Complete Guides to Selling and Developing a Profitable Business on Ebay

 Selling and Developing a Profitable Businesses on eBay WITH 10 practical tips on increasing your eBay Response. 

DISCLAIMER: This article you’re about to read is guest post from a loyal friend. A Successful internet marketer. So this article is based on his personal experience of which it can benefit just anybody who is interested in marketing on Ebay. Therefore, this article is meant solely for educational purpose and for readers to add to their knowledge. 



I have been selling my businesses on eBay for quite a while now. And believe me, people will buy just about anything…in fact, I am still amazed at what some people will spend their hard earned money on. 

I’ve sold businesses that have gone for almost $10,000 and I’ve sold businesses that have sold for less then $200. And each business required the same amount of work. 

In this part of the book I’m going to show you how you can sell easily to make businesses that fetch upwards of $5000 in under 7 days. You don’t need to know how to design websites or have any fancy skills. 

So let’s get started! 

Here are the steps you need to follow 

1) Find what is selling on eBay right now 

2) Create the business in less than 24 hours 

3) Determine whether or not to make it profitable 

4) Sell it on eBay 

Step One

First of all, we need to go to ebay and check out what’s selling in the businesses for sale section. You can find that here 

As you can see there is a lot of junk for sale, but there are also a lot of businesses that have bids. Right now I can see a business selling for over $10,000.

I saw one business sell on eBay for $30,000 in 7 days. You can see the website that sold for that price at If you can’t see a trend, here are the type of things that are selling. 

A) Businesses that are profitable 

B) Unique websites like dating sites and pay per click search engines 

C) Master copyrights like E-books, CD’s and membership sites 

Step Two

You need to be able to create your business in a day or two at most otherwise it won’t be worth your time. 

How can you do that? 

Let’s say for instance that you are going to create an e-book to sell on eBay which you will be selling master copyrights. 

Here is what I would do: 

  • I’d choose a topic on anything that interest’s me. 
  • Whether it is a hobby or something to do with how I earn my living online. 
  • If I couldn’t think of something, I would choose a topic that’s hot right now, like real estate investing or making money online. 
  • I would then go to Wealth On Net Store and get 10 to 20 articles and few resell-able ebooks written on that topic for under $200 and compile them into an E-book or CD.
  • I would then create a simple website with sales letter. (You could even use a website sales letter generator like 

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  • Step Three

    Making a business profitable isn’t as hard as it seems. EBay buyers are looking for a few things when they buy a business on profitability. 

    For example, they want to know: 

    A) How much it makes per month 

    B) How much are you spending on advertising 

    C) How difficult is the advertising 

    D) How much work is involved on their part if they buy it 

    But don’t worry, there is a solutions to all their questions. 

    If you spend nothing or next to nothing on advertising, the prospective buyers will be lining up until next Tuesday to buy your business. I would concentrate on the following advertising to promote the business. 

    A) Article writing 

    B) Search engine ranking 

    C) Reciprocal linking 

    D) Joint venture marketing 

    There are many good reports on learning how to do all this, but none is better than:

    Step Four 

    Selling your business on eBay is probably the most nerve racking moment. But here are a few tips to help you sell your now ready (profitable?) business on eBay. 

    A) Always use the featured listing option for under $20 

    B) Pay extra for a gallery photo and bold letters 

    C) Write a very compelling heading that stands out (do research) 

    D) Make sure you can accept Pay Pal payments 

    It doesn’t get much easier then that, but here are a few extra pointers that might come in handy. 

    • Ebay has a new feature that allows extra text to be written in your headline of your display ad, use it! 

    • This can be a full time business if you chop and change the type of businesses you are selling. Never saturate the market with one type of business, EG, E-book master copyrights. 

    Mix and match

    • Public domain sources are a great way to create products without the need for writing a single word. Now, besides selling businesses on eBay, you can also create them using eBay as well! 

    There are literally tens of millions of people with an eBay account that shop periodically for everything from clothing to information…. 

     So why not create a business around eBay? You already have millions of customers at your disposal, so why not make eBay work even harder for you? 

    This is a great method that can bring quick cash into your pocked. The problem with selling physical products on eBay is that it’s a hard business to sell to someone else. Inventory, shipping is a pain in the butt, so why not create a business that is virtual and a product that could be downloaded instantly. 

    Obviously I’m talking about an e-book here, but you can create just about anything. 

    The problem I had was finding a category on eBay that wanted information. 

