Seven proven websites where you can flip your house.

Flipping job is one of the maximum high-quality and huge profits generating enterprise that i’ve gotten acquainted with recently. Anyone that may delve into it without minding the little efforts it takes will of a surety get a 2nd earnings idea and probably if done very well turn out to be an overnight offline and online flipping millionaire.

Flipping is the act of buying, renovating and selling properties, mostly houses.
A flipper is a person who surveys and analyze, to buy, rehabilitate, and sell real estate for a quick profit. 
Flipping in real estate is the ability to take possession of a valuable, yet often neglected property (house, landed properties, cars etc.) with the sole aim of renovating or repairing it for sale within a short while.
One of the troubles of flippers or should i say the thoughts provoking challenges that faces flippers or would be flippers is the problem/thought of “where to buy, and where to sell”. 
However, these days of internet has given ease of access to so many things. There’s nothing you seek to buy that you cannot come across or get information about by just doing a diligent search on Google. 
A Review of 7 websites where you can FLIP/SELL your house
Selling your house or other properties is quite easy and quick these days entirely, unlike the days when selling of properties like house cars, etc. can be so difficult and challenging, time taking (months, even years), and serious efforts, before one can really get a good buyer for his/her properties.
The National Association of Realtor’s report of 2017 stated that 51% of buyers found their house on the internet, 30% found theirs through agents, while 7% found theirs through sign post ads and cold canvassing.
Which means that the long hours of waiting for a buyer that may never come anytime soon has been greatly reduced through the advent of various real estate websites on the internet.
There are many websites where you can list your house or other properties for a sale out there. I have shortlisted below the 7 of best websites for flipping (selling and buying) your homes on the internet.
Zillow is a company based in Seattle Washington, that posts listings of houses for sale or for rent and compares the sales/rental price with the local market. Individuals can post homes for sale. Individuals can post properties for rent if they are residential. Commercial properties are not handled by Zillow.
Zillow is a great resource for shopping for Real Estate. The prices tend to be full blown retail but now the once exclusive multiple listing service that the Realtors had at their disposal is now at your disposal thanks to Zillow. Zillow is truly an impressive real estate resource. It actually inspires people to follow suit. Well, let’s get to know such popular platform. Zillow’s performance is amazing. It has over 160 mln active users every month. Around 80% of all buildings in the USA are presented at Zillow. Over 200 housings are viewed every second by means of mobile gadgets. Being one of the most demanded real-estate solutions nowadays, Zillow is actually a kind of social platform where different people engaged in real-estate activities interact with each other.
Zillow gives the opportunities to: 
  • put at the market any real-estate you want;
  • identify on the map the property you need and get some details on it (pictures, quantity of rooms, prices, specific location, etc.);
  • find an apartment (or a house) to rent or to lease your property;
  • read the details on Home Loans for calculating mortgages, possible refinancing, repayments, and so on;
  • find a specialist you need – an agent, a house inspector, a builder, etc. In case you’re one of them, you could provide your services;
  • enjoy Zillow advertising section.
In the modern world Zillow is the leading real-estate solution. Every single day millions of people of various professions visit the site. Those are agents, sellers, purchasers, renters and lessees. They enjoy all Zillow possibilities mentioned earlier.

Redfin facilities selling your home for as low as a 1% listing fee. In this access package deal, you’ll get hold of the assistance of a nearby Redfin Agent, professional pictures and a 3D walkthrough, premium placement on Redfin.Com, a yard signal, and open homes. Willing to pay a little more? Their 2% listing rate carrier consists of the whole thing within the 1% plan, plus, a custom domestic improvement plan, vetted provider vendors, and cost insurance for project control, deep cleaning, professional staging, and decluttering. Redfin links people who want to sell their properties to experienced agents who ensures that the people who comes to them are able to sell their properties as soon as possible. The company has so far helped about 80, 000 people seold homes worth over $40 Billion.
Redfin is best use for people who are looking for Buyers, Sellers and Professionals Agents/brokers. 

At trulia, you stand the chance to buy a home from the over 1 million+ homes for sale available on the website, Trulia can match you with a house you will want to call your home.
Trulia, believes that when it comes to finding a home, what’s outside the front door is just as important as what’s behind it. That’s why they go beyond the typical listings, by sourcing insights straight from locals and offering over 34 neighborhood map overlays, to give people a deeper understanding of what living in a home and neighborhood is really like. They are committed to helping people discover a place where they will love to live and where they will feel more connected to the community and to each other.  Trulia is a subsidiary of zillow groups and they are doing very well, besides, you stand the chance to meet with real estate experts, sellers and buyers alike. 

Realtor is best known for real estate sale, discovering new homes, shopping mortgages, finding property records & taking virtual tours of houses, condos etc. 
For years, millions of home shoppers have turned to to find their dream home. Reator offers a comprehensive list of for-sale properties, as well as the information and tools to make informed real estate decisions. Realtor also offers homeowners a good number of useful tools and resources through the My Home dashboard which allows property owners to manage their home like the important investment it is by tracking their home’s value over time, researching and managing home improvements, and scouting other similar properties in the neighborhood.
Its best for people who want to sell/buy properties, meet real estate agents, rent houses etc. 

This website is best for people who are searching for real estate agents and a home to buy. It helps to connect various buyers and sellers accross the globe. Reports shows that over 3 million homes has been listed on the website so far. hives you a unique matching/listing rate, so as to know the worth of each house. In addition, they give room for a professional image/3d of your house so as to aid quick connections between you and buyer/sellers alike.  There is therefore guarantee of you getting to easily list, and get buyers gor your home due to the recent surge in the number of websites visit the company experience recently.

6. Facebook/Other Social Media

The fast pace of Facebook in becoming a very  large global community/market place is an advantage you don’t want to miss. 
Facebook is one of the medium through which many FSBO sellers have been using to sell their homes. All you need to do is to create a photo album of your home, put up a video tour, and put up for sale across your social media pages and groups.  It’s up to you, however, to find the relevant information (such as the data needed to create an optimal listing price) to market your home. Advantageous is it that you can make use of Facebook Ads to target interested buyers and sellers accross the globe. Facebook and other social media sites are a great source of getting your properties across would be buyers / sellers, if you really know how to strategies your advertising and marketing very well. 

AUCTIONS passion for real estate with technology and data science, helps them to create an unrivaled transaction platform that has resulted in $46 billion in sales, 5.2 million registered buyers on, 407,000 properties sold to date, 30,000 properties available for sale, 1,000+ employees serving the needs of buyers and sellers, and more than 15,000 auctions per year in all 50 states. They helps to bring buyers and sellers closer together, because interaction across both sides of the transaction unleashes the power of the marketplace.
This company was founded in the year 2007. Today, it is one of the leading property marketplaces. More than $30 billion worth of property have been sold with the help of This website attracts buyers from all over the world. So, if you decide to use it when you are selling your home, you should expect to find a buyer form anywhere in the world. The benefits of buying at auction includes expanding your options and possibly purchasing at a discount. You may face less competition to buy an auction house compared with buying in the traditional way, but you will also be dealing with a different pool of potential buyers often, experienced investors.
Note/conclusively: Do yourself a favor and hire an experienced, local real estate agent to sell you home. Not only will a great agent strategically price (half the battle won) and market your home, but stats show an agent will sell your home faster for a higher price than if you try to sell on your own. Nevertheless, you can still get to do it your own way. 
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