There is wealth on net, but only the prudence can harness it.
Today I will be revealing to you five legal ways of making quick money online.  
Is it possible? Yes it is, I have done it and it has worked for me. You’re definitely not gonna be left out if you can give it a try too.
Care to make some bucks online at your leisure time?, then, these five proven ways is a sure bet for you to get some cash off internet.
Mind you, these proven ways of making money that I am about to share with you cannot make you rich overnight, but at least they will to some great length add some cash to your wallet. 
What you need?
A good phone or a laptop with fast internet connection. 
Your leisure time. Mostly 30mins to 1hr And you are done.
What are these Five Legal ways of making money online?

This is a type of online data entry jobs that you can do at the comfort of your home and most importantly at your leisure hours. The fact that captcha entry job can be done with your smartphone makes it comfortable and a easycatch way of making money online. If you have never make money online. Then you should if a try. 
A Captcha is a verification test in computing that’s used to determine whether the user is a human or a robot. Different types of captchas include audio, images, letters, 3D, math solving etc. A lot of companies use this verification test on their sign-up pages. Thus the companies need real people to solve their captchas in a limited amount of time. The work itself can be fun if you enjoy typing.
It is very simple and when you are idle at home, you can simply try by registering yourself at the websites and start earning.
Mind you, as i have stated earlier, captcha solving will not earn you much, but then, to some it will go a long way in helping you Financially. Your Capability, Analytic and problem solving abilities may equally improve. 
Here’s the breakdown of what you expect to earn:
On average, once you are able to solve 1000 captchas you will be getting $0.5 – $1. It is expected that at least within one minute you type 10 captcha as a beginner, while experts type 10 captchas within 6-8 seconds.
Now take for instance, you typed 10 captchas within 1mins. That means in one hour you should have typed 600 captchas and in two hours you should type 1200 captchas. There’s bound to be errors which means, removing the errors you may probably be left with 1000 captchas giving you $0.5 – $1 depending on the company. It has been reported that expert types earn upto $200 monthly or more.
Check out these three of the best captcha websites that I have used recently. 

For people who want to make a bit of extra money on the side and don’t mind mindless tasks, 2Captcha can be a good option.
Depending on how serious you are, you can always earn up to $1 for solving 1000 Captcha & receive bonus for solving complicated Captchas. You can also earn by referring more people to 2Captcha.
You can immediately start earning once you signup & login to the site. You will be paid by PayPal, Payza & WebMoney. 
The Minimum Payout for WebMoney is $0.5, for PayPal is $5 and the minimum pay for Payza is $1.
REGISTER HERE and give 2 captcha a try. 
Its fantastic for: Mothers that stay at home, Parents that need a second job, Students, People in between jobs.
How much you earn depends on the amount of work that you do. Top Typers earn between $100 TyperCredits and $250 TyperCredits each month! Their payment rates start from $0.45 TyperCredits for each 1000 word images typed, and can go as high as up to $1.5 TyperCredits for each 1000 words typed. As TyperCredits can be automatically exchanged for a dollar currency (on a 1-1 Ratio), they pay through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza and Western Union.
JOIN MEGATYPERS HERE | You need this invitation code for entry. FHLT

