8 Extra Ideas On How to hike up the Sales of Your Products Online

8 Extra Ideas on How To Increase The Sales of Your Products Both Online and Offline 

  • Introduction 
  • Set up a blog
  • Display the Pictures Of Your products
  • Be Service Oriented
  • Give Them A Taste Test and Freebie 
  • Ask Questions and Do surveys 
  • Speak their language 
  • Set up affiliate marketing 
  • Run ads campaigns. 
  • Conclusion 

I have written here before some 6 Practical Steps that can help boost your online business. Today’s article is just a complement to it. 

You see, nothing can make a trader or merchant to be happier other than he seeing massive increase in the sale of his products and at the same time getting more loyal and prospective customers on daily basis. 

Getting a hike-up in the sale of your products requires not only you telling your customers about your products, how much you are selling them, and who are the people that has bought from you, there are still some other things you can put in place so that your sale hike up even higher. 

Below are some of the product sale hike-up Ideas

Get a business website or a business blog. 

The truth is, there are enormous advantages of setting up a website or blog for your business. It saves time, it saves money, you have online presence, your product can be sold out even when you’re sleeping. To cut the long story short; see below 15 good reasons why you should have a business blog

Meanwhile setting up a blog is quite easy, see here in details: THE PRACTICAL GUIDES TO MONETIZING AND SETTING UP YOUR OWN BUSINESS BLOG

Display the Pictures Of Your products

When you showcase the images of your products, say for instance, a new clothing style you just discovered, or you displaying the photos of your existing customers with your clothing styles on them (with their consent though). It can be a source of encouragement for prospective customers. 

So, it is very important that you take testimonies of your customers and if possible, their pictures as evidence. And it is equally a better option that you also make use of what you are producing, in that when people see it with or on you, it can serve as a means of attracting them. 

Be Service Oriented

If indeed you desire to hike up your sales, then it should reflect in your attitude and passion to do so. Try to set up time for transactions and meetings regarding your product. Avail yourself as much as possible to even go the extra mile of delivering your product at office or home. Your desperation will definitely go a long way to boost your business. 

You should also be ready to help your customers in any way as regarding the use of your products. This attitude can pave way for more customers through referrals. 

Let’s say for instance, you’re into arts selling business, and your buyer hasn’t made a specific pick of the piece of art that they want from your collection, you can also offer them that you bring a number of your art to their home or office, free of charge. Do this, so that they can see how it would fit in their environment. However, you should also make it clear to them that they are not obliged to buy it if they don’t want to.

Give Them A Taste Test and Freebie 

If you want, you can also offer people to have a piece or two of your works for a trial period of one or two weeks, just to see how they would like it.

However, with this kind of deal, you should make sure that you have a written contract about your agreement, get a promissory note, deposit or whatever kind of security for your art’s safety.

Moreover, you can considers giving out freebie, if only you can afford it. It will go a long way to bossy your business. Most especially in online business, freebies help to get more leads and grow your list. When you have a list of customers, you can always and easily updates them about your business, new arrivals, or new styles, whatsoever it may be. 


Ask questions, Do surveys 

You may also want to try doing surveys. Ask people why they like or dislike a certain piece made by other company or manufacturer. From their answers, get some ideas of how they would react if  your work is in the hot seat. Of course, you do not do this just to be discouraged, but to be able to think fresh and innovatively for your next product.

In fact you will get to know the strength and weakness of your competitors and your business. 

Speak Their Language, describe your product in the way prospective customers will understand

One of the most common mistakes of product marketers makes is that they talk to impress. Yes, it is good if you know a lot of techniques, components and factors regarding your product. 

However, it is not all people that would be interested in buying your work knows the technical aspect of your product. Get hit right, a tailor who is willing to sell a new piece of cloth will not go about telling the buyer the kind of tread, the kind of machine, the number of days to complete and some other irrelevant stuffs. Some of your customers may be everyday people who knows nothing about the technical aspect of your work, but are just simply captivated by your work. 

In this case, try not to delve into some unnecessary and heated product discus, most importantly if they’re not really asking for it. Avoid giving them information that would remain incomprehensible. Try  and come down to their level, since intimidating your prospective customers is one thing you will never want to do.

Set Up Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is all about giving out discounts to a marketer who is willing to promote and sell your product for you. How you do it is simple, let say your product price is $100, you can give out 20% or 30%, to willing promoter. This is also a powerful weapon of mass selling online and offline today.

DOWNLOAD This Free Resource: Affiliate Marketing Ideas, it will give you elaborate knowledge of how Affiliate Marketing Works

Run ad campaigns

The life of a business also depends on the level of advertisement and campaigns of the owners. So you’ve got to spend some stipends to showcase your products to the world. Advertise online ( on social medias, Google Ads, online forums etc.), and online printing billboards, TV Radio, and sharing business cards etc.

Let me conclude by saying, careful consideration and implementation of the above listed ideas will by all means boost the sales of your business.

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