose follower base was 160k, and I asked him to help me promote just a link for few hours. To my surprise, the very first thing he said was, name your price. I named $5 he said the least he could collect was $25…

I guess he’s not just building his followers through #followhelp methods for building sake, his main aim is Business. If only he knows the several other ways of Monetizing his follower base, hmm, he’s into real business. 


The power of Twitter as an Internet marketing tool is increasing day by day and if you aren’t going to jump into the bandwagon when there still is time, you are going to miss out on a lot.

You see, the absolute truth is, Twitter ranks among the top 3 business marketing tools online today and all top marketers are using it to enhance their business. In fact, it has been reported that Twitter have over 350 million active monthly users. Which means there’s a great chance for businesses exposure and promotion. 

It is a social networking tool by which people can come in contact with business associates as well as prospects and customers and strengthen their business. 

The best thing is that working on Twitter does not take much time, you don’t have to write long posts here, and tweeting is one of the simplest things that you can do on the Internet. It is quite understandable why a lot of newbie marketers are using this tool. It is allowing them to hit the ground running and doesn’t need any expense of time, money or even effort.

Twitter helps you in various ways to get prospects and even close business deals.

The first very important thing that you can do with Twitter is lead generation. Use this tool in the right way and you will have a hot list within days, a list that you can tap into for endless business potential.

Secondly, you can use Twitter to brand your product in an amazing manner. Make your product a common name in the online circuit and also get people to speak about it. You can actually gain credibility as a know-all in your business niche just by being on Twitter and tweeting in the right way.

Twitter is an indispensable tool when you want to expand your business. It helps you find out where the new markets are and how you can tap into them. The best thing with Twitter is that you can keep launching new products and testing new waters without doing the whole process all over again.

Looking for viral marketing? This means when people get to talking about your product, there can be no popular way of promoting a product than some word-of-mouth marketing anyway. Now, if you want that to happen to your product as well, Twitter is the best thing you can use.

Building your Twitter follower base. 

There are three methods that I know of:

1. Join the boards of #followhelp #followback crews, and as much as you obey the rules, you will see many people following you and in turn, you must equally follow them.

Going about this: search on Twitter for #followhelp or #followback etc. And join the crew.

2. Buy Twitter Followers 

You must have seen a Twitter account with thousands even millions of followers with just a few hundred following. Yes it is possible, most especially with celebrities, but even then, many of their followers are bots (fake account). Of course many celebs buys followers.

Selling Twitter followers is a lucrative business that some people are doing online. Just for the purpose of expanding business reach and getting more leads and sales, business managers engages buying Twitter followers.

Meanwhile, it’s is always advisable that you do your homework of searching for genuine sellers, because there are some companies that sells fake Twitter followers. (bots), penalty of which is that, Twitter can ban/suspend temporarily one’s account. So you need to do a diligent search.

The truth still remains that, buying Twitter followers can bring about more people getting to follow your account.

If you cannot go with the hustle of getting Twitter followers, you can visit SEO clerksJvzoo (where you can outsource quality sellers at a cheaper rate) or you check out the services of mediamister

3. Go the organic Way. 

Although it takes patience and time to grow. Going the organic way is actually the best way of getting more Twitter followers. What is the organic way?

1. Follow the set of people who are likely to follow you back. These are people who are in the same category as yours, people who are interested in what you twit about. Check their profile to see the people they are following and who they are all about.

2. Tweet Often: your audience growth rate depends on how often you share tweets. The more you tweet, the more your chances of getting a retweet. Retweeting will make your content to spread and attract more followers.

To free yourself of the stress of going to Twitter every now and then, you can make use of socialoomph or Communit To schedule your tweets or posts once for many social medias before time (schedule all the tweets and post you want to share in a whole month in a matter of an hour or more). And the fact that this app can also bring back your old tweets for retweeting worths giving it a try.

3. Tweet Valuable Contents: without which, your followers can even diminish. Think about it, your niche is financial, and you tweets are based on politics, or food, animals, nudes etc. How does it correlate. You will always want to share things that will really benefit your followers.

4. Create avenue for people in other social media account like Facebook Pinterest Instagram etc. To follow you.

5. Don’t neglect conversing with your followers. It builds trust and build connections with your followers.

6. Retweet other people’s tweets. You can do this once a while. Others will be grateful and may in turn retweets your tweets bringing about more exposure.

7. Pin your most popular posts. As it will go a long Way to grasp people’s attention and they may follow you.

8.Promote your Twitter Account on your blog… By putting following and  share widget of Twitter on your blog and websites. It can bring you more followers.

9. Promote your page on Twitter: of course this is also a method of getting followers. You can do this by promoting a freebie/giveaway right from your page.

  • You can earn around $100 to $300 per month if you work at least 4 hrs daily typing captchas. Every 1000 captcha typed gives you $1.
  • 2captcha: they pay $1/1000 captach & up to $2.5/recaptcha: minimum payout is $0.5 with we money, $1 payza: visit them here
  • Megatypers: Expert types earn between $150 to $250: they pay through many means including bitcoin: Visit them here with this Reg Code FHLT
  • KOLOTIBABLO: They pay $0.55 to $1 for every 1000 Captcha images you type correctly. Visit Here
  • Captchatypers: A captcha typer can earn $0.4 to $0.8 for solving 1000 captcha & $2/ recaptcha. See them here


Once you have a significant amount of Twitter followers, then you are in it for a good fortune. I will analyze for you the different approaches you can use to make money from your audience.


The concept of affiliate marketing is that you help a brand to sell their business for an agreed commission. You approach the brand, register as an affiliate marketer, they give you a unique link, which you share abroad. So, if anyone click on your link to buy the product, your commission will be deposited into your account. So, it now depends on you, on how you choose to promote the products and get people to buy it.

There are several advertisers that are looking for affiliate marketers out there. Do a diligent search. But then, i will recommend these places for a begginer. Jvzoo,,, etc.


Those that are in the influencer category most times are celebrities, sport men, politicians etc. And people with a significant amount of followers.

Don’t be surprised that these celebrities with millions of followers charged close to $8,000 dollars per tweet or more. So, if these guys are gonna promote your link you gotta be ready to pay handsomely, even though the yield will quadruple. Now Imagine someone like Justin Bieber with close to 120 million Twitter followers sharing your products link…

So, if you have up to 5,000 (my recommendation) Twitter followers, you can become a paid influencer. Go over to,

3. Promote your own product.

Instead of promoting peoples links on your page for a little change, why not promote your own business. If you’re in health and wellness niche, why not write an ebook and sell to your audience. If your into finance, why not write an ebook to teach your audience how to be frugal with their income. You are a web developer, why not create an app. etc.,

After, creating your product, you can sell it directly, or set up a free store with Ecwid Store builder or Gumroad. Post it, write the description, set the price and share the link. It’s as easy as that. See what I’m talking about here

4. Generate traffic to your blog: if you have adsense, or infolinks or other ad networks link placed on your blog, then you can drive traffic to your blog from Twitter, thereby increasing your adsense earnings.

5. Use Giveaway to generate Emails list.

Have you heard of the saying: money is in the list, which means if you have a good number of mailing list, you can make money from the. Getting mailing list requires most times that you do give away.


Free Twitter Auto, like, follower and retweet: Tweetfull

Post Schedulersocialoomph or Communit

Free store builderEcwid Store builder or Gumroad.

Register as an Influencerpaidtweetads.comsponsoredtweets,,

Affiliate Market placeJvzoo, (Recommend for beginners),

Source and buy followersmedia mister SEOclerksJvzoo.

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