Seven Critical Factors You Must Consider to Make Massive Affiliate Commissions

I have come across many articles, ebooks, video and audio ads that talks so cheap about the simplicity of Affiliate Marketing. Yes it is actually simple and there’s no end to the enormous amount you can make through it. But i must be sincere with you, Affiliate Marketing (AM) is only simple if you have first hand information, experience and every other thing it takes to have a colorful flight in its world. 
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Now let’s go into the business I have for today. 
AFFILIATE COMMISSION: Seven Critical factors you must considers to make massive Affiliate Commission. 
This is the reality for the thousands who have stumbled upon affiliate marketing. The beauty of affiliate marketing resides in its ability for anyone to make incredible profits without much work, and in as little as two weeks. This means you can literally start from scratch and make quick money online, without first having to create your own products or web site, or write a single ad.
In fact, affiliate marketing is the ideal starting point for new marketers to get their feet wet. It allows them to use other people’s time, effort, and resources for their own gain while further educating themselves for future successes. This is why Affiliate Marketing is being called the ultimate “earn as you learn” strategy.
Therefore, as an affiliate marketer you really need to know what you’re doing, where you’re going, what to expect, how to handle and how to find and enroll prospects. Wow, sounds like a huge task right? It’s not if you have and use the right tools, the right training and take action daily.
What tools do you need? Instant messengers – doesn’t matter which one or two you choose – just make sure they’re a major part of your marketing strategy.
As powerful as affiliate marketing is, there are seven critical factors you need to first consider, before jumping into any affiliate program.
Not doing so can cost you dearly in lost profits and wasted resources.

What are these seven factors? 
1. Determine your target audience/Identify your Affiliate Niche
Identifying your niche or your target audience is not an easy task.
Let me share an experience with you. I subscribed to a friends mailing list with the aim that I will be getting updates about my faith and growth in my religious faith. For that’s what the mailing option was designed to be. Funny enough, the set of emails and products that he often shared accross are those entirely different from what I opted into the mailing list for. Imagine having an audience whose interest is Faith base and you are sharing mails that deals with insurance, or exercise, or diet etc. I just unsubscribed from the list because what I want is not what I’m receiving. 
To rake in the big affiliate cash, you must first be able to identify your niche and target your audience. This is a simple case of giving people what they want, but many affiliates commit the mistake of offering the wrong product to the wrong crowd. For example, how many sales do you think you’d make if you promotes a copywriting products to an audience interested only in networking opportunities? Not many, if any. Pinpoint your audience to maximize your commissions.
Take a look at this niche discoverer: Definitive guides to choosing the right affiliate niche for yourself. 

2. Grow your list. Increasing your mailing lists or subscribers is as important as the money your vying to rake in affiliate marketing. Mailing list is the most time the breadwinner in affiliate world. Let me site a very good example. Say you have a mailing list of 5, 000 subscribers, and your trying to sell a product of $30 with an affiliate commissions of $7. By probability let say 5 in every one hundred bought your product that means you have raked in to yourself a sum of $35 x500. If my mathematics basic is right, you have raked in to yourself a whopping sum of $17500. What I’m i saying. Affiliate marketing with list building is golden. 
Get my “list explosion strategies” and you will never scramble with mailing list building again, and your affiliate marketing world will become superb. 

3. Assess the quality of the affiliate product. Know your product. Get to know what is inside or whatever it is that it entails. Many Marketers got it all wrong because they don’t have firsthand knowledge of whatever it is they are promoting. A second way that many affiliates blunder is in marketing a product that does not deliver on its promises. It is always advisable to test the product first before recommending it. Not only will this increase your credibility and sales, it helps you promote better because you can provide personal testimonials on the product.

4. Verify that the sales letter sells
Study the affiliate owner’s web site and sales copy before sending any traffic over. Inquire about its conversion rates and visitor values. A good test is to ask yourself if you would buy the product. It would be a terrible waste of resources to pay for advertising to a merchant’s site, only to discover he or she has poor sales copy that does not sell.

5. Check availability of promotional materials. Most affiliate programs provide their affiliates with tools to market with. This allows you to save time by simply editing the provided materials to your own voice instead of creating an ad from scratch. You can then focus instead on the marketing. Having more tools equates to more opportunities to get the sales message through effectively. Simply put, the more tools provided, the more chances you will make the sale.
6. Make sure your promotion will be profitable. You must consider how much you will be paid in relation to your promotional efforts. A higher commission percentage can be a huge motivation to place higher focus on a particular product in your total portfolio. Alternatively, seek out products with higher-end pricing or those that offer residual income. You would want to profit exponentially from any effort placed.

7. Never undermine the power of targeted and solo ads. 
It is a serious mistake by many affiliates marketers, as many doesn’t want to spend a dim before making it in the affiliate world at all. Hence they don’t see any reason in spending on ads. But sincerely yours, you cannot do without getting to advertise your product. It works perfectly and the enormous commission you will derive from your ads will also surprise you. So, you really need to make use of every social media platforms to showcase your products. If you can’t run ads, then there are experts out there that can do it for you. And if you care to learn and do it yourself. Get in here and lay your hands on these powerful ebooks. I bet before tomorrow, you would have run a successful ads yourself. 
These pointers are just the tip of the iceberg in the affiliate marketing game. If you desire to become a power affiliate and bank in huge checks consistently from affiliate programs, you must further educate yourself with the knowledge required for perpetual affiliate success!
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