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One of the best and the most promising ways of making upto $100 or more online daily is through article marketing. Wherein all you do is to write to promote affiliate products. 


Most times when you think about search engine optimization and rankings, you think of search engine optimization (SEO) work. SEO is highly over rated and has been made highly complicated. 

What really happens is this: when people search for something, say weight loss products, weight lifting infos, or home jobs opportunities, and they type certain search words into the browser. It’s the WORDS people use to search that really affect your rankings.

You see, the Key Effectiveness Index is the ranking of words used by people when they search for a product A. They get site A through M etc. as their result, simply because the words they used to search are prominently used on those sites (either in the meta tags at the top of the page – something you can not see) or they are used in your copy (most often the top 25 words as that is what the engines typically crawl). 

This is what I’m saying: let say you search the term weight loss on Google search engine, many websites will be display on your screen, this are the websites that has articles about weight loss in them, meanwhile, the websites that appears at the first page of google are assumed to be well optimized and highly ranked by search engine. Importance of which is that before any searcher can scroll to the second page, they must have first opened the link to most of the websites on the first page. This websites that appears first does because they have the searched term “weight loss” used many times in their articles, and at  the same time in their titles and meta tags. 

How does that relates to you and article marketing? You’ll be delighted at how easy this is, because anyone can do this effectively. Article marketing means YOU provide something you’ve written about marketing, home business opportunities, training, etc. to other Websites, blogs, and eZines for FREELY, Yes, free! in return of which you get to include a short about me info and links back to your site in the “resource box” that appears at the end of your article. Your article will fit into a niche that you pick. 

So if you want to write about affiliate marketing or SEO, then your site link should lead back to a site that most directly relates to your topic. If you don’t have a site of our own, as an affiliate you will likely have one available through the company you chose to represent as an affiliate. What a perfect opportunity for you to write something about being a marketing master, or lead generation. This establishes YOU as an expert and gives you several  nice benefits such as: backlinks, lead generation, increased site traffic, and improved search engine ranking. This method of marketing is so popular you can find software packages and web sites to help you syndicate your articles easily to hundreds and even thousands of other sites. 

Imagine the number of people you would introduce to your business! Here’s an example of what you can do: A Marketer, Jason submits an article to ezine (a web based article distribution service). It’s free to submit to them, but Jason decides to spend $2.00. His article was sent to over 150 other distribution lists, which in turn sent the article to even more lists. 

Within a couple of weeks, Jason’s article (he searched for it on Google) returned about 650 results. 650 other sites that posted his article and created links back to his site. THAT’S A LOT OF LINK. That’s a lot of team building potential.

Your article needs to be well-written, focused, easy-to-understand and helpful to your readers. DO NOT blatantly promote your product or service or it won’t get used. Put a link to your site in the resource box. Try to stay away from other links in your article because they will be removed by editors. Being subtle is the key with these types of articles. Subtle gets you a lot further in building your online business.

Here’s where you can go to get started with your article marketing: ezine and The Phantom Writers and Article Marketer. Google search for article distribution services and you’ll get hundreds of other places to place that expert article. You can choose to spend some money to do this, but if you do, research carefully to find the most cost effective way. In some cases you can even do this for free. This is a great way to accomplish your goals.


Before you can get to the peak of getting $100 a day, you must be ready to be steadfast about writing quality articles. But before writing your articles, go over to affiliate market places like, Jvzoo (preferably for beginners) Clickbank, Ebay,  Warriors plus, Amazon etc., look for a product to promote, get your affiliate link to the product and be ready to slut in the link to the articles you’re about to write. 

I will suggest not less than 20 articles a day. You ask how possible is that?. 

Yes it’s possible and achievable. In that you can write a 400 words article in less than 30 mins. 

USE THIS Methods: First, GO to or or goarticles etc, look for an article that relates to your niche and  what you want to promote, read through it, and understand it. Then replicate it in your own words and writing styles. That’s not dubbing or plagiarism, it’s being smart. 

