How to Make Money On Fiverr: A Comprehensive Guide



What is fiverr: An Overview 

Fiverr is an online market place which is one of the largest if not the largest marketplace for services. The fiverr website is a place where you advertise your services and find clients who will employ you.

Started in 2010, Fiverr started off as a small website that hosted only a few buyers and sellers. However, it grew in popularity within a short period of time and within the next 2 years, fiverr hosted 1.3 million users. It is said to have grown over 600% in business within 3 years of starting up.

Fiver is an online market place where both buyers and sellers converge to give and take services. It is a freelance marketplace where anybody can advertise and anybody can avail services. These can be small services or even micro services. 

It is a place where many business seekers and business employers converge to give and take work. And if you are looking to get started with fiverr, then you have come to the right place! We will look at the basics of Fiverr and how you can get started with it as soon as possible. We will also look at how you can turn your Fiverr business into a success story.

Fiverr is a top marketplace which offers services at the starting cost of just $5.

The name Fiverr has been derived froman American Slang where, “Fiverr” actually means a five dollar bill. Many people purchase and sell products and services through Fiverr every day.

The services offered range from advertisement, social networking and business promotion to translations, graphic designing and funny videos.

These are just a few services which are offered from the wide list of offerings.

These offered services are also known as “GIGS” on Fiverr. You can easily search almost for anything which you were looking for. People across the world frequently visit Fiverr to offer their knowledge & services. Fiverr has lots of users; however, you don’t need to worry about your data as it’s totally secured and private. Fiverr is globally used by freelancers who offer different services to the clients.

Over three million services are offered on Fiverr & it’s on the rise approximately by four thousand services per day.

Fiverr charges 20% from successful transactions and if the transaction is not successful Fiverr doesn’t take anything.

Comparing with any of the other freelancing websites, you can easily get your job done on Fiverr and that too with quality.

Nowadays, a lot of individuals are making their living through Fiverr. Let’s perform a few calculations at this point, let’s say you are being paid for ten times from your Fiverr gig on daily basis, then you would earn $40.00 ($10.00*4) daily or $1200.00 monthly, and chances are high that you would even earn more than that; however, you need to perform seriously on fiver.


Fiverr is a successful open market for all sellers & buyers to get their job done only for $5.00. A lot of individuals don’t really consider Fiverr as a serious source through which they would be able to make huge amount of money, since their mind frame is that each gig will only get them $5 & it won’t make a significant impact on their income.

Though it’s not a huge amount of money; however, if you are manage to get approximately 300 orders on monthly basis then you would earn approximately $1200 (300*4) in a month.

With just four to five hours of work each day, a lot of top rated sellers on Fiverr are actually making more than $3000 per month. You just need to work smart and need to be familiar with some of the techniques that would help you in achieving the desired target.


You can sign-up for free and become a service provider on this platform. You can become a service provider for a service you specialize in. For monetary transactions, you would be required to link your Fiverr account with your account on PayPal. Your buyers would pre-pay $5.00 to Fiverr, before you have actually started the work. Fiverr would transfer this to your account post completion of your work and receiving a confirmation from your buyer about the same. So, the chances of you getting cheated are very minimal.

The commission charged by Fiverr for this service is 20% of your revenue. So, on every $5.00 job, they get $1.00 and you get $4.00.

Setting up a Fiverr account:

Step by step guides on how to set-up a Fiverr account:


2. Click on “Join” link on right hand top corner. You would be served with three optioned:

a. Create a new account using your email address

b. Connect using Facebook login credentials

c. Connect using Google login credentials

3. Click on the option you wish to select and follow the instructions thereafter accordingly.

a. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions (if you logged in using FB or Google page) it would bring you back to a screen, where it would confirm your username and email ID.

b. Post validating both the credentials you may click on “Join” tab.

You are ready to start using your account at Fiverr.

This platform is an outstanding place to authenticate your services, products, and ideas. You can get a rapid response on your offers and even instant feedback.

This would also help you work on your sales skills as well. If your Gigs are prepared and set well, you can have a high and consistent earning potential.

 Few pointers you need to remember are:

– Do not forget to be in constant touch with the buyers.

– Keep them happy,

– Answer all the questions that they may have

– Inspire them to leave “thumbs up” as your feedback and promote the same within their group.




How to earn money on Fiverr?

You can earn money on this platform by offering the high quality services that targets a certain niche. You just need to remember here that any business requires time and a good amount of hardwork, before it starts earning money.

This holds true here as well.

Turning this platform into a serious business

If you consider Fiverr as a serious business, then these small deposits of 5 dollar can convert your PayPal account to $500 to $1000 every month. But, how do you actually make money from these 5 dollar gigs?

a. Offer the services which do not take a lot of time to get completed

b. In case you offer services for fixing bugs for software or writing articles, which have high time requirements.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be the best investment if you did these kind of gigs.

