115 Virtual Assistant Services That Pays Up To $1000 Weekly

I have written extensively here about starting a virtual assistant business.

Zip recruiter recorded that as at Aug 3 2020, the hourly, weekly and monthly pay of Virtual Assistants rose to $19, $769, and $3000+ respectively. That’s average Stat by the way.

Average Virtual Assistant Salary Across the U.S.

Salary Range (Percentile)
25th Average 75th
Annual Salary $26,000 $39,972 $49,000
Monthly Salary $2,167 $3,331 $4,083
Weekly Salary $500 $769 $942
Hourly Salary $12 $19 $24
Source: Ziprecruiter 

The question now is if VAs earned as much as this from the comfort of their home, what are some of the tasks that they perform.

It occurs to me that most people are not aware of the micro tasks or unit jobs that Virtual Assistants can do after they’ve set up their home based office.

Upon research have I listed below 115 micro services/tasks that VAs do.

Specific Tasks 

 1) Process mailings for clients

2) Perform outbound telemarketing calls seeking clients/sellers/buyers

3) Enter contacts into MS Outlook or other database management program

4) Set/cancel appointments

5) Work with Excel spreadsheets to organize leads and other data

6) Work with MS Word to create mail merges and process mailings

7) Answer incoming calls

8) Return phone calls

9) Type and send letters or contracts

10) Make travel arrangements

11) Call for quotes for other services

12) Order services on the client’s behalf

13) Screen and answer emails

14) Prepare newsletters

15) Plan events or meetings

16) Arrange and put together seminars or teleseminars

17) Proof read your written materials

18) Transcribe meetings

19) Correspond with clients/tenants regarding payments and late fees, via mail and phone

20) Mail outs such as postcards or letters for marketing purposes

21) Check voice mail; return calls

22) Photos (edit and list on websites)

23) Research

24) Flyers

25) Create PowerPoint presentations

26) Thank you notes

27) Newsletters

28) Customer call backs

29) Promotional mailing

30) Thank you gifts

31) Order promotional items

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Secretarial Services

32)  Answer telephones during business hours.   Calls can be routed to your home office

33) Using new programs which allow remote access to computers, the virtual assistant can work on your computer at a distance. Running scans, repairing registries, updating the system to run better and faster all can be done remotely. Interactive software is commonly used to allow the virtual assistant and your calendar to be on the same page.

34) Confirm appointments for clients on a weekly basis.  Your client can simply fax or email a list to you.  You call the appointments and note who is confirmed and who must be rescheduled.  Fax or email the list back to the clients and update the client calendar online.

35) Provide directions to a meeting or seminar. Get the directions and either calls or email those directions to the client.

36) Fill out routine paperwork for clients.

37) Keep back-up tapes of your client’s computer.  They can send to you for safe-keeping. In the event of a disaster on your client’s computer, you will have the files!

38) Coordinate air travel, car rental and hotel reservations. Take care of the arrangements and email the itinerary to your client.

39) Conduct billing for your clients.

40) A virtual assistant can audit banking records, and review telephone bills, including cell phone records and report any problems back to the clients.

41) Prepare business procedures and type business manuals.


42) Research.  The virtual assistant contacts several hotels in the area to find availability of the date, size, and specifics of the seminar.  Obtain written quotes from the hotels that can accommodate the request. Review each quote for completeness and report the findings for final decision.

43) Obtain pricing for office equipment and email the information to the client for the final decision.

44) Research a topic online for an important proposal. Do a keyword search and list the websites/findings to the client.

45) Prepare a marketing plan, contact possible advertising outlets on the Internet, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, etc. and acquire information on pricing, publishing dates, publishing deadlines, payment policies, etc.

Word Processing/Presentations

46) Take notes at meetings and type them, formatting into a newsletter if needed.

47) Edit and format reports.

48) Type and print the same letter personalized to many recipients.  Mail the letter and charge the postage costs back to the client.

49) Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a client seminar.

50) Prepare a questionnaire fact sheet for seminar participants.  Follow up with participants and summarize the questionnaire responses in a report.

51) Better still – design the questionnaire

52) Create a form or template for your client.

53) Verify client database (name, spelling, title and address).  Save the database as a “zip” file and email to the client.

54) Send out email blasts, using ConstantContact.

55) Be available via Instant Message to handle last minute projects effectively.

56) Send out monthly reports for customers. Keep a calendar and sends reports in a timely manner.

Desktop Publishing

57) Design, type and print brochures for a client’s business.

58) Submit the design file to a professional print shop and simply email the file to the shop for printing.

59) Update your client’s blog.  Get ideas from your client or think of your own.

60) Conduct an eBay auction.  Set up the auction, upload photos, monitor and complete the sale for your client.

61) Design business cards.

62) Design schedules, calendars or flyers.

63) Design a custom website or blog, maintain it on a regular basis, adding current articles or information as needed.

64) Set-up an autoresponder using AWeber or MailChimp.

65) Design and prepare the newsletters, and arrange printing and mailing, or emailing, on schedule.

66) Create  postcards to be sent to your client’s customers.  Order from the fulfillment house for delivery in bulk to your office, her/his office, or to be labeled and sent out directly. 67) Send a blind survey to a focus group or list of former customers for feedback.

68) Contact old customers via phone with a prepared script or by sending a targeted mailing.