Secondly, you can get lots of private label articles HERE for a few dollars. These are articles you can claim ownership of and you can equally use them as you would. You can spin the articles, rewrite them, or use them as it is. But I must say, it is always advisable to rewrite before sharing. 

So, once you write your articles and add your affiliate links to some texts. You then publish them at articles directories. Get this gist, you can share a content with lots of directories. These article directories are referred to as G7 directories. This is because they have thousands of traffic going to them from surfers and from Google search on daily basis. 

If you will make lot of money from your article marketing, then you will need to do concrete research on the kind of niche you will be working with or promoting. And you must be sure of the commission of each product you’re promoting. 

RESOURCE: NICHE RESEARCH BLUEPRINTS: Uncovering Profitable Niches in 7 Easy Steps 


Better still, you can do this to promote your very own product. 

And that’s simply the easiest way to make money from Article marketing. Even get this right, you definitely don’t need to be so good at writing before you can do this. All you need is simplicity and ability to express and promote your product. 

Let me sum this before I show you the next thing to know. 

ARTICLE MARKETING IS: you getting an affiliate link from an affiliate market place like Jvzoo, Clickbank etc, write plenty articles and slot in your affiliate links into them. Share or publish your articles at many articles directories, and wait to see your article being read by many people. The more people visit your affiliate link to purchase what you promote, the more your money grows. And not only your money, Article marketing also encompass getting your website or blogs widely known/ getting backlinks which can make your blog or website rank well in Google. 

Things to Know Before Submitting To Article Directories/Mistakes To Avoid 

You see, article writing, submissions and publications are also getting popular these days. Thanks to the many tools that people can use to make the process of distributing their articles more easily. Though this is invaluable in getting the contents more exposure, which is only half of the story.

Let us take a look first at the common mistakes that some people make before submitting their contents to article directories:


1. Confusing the reason to promote the articles with the reason to write them.

In article writing, there are three key benefits why you are promoting them; branding, lead generation and promotion, which are all part of your optimization efforts.

But there is only one reason why you write an article, and that is to inform your audience. If the article is not focused on this primary and most important purpose, it will fail to achieve the three promotion benefits because no one will be interested in reading them.

You need to figure out first how to get people to read what is in your article, then make them click on your resource box. You can achieve this by producing better contents. 

2. Failing to maximize the promotional opportunities of article marketing

You may know already that your articles can help you generate additional links back to your site. But do you know that you can get more visitors and better search engine results from that same articles?

Mention keywords at strategic places. Just be sure not to overdo them. Some are even using anchor texts which is also an effective method. But it is important to know that majority of the directories are not able to support this. 

Remember that is not only about the links back to your site. Part of doing well in your article marketing is getting picked up by publishers with a large number of audiences and gaining the ability of leveraging other brands because of the quality of your work. Better search engine results also are great benefits. 

But these things do not put much money in your pocket. There are other factors that can turn your article marketing efforts into an opportunity that can boost your earnings. Not just increase the number of visitors to your site.

Start out with a plan and see to it that your article will serve the function that you intended it to have. 

3. Publishing content that does not help your readers.

Maybe in the process of writing articles, you are thinking that all that is you wanted is links back to your site. And any visitors it can generate are fine.

Guess what? Not all article banks and directories are going to accept your content automatically. Oftentimes, they have some guidelines and specifications on the articles that they are accepting.

You can double the number of sites you can submit to by writing articles that the directories want to share with other people. All it takes is one publisher with a hundred thousand readers to increase your potential audience overnight.

Write the articles that publishers want in their publications if you want your article marketing to work the most effective way for you. This also means you have to obey the standard guidelines, spell checks, researching on a good topic and even hiring a writer to produce a good content on your behalf.

In the end, it is all really a matter of choice on your part. You can start getting a little exposure from increased links back but on a very basic level. Or enjoy massive exposure from a little extra time making quality contents. 

It will be your choice. You may not be aware of the fact that an article submitted on directories is not meant to have the same level of exposure as highly-targeted content ones geared on a narrow group of people. 

Learn the difference between these two and it will surely help you know what kinds of articles to write and to submit.

That’s all. 

Let us know your thought or your experience in the comment section. 





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