Earning on this platform is just like a mathematics calculation. To earn $800.00 monthly, you need to make $15.00 every hour, i.e. 3 gigs every hour, or  20 minutes or less for every gigs. 

• 4 working hours every day

• Planned Earning per hour: $15.00

• So, in a day you earn: 4 x $15.00 = $60.00

c. To get 12 gigs (4 hours x 3 gigs per hour) every day is a bit difficult, so let’s take an average earning of $40.00 daily.

• Working days in month: 25

• Basis average of $40.00, your earning for the month: $40.00 x 25 = $1000.00

• Fiverr’s commission @20% (20% of $1000) = $200.00

• Your final earning: $1000.00 – $200.00 = $800.00

This is a rough calculation bearing in mind that your gigs are only for $5.00. However depending on the cost of your gigs ($20.00 or $ 50.00) this calculation can increase as well. Meanwhile, these days, fiverr earning is not limited to $5 again as it used to be. There are lot of works that requires i depth knowledge and analysis of which average bid for some of them goes up to $100 Per hour. 

d. There are only a few services which are easy and help you earn easy money, creation of timeline covers for a Facebook account, logo creation, small video (30-35 seconds) video recording, tweeting the followers, and this is not an exhaustive list.

e. If you are not too creative, you can Opt for a less time consuming service. Make sure that this is something people would love to buy over and over again.

f. Always think from the perspective of a buyer before deciding for a service.

All these instructions are good on paper, but how do you persuade employees to purchase your gigs?

How to drive traffic to your Fiverr gigs? How to do marketing for your Fiverr gigs?

1. Keywords of your gigs play a very important role. Put yourself in shoes of a buyer and think about the keywords they would use to search for the services you are of ering.

2. Make sure to include appropriate keywords in your gig’s title

3.Keywords should be included in your gig’s description

4.Appropriate tagging should be done

5. Including a video describing the gig

6. Eye-catching images that attract many visitors 

7.Your gig should be publicized on appropriate forums threads.

8. You should share your gig on Twitter, Facebook etc.

9. Descriptions should be concise and clear, preferably in bullet format.

10. Try to include testimonials for the successfully completed gigs.

11. Build a free blog that can serve as a home page for the keyword on the services you are offering. You can also create a YouTube channel which can help you promote your services. Gigs can also be promoted by guest blogging, blog commenting etc.

12. Basic SEO (search engine optimization) for your homepage can route traffic straight from Google page for your services.

These are a few important pointers one should keep in mind before creating a Fiverr business. I can’t emphasize enough how this platform is such a great place to start earning an extra income.

Search for a special talent that you possess and prepare a gig on it. This would be beneficial for the buyers of your services and extra income for you.

How to Set up the Best Selling Fiverr Gig

How to Create a Gig?

1. On the top bar, click “Sales” tab

2. Now click on the “Create Gig” tab on the right side of the page Few important pointers to remember:

• A Captivating Title Explaining everything in the title would make it look too cluttered and may even cluster up the words in the link. So, the best option would be to keep the title, straight, direct and crisp. When you are doubtful in your selection of words, you may search for help from Google Keyword Planner. This would help you with the most searched keywords in google.

• Choosing correct categories Your gig should be placed in a correct category and sub-category. A gig that is related to shoes won’t make any sense in the kitchen category. Also, make different gigs for different categories.

• Displaying images All the images of your gigs are uploaded in the gig gallery. Always consider following pointers while uploading the images in this gallery:

– Size should not be greater than 2MB

– Format should always be .jpeg

– Size in pixels should be 682 (width) x459 (height)

– You should have the copyright of the image you are uploading.

This should not be picked from some other platform or any place where you do not have the authority or copyright.

• Description

Your provided description should have all the necessary information that the buyer wants. 

Make use of bullet to better explain your services. This would also ensure that you haven’t repeated anything in the description. Take note that that the description should be limited to approximately 200 words or 1,200 characters only. You also have room for creativity while you are formatting the description. So you can choose your own font size, font weight etc. You may even opt for text highlighter option to boost the description.

• Tags and Keywords You can use up to five tags in combination of multiple keyword.

• Your Video The pointers you should remember while creating a video are:

– Size should be less than 50 MB

– Video should be of a high quality or HD quality

– Length of the video should be in the range of 15 (not less) to 60 (not more) seconds only.

– Should have a background soundtrack, for which you have the copyright. This can be a music or a voice over.

– Should have the statement, “Exclusive on Fiverr” either in text format or heard clearly

– You should have the copyright of all the images or footages or music you use in the video. Take note that all the videos are reviewed by the Fiverr team, before being made public.

• Feedback

Normally people do not leave feedback for the seller unless they are prompted to do so. You may add a postscript in the delivery templates. Here, you can request the buyers to rate your gig as “thumbs up” if the gig was valuable.