Transcription Services

69) Record calls and transcribe the tape for clients.

70) Your client sends you an MP3 file.  Transcribe the audio and email the completed transcript back to the client.

Email Services

71) Set up a general email account (info@mycompany.com). Retrieve all email, sort, respond to routine requests, and forward items of importance to your client.

72) Monitor email while your client is on vacation or out of the office.  Contact the client with urgent messages or respond on their behalf.

73) Manage your client’s eZine/newsletter. Although many features can be automated, correct any incorrect subscription requests or undeliverable email messages.

Telephone/Fax Services

74) Record a voicemail for your client if they will be on vacation and monitor incoming calls.  Customers may contact your directly as well.

75) Have your client forward their calls to you so you may answer them live.  Respond to routine requests, and contact your client with urgent messages.

76) Retrieve messages from voice mail and respond to routine requests.

77) When planning a seminar or conference make phone calls to key contacts, give a brief overview of the seminar, and schedule a phone appointment for your client to connect with the contact personally.

Internet Services

78) Upload photographs online through a service or by creating a

personal page (Flickr, for example). Scan and resize the photos, then send out an invitation to a designated email list to access the photographs.

79) Perform searches to locate a hard to find item.

80) Make changes to a client’s website.

81) Promote your client’s website by submitting the URL, key words and description to various search engines on a routine basis.

82) Increase the number of subscribers to your client’s electronic newsletter by listing the newsletter with a variety of online directories and follow up to make sure the listings are accurate.

83) Contact other list owners to inquire about mutual cross promotion.  84) Submit articles written by you or your client to eZines to increase exposure.

85) Monitor banner ad placements/click thrus and make recommendations for


86) Set up a shopping cart to sell products and monitor sales reports.

87) Contact similar websites to your client’s and request mutual link exchange.

88) Periodically review your client’s website and verify links.  Fix broken links.


89) Your client needs bill paying services.  Use on-line bill payment services. Security features can be set up which make this a safe and simple solution.

90) You client needs bill paying services plus data entry into accounting software.

You can:

a. Set up a checking account with payment authorization for both of you. As the bills are prepared for payment, notify your client how much money to deposit into the account.

b. Prepare the checks for payment and mail back to your client for signature and mailing.

c. If available from your bank, use on-line bill payment services.  As bills are paid, enter the transactions into accounting software. In addition, reconcile bank statements, enter credit card transactions, prepare invoices, make and/or enter deposits, and prepare end of month reports.

91) Collect on past due invoices, make payment arrangements, accept credit cards over the phone, etc.

92) Your client needs monthly bank reconciliation.  Using the check register and the bank statement, enter all data into accounting software and reconcile the account. The accounting file is sent back to your via email attachment. 93) Remind your client, via email or telephone, when billing due dates arrive.

94) Your client needs monthly auditing of accounts payable and receivable, especially if these services are performed by an on-site employee.

95) Prepare income tax returns for your client’s business.  Prepare 1099’s and W-2s to be sent out to vendors and contractors.

Purchasing Services

96) Order supplies for your client and have them delivered directly to your client’s office or home.

97) Research the various makes, models, etc., of office equipment and have written quotes sent to you.  Purchase and arrange for delivery.

98) Set up lines of credit with vendors and monitor to keep your client’s credit information current and accurate.

99) Order marketing materials(stationery, brochures, envelopes, etc.) for your client.   Obtain pricing quotes; coordinate ordering, design, quantity, delivery and payment. 100) Keep track of birthdays and other milestones, research appropriate gifts, suggest those items for approval, and coordinate the purchase and delivery of same.

101) Keep track of birthdays and send out cards for your clients.

Writing/Editing Services

102) Write, edit and proofread marketing literature.

103) Type, format, proofread, edit, spell check, and grammar check documents.

104) Write articles on your client’s behalf.

Marketing Services

105) Implement an advertising plan or promo. Monitor the plan, submit ads by deadlines, track expiration dates, coordinate payment, handle correspondence with advertising vendors, and continually update the advertising report and/or advertising budget report. 106) Monitor customer satisfaction by creating a feedback questionnaire or survey, email to customers, review the responses and summarize the responses.

107) Prepare a welcome package and send it to your client’s new customer.

108) Set up lunch appointments for your client to meet with potential customers.

109) Set up exhibits at conventions or expos on a regular basis.

Personal Services

110) Schedule personal tasks such as car maintenance, order groceries or make flight arrangements.

111) Keep your client’s calendar and remind them of dentist/client/significant other appointments, family appointments, classes to take, or project deadlines. 112) Research personal items, such as summer camps, schools, etc., for clients.

113) Plan a wedding/reunion/backyard barbeque, assist with the invitation list, mail the invitations, track RSVPs, track gifts received and even send thank you cards.

114) Research and recommend life insurance, car insurance, home owners insurance, etc.

115) Plan vacations, provide your client with options, and then make the travel arrangements, such as air, hotel and car rental, or all-inclusive resorts or cruise comparisons.

And lot more…

You wonder how the heck are there many jobs and can these task be done at home? 

To that i say that’s not all the job there is that VAs does. There are lot more. And trust me, those jobs are better done at your home based office, because it ease you the stress of many things i can’t list here today.

Mind you, it doesn’t definitely matter that you know how to do everything. The little you have knowledge of (hoping you learn more) is enough to start your home business.

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