Top 10 Pro Affiliates Tactics That Boosts Affiliate Income

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Top 10 affiliate marketing tactics that pro affiliates use to generate massive affiliate profits.

 You must have heard about the 80:20 rule in Affiliate Marketing: it is defined to mean that 20 percent of affiliates generate 80% of all affiliate income, while, the other 80 percent of affiliates that remain generate the remaining 20 percent of all income for most affiliate programs.

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You see, the field of affiliate marketing as rich and promising as it is, some people are still struggling to make a few hundred bucks in it. While some affiliate masters earn in 6 figures and 7 figures.

RECENTLY, I promoted a product on Jvzoo the very day it was launched, so as to take an early advantage of it, alongside some other affiliates. I was so disturbed and at the same time surprised that within 24 hours this product has sold over 1000 copies from about 15 affiliate marketers. The disturbing part was that, i only successfully sold 2 products. Some other marketers also sold 5, some 10, but, there are just 3 crazy affiliate master with a sale record running to over 200, 300 plus in less than 24 hours etc. What are the tricks they employ, how are they making that maximum sales within a very short period of time?

Upon diligent research, (because it must not go on like that), I came up with 10 ultimate tactics that these crazy (I mean master) affiliates marketers use. The truth about these ten powerful tactics is that they are not so hard, neither, doest it requires spending much money to get it done, in fact just anyone can use the method.

What are these top 10 Pro Affiliates Tactics That Boosts Affiliates Income?

These are tactics that will put your affiliate marketing in the top 20 percent of affiliate earnings. Ten suggestions that will transform your affiliate income from a trickling creek that barely covers your hosting fees, to a roaring river of extra disposable income.



1. They cloak/shorten website URLs or affiliate links

Top affiliates changes their web address or affiliate links using url shortener etc.

Cloaking affiliate links should not be necessary, but is. The real Deal behind this is that, many websites visitors concern less about your affiliate disclosure, some are so greedy that they don’t want you to benefit whatsoever from them. So, many times they jump over the affiliate code appended to the URL when they hover their mouse over a link on your web page. Sometimes, some even go as far as typing the affiliate domain directly to the browser address bar while removing your affiliate ID from the URL. To short circuit this odd behavior, simply cloak the URL.

How do you that?. Its as simple as as ABC. Get over to these two URL shortener websites; and (the best I know of for now), take your web site or affiliate links and insert it into the provided space. Press enter and wait a few seconds for it to be generated.

2. Pro affiliate marketers write & distribute articles

I have written somewhat on this before, see here, (Article Marketing Hack: Make $100 Daily Promoting Affiliate Products)

Writing articles about your market niche is necessary to gain exposure and at the same time portrays you as an expert in your field. Meanwhile, the biggest benefit comes not just from writing those articles, but the very fact that you are allowed to promote your affiliate products in those articles and at the same time get them published by other websites or ezine publishers. Through this, article gains you both reputation and links from other websites from the resource box (where u promote your links) appended to the end of each article.

Here are major article distribution sites.

3. Pro affiliate marketers focus on a market niche. 

In affiliate marketing World, it is unprofessional to stuck a web page with many Niches. Take for instance, your field of expertise is Personal finance, and then you go on writing and promoting programs from health and fitness, or sport, or pets etc. This will show you as an unserious marketer, infact most people won’t take you serious.

Therefore, writing on a website contents that reflect a narrowly focused product or service niche is a well known method of gaining web traffic in your area of specialty. A perfect material that can help you determine relevant and focused areas to fill your site with is called Niche Research Blueprints. It offers innovative tools to research and pinpoint market niches for your website based on the WordTracker Database and Google.

4. Pro affiliate marketers use autoresponder series

Autoresponders like (aweber) are powerful valuable tool with which you can send timed series of email messages to those that sign up for them. With Autoresponder, you can easily promote your affiliate links to your audience.

Oftentimes, Autoresponder emails are sent through a third-party provider. Some of the top providers are and, for a tutorial covering autoresponder basics, these two websites has video tutorials on their website for you to understand perfectly the workings of Autoresponder Series.

5. Pro affiliate marketers create web pages to pre-sell

They don’t just take their special links and go. They create special reviews or testimonial pages, which are mostly one page we pages that discuss and pre-sell the product or service you are affiliated with. This is the best method of getting increased orders for your chosen affiliate programs. A beautifully designed one page website is a powerful converting tool for any product.

Many affiliate programs actually provide either an article or recommended text to sell their products for you and allow reproduction of those articles with your links embedded. With these articles, you can go on to create a good web page.

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6. Pro affiliate marketers gather email addresses

The saying goes, there’s money in the list. The best affiliates marketers gathers email addresses on their web site by giving out free reports via the above mentioned Autoresponder or by giving away eBooks or through newsletter signup forms or free membership sites.

The best affiliate marketers use all of these methods or more to build their list of email addresses. Building list helps you to reach out again to potential customers that may not likely visit your site again after clicking from your page to the affiliate product website.

Gathering list is quite easy, but then having optimum understanding will equally go a long way. Take advantage of this powerful free ebook: LIST BUILDING ON A BUDGET: Your Guide To Building A Big List Without Breaking The Bank


7. Pro affiliate marketers advertise SOMEWHERE

They are never afraid of spending a few bucks to promote or advertise their affiliate products. There are several avenues of promoting your links these days; depending on your market Niches, you should advertise using PPC and/or ezine advertising. Some categories of Pay-per-click can be prohibitively expensive, but advertising somewhere is all but mandatory to gain substantial additional traffic to your site or product page. There are some great bargains in ezine advertising and some less popular PPC engines other than Yahoo’s Overture and Google’s Adwords. Try 7search, Kanoodle and FindWhat for lower Bids than the big boys of PPC.

Apart from these methods: some other ads agencies that i enjoy using because of their cheap ad rendering services are and 


8. Pro affiliate marketers optimize for search engines

Search engine ranking is very important in getting your products across to many people organically.

Infact, Search engine optimization is becoming more complex as more and more webmasters participate, but the basics applied to your site can increase visibility dramatically over time. The most critical of the many SEO techniques is to use title tags that reflect individual PAGE content. Many webmasters write a master title tag and apply that site-wide. This is the worst thing you could do for search engine ranking.

Give yourself to learning SEO Techniques, in that the top affiliate marketers you see out there are masters of keyword and other SEO techniques there is.


9. Pro affiliate marketers also focuses on building their social media pages. 

If you don’t have a Facebook Fan page, Twitter and Instagram followers or Pinterest followers, to whom then will you share your affiliate products. For this reasons, does top affiliate marketers that i know have nothing less than 20,000 followers on the social media pages. How did they get this amount of followers; the few ways I know is by: giving out free report, promoting their web pages with a few bucks, buying followers etc.

So, top affiliates generate massive click through, hence product sales most times through their social media followers.


10. Pro Affiliate marketers are masters of quick reports or ebook writing. 

Not only did they give out ebooks or special reports to acquire email lists. They equally write reports or ebooks, with loads of affiliates links embedded into them. This way, though, the report is free, they still have some bucks running into their wallet.

You Must have noticed, recommendations or recommended resources at the end of each ebooks or within, these, most times are affiliate links of the products they are promoting.

Becoming one of the 20% top affiliate marketers requires that you try and implement some of the listed approaches up there, they are sure fire techniques of getting maximum profits in affiliate marketing.

Let me conclude by saying, you should not just keep promoting other people’s products, seek to create your own unique products too. This will go a long way to help your business. Creating your own unique product is easy with this powerful guide….

Create your own product and create your own affiliate program and have hundreds of us selling for you.

Thanks for being here.

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