If not the best, it is actually one of the best captcha Entry sites we have today. It is a website that provides captcha solving work for free. The site has been around since the year 2007. 
There are no restrictions related to any country and you can work from anywhere.
It has been reviewed & revealed that has the best and the highest payment for catpcha typers.
They pay $0.35 to $1 for every 1000 Captcha images you type correctly. If you check the latest payment stats of top 100 people, you will find they earn between $100 to $200 a month.
They are very strict & ban the accounts of their worker if they found repeated mistakes. Kolotibablo pay you through Payza or WebMoney.
You can start working as soon as you signup & login to your account.
You can join Kolotibablo here.
This is an online creative thinking and typing job that can pay you upto $1000 based on your dedication and commitment.  If you are good enough to give a well detailed description of any product or service in a sentence? If you can  correctly summarize a broad message in few concise words?
Then, you will surely make money online writing slogans and tag lines typing. 
Most companies need corporate tag lines, product taglines, and advertising slogans.
The aim of such slogans is to convey a strong message using short phrases. Mostly slogans are very short or containing few words or a small sentence like Apple’s “Think Different.” But no matter how small they are, they’ll always give you a strong and broad message. This is the reason why creativity is really important while creating a slogan. Apart from companies many Tee-shirt, sticker, toy, and greeting card makers need catchy sayings or funny one-liners to print on their products.
There is a catch though, as easy as it may sound you will need to compete with over a thousand people who are also cracking their heads thinking of slogans or taglines just like you. If you get lucky, or if you are really talented a few hundred dollars a month just using your brain for a few minutes is a very good deal.
Start by signing up with Slogan Slingers then confirm your email. Log in and you will see a list of open contests that you can join. For each contest, you can submit up to 3 slogans. Turn ON their automatic email notification to get notified whenever there are new tasks. A lot of people are submitting their ideas, if they submit first and you both have exactly the same idea, you will not be able to submit yours.
You can equally find gigs on: and,
It sounds funny and unbelievable right? That’s how it is to me too until I searched online and I discover the list of people that makes decent money by tweeting sponsored posts. Thanks to their large follower base. 
If you are someone who loves Twitter and was eagerly waiting to discover a way of making money online on Twitter, then there’s good news for you.  You can make money on Twitter just by posting “sponsored tweets.” Of Course, Twitter is not going to make a millionaire but it’s a good way to earn instant money.
If you have a big follower base then you can make up to $50 to $100 per tweet, and $5 to $20 per tweet for a smaller follower base. 
The money you’ll make will also depend on demographics of your followers and niche.  For example, if you are a network marketer with thousands of followers and most of your followers belong from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia then there’s a very high chance that most of the network marketing companies will pay you above $50 per sponsored tweet. 
In simple terms, if you have a good following on Twitter, you can leverage it for making some money online.
The biggest benefit of this method is that you don’t need to invest even a single penny neither is there any need for a website or any other technical setup. 
Just tweet and earn!
To find sponsors sign up on the following websites:
Little did many knows of the enormous advantage of the smartphones they are carrying about. Those Android and I-phones are sure bet to making money easily online. These you do by installing some money making apps on them, and subsequently performing some little acts.
The following are the 5 tested and proven ones I got acquainted with recently. 
Formally Ebates, Rakuten rewards you with cash back from shopping.
More than 2,500 stores are partnered with this platform. These stores pay Rakuten a commission for referrals and Rakuten shares that commission with its users in the form of cash back.
Earn cash rewards after buying from Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, eBay, Expedia, JCPenney, H&M, and countless other brands you’re already familiar with. I’ve seen cash back promotions as high as 10%
Join Rakuten today and get a $10 bonus after making qualifying purchases within few days of becoming a member.
Swagbucks is yet another pick amidst my favourite money making apps. And it has been around for quite a while. 
Swagbucks offers rewards points for playing games, shopping online, browsing the web, answering surveys, and watching entertaining videos. All of this can be facilitated through the mobile app.
You can redeem Swagbucks points for gift cards or get cash back to your PayPal account. Swagbucks gives away more than 7,000 gift cards every day. They’ve paid out more than $410 million in rewards since the company was first founded back in 2008. You can earn 1,000 SB points ($10 in value) if you sign up and make a qualifying purchase at a store featured in the Swagbucks shop.
If you are a photo lover, and you’re probably the best in snapping just anything. Guess what, FOAP app is just what you need as you can make decent side cash for just uploading and selling your photos. 
The Foap mobile app is an excellent way to make money by selling your photos and videos. Simply create a profile and start uploading your content to the app. When a person, brand, or agency buys a photo, you’ll split the profits with Foap.
Some photos sell for $5, while others sell in the $60 to $100 range. You’ll need an active PayPal account to get paid for your work sold on Foap.
Foap is easy for anyone to use. You can upload photos that you’ve already taken, or take new ones for higher paying “missions.”
More than 2.9 million creators are active on the Foap platform. Big brands like Bank of America, Mastercard, and We Are Social use Foap to buy content.
This is the best survey app for smartphone users out there. It got a rating of 8.9/10 on trust pilot. Making it the best survey app out there till date. 
What you do is simply giving answers to survey questions and some other mini task that are given to you on your dashboard. 
iPhone: 4.5 – ‎17,660+ reviews
Android: 4.3 – ‎8,220+ reviews
Payment methods: Paid in gift cards, or cash via PayPal
Quick summary: With Survey Junkie, you’ll complete easy tasks to earn cash and rewards. If you like taking fun and interesting surveys, this is a good app for you. You can earn points that can be easily be redeemed.
*Coin Pop App
This is one money making app out of many out there that pays game lovers some cash for playing games. You can play games such as building a city of your dreams, fixing up a home and fighting battles etc. 
Meanwhile, the only downside is that these games become quite addicting and you won’t want to stop. Each day there will typically 1-3 different games you can play.
The best part?
You automatically get a 4,444 coin sign-up bonus just for registering as a new user.
Refer friends and increase your earnings, and for each friend that you refer, you get 250 coins plus an additional 25% of all of the coins that they earn for a lifetime.
Isn’t that too good a bonus for a starter. 
You can cash out to PayPal once you reach a minimum of 4,999 coins – by just signing-up you’re almost there.

School assignments can be very boring atimes, most especially when the question given is too complicated or too much to deal with. This is where school solvers comes into play. Many students and other learners visits school solver to get their tough questions solved by experts. When students post a question, you can earn by selling answer to them. (or at least teaching them how the answer is derived). If other students ask the same question, they can also purchase your original answer letting you earn multiple times. It’s like selling a book but on a much smaller scale. You can also earn simply asking! How? School Solver pays 10% if at least 3 students buy an answer to a question you posted.
To start, simply create an account with School Solver and click on the “Answer Questions” tab to see all questions with their corresponding date and price. If the topic is in line with your expertise and if the price is right, go ahead and answer them. If your answer is selected, you will get 80% of the payment while 20% goes to School Solver. Questions posted covers topics on accounting, biology, statistics, computer science, law, and others. Students are willing to pay a few cents to a few hundred dollars depending on the difficulty of the question.
Keep your answer simple yet meaningful. If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
The higher the price the more weight it will carry on your ratings. Take time to answer these questions.
If the question is vague or ambiguous, communicate with the person who listed the question. It is better to clarify before you start answering.
See other websites like and
Yeah. That’s all for today.
Meanwhile, i must be sincere with you, the above listed options cannot really make you rich overnight, they are simply ways you can earn side income.


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