My Little Guide on How I Made $400 On Rakuten

You came across this article because you’re probably looking for some ways you can make money online. Guess what you are in the right place. I will in this post share with you a little secret guide on how a friend earn $400 in Rakuten in just 3 weeks. 
Rakuten initially known as ebates is one of the best, if not the best money making platform that allows you to earn unlimited cash backs upon all your shopping and daily purchases.
Surprisingly rakuten app is one that I have enjoyed so far as many times I often wake up seeing that I have made money haven’t done little or no work at all, apart from shopping on the platform.
Rakuten has partnered with close to 3000 stores Internationally. Rakuten also provides cash back rewards with the special offers promo codes, daily deals and coupons to ensure customers have maximum satisfaction.
With each of the daily deals, coupons etc., you can earn back some certain percentage of your order cost before taxes. By shopping everyday on some of these stores you stand the chance of earning upto 20% or more cash back on some products, why some stores gives 15% as the case may be. 

How to make cash back

Making money online on rakuten is quite easy and very comfortable, all you need to do is log in to Rakuten, set up your account and you will receive $10 instant gift card upon registration, after setting up your account,on  every purchases you made, you have cash backs.
Take for instance you are buying a product that worth $100 with a 20% cash back, of course you will definitely make $20 cash back
Now, the juicy part of it is that your earning potential is great if you refer friends or colleagues to the platform. You stand the chance of earning $25 on every person that sign up through the affiliate link given to you. Now, imagine you’re having over 100 people definitely you will make $2500 just through affiliate marketing.
Now, let me be sincere with you. Upon every referrals, let’s say you successful got 500 people who sign up through your link, your dashboard will only be credited only when each person purchases items that is close to $30.
How is that possible you asked?.
Yeah it is.
There is no end to how much you can make if you are diligent and you’re really serious about making money online. if you take a look at my little secret guide today, you will understand better. Making $1000 or more depends on how resourceful you are.
How to register. 
  • It is quite easy. login into RAKUTEN website,
  • Select your bank’s offer either a $10 cash back or Walmart gift card Register with your email address or login with Google Facebook
  • Click join now.
  • You will see additional information, log in where you will fill some of your details.
  • Once you registered, thousand of stores will be displayed on your screen and each store is having their various cash backs, many of which can vary very well from day to day some of the sites you can connect with or searched for are Amazon, eBay, etsy etc.
Note: when you are on the website you can shop as normal and rakuten with pick up your shopping trip and add your cash to your dashboard.
Ways to make money
  • Book flight
  • Buy stuffs
  • Refer people.
  • Make it importation business
  • Lookout for coupon
  • Do your Christmas or festive shopping
 How to get paid
You will be paid based on your preference of payment out of many payment information listed on the website.

See how I made $400 on Rakuten in less than a month. 

Note: this secret guide was shared by a friend and upon permission did I share it. I guess you’re lucky to see it today.
This little secret guide has always been my response to many people out there that are of the opinion that it is very difficult to make money with Rakuten cash back system.
The truth is if I can make money as much as $500 in 3 weeks with rakuten cash back system, you can equally do much more and it may not take a long time and much effort.
If you care to know more about what Rakuten really is, you can follow this link to read more on it and its processes.
After registering with Rakuten, I got my affiliate or referral link. These are the things I did: I turned the opportunity to importation business. 
I searched for stores with good products and cash back discounts until I stumbled upon a store that gives a decent cash back discount of 15% off on a wristwatch of $35. which means upon purchasing this wristwatch, I got a decent cash back of $5.25. That is, instead of paying $35, I paid 29.75 dollars.
I purchased four of these wristwatches with different colors shapes and designs. after few days I got my packages.
Being an intelligent entrepreneur and a good internet marketer, I tend to market my product very well. I ordered more products apart from wristwatches with good and decent cashback and it came very fast. I wrote a good (irresistible) review about these products, and put them up for sale on social media’s. Soonest, I got interested buyers, mind you, you don’t expect me to deliver these products with the same price tag of 29.75 dollars that I spent on it. I topped up my price back to $37 a $2 increase over the real price in the store. Guess how much profit I made on a wrist watch.
$5.25 (cash back) + $7.25 = $12.50 on a single wristwatch.
What would be my gain on four wristwatches and the other stuffs.
It sounds too odd to be true right!… My dear, that’s just the true.

To step up my earnings.

I took this business idea to another level.
Ask me how and what is it that I did?
I opened a Facebook page, got some other decent cash back rich products, got their images and put them on my Facebook page, from there I began to share with friends, Facebook groups on Instagram and Twitter as well. Soon enough, I began to get interested customers and this method was working just fine for me.
I run two Facebook ads for a try and sincerely, I saw serious conversions. The first ad that I run was to Showcase my Facebook store products and to subsequently get many likes on my page.
I test-run a Facebook ads for two of my products and I tell you I had serious conversion. Guess what, don’t think I spend up to $10 on ads.
The second ads that I did was on Rakuten store itself. I run this ads on Facebook and Google Adword platforms. I only advertise Rakuten with a picture of how people can make money on it, telling people in a jiffy what Rakuten is all about and how they can benefit from it. I put up an image, well-designed and I added my affiliate link to it so that anyone that read and seek to know more may follow my affiliate link to the store and probably registers and get to buy products.
You know what, I see many people responded to my ad and I must say it was very impressive as the conversion was very great in that, not less than 16 people registered out of 3,000+ targeted audience, funny right? And 9 people over time bought products through my less than $10 ads.
Here is the reason for my ads: as many people that register and get to deal on the store through my link I subsequently got $25.
Do you care to know about Facebook advertising and the kind that convert to a slot in your email below and I will send a free copy of my Facebook ads funny a Facebook selling code with Benefits you
I only show you how you can make $500 on Rakuten in 3 weeks, i forgot to tell you that over the months, my earnings on Rakuten has run into thousands.
Now what next! what are you waiting for, you can jump into action today and make some decent side cash for yourself.


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