    Most people don’t associate eBay with digital products, but people are willing to buy them if you know where to look. 

    What I did was I searched through all the different eBay categories there until I found a category with a lot of bids on just about every auction. 

     EBay also has a feature that shows you what the most popular searches are in each category and Florida Vacation Rentals was the most popular search term in the travel category. So I created a small 50 page e-book on every aspect of vacation rentals in Florida and sold each copy for $12.95. 

    It didn’t make me rich, I only sold 25 copies in a week, but that was good enough for the business to sell for $450. So for the day it took me to create everything, I made over $770.00

    Of course, there are businesses that can sell for a lot more than that! Here is a sale I have witnessed that literally blew my mind! Here is why… The business was online for only 6 months. So it’s not as if it was a rock solid business with an extremely strong foundation. 

    The business only sold digital products, it did not sell a single physical product. On top of that, the website was not even professionally designed. And after carefully studying this sale I realized that anyone can do this! Just imagine: all you have to get is one sale and boom! You have thirty thousand dollars in your pocket. 

    Unfortunately, my businesses, as good quality and as profitable as they are have not cracked the $30,000 mark. 

     After doing my research for 2 months and testing and trying new methods, here are some of the reasons I came up with why this business sold for as much as it did in a 7 day auction: 

    The business was bringing in over $4000 a month in profits. This is probably the biggest reason why this business sold for $30,000. A profitable business always make more then a turnkey business. 

    It had 7 digital e-books for sale that were well written. These books were high quality, I should know I brought them all. The thing is though, most were quick to create, some took just days to make. 

    It was listed highly in This business was getting thousands of visitors a month from free search engine ranking in for it’s keywords. 

    It was one of a kind. This is probably one of the biggest factors, behind profitability, that this business sold for so much. There was no one else doing what he was doing so he was the leader in the field. 

    It had an established affiliate program. This web site had some of the biggest web sites in the realestate industry linking back to it and promoting his books directly. 

    So basically, if you are going to create a business for sale on eBay, those are the traits it needs to be highly successful. 


    Let me at this point shows you the 10 practical Tips for increasing your eBay’s Response.

    So you’ve gotten your products ready, and you’ve got the buyer in front of your auction on eBay, and they’ve read the description. They are actually interested, that’s why they view & read your description. but the question is, what and what can you do to persuade them over that line and make them make a purchase? Read on for some tips.

    Improve your image: most people missed out on conversion because they know not the vital importance of their products images. An image with bad lighting or an intrusive background looks amateurish and won’t make anyone want to buy from you.

    Add an About Me page: Your about me page is also of great importance in that it can help reassure bidders just by creating an About Me page and putting a little bit about yourself on your business on there. You can also have a few special offers there for people who bother to look at the page, and let people subscribe to your mailing list so that you can email them updates.

    Use SquareTrade: by displaying their logo on your auctions, it shows that you are committed to have them resolve any disputes that arise. You always see this on PowerSellers auctions – it makes you look more professional.

    Write terms and conditions: Have the ‘small print’ clearly visible on all your auctions, giving details of things like shipping times and prices, your refund policy, and any other business practices you might have. This helps build confidence with buyers.

    Show off your feedback: you must make sure that you have positive feedback from your customers. Copy and paste a some of the feedback comments you’re most proud of on each item’s description page, instead of making bidders go and look for it. If you have 100% positive feedback, be sure to write that on every auction too.

    Add NR to your titles: If you have extra space in a title, put ‘NR’ (no reserve) on the end. Bidders prefer auctions that don’t have a reserve price, and doing this lets them see that yours don’t.

    Benefits not features: let the benefit your products will provide overcrowd the features in your description. What I’m i saying, let your description focuses on the benefits that your item can give to the customer, not just its features. This is a classic sales technique. If you have trouble with this, remember: ‘cheap’ is a feature, ‘save money’ is a benefit.

    List more items: If you want more people to respond to your items, then list more items! You might find you have better like listing items at the same time, instead of one-by-one. There’s no need to use a Dutch auction – you can just keep two or three auctions going at once for an item you have more than one of in stock.

    Accept unusual payment methods: To reach those last few buyers, accept payment methods that many sellers don’t, like cheques.

    Buy some upgrades: The best upgrade is the most expensive one, which makes your item appear first in search results. In crowded categories, you might find that this is worth the money.

    That’s all. Happy Selling. And please don’t forget to share, comment and like this post. Thanks. 


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