Trend reviews that approximately 80% rated thumbs up, whereas remaining 20% didn’t rated at all.

• Money-Back Guarantee for Buyers 

You can include a money-back guarantee on your gigs. If a buyer gives you a “thumbs down” you may offer to cancel his order. As soon as the cancelation offer is accepted, the refund would be initiated and the negative ratings from that buyer would disappear.

But, you have to be very careful that the cancellation statistics are not visible publicly. High amounts of cancelations may turn out to be high risk transaction or a red flag for your prospective sellers and buyers.

• Finding your First Buyer 

It is always the most difficult to find your first buyer. The primary reason for this is that you do not have any feedback or any portfolio to support you, and no one wants to risk their hard earned money with such a seller. You may request your family or friends to purchase some of your gigs. This would help you in building your portfolio and also acquire some social proof.

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How do you Promote your Gigs even in the face of serious Competition 

Once everything is setup and your Fiverr gig is live, you just need to apply some secret  strategy to keep up the gig ranking and sales coming in.

Below are few tips as how you can apply the secret strategy to your Fiverr gig:

Step 1 – Create a Dummy Account 

You need to buy your gig twice. Then give your gig a good positive review (There will only be a loss of $2.00 if you do this). Get this right, this is one of the most advantageous strategies that most people employs, I have seen people that get up to 20 accounts just to boost the profile of their main account. And it works perfectly well in the long run. 

Step 2 – Forged Visitors

Now, you just need to send no less than two hundred and fifty fake hits/visitors to your Fiverr gig. This will increase your gigs impressions and make it more noticeable to cash at hand buyers.

If you are not aware of how to get fake visitors, you can just purchase them from Fiverr, however do not go overboard with them.

Step 3 – Precise Tags

Make sure you use correct and precise tags for your gigs and also take account of the keywords you want to rank for in the heading title and description.

You can use tags like-

1. 3D animation


3. Video animation

4.Whiteboard animation

Here Are The Top 5 secrets of Highly Paid Workers:

Act #1. You should not be rude to sellers who might have overlooked your instructions. The seller that overlooked your gig can be a potential customer tomorrow. 

Act #2. Receiving GREAT feedback and comments from buyers. Give incentives and offers to your buyers to give you good feedback when you send your work.

Act #3. Handling Negative Feedback.

Do not get pessimistic and post a negative remark on the job with a thumbs down aimed at your Buyer. Converse with the Buyer and politely suggest you jointly cancel the job and refund with a promise that the Buyer removes the negative remark. Be practical and ask them if you have misunderstood the task and you’d be happy to do it over again.

Act #4. Keep in mind that Buyers Judge a Book by its Cover

Attractive shiny things get clicks. The dull and dreary looking Gigs will simply get overlooked. If your gig looks plain, then don’t expect a lot of Buyers knocking on your door. Understand that if your graphics skills are not so hot, then you need to find a Fiverr freelancer that has killer graphics.

Act #5. Ask for the help of Fiverr Editors

Ask for a boost in visibility, so when people are searching for Writers, your gig would show up a little higher on the first page. That tiny boost in your gig visibility is the difference between a bestselling gig and a not-so-bestselling one.

Follow these Steps to Get Started

Here are some great steps that you can do to start on your Fiverr success journey right away!

Step – I: Connect to 

Even though getting registered on anysite that requires a sign up a minute or two, it is highly suggested that you spend at least 10 minutes on registration to create your profile, for it actually helps with the buyers recognizing who you are and establishing a relationship.

Choose an effective name and add a striking profile image. The third task is to add a description – who you are, how you can help others and why your services are different from others. Once you are done, you are ready to move forward…

Step – II: Establish Some Gigs 

After launching three to five gigs on Fiverr, now it’s a time to uphold what you have been offering. Once more, another secret trick is to make use of tags when you post your new gigs.

Step – III: Reply To Requests 

Aim to reply as many requests as possible without spamming, or you may get banned. You can even copy-paste your offers making some simple customization or you can forward them to your gig urls.

Step – IV: Make Reputation

It is true that you can make money on Fiverr simply, but the negative ratings surely affect your earning potential.

Maintain a clean reputation and in case something bad happens, give appropriate explanations. You are given chance to reply the negative rating by buyers and make it clear to the other buyers why it happened.

Step – V: Leverage other platforms

To be sincere, you can sell most of the stuff you buy on for at least 2 to 3 times higher prices on other platforms. Find other platforms like oDesk or glance to get more leads and more buyers.

Step – VI: Have several accounts

This can really be helpful if you want to focus on some special services through one account and something else using the other. This could also be helpful if you have some issues with one of your account or have negative ratings.


So, that’s all about Fiverr. You can go ahead and build for yourself a fortune.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. And do subscribe for or updates and special offers.



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