7 Lucrative Online Businesses That Anyone Can Do

Sincerely, many people has opened up to various profitable online businesses already. And it’s a pretty good thing i must say. 

There are lot of opportunities on the internet these days. It has become a source of livelihood for so many people. Infact, some people leave behind their day jobs to focus squarely on businesses like affiliate marketing, blogging, digital marketing, freelancing, virtual businesses etc. 

With lot of techniques that are available online upon diligent research, just anyone can take up a niche of choice and start exploring it, building a profitable business in no distant time. 

You see, there are lot of online businesses and jobs that you can do to make money online. You can take a glance at these 115 Virtual jobs that are available online. 

Meanwhile, my focus is not on petty paying businesses, rather, I’m writing on high Yielding online jobs and businesses, even though they have some little initial capital you’re going to spend (while some are free to start up), and it may take a little bit of time before one can hit it hard with them. 

So, What are these 7 Lucrative Online Businesses that Nigerians can Do


The very first option I would recommend for anyone who is thinking of going the online way is blogging. 

Blogs can be a simple method for advertising and showing off what you have to offer to the wide range of internet users.  More and more people are turning to blogs to gain information on specific topics or products, and you can use blogging to your advantage by channeling your blog updates to your audience.  This method of boosting sales can save you a lot of money over other media outlets.

If you’re diligent and optimistic enough, you can make six-figure from this online hustle. Just make a search on the net, you will see lot of bloggers that makes cool money from their blogs. 

Meanwhile, it use to take time before one can earn a significant amount of money. Of course with patience and much study, you will definitely get it right. 

To get started, you will need a minimal investment of less than $80 for a standard blog (and you can also start here with a free Blog), note that, you will need a domain address (like www.yourblog.com), hosting service (which makes your blog live on the Internet), and a website theme (you can use a free theme if you want to lower your budget).

You can get both just cheaply for $2.95/mo at Bluehost. This company offers a FREE domain address for those who sign up for its hosting services. You can also buy these two from any other platform (Like This Nigerian Provider: Domainking I use them.) you like but buying them separately would cost you a few more bucks than Bluehost



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Affiliate Marketing is simply, marketing another  person’s products with the aim of getting a commission. 

Affiliate marketing indeed is one of the most lucrative online business that requires little capital investment and just anyone can go into it. There are testimonies of people who has hit it big on the Internet. 

There is no end to what you can earn online with affiliate marketing, in facts it’s not always predictable. But i must tell you the truth, the kind of product you promote will determine what you earn. The commissions in affiliate marketing may vary anywhere from 1% to 75% and there is no limit in promoting products so you will earn money as you promote more products. 

If you are looking to go the affiliate way, as a marketer, you will have to learn how to create landing pages, writing newsletters, creating ad campaigns, etc and you’ll learn all of these skills while earning money from it.

Once if you succeed as an affiliate marketer, you can even create and sell your own products. Having a blog, or followers would speed up your affiliate revenue.




You definitely must have heard a lot about dropshipping before. And if you’ve not, read on. 

This is how dropshipping works;  you stand as a middle man between a wholesaler and a buyer. 

You set up an ecommerce store with ecwid or shopify, and you put hot products in demand on them, so if anyone order one of the products on your store, you will get the alert and info of the customer and you then go ahead and purchase the item from a wholesalers or retailer like Amazon, eBay, aliexperess, with the same address of the buyer. So, the wholesaler or retailer (whom you have bargain with) will ship the product directly to your customers address. 

Finally, you pay the supplier the buying cost and keep the profits.

In dropshipping, everything will be in your hands like fixing the selling costs, controlling profits, and offering discounts. The beauty of the dropshipping business is that there is no risk practically. You can start with very little investment upfront and No inventory is required at all.

Concerning income, This Business Has More Income Potential and Less Work Required Than Blogging.

Come to think of it, you don’t even need any knowledge of website design or ecommerce whatsoever to set it up. 

You can take advantage of ECWID STORE BUILDER, (though a bit expensive), you can use this FREE PLATFORM provided by ECWID STORE. 

You can also set up a small store like the one I did here on Gumroad


Recently, i was looking for ways of promoting this ebook of mine and I approach a guy on Instagram to just help me share a link with his over 150,000 followers, to my surprise, the very first thing he said was, NAME YOUR PRICE,.. 

If you take a quick glance at these two websites, you will see list of Instagram influencers,; people who have thousands and millions of followers and the amount they will get for shouting out your link to their fan base. (some demands $30 dollars upward even to thousand). 

Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the most engaging place on the Internet. If you want to become an Insta Model or want to build a social media brand, then it is the right place to be.

Compared to other popular social media, Instagram is nearly 60x more engaging than Facebook and 120x more than Twitter.

With the use of automated tools and the brand new content, you can build a massive Insta following more quickly than you think.

I know of an app that can help you out with this : HIKETOP (you can use my referral code: FR8228707) it has both paid and free plan. Check them out.

And on Twitter, let me say simply that you can visit paidtweetads once you have significantly number of followers, with this site you will be paid for promoting products relating to your niche for cash. 

Summary, Once you get enough following, you start monetizing it. VISIT: Influencer-cart.com (register my reffereal code V79428; (It is at no cost to you) and start promoting links for money. Shoutcart.com

There are plenty of other ways to monetize your Instagram account such selling your own personal products, Brand collaborations, product promotions, etc. You can also drive lots of traffic to your blog or email list.



Are you a seasoned writer.? Is writing one thing you cannot do without. Then get it right, you’re in it for a profitable online business with this passion. Lots of people are making serious 6 figure side cash from their various educative write-ups. 

The best part of freelance writing is that it doesn’t require any capital investment. 

You see, there are increasing demand for freelance writers all over the world today, because of ever increasing number of blogs and websites, (close to a billion) today. 

 Meanwhile, you don’t need to be a native English speaker to become a content writer. All you need are great language skills, writing skills, and passion for writing.

To start, the very first thing you need is to research a profitable niche and stick to it. As it is more easier to build reputation and success with a single niche than focusing on many. 

As a beginner, you can demand $50 – $100 for a 1000 words article and as an experienced writer, you can demand 1000 bucks for the same article.

Coming to the clients, there are several ways to find legit clients. You can directly pitch bloggers or use LinkedIn or Facebook Groups or join freelancing websites like fiverr, gig workers, freelancer, truelancer

Meanwhile, you can with your writing skill create online courses. Trust me, people are spending lots of money to acquire one skill or the other online. With online courses, you can create a long term passive income for yourself. 

The best portal I can still relate with is UDEMY Online Course Builder.  Learn more about article marketing: The Secret of Article MArketing: Earning a living online writing and submitting articles

6. EMAIL MARKETING: Build an Email List

Email Marketing is one of the most profitable business niche that can guarantee massive & passive income to anyone that embraces it. Once you’re able to set up a significant number of of emails. Monetizing it can never be a problem. 

You need to learn how to go about giving quality newsletters and special offers to your list so as to make them stay. Or else they click on the unsubscribe button. 

The social media platforms may change their policies or online advertising platforms may increase their CPC, but once you have a good number of subscribed audiences, you can reach them directly anytime.

With enough number of subscribers, you can start monetizing your newsletter. Making money with newsletters is not limited to one thing, you have the flexibility in your hand to promote any product which should be useful to your audience.

You can promote affiliate products, courses, podcasts, amazon products, books, and more.

One surefire way of getting mailing list is through giving out freebies (ebooks, softwares, video course etc.) 

Best Resource: LIST BUILDING ON A BUDGET: Your Guide To Building A Big List Without Breaking The Bank 


Flipping business is one of the most advantageous and massive income generating business that I have come to know just of recent. Anyone that can delve into it without minding the little efforts it takes will of a surety get a second income idea and probably if done very well become an overnight offline and online millionaire. 

Flipping doesn’t have to be with houses alone, you can flip as many things as possible. You can flip even those household materials that you think are not useful again. Yes, you can sell them online and make some extra bucks. 

How lucrative is it?: There is a way of really making it big in this business and That’s by buying other people’s stuff for cheap prices, renew or fix and sell them for profits. And that’s the idea of Flipping by the way. You find, you buy, you renovate and sell. 


First of all, you search for products on platforms like Craiglist, Nextdoor, and buy useful products. Later, you modify the products, take good pictures, and again list them on the same platforms with your own pricing.

So, you making it big in this business depends on what you buy, and your selling price after renovation. That’s why it is advice able that you do research on hot selling products before doing the business. And your going to need a little investment capital for a start.

Let me conclude by saying, there are numerous opportunities available for just about anyone on the internet. Upon diligent search and research I believe you can always find something to do for side cash online.. 

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Let us also know your thoughts on the comments section below. Thanks. 

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